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Review written by: toolhead (
Review posted on: 05/18/01 15:55:16

Well, it's not long now that i get to see one of the best bands that ever formed. the show starts in about 3 hours...i've never seen tool live and i've been waiting for this occasion for the past 6 years...just by reading the reviews from atlanta and chicago...i can already tell that it's going to be amazing seeing these guys, i can't wait to see how danny pulls off some of those odd drumlicks off the new album! After tonight my life will be complete...well at least until edgefest in toronto which i also have tickets too....see you at the show....

Review written by: dissappointed amir ( Review posted on: 05/18/01 17:27:49

the show was fantastic, but come on tool i mean you guys are so looked up to maybe you guys could give something back to the fans when you know how great you guys are going to be why dont you just get a bigger auditorium, it only means you guys will make more money hopefully if you come to LA, you guys will get a bigger place so i wont have to sit and wait in front of jippetmaster for 80 freaking hours and end up not even getting a ticket great show, but come on guys, lets be a little less selfish well, u guys probably wont even read this but if you do, know that being this selfish isnt right you guys are the most talented musicians to ever walk the earth and even though you guys dont give a flying fuck about your fans i'd still pay 300 bucks to watch you guys anyday if you have gotten this far thanks for listening

Review written by: yo (rerwr) Review posted on: 05/18/01 20:55:02

the show ruled. nuff said.

Review written by: bem ( Review posted on: 05/18/01 23:00:29

After waiting in a 3 city block long line I finally made my way to a seat in the balcony. everything was amazing. about 3,000-4,000 packed in apparently. a lot of people were offering upwards of $200 for tickets. to start with, the visuals were incredible. just what you'd expect from them. The schism video (although maybe a tad too much like their other videos) was great. hopefully mtv will catch on. I was surprised that there was so much nudity in their videos considering that it was an all ages show. the few 10 years olds i was there may have caught their first glimpse of full frontal nudity. anyhow the setlist was exactly the same as the chicago show as far as i can remember: The Grudge Stinkfist Forty-Six & 2 Prison Sex Schism Pushit Disposition Reflection Intermission -- Schism Video Sober Parabol Parabola Aenema Opiate Lateralis maynard stayed back on a small platorm the entire show placed in the back left/center of the stage. the energy was amazing. my only complaint would be the prices of the t-shirts ($32) but if any band is worth it, its tool.

Review written by: Master Reviewer (THOH@THOH.THOH) Review posted on: 05/18/01 23:20:41

oh my god, full frontal nudity!!!!! "my penis makes me a bad boy"

Review written by: Kolton and josh ( Review posted on: 05/18/01 23:29:17

greatest concert we have ever seen in our entire lives. they played 15 songs...songs were THE GRUDGE STINKFIST 46&2 PRISON SEX SCHISM PUSHIT DISPOTION RELFECTION (INTERMISSION SCHISM VIDEO) SOBER PARABOL PARABOLA ÆNEMA OPIATE LATERALIS ...those songs are in perfect order cant wait til august -kolton and joshwa

Review written by: Kristen Smith ( Review posted on: 05/18/01 23:37:02

my friends kevin and fred and i got to the venue at 3:30. we got in line at the state theatre in detroit a few minutes after, to find hardcore fans who looked as they had been camping out since hte crack of dawn. the coolers, lawn chairs, blankets, and stereos didn't help much. the line was already wrapped around the front of the building and all we could say was, "holy shit," because we came three hours early expecting to get a good place in line. so we got in back of the 100-or-so fans hanging on the wall of the state theatre. we sat down, and got comfortable with our surroundings. to the front of us, a music-loving father of two who turns out fun to talk to. to the back, a plain boy who likes to tell jokes. flyers on the beneficials of hemp are passed out by dreadlocked folk. people pass out free pizza for no apparent reason. and the bums begin to reap the benefits of suburban kids who like to laugh at crazy ass hobos with out of tune guitars: LOOSE CHANGE. some kids get suckered in to throwing the old drunkards their dimes and nickels. some kids play a game of hacky sack. the line moves sloooowly, and the ego-inflated security guards begin to assert what little authority they have by pushing people against the wall in attempt to make a single-file line. someone commented on my homemade lateralus shirt, i thanked him and then realized the small fortune i could have made selling bootleg tool t-shirts at the show... the guitar-playing bums eventually get booted by the "x- men" security guards. we wait... and wait... and wait a few more hours until finally 6:45 rolls around and we get permitted to enter the state theatre. i had a disposable camera which i took pictures of the line and whatnot with, but returned it to the car before entering the building, for fear of never seeing it again. we enter the first stage, of getting into one of three lines to be admitted. the second is to have your ticket checked under a black light to ensure that you're not using a counterfeit. the third, the metal detectors, and fourth the ticket-ripping-guy [el revisor en espanol]. no counterfeit-ticket disasters luckily..we run up the beautiful stairways into the balcony.. we have a chunk of the fourth row up from the bottom of the balcony claimed for ourselves. it must have been at least an hour we had waited for tool to come onstage after we took our seats. shirts were being sold which were almost as much as the tickets themselves [$32 apiece]. radio station booths were scattered amongst the lobby. no one seemed to be very interested; 89x had to practically force you to take their free window-clings.. tool finally went on, after much build-up to their opening appearance. the stage was same as described in previous reviews, such as the atlanta show. the first song, of course, was "the grudge," followed by [i believe] "stinkfist," and a few maynard-speeches. let me tell you, they are a group of real performers. the lights, the art, their stage-presence... totally unbelieveable. danny's drumming was of course, indescribable... he makes it look so easy. maynard sang flawlessly. a highlight of the evening was when they played "parabol" and "parabola" [respectively]. during the break, they played on the screens the "schism" video. i loved it... it was a great show. it was the greatest show i have ever seen. it was bigger than jesus. it set the bar so high for other bands' live-playing for anyone who was at the concert. the sound was great. everything was perfect. even the guy wearing a bon jovi shirt selling tool souvenirs. the people were great to talk to. i definitely have to say that tool has a noticably more intelligent fan-base than virtually any other band. we all agreed that it was probably the most memorable experience we had ever had, and by far the best musical performance any of us had ever seen. i can't wait to see them with king crimson end-of- summer... if king crimson doesn't steal danny carey from tool, that is... muahahahaha...

