A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: November 19

From: momena naeem (momena@hotmail.com) Subject: Detroit Show I must say that Tool is the greatest band I have ever seen live. At first I thought it was going to be all that great because I didn't get floor tickets. The state theatre here in Detroit is pretty small and only the first person in line got general admission (I was second). But, it ended up OK to because my friend had floor and he got me in. Anyway, The concert was amazing. Phycotica was just loud, but they were decent. I don't know in the guy does this all the time, but the lead singer came out in a latex-like suit over his entire body. I thought he would be hot as hell. He did some crowd surfing while he sang (if you call it singing), which was cool. Phycotica's other singer would sing for like 10 seconds and then just stand there. I thought he looked ridiculous. Tool, on the other hand, rocked! They opened as usual with Third eye. Maynard was blue on his right side. They played everything of the new album except Hooker with a Penis. They also did Opiate, Prison Sex, Swamp Song and Sober. It was Justin's (the new bass player) birthday and the crowd sang to him. Maynard did his usuall bullshit, saying he was from a little down north of Detroit, and that when he had enough money he was going to pave the whole thing and put up a Taco Bell. He also said Justin was from Belgium. And he said AEmina was about the sorry state of Psycotherapy today. The crowd was packed tight as hell and it was hot. There was tons of crowd surfing and a little moshing. All in All, it was over to fast, it was an awesome show.