A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: November 7

From: bwhite1@airmail.net (Brad White) DALLAS TX - November 7 Tool is tonight and my friend Mike still has yet to score tickets. FUCK! What the hell is going on? 5:15 pm Mike calls, "we're in man!" We show up at the Bronco Bowl about 8:00 pm, the Cows are on and about halfway through their set. They're really not too bad, but don't take my word for it, I barely paid attention to them anyway. There's a diverse and interesting crowd on hand to say the least. Beavis and Butthead types still trapped in the 80's metal haze, Tommy Hilfiger wearin' jackjaw fucks who think 'Hooker' is a "badass" song and the usual bunch of losers who get shitfaced and blow chunks long before the headliner ever gets off the bus. Fortunately I don't have to deal with any of this shit tonight. Mike got two CREW passes and we've got run of the house. (check out the gif of the pass I sent along) No I didn't meet the band. I didn't even bother with trying to get back and tell MJK for the 5 billionth time that he "fuckin rocks!" We take a spot stage right and prepare for the 'healing.' The lights go down about 9:00 and the cover of Ænima is up on projection screens, but it's moving, sucking inward, like a black(white) hole. Third Eye is the opening song and it's fucking incredible. (it's fun to watch the jackoffs trying to mosh who can't figure out the timimg of this song!) Picture perfect, crystal clear. Every nuance of the album has been preserved in the live performance save for the segues. Maynard had painted himself in blue from head to toe including his boxers leading me to believe that he was naked when he first came out. Brilliant red lights would shine on him from time to time and interact with the chroma blue paint, giving the illusion that he was fucking glowing! His performance shit is intense, so much in fact that I'm not sure if he felt was occupying the same space as the rest of us. And, Maynard's paint started to wear off during the course of the show and was spliting right down the back, sorta like he was molting or "shedding" (46&2?) Stinkfist followed and of course everyone woke up, fists a flying and all that shit. The rest of the set was: 46&2 Prison Sex Eulogy Cold & Ugly Jimmy Pushit Sober Opiate Ænema The new bassist Justin is a fucking godly player, and get this, he played the whole show with a pick! Even that line in the opening verse of Ænema that sounds like he's picking with his fingers. Of course Danny and Adam were fucking incredible as well, every note going off without a hitch. The end of 46&2 was the most intense moment of the show and definitely showcases this incredible band's precision and execution. The only low point was the excessive amount of dead air between songs. It was like saying "you guys aren't too fucking excited, so niether are we!" If you couldn't tell already, I thought this was an amazing show, regardless of the bands evident disdain for the crowd, or their performance or whatever... YOU MUST SEE TOOL WHEN THEY COME TO A VENUE NEAR YOU!