Review written by: Mike ( Review posted on: 05/18/01 23:51:33

Kristen.... you summed it up perfectly! This was the guy in front of you in line. :) I totally agree that Tool has some of the best fans out there. I went to the show solo, and managed to make new friends :) Not much more to add, just in agreeance with everyone else that this was one of the best shows i have seen in my life. too bad to trip home sucked cuz of I-75 being shutdown for a chemical spill and I-94 being closed cuz of construction. But it was all worth it. So, any of you reading this who are going to the NY show, be prepared for the time of your life!

Review written by: Adam ( Review posted on: 05/19/01 00:15:52

The new songs were great live, especially "The Grudge" and "Lateralus." Very active mosh pit. The videos were great scenery but the stage was pretty bare. Probably because it's so early in the tour. Only other problem was that the stage was too low (hard to see from the mosh pit.)

Review written by: toolhead ( Review posted on: 05/19/01 00:26:42

Well, i'm back from the show in detroit. and i wrote in earlier about my curiosity about how one of the greatest bands in the world is going to pull off this show, and much to my delight they pulled it off flawlessly. I was particularly interested in danny carey's drumming! before the show i was thinking how can he remember all the odd meters and then when you watch him you think to yourself "holy shit, that's not as hard as i thought" but then you come home listen to the actual song and try and air drum along and it's still fucked up, so u try and visualize what he was doing and remember his movements...i guess it doesn't work that way at all....although danny carey wasn't mentioned under modern drummers top 50 drummers of all time this year, i know he got ripped off, i take him over guys like neal peart any day....anyone who'd like to contest can email me at the above for maynard, his voice gives me goosebumps, he was flawless...sounds exactly like the studio...the only thing i wish he would have done was come to the front of the stage and go a little more nuts. but hey, it's what he feels inside that brings it out, and if he doesn't feel like going nuts at the front of the stage, it doens't matter, it's his music and we have to enjoy it either way!.....Justin's bass, amazing....i don't know much about bass and guitars, but they sounded amazing together, they compliment each other perfectly, nothing over powers anything....that's the great thing about tool, they don't have the guitar overpowering any other instrument, or the same with drums or bass or vocals. It all compliments each other. No body is showing off with 80's guitar solo's. The drum solo's even go with the songs. Kudos to tool, ranked number 1 in the world. ANd yes there are some people under 30 who know who king crimson are, i personally am a twentieth century schizoid man....

Review written by: Blake ( Review posted on: 05/19/01 01:01:46

well since everyone has been bitching about all the shows, ill just give you the info on the show itself, flat out, it was amazing, it got started about 8:35 and wrapped up at about 10:45, the setlist im sure will be listed, so i wont bother, i believe it was the same as chicago?? the whole band came out and then maynard joined after everyone else and the place went nuts, he talked to the crowd too which was really cool...this was my first tool show and i was surprised at how talkative he was so that was awesome...he also said the reason they played small shows was so that the TRUE fans would be there, so it was cool that he tried to explain it all..every song was just great, thats all i can say, pushit and aenema were about the best along with lateralis which truly is a great closing tune (once you know all the words) so ill just say this, if you get the chance to see them, dont pass it up, its just too good a time to miss.

Review written by: Publius 3nigma (h) Review posted on: 05/19/01 01:50:30

I just wanted to tell kristen that I think she's hot and her shirt was badass(cooler than most of the ones they were selling).

Review written by: ben ( Review posted on: 05/19/01 02:36:03

First off, i was surprised that everyone had real tickets, because the line wrapped around about three entire city blocks. They checked the watermark on each ticket though, and i didn't hear about anyone not getting in. I had balcony seats, which turned out to be quite good, being able to see the entire stage, plus both screens. One big one on the wall, and a smaller one behind where maynard was camped out the whole show. That's the problem with the state theater, the stage is so low, you can't see over everyone, so you miss everything on stage if you're on the floor. But what an amazing show it was. Literally amazing. I swear never to say a single bad word of tool ever again. The visuals during the songs were absolutely fixating, they reminded you of acid flashbacks. I'm sure there were plenty of sober people in the crowd just trippin balls because of those. It was incredible. The intensity was amazing as well, especially during songs like Pushit, Aenema, Opiate, and of course, The Grudge, being the opening song. I was surprised they only played the "hits" off of Undertow, i kind of wanted to hear Swamp Song, but hell i can't complain. There were absolutely no signs of rust from the band members whatsoever. Everyone was right on, and it made for an incredible performance. I know a lot of people will complain about the venue being small, but i think every band should play venues like that. Well designed, with great acoustics. Places that hold 25,000 people like the Palace aren't designed for concerts, and you can't hear jack shit. You could hear every note tonight, anywhere in the building. And with Tool being such a percussive band, especially live, the State really took it to a whole new level. I still want to know how Danny gets that sound out of his floor tom at the beginning of Reflection. It's almost like he tightens and loosens the skin somehow. Insanity. By far the best concert i have ever attended. Worth the $600 some dude offered to pay me for my ticket outside in the line. One of those once-in-a-lifetime things. And yet, they're coming again in august. I can't wait. by the way, i was sober

Review written by: mr dickhead!!!!! ( Review posted on: 05/19/01 09:03:09


Review written by: POWeRMAN ( Review posted on: 05/19/01 09:20:04

that was the greatest concert in the world. i dont even think there is any point for me to go to any more concerts ever again because i will just be dissapointed.... except Edgefest where TOOL will be headlining. i got my tickets, and after last night i cant wait worth shit!

