A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: November 12

From: David Way (drway@ldd.net) Subject: November 12 at the American Theatre in St. Louis Well, The Cows really did suck just like everyone said. This was mainly because the singer was retarded. He wandered on stage with some stupid-looking mask. After the first song, he took it off and he had on some black sun glasses and a black sock hat. He yelled a lot and he played his trumpet and he did a head stand for about a minute and he sucked. But, of course, TOOL was great! They started out with Stinkfist, then Forty-six & 2,(The rest will more than likely be in the wrong order) Swamp Song, Eulogy, PuShit,Prison Sex, jimmy, Sober, Undertow, Opiate, and then, for an encore, AEnema. Some of the things Maynard said: He introduced Justin and said he was from England. He asked the crowd to yell "yes" as loud as they could when he counted to 3. After that he said "Just say yes". He talked about how jimmy was like a sequel to Prison Sex. He told us how he wasn't against religion, he was just against the preachers and other people who tell you how to interpret religion before they played Opiate. He said "All right, we'll do another one" before they played AEnema. Every 30 minutes or so I could smell weed. Someone behind me was smoking. Before the show some black guy asked if I wanted to buy a joint for five bucks.I told him I like to be sober at concerts, that way I remember what happens. I also remember seeing a bunch of weird shit on the screens behind them(camels and elephants fucking-stuff like that). I think that's about it - Chad Evans