A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: November 19

From: "Samir S. Vaidya" (svaidya@umich.edu) Subject: Detroit Concert Review Well, this was the Set list It took place at the State Theater in good old Detroit As the November 15th show, Psychotica opened up and the crowd didn't get too excited. For the most part, they have a decent sound but their lyrics and singing isn't all that impressive. Well, after Psychotica finally left the stage, after around 40 minutes or so, TOOL finally went on. They opened up with all this hissing in the speakers and as before, the picture of the Aenima cover was flashing. They then built up into Third Eye. And consequently did Stinkfist. I can't remember the rest of the order of the songs but this is what they did Swamp Song Prison Sex (with extra lines from Maynard) Sober (long intro) Forty-Six & Two Eulogy Jimmy PuShit Cold & Ugly Final two Opiate Aenima Maynard was painted half blue, and half white and Justin Chancellor looked really weird with some type of spots all over him. I think they were blue spots over most of the portion of his torso. And on the side of the stage there were statues of the contortionist with his legs wrapped around his head up on a pair of pedestals. I was on the mainfloor for a majority of the concert (of course) and I agree with some other reviews in which there was a great deal of unnecessary moshing. There were people moshing at odd times in songs. One mosh pit was going during the slow Pink Floydish side of Aenima. People are truly strange.... Anyway. That's a wrap. Samir Vaidya ANOTHER TOOLophile
Well, I would also like to add a couple of things to my previous concert review if that can be done. I forgot to mention that Maynard stated that there was a rumor that he was from Detroit, Michigan and instead he said that was incorrect and that he is actually from Scotsville, Michigan. A very small town. He said that when he raised enough money he would pave all the roads in that town and put parking meters on every curb and so on and so forth...the whole shebang. And finally, earlier in the show, before TOOL went on stage, some dude announced that it was Justin Chancellor's B-Day and that we should all sing Happy Birthday for him when Maynard announced it. So when Maynard finally announced it, some person brought him flowers and a beer from off stage and the audience sang him a very poor and weak rendition of Happy Birthday that was just barely audible and coherent. It was definitely not very well coordinated in terms of the singing since everyone seemed pretty much out of sync. Well, that's all. Thanks.