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 05/19/01 10:00:00

I'd have to say after 400+ concerts in 25 years, Tool makes it to the top 10, not the best but in the top 10.

Review written by: Anomie ( Review posted on: 05/19/01 11:01:59

Fuck everyone that wasn't there, they didn't WANT to be there! Anyone there who didn't like the show can fuck off also, either they don't get it or they don't want to be human, take your choice. It wasn't the best Tool performance I have seen, which I have seen a lot, but don't deny that everything you witness is history in the making. Nobody else in the US had the chance to be a part of the Tool experience, so they lose. The visuals are phenomenal (the drowning women!!)and the music was Tool. The Detroit show was great. If you disagree, fuck you, you don't get it. History in the making. How are you going to explain Tool to your children when they ask about their shows? Ride the Spiral. A

Review written by: Keith ( Review posted on: 05/19/01 11:25:35

Well, I didn't get home from the show until around 2am, so this is a little late. I opted for sleep instead of posting a review. Having seen that most everyone has already made similar comments about the show and posted the set list, I just have the bit of humor from the show to add. Suffice to say that this was the best single performance by any band that I have seen to date, despite some stiff competition. In any case, I am happy to bring all the readers of this review little quips from the show that I will call Maynardisms; the humor, insight, and advice offered by Maynard nearly every time he performs live. Last night there were several. (These are not perfect quotes, but close.) After The Grudge: 1. "It's been a while... What have you been up to? (Crowd yells) One at a time please. Alphabetical order. Starting with the Js. Chinese alphabet." 2. "This tour we really wanted to concentrate on what is important. The music. So we figured why not come out and play some songs that we haven't played in 4 years. You know, thats why we scheduled all these small venues. We're a little paranoid. See, if we fuck up, at least it isn't in front of a huge amount of people. Just you. And because we know that you will forgive us." After Disposition/Reflection there were some equipment problems. Maynard has this to say: 3. "In case you didn't notice, we've been having some technical difficulties with the board. 'What's the board?'(Imitating crowd) So if Adam messes up, it's the board. If Danny drops a stick, it's the board. And if I happen to, you know, forget some lyrics... The board." ...and of course before Ænema: 4. "This song is about watersports." That is all that I can recall at this point. On another note, let me just compliment Adam and the others who worked on the visuals played during the show, especially the Schism video. They were quite stimulating, especially for someone who wasn't on anything. MTV does not deserve to have that beautiful art played on their station. I didn't want to come back down from what could easily be described as a religious experience, falling away into the rise and fall of the music and emotions, but no doubt I will be back to see them again. As I saw on the back of a T-shirt last night: "Tool is necessary" Keith 5-19-01 PS: Kabir, if I had an extra ticket for ANY show, I would have given it to you. You put a lot of time and effort into this page. You're a very devoted fan. Everyone appreciates it. Take it from me, I visit almost daily to read the news, and this is where I come when I want to look something up about the music and/or the band. Thanks!

Review written by: TTERB (no email...) Review posted on: 05/19/01 12:14:38

H E R E I S S O M E T H I N G I N T E R E S T I N G . . . I was by the sound board enjoying my favorite band at the BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD to see a concert;((remembering when I first seen this band at this very STATE THEATRE in February of 1994)); when all of a sudden nearing the end of PUSH IT the sound guy and his mullet haired assistant start freaking out. Sound guys on the "Walkie- Talkie" in a panic, assistant on his cell phone also freaking out. At first I couldn't tell what was wrong, then I realized the BOOOMING BASS sound was cutting in and out. The panic lasted through the last two songs Disposition, and Reflection. Intermission there were backstage guys a the sound board.... "I SMELL SOMETHING BURNING!" one of them shouts. Noses to the sound board. But after a few minutes everyone looked calm, and the sound dude gives the go ahead to role the video. That story isn't THE STORY though, the story is the band, and their performance. PERFECT.... Tool IS the best band on the planet. I have known this for a very long time. I remember the first time seeing Maynard on New Years Eve 1993/94 when he sang Know Your Enemy with RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE. AMAZING VOCALS. STELLAR BASS. WICKED GUITAR. INCREDIBLE DRUMS. THE PERFECT BAND! P. fucking S. TO ALL THE PEOPLE ASKING TOOL TO PLAY IN BIGGER PLACES, PARDON MY FRENCH, BUT *F U C K Y O U*. I DO NOT WANT MY FAVORITE BAND TURNING INTO A SHITTY ARENA BAND LIKE SAY ... A PERFECT CIRCLE. SMALLER VENUES ARE BETTER!!!!!!!! ----------- tterB Brett -----------

Review written by: tterB (NO EMAIL) Review posted on: 05/19/01 12:20:20

P. fucking S. again.... I grabbed the set list... it appears exactly like this: GRUDGE STINKFIST 46+2 PRISON SEX SCHISM PUSH IT DISPOSITION REFLECTION intermission ------------------ SOBER PARABOLA AENEMA OPIATE (maybe) LATERALUS they did play opiate by the way, that's just how it appeared on the set list.....

