A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: November 5

From: "J.R. Poston" (jrposton@flood.mrg.uswest.com) My review of the November 5th TOOL show at Mammoth Events Centre in Denver: A bunch of friends and I(8 total) showed up about an hour early because we thought there were going to be alot of people in line, there weren't. We got in and immediately most of my friends took thier place at the front of the stages. My friend Dan and I, who have seen TOOL live before, went up to the balcony because we like to watch Maynard. We eventually moved down in front of this bar they had in the back center. The Cows came on and they sucked more than anything. My friends and I were hoping to get some moshing done but we were SOL. There was one small mosh pit to the left of the stage, but it was too small to attempt. All the time we were making fun of the lead singer, who has some strange love for his penis. At the beginning he attatched jumper cables to his crotch, and that really didn't sit well with my stomach. After 45 minutes or so of utter(haha) torture, they left, but not before the lead singer tried to amuse us with a head stand. During the little break between bands the asshole security guards made us move from our excellent seats. We decided to move up to the front of the stage on the right because there weren't that many people there. When we got down there everyone started to crowd around us, and we thought we should move. By this time the crowd was getting really anxious and would go crazy every time one of the roadies came on stage. We worked our way to the back where there are some tables and a ledge right under the balcony and we sat there on the ledge. Then the lights went down and this weird noise was coming from the amps. Behind the stage were thes monitors for video, and a video of that thing from the Ænima cover. After about 10-15 minutes of this(maybe less) the band came on. Maynard was painted blue from bald head to toe, and was wearing white boxers. They opened up with Third Eye, and that was AWESOME! Maynard was doing this little convulsion thing, moving his body every direction to the beat of the drum, and he did it all through the concert. The second song they played was Stinkfist which was equally good. My friends and I yelled chickenweasel, but we didn't here anyone else yell it. They played 46 & 2, Prison Sex, and Eulogy. Then they played jimmy, and I went fucking crazy. It's my favorite song from the new album, and I was loving every minute of it. I didn't get to enjoy all of it because this fucker who had too much to drink went crazy and it took 4 security guards to control him, and of course this was all taking place right under the place I was sitting. The one thing I liked about it was the moron got his nose ring ripped out by one of the security guards, serves him right. They played Cold & Ugly(my friend went really crazy, it's his favorite song), Pushit(fucking awesome), Sober and Opiate. They did an encore with Ænema, and that was the end. Maynard didn't say much between songs. But when he did say things, they were pretty fucking cool. At first, he complimented our basketball teams. Before they played jimmy, he said something about a cycle of abuse and said that jimmy was a sequel to Prison Sex. He made this very wonderful comment about the way people here in Denver look, and here it is: "So, this is Denver. I was walking around this part of time and there is something wrong with people's eyes. Is there something fucked up with the water?" After he said that, I could here people yelling shit like "yeah, we piss in it", and such. Before Opiate he made this comment about religion and life that I can't remember, but I just loved it when he said it. Anyway, after the show was over we waited for most of the crowd to clear out, and then we went to the front of the stage to see if we could get some shit from the stage. At first they through one of Danny's broken sticks in the crowd, and we all dove and fought for it and when that was over my friend Eric got it. I walked away with one of the set lists that was taped on stage. After we got our shit, we went to but t-shirts. I got the Ænima shirt and this really cool poster. It's very tall and thin, and it has the picture from the back of the shirt with the guy naked underwater with someone's legs wrapped around him. After that, we walked over to the backstage entrance place, where we hooked up with one of the security guards we knew. He told us to sit in the corner for a couple of minutes because the band might come out so we could meet them, but some other asshole guard made us leave. I was so fucking close to meeting the band, which is kind of my life's dream at this point. Overall review: I've seen TOOL live 4 times, 3 before this show. I've seen them at Red Rocks, the best place to see a concert in the country. This show kicked the ass of all the other shows, no question. Go see them if they come through your city, even if you have to sell your little brother. J.R. Poston