A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: November 9

From: Jason Wilson (jwilson@popalex1.linknet.net) Tool Review - Saturday, Nov. 9, 1996 - State Palace Theatre New Orleans, LA Set List: Third Eye Stinkfist Forty-Six and 2 Prison Sex Eulogy Jimmy Cold and Ugly Pushit Sober Opiate AEnema After the Cows' set, the lights came on and the crew finished setting up (most of the equipment was in place, with sheets covering it). It didn't take as long at this show as everyone else has been saying. The lights dimmed after only 20 minutes or so. The screens started playing the animated white square thingy and the band came onstage. The crowd went nuts! I, reading up on other's reviews of previous shows, thought Maynard would be covered head-to-toe in blue paint. Must to my suprise, he was only half-painted, including his boxers (half blue / half normal - vertically). After "Third Eye" he said the typical "Apparently this is New Orleans" line and they went into "Stinkfist" - which really got the crowd going. "Forty-Six and 2" and "Prison Sex" jammed. Next, in "Eulogy", Maynard was holding some kind of horn-like instrument and was playing it (the repetitive noise in the intro), when he began to sing the lyrics, he sang through the same instrument. I don't know what it was, but he sounded exactly like he does on the album. Before "Jimmy" he gave the whole "cycle of abuse" explanation. Next, I was surprised to hear "Cold and Ugly", which sounded great. After "Pushit", they started playing something I didn't recognize at first, but I had the same beat, repeating over and over. All the while Maynard was using his own body paint to paint something on the floor of the stage. Unfortunately, from where I was standing, I couldn't see it. This went on for about 7-8 minutes, before this unknown song turned into "Sober". Again, the crowd was whipped into a frenzy. Before "Opiate", he said "This is the last song...from our first album" (Don't tease us, dammit). After that they walked off stage, and the crowd immediately began shouting for an encore. When they came back out, Maynard said "You're so persistant, I guess we'll play another one...even though this one's already on the set list". They played an awesome version of "AEnema" in which they juggled the verses around a little (not excluding any, of course). It was an excellent show. Having already seen them about 3 1/2 years ago, I was much more impressed on this tour. But, as always, they SOUNDED great. They are, by far, the best SOUNDING (live) band on the road today. After the show, I bought a cool poster that was on sale (very tall and thin, with a guy in water with someone's arms and legs wrapped around him - reminiscent of the "Undertow" picture, but not a photo and not a fat chick). We went around the side of the theatre to where the buses were parked and waited about 20 minutes or so for the guys to come out. They were very cool and gave out autographs and answered a slew of questions (Someone asked Danny how much he worked out his legs, He said all he did was play basketball all the time). Everyone but Justin signed my poster. He wasn't very into it. Again, a great experience that shouldn't be missed. Later. Jason