A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: November 19

From: HDeherder7@aol.com Subject: Tool---Detroit Show the 19th reveiw Finaly Tool returns to Detroit. As much as I was excited, there was no way I was ready for what was to come. Psychotica opened, I have seen this band before on Lolapalooza, I didn't like them then and I didn't like them opening for Tool. For some reson though it seemed like the majority of the crowd liked them, maybe they were just happy that tool was coming up next. Oh, well anyway the lead singer for Psychotica told the crowd, that this show was kind of a homecoming, because Maynerd was from Detroit, which wasn't really true, but MJK would expain latter. After Psychotica was over, The roadies came out and one told the crowd threw the Microphone that this is kind of a different show because it was the new Bass player Justen's birthday, and when MJK introduses him everyone please sing the "Happy Birthday" song. Then after about a 30 minute wait the lights went out and the visuals begun. Then the band came out, all with no shirts on and Justen was painted yellow with differnt blue designs on him,and Maynerd was painted half blue/ half yellow,which looked extremly awesome.They opened whith "Third Eye", then MJK introdused the band, when he got to justen he said "OK 1,2,3" and everyone sang "Happy Birthday". Then "Stinkfist" got the crowd into quit an uproar, There were alot of Jerky people there namely a group of Skin Heads that were trying to ruin the Concert for everyone by being extra violent. I saw at least 10 actual fist fights in the pit with was rather pathetic, but still that wasn't about to ruin my Tool experiance. Threw out the show MJK was very talkative witch was ratter surprizieng. Some of the best things he said were,When he was explaining "earlier on someone told you I was from Detroit, which isn't true because I'm really from a town way up North called (some small city in Michigan that I can't remember what MJK said),one day I'm gonna buy that city, build a Taco Bell right in the middle, put a basketball rim on the back of it, and build parking meters as far as the eye can see." Also for the very last song "AENIMA" he gave a very long and indepth explaination of the song then, looked threw out the crowd and gave an " Over your head motion, which was hilarious. But defenitly by far my favorite moment was when MJK said "OK lets try this one...." Then after a strange beganing came thesong "Cold and Ugly" which was so unexpecteted and such a great live song . Here is the set list (which should be in the right order or very very close) Third Eye Stinkfist Fourty - six and Two Swamp Song Eulogy H Prison Sex Jimmy Cold and ugly Sober (plus the new 10 minute intro) Opiate AEnima (encore) after "Opiate" was played the band said good night but never left the stage,they all just walked to each other and talked for abot 7 minuetes, leaving the crowd confused. Then MJK said "alright we will play one more" gave the explanation to "AENIMA" played it, then the show was over. What a great show it was too. I hope I can see them again soon.Worth what ever the cost, for me I had to miss my mom's birthday and was still suffering from a Alergy reaction that had me a 2 days before the show in my bed not able to move my arms or legs. Like I said it's worth the cost.