A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: November 15

From: SinNINBurN@aol.com TOOL-Newport Music Hall-Columbus Ohio-November 15th It is the day after the Columbus show (too tired to write one that night) Psychotica opened which i am glad for cause i really didn't want to see the Cows :) I thought they were pretty good (first time hearing them) once again almost no crowd reaction...Pat Briggs (think thats his name) knew the crowd just wanted to see Tool. He said "ok we got 2 more songs then we are outta here" the crowd cheered then he looked out in the crowd and said "ok we got 20 more songs then we are outta here" it was hilarious! anyways on to tool there was about a 30-45 minute wait til they got on (i think?) but it was well worth it. The place went black and on the screen they had the tv thing (on the cover of Aenima and in the Stinkfist video) everybody was cheering and the pit started to surge toward the front. After a while they came out all shirtless and Maynard was in his typical blue makeup. They started off with Stinkfist and right then i knew it was going to be bad. I wasn't in the pit because i wanted to see the show so i was off on the right side (20 feet away from maynard roughly). I am one of those people that like to watch the show. I didn't want to jump around into people i just wanted to enjoy the music but thats not how the poeple around me acted nooo the drunk frat boy fucks had to from their little circles (i got cought on the outside of that) and push each other around why don't they just go in the fucking pit if they wanted to do that shit oh well that was the only flaw of the show oh another thing...people were jumping around slamming into people during the beginning of Eulogy!! what the fuck!!!! other then that the concert was great...Maynard seemed out of it though like he was singing to himself and no one else was there...here are some of the things he said to the crowd "Columbus"--sounded really odd how he said it "I was born in Ohio" cheers "are you cheering because i don't live here anymore" more cheers "you guys ok up there (looks at balcony) you look bored" cheers "this is our last song" boo's "off our first album" cheers "that is pete (i think?)'" as he looks at a roadie crowd cheers "that is justin" he is right in front of Justin "he is our new bassist from Ireland" "Pete is Irish too" before H "do you guys watch Warner Brothers cartoons on Sunday Mornings and the cartoon that always had problems choosing he always had the angel and the devil on his shoulders of course the choice is obvious he did the good thing the right thing" after prison sex "ok lets talk about this song" "its about the abuse" then he said "this next song is about how it can come back to you in weird ways" "this ones called jimmy" he said some other stuff too...Newport Music Hall didnt have metal detectors and they didnt search people so im sure someone recorded it...i also saw a camcorder on the way out so if anyone has audio or visual recordings of this show email me :) They played Rage Against the Machine before Psychotica then Psychotica played for 30-40 minutes after them they started playing some Skinny Puppy and then stuff from the Psychotica album then Tool came on and played for about a hour and forty minutes Here is what they played in no particular order Stinkfist,Forty Six and Two (those 2 were the first songs),Prison Sex,Sober (had a really long beginning,thought it was going to be Intolerance or Third Eye),Swamp Song,Undertow,Eulogy,H,Hooker with a Penis,Jimmy,Opiate and their last song(encore you could say the never left the stage, maynard and justin were talking ) Aenima Best Part:Swamp Song great fucking song and it felt like he was looking right at me Worst Part:the crowd...come on...moshing to the beginning of Eulogy Should have played:More Opiate stuff they only played Opiate and 4 Degrees Sorry about this review i know the information is all mixed up but its there :) ...shit ends up at the bottom... JiM