A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: November 14

From: k-soni@students.uiuc.edu Subject: Tool Concert, Nov14 Review of the Tool concert November 14, in Chicago at the Aragonne Ballroom.. Overall, the concert was kind of a disappointment to me. I had been to a concert on the previous tour also in chicago, and after that one, I had been on a natural high for at least two weeks. This concert left something to be desired. They didn't play much off of Undertow, which was really disappointing, missing songs like bottom and undertow and flood. The actual quality of the music they played was quite good, but there seemed to be no energy behind it, and there were a lot of posers who didn't even know a lot of the lyrics to older songs. There were a LOT of peopel at the concert, the entire ballroom was filled to the brim, and the mosh pit was probably the most brutal i've ever been in, and that is saying something, but once again, there was just somethign lacking overall, and the concert itself seemed really short. I believe they played third eye, jimmy, stinkfist, aenima, pushit, forty-six &2, eulogy, h., swamp song, sober, opiate, and prison sex. Once again, I wish they could have played at least some more songs from their older albums, and the concert seemed to be over before it even began. Don't get me wrong, Tool is still an excellent band, it's just that the performance didn't seem up to par. At least something good came out of the mosh pit, though, i sprained an ankle, and landed on my head and my elbow from being dropped during surfing. oh well, hopefully tool comes back to chicago again, it's not like i won't go see them. Ketan P. Soni k-soni@students.uiuc.edu