A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: November 7

From: PHILG@webtv.net (PHIL GAINER) Subject: november 7 TOOL@Bronco Bowl review As we finally got to Dallas from Yukon, OK we relized we had no idea of where the hell to Bronco Bowl was. After driving around in rush-hour traffic or an hour we finally found our way. A fuckin' BOWLING ALLEY was the site! After the COWS played we entered the area which was pretty small. TOOL had just started 3rd EYE after a 5 min. intro. Painted blue, Keenan was fuckin' intense as hell. I've never seen a singer that intense. He boggled around like he was frying nuts. The video screen was meant for those trippers out there (which I would have been if I'd found any). enough B.S. This concert rocked (except for the stupid bitch who threw up all over my leg-I'm gonna get you) It was the best I've ever seen to date & probably for a very, very long time. set list 3rd EYE STINKFIST (track 1 for those assholes at MTV) FORTYSIX AND TWO COLD AND UGLY SAMP SONG EULOGY JERK OFF PRISON SEX HOOKER W/ PENIS SOBER(rocked) OPIATE AENEMA e-mail philg@webtv.net Phil Gainer (not subject to change)