Review written by: Steve ( Review posted on: 05/19/01 13:16:53

May 18, 2001- I went to see Tool at the State Theatre in Detroit. I'm not quite sure if I would ever go see another band again after this, I don't think any show will ever live up to this one....maybe Pink Floyd but I don't know. First of all a lot of people were complaining because of the size of the theatre which I can't understand because The State Theatre was the ideal concert venue. It isn't a huge arena and what more can I say, The visuals were incredible during 46-2 I was just in awe. It is kind of strange the way that I could watch Maynard or Danny for hours but Justin and Adam just like to stand there and even despite that there was so much going on. My only complaint was the other Fans at the concert, I don't quite understand why you would go out of your way to come to see a band that you aren't going to watch and you just want to mosh and push, if I wanted to do that I would have played football. I like to move my body around but I hate trying to watch my back and the Band at the same ti me, and holy shit was it hot in there I almost passed out during opiate. Tool sounds perfect live, they played almost exactly the way that they sound on the album but I was a little disappointed that they left out the extra verse of Prison Sex, enema was awesome and I was happy to hear Pushit, didn't play H but who am I to tell them what to play. All in all it was well worth the drive and the wait.

Review written by: Sarah ( Review posted on: 05/19/01 15:16:30

I just want to thank you all for such in depth reviews. I knew tool fans would let me live vicariously through them...i just didn't realize how well. I myself am seeing tool tomorrow night, and i just cannot even stand the wait. I managed to get tickets through ticketmaster, and i feel completely blessed. Just to imagine what this show will be like is more than my brain and soul can comprehend. I have never wanted to see a show more in my life...i just hope i can find new york... But thank you all again. Especially the people who managed to shut out the negativity and learn and grow. Bitching about a small venue, stupid people, shitty seats and long lines gets you no where. You are part of a small number of people who got tickets to possibly the most desired concert in the world right now. You are a select few, a lucky few, to see one of the best rock acts in the universe in a shoe box, playing their fucking brains out for you. There shouldn't be a complaint in your mouth or a frown on your face....think about where you have been before you bitch about what happened while you were there. Tool is perfection and enlightenment doesn't fall into your have to work to reach a higher state of mind...a $35+ ticket will NOT do that for you by itself.

Review written by: Tom ( Review posted on: 05/19/01 16:08:46

Wow, great show. First I just want to tell a little story about how me and 2 other of my friends got tickets. We went straight from school and got dinner. We made it to State Theater at about 4:30. The line was already about 100-150 deep. We we still kind of worried....we didnt have tickets yet. Each of us was prepared to spend scalpers prices. So, we were talking in line about how we were going to get them. The three guys in front of us turned around when they heard $200.00 a ticket. They said that we must be crazy, and bigger fans of Tool than they were to pay that much per they sold them to us!!!!! God, we were estatic. So, that cleaned me out except for about $20.00, which I thought would be enough for a tour t-shirt (it wasnt, $35.00 FOR A FRICKIN SHIRT?!?!). I know, after spending $200.00 that shouldnt have seemed to much but...oh well. We soon found out that the tickets werent all together. One of us was in the pit, and me and my other friend were in the balcony. We were suprised to find that the balcony wasnt that bad of a view...and there were some pretty hot babes up there!!! The show was fuckin awesome. All the lineups of songs look pretty good, so I wont re-post them. The Schism video was badass...the only bad part was the $35.00 t-shirts, oh well. Cant wait to see where they (and if they) are going to preform on the US tour in Michigan. Once again, the show was awesome and the music tight. ~Tom

