A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: November 14

From: "Robert E. Scott" (tscott@wvec.k12.in.us) Subject: Chicago review Kabir: Well, it looks likes you already have a few reviews from the Tool show in Chi-town. I guess I'll just elaborate on some of the cooler aspects of the show (for me, anyway). Please ignore my comments at will... One reviewer said that MJK was wearing jockeys. To me and my friends hanging on the front rail, they appeared to be boxer-briefs. He even painted one-half of his underwear blue. Maynard looked a lot healthier than in past photos I had seen of him. He had a Iggy Pop physique, but slightly more muscular. Tool fans are nuts. Some guy bit the arm of one fan, drawing blood in the process. The coolest aspect of the Chicago show was the security guards. Tool wanted all crowd-surfers to be sent to the back, instead of dragged over the rails. The guards were friendly; sometimes too friendly--they kept sticking their crotches and bellies in the faces of the front row fans when they pushed surfers back. That's my piece. Keep up the good work. Andrew Scott andys@expert.cc.purdue.edu (reply to above address)