A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: November 14

From: Patrick Smith Chicago, the home of freezing idiots waiting for the TOOL show. We decided to let the general admisssion group have fun with their weather and went to the bar for many drinks, the only way to keep warm in the Midwest! Anyway, as we all have seen the COWS aren't there for anyone's entertainment, and TOOL should get a better warmup act. It wouldn't de-emphasis TOOL's performance anyways because they kicked some major ass!! A must see for the musically inclined, not you pop cultured cookie cut freaks. The violations of no bodysurfing was sweet and a lot of fun.No major moshing though, more of a pulsating crowd mosh, still cool though, although a little on the sweaty side. The song list is pretty much the same as in previous reviews. The band was tight and clean with some good effects to keep the artifically visually stimulated persons happy. All in all well worth the wait!!!