A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: November 14

From: "Christopher J. Cole" (ccole@iusb.edu) Kabir Well this is only the fourth or the fifth time ever mailing you but I feel as though ive known you for ever as I have been following this "sight" since June of 95. Well anyway im almost just as interested in meeting you as i am the band members. Last Night I went to the tool show in Chicago. At the begining of jimmy MJK dedicated it to a Billy Roush who the hell is he. I dont think ive read about him or at least i dont remember it. Also I taped all of this show and I am now converting those to wav. if you are interested in any of them let me no otherwise I wont bother you I know you must be busy with school and all plus this labor of love.One more thing and I dont feel this is just me Ive never seen this mentioned but I think tool is more of a side movement than an up and down one. In other words tool really isnt a slam,thrash type band but rather a groove a sideways sway never up and down like a pantera listener about to break his damn neck. Even shucking and jiving to a faster tool song it still is more fitting to produce a sidemovement accomponied by a slow jerk. You no the way MJK jerks on stage. Lastly what in the hell was he doin (MJK)for nearly 10 min. bending down. The band was playing and he appeared to be painting something with a spraycan but then he just stood up and nothing was revealed to what he was doing. He didnt do this last time I seen them..