A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: November 11

Review by: Aaron Alderson (dread@oz.sunflower.org) Hi, this is a review for the Nov. 11th show at Memorial Hall in Kansas City Kansas, thanks for putting on the best page on the web man! Hope you like this! After an hour drive from Blue Springs to downtown KCK, and three wrong turns later we arrived at Memorial Hall. The lights went down at 7:30 and The Cows came out. The crowd treated them relatively harsh. Cheers of "fuck you", "get off the stage", and "you suck" filled the air. They came out played five songs and then took the advice of the crowd and got off the stage. All together they weren't completely bad it's just that they weren't TOOL. At 8:30 the lights went out again and the real fun began. On the two screens behind the bands setup, the picture of the cover for ÆNIMA was being shown (the same trippy effect of flames coming from some great white unknown) as a deep bass line was being repeated for about five minutes. Suddenly all hell broke loose as Maynard James Keenen, Danny Carey, Adam Jones, and Justin Chancellor their new bassist walked onto the stage. Maynard, painted blue from head to toe on his right side and white on his left immediately started the electricity when the band broke into the set with Third Eye. His rhythmic movements created by what seemed like an endless supply of energy. The best live band I've ever heard rocked Memorial Hall as they started Stinkfist, the pit broke into a frenzy and for the next two hours TOOL astounded the crowd. With Keenen's trippy dancing and with the crowd surfing out of control you knew that this was what you paid for. The set went something like this: Third Eye Stinkfist Forty Six & 2 Prison Sex Eulogy H. Hooker with a Penis Cold and Ugly jimmy Sober Opiate Ænema I know the first two songs are in the right order, as well as, the last but during the middle I was too busy moshing to remember exactly. Keenan was always talking to us, the first thing he said was "it's good to be home" right before they started Stinkfist (he used to live in Kansas during his childhood). After Opiate reverend did a little preaching as he talked about what the song meant. "Just to clear up that last song, you see every religion has a certain cycle to it, certain beliefs. The basic principles behind them are right. Buddah, Christ, and Ghandi all meant well for us, it was the people who came after them, that fucked it up. They started thinking their way was the only way. Maybe that's why this world is so fucked up." The crowd seemed to agree as screams of "YEA" broke out from everywhere. The set ended with my personal favorite Ænema and then TOOL left the stage, completing a night that will long be remembered. Parts of this review were contributed by Jeff Moehle. (jm150019@mail.idt.net)