A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: November 9

From: Rennan Garrett Broussard (rbrous1@tiger.lsuiss.ocs.lsu.edu) Hey. I figured that this would be a good place to send my review of the tool show at the state palace theater in new orleans on saturday, november the ninth. Lets just say first that it was fucking awesome. With that out of the way, i will proceed with what occured at the show. After the cows struck their set, a strange noise began pouring through the amps. It sounded alot like the "die eir von saton", and a german sounding guy was speaking over it. I couldn't make out whether or not he was speaking in german, but the accent was more than identifiable. As the volume of this noise increased, the lights went out. After a couple seconds in the dark, the band came out. Maynard was painted half blue/half white right down the middle of his body. There were huge video screens hung behind and above the drum kit. As the band grabbecd their instuments, that white orfice from the cover of aenima was shown on each screen. (There were two screens). Of course these images were moving, just like they do on the cd. The band then went into "third eye". Maynard had two microphones so that he could cover the entire sonic pallete that the latest album covers. Of course, maynard was going crazy as he sang. It seemed as though with every hit of the drum, someone had fired a gun and shot maynard as his body convulsed with each beat. As "third eye" came to an end, they went into "stinkfist". Incredible. On the screens, these crazy scenes like one flying through computerized tunnels were shown. I cannot get over how well the band sounded. The band proceeded to play other songs such as "prison sex", "eulogy", "jimmy", "pushit", "cold and ugly", "sober", "46 and 2", "aenema", and "opiate". After playing "prison sex" maynard said, "as i am sure that you all know, the song "prison sex" is about abuse. it is about fogetting the abuse and realizing that you are an abuser and the cycle has come full circle. this song is about identifying that cycle. this song is called "jimmy"." Ok, he said something like that. I cannot remember exactly, but you get the gist of it. Before they played "cold and ugly", maynard said ,"this song is about being scared." Also, after "cold and ugly", the band went into a four or five minute musical melody. We were all trying to guess what song they were going into. Eventually, this melody transformed into "sober". As with "prison sex", each songs respective video was shown as the song was being played. However, it was not the actual video but a remixed version shown in negative color. Very cool. As the night drew to a close, maynard said, 'this is the last song.............(Crowd boo's extensively)..............off our first album." And then the band went into (surprise) "opiate". When the song ended, the band left the stage kinda. They really just stood near the side and talked with each other. The crowd was cheering for an encore. The band came back on stage. Maynard said, "ok, ok. we'll play another one because you all are so damn persistent. (pauses)..never mind the fact that this song was already on the set list and we just pretended to walk off stage for a second." Then they played "aenema". They were incredible. I highly reccomend everyone to go check them out. Peace and much love. SET LIST THIRD EYE STINKFIST PRISON SEX EULOGY JIMMY COLD AND UGLY 46 & 2 PUSHIT SOBER AENEMA OPIATE