Review written by: Sean Grogan ( Review posted on: 05/19/01 18:25:54

I have never been to a concert in my life. Not just at Tool concert, but NO CONCERTS EVER. I heard Tool was coming at the beggining of the year, I got a job, and worked my ass off, having no idea what tickets would cost. Time passed. I hear they are coming May 18th to the State Theater. Cool, time passed. I hear tickets are going on sale May 15 Saturday 9 30 Am. Comes Thursday night, May 13th, and I now hear they have changed the selling date to May 14th, 5:00 PM. I figured out a plan and got one of my friends and we made it up to a pretty slow harmony house with a ticket master in it. This was not exactly Tool fan territory so we thought we were in good shape, we got there at 1 PM, and were about 8th in line. We were in good shape. Comes 4 30 and there is about 100 people in line at least, and I find out that at Ticket Master's, they do this random lottery shit(you all know what I'm talking about). Me and my friend being 8th and 7th in line, had tickets 81, and 82(it didnt start at 1). The random number was picked, it was 90. So now from getting there 8th from the front, we were now transported to 8th from the back. I was really in a bad mood now. The ticket went on sale, and the first ten people in line got tickets, before it was sold out in a mere 3 minutes. Everyone turned around and that was it. I walked out with and army of others who were in front of the line from the start, screaming "BULLSHIT!" "FUCK YOUR RANDOM POLICY!" That of course got no where. When we got to my friends house, we were informed of a source that could get us tickets for $100 each. I was willing to pay and so were my friends. Time passed. Another source came, said he could get us tickets for face value. Another source came, said he could get us tickets for a reasonable price. Time passed, none of these people got back to me. With about a week and half to the show, I went to the Tool chat daily asking who was going to the Detroit show, and then I harrased them that I would pay 150 dollars for there ticket. I had many convinced but they all changed there mind after thinking it over. I was also active in ticket auction on E-bay. I had the high bid for many sales, numerous time. But every time I would get to the maximum money I owned, and then get out bidded. Things were not looking good, I dragged ass all day Thursday (day before the show) at school. Knowing that I would never get tickets, and Tool was not coming back ever again, and that the State Theater would be packed with people having the time of their lives, and I would not be one of them. I went home and checked E-Bay one last time. I found a auction for a ticket that had just gone on sale, I bidded crazy, the bidding stoped around 7 PM that night, and I had the high bid of $190. I was very exited, I e-mailed the seller, many times, but he never got back to me, I went to bed at about 11 having yet to recieve an email. That morning I wake up for school and check my mail at about 6:45 AM. The E-bay Savior had gotten back to me, and said to give a description of myself, and that he would find me at the show and sell the ticket to me for $190. I went to school that day wired, as if I was on drugs of all sorts. After along 2 hour battle with my dad, he agreed to drive the hour and a half to take me to Detroit. I arrived out side the State Theater at approximately 7:08, 52 minutes before the show started. I got in the 3-4 block line that stretched out-side the worst part of Detroit. Homeless people flooded the area, and I gave everyone a buck or two. I was nearing the end of the line and he never found me. I got out of line, and then went and looked at the entire line again, no sign of him at all. It was not looking good again. I decided to check one more time. And then I saw my savior, the man with the white Nine Inch Nails shirt on. I steped in line, to then get yelled at by sucurity gaurds, (the only person who saw me cut in line). He made a scene and the drunks behind me start asking for $20 for the cut in line. But eventually I was there in line with my savior that had 1 extra Tool ticket with my name on it. Many people were arrested for selling tickets. But there was a dead spot in the line where sucurity was low, he handed me a ticket and I shook his hand with my $190 palmed. I stiffened up as my ticket was checked through the black light. It had passed the test. I had won the battle. I was no inside the State Theater ready to see tool within the hour. While my friends who decided to cry for a few weeks and not do jack shit after being screwed over at the ticket master, just sat and home and probally thought I was bullshiting them, since they remembered the show was today and they had called me about 5 minutes before I left, to ask, "hey did you get us tickets?" Well they had fucked themselves, by not doing anything about it. I was in and I was happy. I managed to get a seat on the railing of the balcony that was not taken because most people came in pairs or more. The autmosphere, was very anxious as the techno music played untill 8 42 PM, when the lights went out and the place exploded with cheering. The Lateralus Eye then appeared on the big screen above the stage. Out of no where The Grudge started to play and the lights shot on. But where was Maynard? As soon as his line came for "where the grudge like a crown", came on a light revealed him and he slammed the lyric perfect and the place blew up with noise again. Even if the cd was a mere 3 days to the public, everone knew the lyrics, and sang along. The sound was perfect, you could hear everyone singing "Saturn comes back around!" but at the same time you could here Maynard above the crowd. And at about the 3 40 point in the song, "WEAR THE GRUDGE LIKE A CROWN!" It was apparent that this would be one history night. Maynard greeted the fans and it may have been at this point where he talked about the small venues, and said that the band was paranoid, and if they they make a mistake only we would see it and be quick to forgive, and that all the true fans would be here tonight. He couldn't have been more correct, there was no sign of people there who were just taging along with friends, everyone there was diehard fan. Then they broke into a song that seemed to surprise everyone. Stinkfist started and everyone was pleased. The video of this song on the screen was interesting, showing some new and some old material from the full video. The most memorable moment from this song was at about 3:56 when it seemed everyone begin to sing "Something kinda sad about the way that things have come to be. Desensitized to everything. What became of subtlety?" It was perfect. Next was 46 and 2. It was great to have everyone head bang at the same time at 1 58, to "My Shadow!" They then broke into prison sex, and there was a perfect split second of silence, that was broken by a beautiful sound of great fans, bass, guitar, and thundering drums. And next at the 6:01 mark of Schism when the entire State Theater would yell, "I know the peices fit" was just another great expirence. They then broke into Pushit. And the way that this song came on was the best. It was much louder than I would expect and perfectly played to the end. They then did Disposition, and the way that they did the basket ball sounds toward the end were flawless, which then broke into Reflection. The video for Reflection was great, repeating a masterpeice clip of a man standing out side a store of a dusty appandand ghost town in a new black suite waving into the wind with no head. After this Tool walked off the stage and the Salvial man appeared on the screan spinning for about 15 minutes, people were getting worried if it was over. Then a strange object appeared on the screen that got people talking and the opening cords of Schism began. People were satisfied and watched the new schism video in awe. Greatly put together. There is a scene where a leech like creater is slowly pulled out of another person's neck and then dropped to the floor that is real eiry. The band eventually made there way back to the stage, Maynard exclaimed that there was some problems with the sound board. He said, if the sound is strange it is the board, and if Danny drops a drum stick, its the board, and he misses some lyrics, its the board. Funny stuff. The thundering sound of Sober broke out and the entire place sang together great at the 3:33 point. "I am just a worthless liar. I am just an imbecile. I will only complicate you. Trust in me and fall as well. I will find a center in you. I will chew it up and leave, I will work to elevate you just enough to bring you down." They broke out to Parabol, and at the time when the song is then classified, as Parabola the place exploded and europted with delight. Maynard exclaimed the next song was about water sports and everyone cheering as the opening of AEnima began. Everyone yelled and head banged together at the "Fuck L Ron Hubbard and Fuck all his clones. Fuck all those gun-toting Hip gangster wannabes." Next was great as the entire place seemed more happy than ever to hear the begining of Opiate. This song was much hard live than from the studio version. Fans moved togher as the Maynard broke into the "Jesus Christ why don't you come save my life?!" verse. Maynard then thanked us all and thanked the State Theater. The crowd was pleased and they thought this was the end until the crown finally settled down and relized they were playing the into of Lateralus. Maynard did the "Black and White are, all I see", intro lyrics great. And at the end of the song, at around the 8:20 point, Maynard broke into a knee bending and hands out the side while spinning slowly on his platform and he yelled the "Spiral out, Keep going. Spiral out, Keep going. Spiral out, Keep going." The crowd was now louder than it had been all night. Drumsticks, and water bottles were thrown into the floor. The outstanding performance was done it was amazing. I found out I had exaclty $32 dollars to buy a shirt. I chose the one with the 4 US tour dates on the back that I am wearing right now. I met my dad out front and I drove the hour and a half back home. It was probally the best night of my life, and it will not be forgotten. And I will probally never hear %100 again for purposly neglecting my headphones. No ones review can take away the fact that I was entertained by the best 4 musicians in the world that night, and what they think does not matter. It was a great show, and I dont think that it could have been any better at any point in time. -Sean (slicedrkr)

