A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: November 16

From: Clay Edwards (clayedwa@expert.cc.purdue.edu) I am by no means the worlds greatest writer, or even a good one at that. But I did go to the TOOL concert on November 16 at The Garage at Caddy's Complex in Cincinnati. All I can say was IT WAS AWESOME. By far the best concert I have ever been to. The venure was a small one, it couldnt have held more than tow thousand people. It was basically a large storage garage or shop that was converted into a bar on one side and a stage on the other. Seeing as how I am from Indiana, I was not used to being let into bars just by walking in. I sort of liked that. Physcotica played first, and judging from other tour reviews, the crowd reaction was the same. Not much at all. Everyone was waiting for Tool. Personally, I enjoyed the band. They were very supportive of Tool and seemed like they wanted to be out in the crowd waited for Tool as well. By the time they were finished and Tool came on everyone waited about 30 to 45 minutes. About the 30 minute mark the crowd starting chanting TOOL, TOOL, TOOL, like it was a sporting event and that was going to get the band to come on stage. It didnt work and when they finally did come on stage, and the screen behind them started to project the crowd went crazy. I was immediately pushed to the front and the pit began. I like to get into the music to I spend most of the time in the main pit. The first song that the band played was third eye. I dont think too many people recognized it because after the shock of the band being on stage wore off, it took everyone a minute to get back into the show. The rest of the songs that they played, in no order, were off AEnima:Stinkfist, Forty Six and Two, Eulogy, Pushit, Jimmy, and the encore AEnema. The only song they didnt play was Hooker with A Penis. Off of Undertow, they played:Prison Sex, Sober, and Swamp Song and off of Opiate they played: Opiate, and Cold and Ugly. Not much old stuff, but it was still a great selection. I was really impressed by the beginning of Eulogy. To me on the album it sounded as if the intro was sampled. I had no idea they played every part of that with thier instruments. As for the bands appearance, they all came on stage without shirts as usual but Maynard had a green line painted from his belly button all the way up his chest up the middle of his face and over his head to his back. Then his back was painted in green and black only it was made out to look like his spine all the way down his back. All I have to say now is that I would highly reccomend that anyone in doubt about going to see TOOL, SHOULD go! Sorry my writing skills suck ass. Clay clayedwa@expert.cc.purdue.edu