A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: November 5

From: RicKiE6597@aol.com Hey Kabir+ all you Tool followers out there. I went to the Nov. 5th show in Denver,CO at the Mammouth Event Center. When we arrived we observed the several bars, shirt vendors and the stage. Which had alot of blue maniquins on it as in the "Stinkfist" video. After waiting arounf for awhile the lights went out. By this time the place was filled with array of many brands of tobacco products in the air. The cows took the stage with their gimp of a lead singer in his sailor suit and a stupid panty hose/cow ears kinda thing. Then came 45min of watching this guy dig in his croth for such things as a banna and him blaring his ball vibrating trumpets. Oh by the way his rythem section sucked too. Then they exited. Duing the brake we where kicked out of or spot so we had to search for another. While we looked there was this vibrating sound affect coming from the amps. Near the back of the place some weirdo tried to sell me acid, kinda reminded me of the pimp we saw out front. When we finnaly found a good spot the lights where going out again. Adam, Justin, and Danny got out first, then Maynard. This time blue in white and either tool or pocadot boxers. They went into their set. It was sweet. Absolutly beautiful sound. After Stinkfist we all (the 6 of my group) yelled chicken weezle. And so should you! Adam and Justin were pretty much stationary but Maynard was moving some really fluid dances. It was probably right that they played Prison Sex AND Pushit. I had not heard of them playing either "Cold&Ugly" or "jerk-off" yet this tour and I thought it was imposable. So when they went into C&U I went insane! They almost left after Opiate but they encored Aenima which I got in some serios head banging to. Then it ended. It was a great tour show, don't miss it! Play list (not sure about order): Third Eye StinkFist 46+2 Eulogy H Prison Sex Jimmy Sober Pushit Cold and Ugly Opiate Aenima