Review written by: greg ( Review posted on: 05/19/01 19:13:23

i went to the show in detroit. it was my first real concert, and it blew me away. i never expected them to play for two hours, by themselves. my only gripe is that i was standing in the front of the stage, right next to some messed-up fat guy. he kept pushing everyone else off the stage. some girl standing next to me started beating the shit out of him. it was great to see this chick pounding the big fat guy. i think i fell in love with her... (if you're reading this, i was the guy trying to hold you on stage. e-mail me!) but the show was awesome. the lights and video added to the mood, and maynard's outfit was outstanding. i now have a greater appreciation of lateralus. by the way, i only paid $34.50 for my ticket!

Review written by: Mushroom Cult ( Review posted on: 05/19/01 19:44:06

Quick and too the point. THE GOOD, 1. First and second in line at ticket master on May 2 2. First and second in line at another ticket master on May 2. Producing a total of 8 tickets for main floor!!!! 3. Drove from Kalamazoo in a Limo 4. Ate a bag of boomers right before the show. 5. 6th Tool concert since 1994. 6. Every thing we expected and more!!! 7. The music, oh god!!! And Reflection, oh!!!!!! 8. The crowd!!! Oh god the crowd was so excellent. Nicest people ever! 9. Full frontal nudity!!! 10. MJK was fucking bald!!!!!!!!!!!!! 11. The limo ride home and more shrooms. THE BAD. 1. Too many people (nice people though) that had never seen TOOL before standing next to us. But for some reason they have seen APC more than once! Hmm. 2.Could not see MJK well enough. Don't get us wrong, you could see everything he was doing, but the sillouetteness of him took away from the fine detail. 3. The suit was to confining. MJK must be in boxers in order to rock to his fullest potental. Not enough foot stomping becuase of the suit. OVER ALL, Best TOOL show to date, The mushroom cult.

Review written by: Influenced ( Review posted on: 05/19/01 19:58:43

THis show kicked my ass. I was in total awe of the Amount of talent this band has and the amount of work they put into their music. Adam did an amazing job on the graphics- This only intensified the experience of being surrounded by the dream. Thanks to raphye for the place to stay- Tool is the shit!!

Review written by: Dewey ( Review posted on: 05/19/01 20:15:53

Man o man, what a great show. This def. beat the '98 Toledo, OH, and Ozzfest shows. No "Eulogy", or "H", but no biggie - they made up for it. Since I really cant add anything to everyone elses post, I did have ONE complaint. The damn security!! I was bringing in a dat, and core sound mics to record this thing, and the security found it on me!! I had all my stuff wrapped in a shirt on the bottom of my bookbag under a bunch of books, and the sob found it. I was so pissed - I got past the metal detectors, and was home free....till the big security guard dude busted me, ughh.. so if ANYONE got a recording of this, please email me - Hell of a show though....when i got tickets I was 3rd in line, and scored Balc seating, so my friend and I got into the FLOOR "Ninja Style" using older tickets from a Ben Harper State Theater show last year that said "MFGA", so we got floor, hehe - If you saw some kid in the pit w/ a bookbag on....sorry that was me....the damn security guards wouldnt take my bag, just my equipment :( -Dewey

Review written by: Kevin ( Review posted on: 05/19/01 22:16:59

I'm going to make this short because everything has already been said by everyone else. Personally, the concert was the most amazing experience in my 19 years of existence on this planet. I was with Kristen and my best friend Fred, and we had a jolly, jolly time. In all seriousness, this was the greatest concert...EVER! Any band can write songs that make the crowd bounce and mosh. Any band can stand on stage and scream "Fuck you's" and "Get the fuck up." And band can write 2-3 minute pop/metal songs that are supposed to relate to teens and their problems (Ahem...Papa Roach, Linkin Park, etc). However, only a VERY select few can write music that is not only popular, but at the same time extremely meaningful and emotional. Only a select number of bands can make the $30+ you spent on tickets worth seeing them live...and then some. And only a select few can move the crowd by simply playing music. Zeppelin did it, Sabbath did it, Floyd did it, King Crimson did it, Peter Gabriel-era Genesis did it, and Tool does it...EVERYTIME!!! Tool is the music and it's presentation. Nothing more, nothing less. No masks, no make-up, no goddamn dj's, and no red capped front men. Just the music and the four geniuses that have created it. No other show I will ever see, unless it is Tool, will compare to what I saw last night. I can only thank Tool for proving to me that meaningful music is not dead, and to Danny Carey for giving me unending inspiration as a percussionist. And to all the extremely nice people I met at the show...thanks for talking to me. "Beliefs are dangerous. Beliefs allow the mind to stop functioning. A non-functioning mind is clinically dead. BELIEVE IN NOTHING..."

