A Review of the Fall 1996 Tour

Date: November 19

From: "Dale Sauve" (DaleSauve@msn.com) Subject: tool concert review Hey Kabir! Here is my concert review for the Nov.19th show at the State. Well first I would just like to say that I was the 5th person in line for tickets and got the last 4. The State Theatre is pretty small and they were allowing 12 tickets as the limit per person. We arrived at the concert towards the end of Psychotica's set. Thank God I didn't have to sit through the whole thing....I personally think they suck! By the way, I got stuck with balcony seats, only the first 2 people in line got main floor, but that was ok because I got to watch the best band play, and if I had main floor I wouldn't have been able to see much. The lead singer of Psychotica was wearing that nasty ass tight silver suit.....how gross! After they were finished, we waited for a little bit, then people started setting up for tool and this guy informed us that it was Justin's birthday and when Maynard introduced him, we were to sing to him. The lights went out and the screen came down. Everyone in the pit was going ape shit and everyone in the balcony decided to stand up and stay there the entire show, so I stood on the arms of my chair the whole time! Anyways, the band came out and opened with third eye. After that, Maynard introduced everyone and we sang to Justin and they gave him flowers. Then they played stinkfist and I got a bunch of people to yell chicken weisel, but I dont think we were loud enough. The rest of the set: 46&2, swamp song, eulogy, prison sex (told everyone what it was about after then told about jimmy, which was next), pushit, sober with a very long intro, cold and ugly which he dedicated to Mike R. who ever that is, opiate which he said was the last song....off the first album, then last and probably the best played aenima. Prison sex had a little change in the lyrics towards the middle. The band was awsome! Maynard was painted half blue, and Justin had dots on his head. People through clothes up, and one time a shirt landed right on Maynard and he just removed it and continued. Maynard also told everyone that he once lived in a small town in Michigan called Scottsville. He said if he ever got enough money he was going to buy it and do all this crap to it. During the long intro to sober it looked like Maynard and Adam were drawing . The sound system was very loud for some reason so it was hard to hear him sometimes when he talked to the crowd. There were a few fights I saw in the mosh pit....after the show I saw a guy with a bloody neck. The band played the best concert I have ever seen!!!!!!! I was unhappy to leave! I was also harassed by homeless people outside. One guy told me that he wished I would get hit by a car because I had no money for him. I was offered $250 for 2 of my tickets, which I'm very glad I didn't sell! The concert was well worth the $20 I paid and I hope to see them again soon! By the way....I read someone's Detroit review who said they mat Adam......I hate you dammit! I didn't get to meet him! Thanx for running a great site Kabir! Kari Sauve