A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: November 7

From: Scott Traffas (scott_traffas@msn.com) Subject: Tool (Live Nov. 7th) Got the opportunity to see Tool perform live on November 7th at the Bronco Bowl in Dallas, TX. When thinking of this show the analogy to a psychedelic experience keeps coming to mind. Only those that were there or have been there can understand. Trying to describe the experience can only take away from it. A very emotional experience for the band(seemingly) as well as the listener. As with psychedelics I encourage everyone to experience this for themselves...it's something you will never forget. Maynard came out painted in blue...powerful set: Third Eye Stinkfist 46+2 Prison Sex Eulogy Jimmy Cold+Ugly Push It Sober Opiate AEnima Take it easy, Scott