A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: November 18

A Commentary.

From: Craig Lyndall (clyndall@cybergate.net) First off, the Cleveland show kicked serious ass. (Of Course!) That is until the first encore, when a doped up fan got on stage and touched Maynard. Maynard, who obviously doesn't like to be touched, took a swing at the kid and pushed him back into the pit. Following this, Maynard threw his water and microphone down onto the stage and walked off, never to return. We were all a little pissed at this, not because of Maynard, but because of the moron who helped to cut the show short. Maynard laid his soul out there for us that night and that idiot showed no respect for it. Craig Lyndall Clyndall@cybergate.net