A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: November 19

From: Crinos Steele (daemonicus@juno.com) Subject: Tool, Nov. 19th, 1996 Detroit Michigan, State Theater Psychotica opened up for tool, and didn't impress many people in the crowd. After a short set, and informing the crowd that Maynard was from detroit, they got off stage, and all that jazz. After a long delay, the lights went down, and a sheet came off the back of the stage, where they revealed a huge Video Wall. They began showing the animation from the "Stinkfist" video and the cover of the album. Maynard came out half painted with blue paint, and Justin had Blue paint Dots all over him. The song they opened up with was "Third Eye" and they had some psychadelic background going. The crowd sang happy birthday for Justin, and the band gave him a big boquet of flowers.The next song, i believe, was stinkfist, and they played a few songs from Undertow, and a few songs from Opiate. The pit was nice and big, but the Skinhead's kind of ruined it by trying to beat up people on the outskirts. They played opiate, and then were about to leave stage, when they congragated onstage, and decided to play one more song, i can't remember which one. They then left the stage, and didn't come out for another "encore". the end. Daemonicus aka Fenris