Review written by: toolhead ( Review posted on: 05/19/01 23:19:48

I wrote in a twice already, but one more thing...can the chcik that flashed the entire place before the show started email me please?...

Review written by: old man tom ( Review posted on: 05/20/01 11:04:26

the show was sweet. tool was great as usual. it had to be my best thing ive ever been through in my 65 years of life. the only thing i really didnt like was the people. cause people suck, meaning me as a person sucks also so dont think that i think that im better than you. eventhough me knowing that i suck and you still yet to realize it means i am better than you. the best thing i saw at the show was the three sets of lesbians making out. cant get better than lesbians making out at a tool show. the worst thing i saw was two kids in the back corner doing the reacharound. it was horrible almost ruined the show for me. anyways i love how the people on these reviews try to get together with other people from the shows, but i didnt make any connections so any of the women at the tool show email me, or any women just reading this review email me, definately any lesbians reading this email me, but only good lesbians please and thank you. one last note i noticed that someone wrote the quote "Beliefs are dangerous. Beliefs allow the mind to stop functioning. A non-functioning mind is clinically dead. BELIEVE IN NOTHING..." and i would just like to say how that pisses me off when tool fans repeat this. by saying this statement and repeating this statement i am guessing that you BELIEVE in this statement. making you a hypocrite, right? it seems like your are closing your mind and making your mind NON-FUNCTIONING by repeating this and it just seems kind of cultish when a lot of people repeat this quote over and over again. anyways ive got to go peel one back. liars are kings. thus sayith the lord

Review written by: Mike from Pittsburgh ( Review posted on: 05/20/01 15:10:06

Hey, this is a little late, but I am just starting to get my head straight from this show. Absolutely amazing! My friend and I paid $200 for tickets and drove 5 hours from Pittsburgh to watch the show. We met some great people from as far away as California. We had floor seats but elected to sit in the balcony so we could experience the show without the moshing. Didn't have a place to stay after the show so we drove back to Pittsburgh. Detroit looks like a fucked up city but the people were cool as hell. The State theatre also was a great place to see the show. I hope Tool stays playing small venues. I would have paid $500 for those tickets. I only have one complaint though. Who the fuck are the X men. Jesus. But I digress. If I could have gotten tickets to every show, I would have gone. If you have tickets to NY today, GO! Don't sell them unless you have an extra. Best show of my life. A religious experience to say the least.

Review written by: damien (toolhead) Review posted on: 05/20/01 16:16:50

Its weird to wait in anticipation for a whole week knowing your about to see the best show of your concert going experiences. Just let me say I was fortunate enough to get my tickets by phone in the short amount of time they were onsale avoiding all the Ebay and scalper B.S. We started our journey from Cincinnati about 9am. We got to Detroit around 1:30. After driving past the theater and seeing how short the line was, we decided to hop in around 2:30 after checking in to a hotel downtown. We were in line with people that came as far as California and were seeing all three out of four of these first shows. The 4 ½ hr drive and the 4 ½ hr wait to get in paid off oh so very well. We walked into the State Theater and to my surprise only about three or four people were lined up at the stage’s gate!! So me and my two friends ran to front and center. I had never been this lucky and Ive been to plenty of big shows. For my first “gate experience” to be TOOL was surely fortunate. To make it even better the stage was only KNEE-HIGH! We stood for the whole hour till 8 in disbelief that we were this close. Shortly before the show started we saw the band to the side of the stage through some curtains. We first saw Justin and then Adam smiled and then generously flipped us the bird through a small opening in the side. TOOL finally came on with “The Grudge” and it has now established itself as one of my personal favs. The scream at the end was the most brutal scream Ive heard since the last time I saw TOOL. Im sure the setlist is elsewhere, besides I was in too much of a trance to memorize it. The one song I can say in particular was “Pushit”. It was as best as Ive ever heard and was happy to get it since Atlanta didn’t even. Danny was wearing the same shirt as the Modern Drummer cover and Adam and Justin were dressed “normally” if that makes sense. It was fucking great to be able to look and see their each and every move without some 6 or 7 footer blocking your view. Complete eye contact and complete stage presence from these guys was a feeling Ive never had at a show, ever. After the brief intermission they opened with Sober. As much I hated to I had to bail out of the front cause I had to puke(This is ironic because the first time I saw TOOL in 97’, I got sick also). I overheard a security guard later say that the temperature inside the theater was as high as 110 degrees! So after water and fresh air I decided to mosh and roam through the crowd just in time for Parabol/ Parabola. The feeling during songs like Aenima where he’s singing “Im praying for rain and….” With the crowd singing along and during Opiate there was such a connection. The closing title track from Lateralus was so fucking amazing the way Maynard moved and it was weird how the further the show went along, the closer the band was becoming. This show was so fucking great the fans were as nice as could be every person I saw slapped hands with me and shared a “hell yeah!”. Just to clarify: Maynard at the show said the reason for the small venues was to re establish the connection with the crowd and break in on the road. He said they didn’t want to BLOW UP in front of many people then he whispered…..”Just you.” He then continued to mention that they were reminding themselves that its all a about the music and then played the very instrumental oriented Disposition/Reflection. Which was extremely relieving and beautiful. TOOL is the best band out today and forever amaze and stain the minds of their listeners. (the visuals were great, guys.” I hope Lateralus can influence the Rock scene and develop a higher standard of music so people can more easily “calculate what they will or will not tolerate”. After the show Justin and Danny talked with the side I “wasn’t” waiting on!! Then we watched two girls hang all over Justin before he hopped on the bus with them and we still waited for 15 minutes hoping for a “Maynard sighting”. No luck. The y pulled off and headed for NYC. I cant say what Id do in their position but I can say it doesn’t take much to give 10 fans, 10 minutes of your rock star time. But maybe the show is more exhausting onstage rather than squished against a steel gate. Who knows. THANK YOU TOOL FOR THE EXPERIENCE. THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC. WE KNOW WHAT REALLY MATTERS.

