A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: November 16

From: LojiKBomB (lojik@dot-net.net) Subject: Cincinnat Show, Sat, Nov 16, 1996 Here's another review for you... This has to be one of the absolute BEST shows that i have ever seen. I was the first one at the door at Caddy's Garage here in Cincinnati (froze my ass off for 3 hours before the doors opened) and got my spot front and center. As for the opening band Psycotica, they left a little to be desired... i was suprised that such a shitty band would be on the road with Tool. Their singer sounded like a singer from a mid 80's glam-rock band.... anyways... on to the good part of the show... TOOL! Like i said, it was just an outstanding show on tools part. They opened up with Third Eye, one of my favorite songs. Other songs (cant remember the exact order) Sober, Prison Sex, Cold & Ugly, Swamp Song, H., Jimmy, 46+2, Eulogy, Opiate (supposed to be their last song but they had a little pow-wow on stage) and finally Aenima. Absolutely a great light show. Movies were projected on both sides of the stage through the whole show, including the videos from Sober and Prison Sex while they were playing those songs. The only problem i had with the show was the bouncers at this place... whenever someone was crowdsurfing and going over the barriers, the bouncers would just drop them on the floor.. sometimes kicking them... complete assholes. Adam Jones had a shit fit about this tho and had a nice little talk with the bouncers which i thought was pretty cool of him to do. I managed to get one of Danny's drumsticks (almost got in a fight over it), and got to meet Danny after the show... for any of you drumcorps freaks out there like me, no, he never marched drumcorps... Anyone who hasnt seen Tool yet... three words... GO SEE THEM!!! Its definately an experience you dont want to miss!!! Later, Grant