A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: November 19

From: "Josh" (jvancamp@host.cass.net) Subject: Detroit, MI show Nov 19 The Tool show on the 19 was one of the greatest things I have ever seen. The show was totally sold out and people outside were offering up to $140 for just a single ticket. The opening act was Psychotica, which I didn't think weren't too bad, they just weren't anything compared to Tool. After Psychotica, the lights dimmed and the Aenima logo came up. There was a great surge to the front (where I was) and after several minutes the band scampered out to their positions. The setlist was as follows Third Eye Stinkfist 46&2 (with the awesome evolution of man animations on the screen) Swamp Song Eulogy Prison Sex Jimmy Pushit Sober Cold and Ugly Opiate Aenima The band was so solid and Maynard was unreal. He was so fluid in his movement that at times he almost didn't seem real. Most of the dialogue between songs was the same except that tonight was Justins birthday and after Third Eye, Maynard introduced Justin and everyone in the crowd wished him a happy birthday. Maynard also gave the speech about religion before Opiate, which was probably the highlight of the show. Also right before Pushit, Maynard said "I'm not from Detroit, but from a town in northern Michigan called Scotsville. If I ever get enough money I am gonna buy the entire town and level it, and then fill it with pavement and parking meters as far as the eye can see, except for a Taco Bell in the middle with a basketball hoop on the back." Then he paused and said "just kidding" and Pushit began. Aenima closed the show after the band paused for a minute. It was just beyond words. After going out into the streets, I wandered over to where the buses were. After about 45 minutes, Adam wandered out to sign stuff for about 20 fans, including signing my ticket stub. Then after a while longer we were told that Maynard had left for the Hotel already because the showers were not working properly. I waited another hour just to make sure, but noone else came out. So I went home throughly satisfied, waiting for the possibility of the spring tour. jvancamp@mail.cass.net