A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: November 11

From: John Collins (evempire@sky.net) The cows aren't that bad. I bet there album is pretty descent but live they get old and the horn blasts lose their flavor. Tool comes on Maynard is painted blue and white straight down the middle. They open with Third Eye. This is my only complaint about the whole show. Thrid Eye takes forever to get going and it lasts an eternity. Not a very good opener but it would have been a horrible closer. Drummer Danny Carry grew up in a small town about fourty five minutes from K.C. Maynad says to find Danny's dad and buy him drinks all month long. Last time Tool came a couple of my friends had seats right next to Danny's parents and they got to talk to them. It was just when undertow was really growing and his parent's seemed real excited. Tool played all the same songs that they seem to have been playing most of the tour. Was hoping to hear No Quarter but oh well. Surprised there were so many Opiate songs. Cold and Ugly was really strong. Behind the band the projection screens constantly showed images of pain, sex and weirdness. An elephant with a huge erection attempts numerous times to mount his partner unsucesfully. A guys face is trying to pull wire off his face that keeps restricting and getting tighter. There was a lot of really cool shit up on the screen and I hope that they can put out a live video that utilizes some of these. I did notice in the back of the venue that the show was being filmed by someone who had a couple of cameras set up on tripods. Maynard talked quite a bit. -You guys ever watch Warner Bros. cartoons?. .you remember that one where the guys like has a devil on one shoulder and like an angel on the other and both of them are giving him advice and telling him what to do? (I think that it was Donald Duck) It's hard to know who to listen because sometimes there are diffrent methods which might not seem to be the right way but there's a lot of paths. It's tough to know the diffrence. Right before Opiate he was talking about what the problem with religion is. He talked about how if you really look at religion you'll see that they talk about good things like living right, unity. Said that Jesus, Gandi, Buddah didn't start off wrong, they actually had good ideas and intentions but it's the people who came after them who took over and began manipulating. Then before Aenema he goes -You know what we were talking about before with religion? Here's one way that might fix it. Maynard's right about that and it's coming. Anyway it was a really good show and afterwards after the lights had come up and everyone was pretty much cleared out, someone must have been throwing picks I guess, because I felt something hit my sweaty arm and there was a big blue bass pick sticking to it. I peeled it off and stuck it in my pocket but I have no idea how it got there. It's a good pick too and I play bass so it works out pretty well.