A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: November 16

From: tb (brunnemr@expert.cc.purdue.edu) This was the first time that I had ever seen Tool live. It was a pretty good concert except for Psychotica. Before Tool came out, they showed the animated cover of Aenima. I'm pretty sure that white square on the cover is a top view of a box of dry ice. None of the band was wearing any paint. After "Third Eye", Keenan said that only 4 people came to the show the last time that they were in Cincinnati, and after "Swamp Song", he said that Failure was coming to town soon. Before "jimmy", Keenan explained the connection between "Prison Sex" and "jimmy". He said "jimmy" was about "cycles of abuse, identifying those cycles, correcting the situation, and realizing who you've become," or something like that. Then before "Opiate", Keenan said "the basic principles of many religions are good - it's about unity, compassion, choosing compassion over fear - then someone gets involved who has property or money or control and everything gets messed up, those cores of ideas are worth checking into, this song is not about that core of ideas - it's about those assholes who fuck with it." I think Keenan said someother stuff between songs like the importance of speciation, morphogenic movements, the basics of mitosis, and the effect of animal-vegetal polarity in eggs during early development, but I'm not sure. That's all I remember and what I can decipher from the tape. Order of Songs Visual 1. Third Eye psychedelic images 2. Stinkfist tunnel 3. 46 and 2 green mechanical gears 4. Swamp Song nothing 5. Eulogy evolution of ape and man from common ancestor 6. Prison Sex negative prison sex video clips 7. jimmy mold? 8. Pushit indians jumping/elephants and camels getting it on 9. Cold And Ugly nothing 10. Sober negative sober video clips 11. Opiate psychedelic images 12. Aenema man wrapping wire around his face/lady in bikini screaming while strapped to chair