A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: November 15

From: Ryan R Thompson (rthomp@bgnet.bgsu.edu) Subject: Newport Music Hall Viewer..Satisfied, Very Satisfied As for the November 15 1996 show that was in Columbus,Ohio .................big success.......................................... I don't feel that it is necessary to go into details about how long we all waited in line to see the show(people wait for Cedar Point rides for up to 2.5 hours, for a ride that's about 2 minutes long.......so stop your complaining ...other reviews) or to tell you how the other band performed, but I will tell you that TOOL sounded excellent. I am very fortunate to have seen the band before Maynard lost his voice. I would like to say that I did shake his hand before the concert in the back alley of The Newport. I was going toward the back of the Newport to take a leak and when I had finished, I noticed a tour bus behind me. Sure enough, out comes walking Maynard James Keenan and 2 other guys,, couldn't tell if it was Danney Careu,, Justin, or Adam. So I walk up to this man and asked him..(duh) "Maynard James Keenan?", and he replys ever so softly , "Yes?." I'm practically pooping my pants...."It is a pleasure to meet you", and I extend my hand to shake his and he extends his to shake mine.. wonderful experiance. I should have told him I was going to take him and the other guys out to dinner before the show. Damn. I knew I should have said more, but that was enough excitment for me. Anyways, the show was the bomb. I've seen these guys twice and they're one of the most talented group of people anyone could ever see. Yea, the floor was packed like a bunch of corpse's waiting to be risen from the dead,....waiting for that one precious second of light...for the band to come down from those twisted stairs on the left hand side of the stage. We all wait and listen to the "earthquake" sounds of fury inside the building while the white squares on fire on the projection screens in front of us grab our attention...... The end of the beginning...Stinkfist begins to play,.. oceans of bodies flood and all is aroused in a whole of madness..pain, sweat,and anxiety,... everyone to the front to see the almighty blue figure with white eyes and teehth ready to embrace us in his and the others art and music. We are ready. We are all ready. Thanks for another great time you guys, satisfied viewer