A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: November 16

From: Guelah Papyrus (smoot@indy.net) Subject: Review Nov. 16 Cincinnati, OH Well I normally would never write a review for anything but this show was so moving I felt I had to tell about it. The show was at a place called The Garage in Caddy's Complex in and it was just an open room club. Psychotica opened the show and I was happy to hear that The Cows were not opening since I had heard such bad reviews of them. Psychotica was interesting is how I would describe them. The majority of the crowd that I observed was standing with their arms crossed while watching them play. They knew we were just there to see Tool though and did not stay on stage long. Tool took forever to come out but it was well worth the wait. I made a stupid mistake for myself and was standing a few feet from the front of the crowd in the dead center. Tool came out and started playing and the entire crowd pushed forward as much as they could. I was being crushed and losing balance and as soon as I got a chance I got out of there and off to the side. It may just be me but that stuff is ridiculous! I managed to get to a place where I had room to stand and to breathe and was able to enjoy the show. I could only see Maynard and Justin but that was fine. I'm pretty sure these are the songs they played but if i'm wrong i'm sorry. playlist (not in a particular order) Third Eye, Stinkfist, Eulogy, Forty Six & 2, Prison Sex, Jimmy, Pushit, Sober, Swamp Song, Cold and Ugly, and Opiate which they said was to be their last song but Maynard sat down at the front of the drum set and the rest of the band gathered around him and they got back up a few min. later and played AEnema. The entire show was wonderful but highlights for me was Swamp Song (which is one of my fav.), Opiate and AEnema. Maynard's remarks were similar to the previous reviews I have read. He was in long johns and black boots with no shirt and had his tattoo continued from his back across his head and face to the front which made him look like he was in two separate parts. He looked at the entire crowd but only in one direction the whole time and his body was in what you could of called convulsions as he sang. The band had such a great sound and everything about the show was just fucking awesome. About 15 of us managed to see the band after the show and we managed to get autographs from Danny and Maynard and got to talk to Justin for a second. The guys seem like great guys and Danny and Justin were extremely friendly and Maynard was just quiet which I expected. My suggestion for any of you who don't have tickets go get them now!!! It is worth every penny and was worth my two hour drive and I would go see them again in a heartbeat. Smoot