A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: November 16

From: "England, Josh" (jengland@msmail.mhs.mboro.k12.ky.us) Subject: Tour Reveiw "Cinncinati" Hey Kabir, I just recently went to the TOOL show in Cinncinati and here is my reveiw. First off I live in southeastern Kentucky in a very boring town. My name is Josh and I worship the ground Tool walk's on, and when I heard TOOL was coming within 500 miles of my home I immediately told my best freind. So we got tickets and went!!!! The trip was HELL,we were pulled over by the cops and even had to turn around because I had forgotten my ticket. We got there about 7:00am Saturday morning and slept until 5:00pm then we headed out for the concert at 6:00pm. It took about 30 minutes to get there so we had a little time to kill mingeling in the crowds of TOOL FREAKS. PSYCOTICA opened up for the god's of rock and they kicked much ass, It took like 45 minute's for TOOL to come out after Psycotica's ass-kicking set of Glam-Thrash-Punk music. When the boy's came out I was immediately crushed amidst bodies burning from the intense heat in the mosh pit, but I loved it. Maynard came out looking dazed and out of it for awhile,but eventually came around and realized where he was. The show incredible,awesome,beautiful and most of all uncanny, My dream almost came true when I went flying over the barricade up-front and came within inches of Maynard's nose, Maynard looked right through my soul like he would have rather been eating my head off than let me touch him (like the shit-curity guards would have let me,the bastard's almost broke my leg). I moshed for a while and then I took a break to get some fresh air. The visuals were great,the opening act was great and i have been blessed with Maynard's stone-cold look of carelessness. So i reckon it was worth a 275 mile trip to see the greatest band on the face of this peice of shit planet. The show is definately the best thing i've ever wittnessed. SETLIST(in no particular order) 1.THIRD EYE 2.STINKFIST 3.EULOGY 4.FORTY-SIX&2 5.SWAMPSONG 6.PRISON SEX 7. SOBER 8.OPIATE 9.PUSHIT 10.COLD AND UGLY And last but not least "AENEMA"was the show closer...... Tank you very much, jengland@mhs.mboro.k12.ky.us