A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: November 7

From: David Gardner (trickytheclown@mail.utexas.edu) Subject: Concert review Thurs Nov 7, Dallas TX WARNING!!! You know, at times it is better to know less about something, than it is to know everything. And in this case I'm referring to the Tool concert last Thursday (Nov 7) in Dallas. That is to say, had I not read everyone of these reviews for the last few weeks I probably would have really enjoyed this show at lot more that I did. Tool is still one of my favorite bands to see live, but I wished I hadn't known the setlist before the event! So in the true tradition of Tool, that is giving people a bunch of bullshit and letting them sort things out for themselves, allow me to totally contradict myself. HERE'S MY REVIEW!!!!! The Cows - Well, I'll tell ya. You have to give the guys some credit. Who the hell ever thought of playing a bugle? I mean, I've seen bands use horns, but they were supposed to be ska bands, you know?? This ain't the case! I think the songs I like the best were the one's that he tooted along with! . . . And the bass player, anyone notice the guy detuning up and down, during the song?!? Remember in the eighties when tremelos were cool, and a bass player with a tremelo had to be badass? Well this guy must have decided not to buy a Floyd for his bass, he just improvised! On to Tool - As stated before in another review, the stage was very dim. There were very few lights. But who needs a big rig up there anyway? If you want to see a big rig, shell out $40 and go see KISS! Anyone who has seen Tool before can tell you, they are short on special effects within a show. In fact, the second time I saw them the light rig went off during one of the songs, no one even noticed! The videos up on the screens were mixed just right. Not too clear that they outshined the stage, but fuzzy enough that they were interesting. As far as the sound was concerned, Maynard could have been turned up a bit. Adam's guitar was perfect, he was able to duplicate all those little scratches and buzz noises you hear on the album. Justin - I wasn't close enough to see exactly, but is he using an 8 string bass? I thought his headstock was a bit funny looking. And then there's Danny. . .he just kills. All I have to say is listen to the drums! There is an art to playing with a band AND playing something else on top of that, TOTALLY out of time from everyone else. I don't think he's human, I mean look at him. He's 10 feet tall! And now the setlist: After reading the other reviews, I've noticed that it seems to be unclear as to which songs Tool played Thursday night. So it is up to me, to add to the confusion! third eye stinkfist fortysix & two prison sex -- notice the added lyrics SEE THE FAQ SECTION F12 eulogy -- 8 string bass? 12? jimmy cold & ugly -- Adam played some Black Sabbath tune as an intro pushit -- all the idiots started sitting down -- Danny's a badass sober -- cool intro -- all the idiots stood back up again opiate aenema -- described as "high colonics" old mac donald -- sang with, of course, the cows later at the karaoke bar -- you light up my life -- maynard nearly made me cry Okay that's it. Okay one more thing, if you ever go to the Bronco Bowl, drink at the bar outside of the venue. BEER WAS $1 it was COLD, and served in a nice frosty GLASS! They fuck ya once you get in the doors! $2 service and $3.50 for Natural Light in a paper cup! Who know when the last time they cleaned out those machines in there! How about you, wonder why you woke up with an upset belly? TRICKY