A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: November 11

From: Tim Lawrence (adaml@idir.net) Subject: November 11 Kansas City Show Jason, Jason & Myself (Tim) Arrived at Memorial Stadium at about 7:45pm Two large video screens would set the backdrop for the entire show. Before the band would take stage the screens mimicked Aenima's album cover, crackling with fire. A constant low rumble accented the whistles and cheers from the crowd. Shadows of members appeared as they walked upon the stage. Maynard w/ shaved head, cut off long johns & a half painted body. One side blue one side pure skin, moved to the opening sounds from the band. As the show went on Maynards body seemed to escape the painted cacoon as sweat rolled from his body. It seemed to Symbolize the shedding of an old skin to a new evolution. ( I do feel that there has been a transition with this new album. Something subtle yet very defined. I can not put my finger on it yet.) Maynard would pose and move in classic Maynard style about the stage during the entire show. I was to into Danny Carey to pay attention and recall the first collage of songs. They mixed them together in a web of music, emotion & video followed by Stink Fist and on in to the rest of the album. The band played with persicion. There was a slight stutter during Sober but it was so quick we just accepted it. Maynard addressed the crowd as a prequel to some songs. I assume he wanted to be interpeted as distinct as possible. I enjoyed his words. A memerable site was Maynard crouched in front of Drummer Carey as the band ended Hooker w/ a penis. Maynard gave us a Grin that seemed to resemble Jones's inside cover design. Very nice. Following Hooker w/ a penis Maynard stood motionless in front a crowd who relentlessly shouted, demanding that they "play flood" "play 4 degrees" Maynard seemed taken back and responded by saying " Oh so now your going to tell me what to do" He turned and walked twords the drum set. He sounded a little amazed that we had'nt gotten the point. The crowd then quieted down to here his words as a sole voice shouted "hey they don't get it, they JUST bought your Fucking record." Maynard turned and a smile appeared across his face, pleased that there was, after all, respect umong the dumb founded dipshits. (I wonder how many people actually understood what it was that we were all were listening to. What we were seeing. Not even understanding that Tool was feeding us like generous Vampires giving us the chance to muddle in a gift for a short time. In return, applause or even a gesture of appreciation from the crowd for the time, dedication and presentation for the four musicians that made a point to be in KC that night would have been enough. Some have Given Maynard the title reverend Maynard. This fitted the prequel to Eulogy. Maynard told us the bands ability to be together and move forward was due to being good to one another and not using each other to gain. Unlike the speakers you see today. Maynard commented on the fine attempt from Jesus and other Biblical figures that had good thigs to say but like those who would demand, those would not listen. "The world needs cleansing." Before we knew it the show ended with Aenima. The show overall was difintely worth seeing another time. I think it's about time that Tool released a full length in concert video. Thanks for taking the time to read this review. I hope you liked it. out TIM