Review written by: jamal bishop ( Review posted on: 05/20/01 16:17:44

i had sex with maynard

Review written by: Kristen Smith ( Review posted on: 05/20/01 20:11:35

howcome Publius 3nigma (h) didn't post his/her email address? contact me if you like, and thank you for your kind words... you have in a way struck my curiosity as to what your identity is.

Review written by: Michael "James" ( Review posted on: 05/20/01 21:32:07

TOOL's performance at the State Theater in Detroit, MI was my third TOOL experience. Since the summer of 1997, when I saw TOOL at Lollapalooza in Val du Lakes, I have been a very avid follower, letting their art consume, move, and shape me. The reason that TOOL is the best hard rock act out there is because they don't merely play music, but create art. Those four (technically 5...we can't forget Paul) are some of the last who are out to really make music a true form of art and self-expression. Friday night, May 18 was no certainly no exception. When I sat down in my balcony seat (which was a great place to be...good long as I was there, I didn't care where), it finally hit me that I was about to experience TOOL yet again. I could hardly contain myself, knowing that those Maynard James Keenan, Justin Chancellor, Danny Carey, and Adam Jones would soon be right before my eyes...again. I grew restless. Suddenly, the house lights went down and the crowd of 3,000 proud went insane. After seeing Adam, Justin, and Danny take their places, I heard the introduction of "The Grudge". TOOL show number 3 was underway. After a few measures, out came rock's most talented vocalist, Maynard James Keenan, wearing an outfit of black leather (boots, pants, and jacket). After the vocals were set at the right volume (correctly set at "...will not tolerate..."), I let the music take my soul; convulsing, chanting, singing, letting my being become one with TOOL. As soon as Danny's interlude connected with Maynard's all powerful delivery of "Clutch it like a cornerstone...", I alraeady knew that this performance had, and would, outdo the other two I had seen already. When the band hit that funky rock groove in 4, the house was jumping wildly. Then, the dark chanting of "Saturn comes back around..." was something only TOOL could pull off so flawlessly. Maynard's body convulsing, Danny becoming one with the set, Justin blowing the house down with his bass, and Adam (almost timidly) playing the guitar as if he had invented the instrument himself. The roar of Maynard's vocals around 7 minutes into the piece sent me to another world, and I have yet to fully return. "The Grudge", as expected, was flawless... After "The Grudge", Adam sounded that all-too-familiar screech of "Stinkfist". Also, on the two video screens, appeared the medicine twins (and most of the video throughout)as soon as the first chord was struck. I may have seen this song performed twice prior, but this take was oh so sweet. Beautiful things were done on that stage, boys and girls. Just when I thought things couldn't get better, Maynard did his usual roar at the end "I'll keep digging 'til I feel something..." Again, the house went crazy. After "Stinkfist", I expected some new material. I was pleasantly surprised. I look down at Justin, only to see him playing the dark, mysterious introduction to "46&2". The airy chants in the introduction of "I've been picking scabs again, i'm down digging through my old muscles..." sent my two companions and I into a trance. I couldn't tell you how much the lyrics "I wanna feel the change consume me...I wanna feel the metamorphosis and cleansing I've endured within..." so perfectly described last night's atmosphere. TOOL cleansed everyone in that crowd last night. During the build "I choose to live and to.." Maynard and Co. cranked the intensity yet another notch. Most of the accompanying video for this selection was of a man and one (at times, two) woman floating underwater, eventually scrambling around one another as if trying to escape for air. This could be compared to one stepping through their own shadow and coming out the other side. The piece was, just as all of the others, perfectly done, right through the last unison beats of the tune. Another older tune, "Prison Sex" graced the State Theater last night. Not much, if any, of the actual music video was used for this song. However, there was an extended period of time in which a red being (that image from the cover of Undertow) took up the screen. Maynard, standing in his usual contorted position, was right in the center of his platform singing, ended up right in the red being’s “grasp”. It took the position that is on the cover of our Undertow albums, with the limbs wriggling, almost as if it was about to swallow my beloved Maynard James. Great imagery. The piece was brilliantly brought to an end with “I have found some kind of temporary sanity in this…” and the haunting lyrics “You look so precious…”. After “Prison Sex”, Adam made his way over to Justin’s part of the stage. The two stood around 3 feet from one another, guitars ready, with Danny and Maynard looking watching intently. Suddenly, the 8 chord introduction to “Schism” went serenely through the speakers, with Justin starting that riff on the bass before the crowd could realize that the introduction had taken place. Not a moment was wasted that night. Surprisingly, the initial “I know the pieces fit…” was an octave higher than the album version, a nice surprise that fit well into context. The eerie “cold silence has a tendency to atrophy any sense of compassion” left me with chills. Those four just kept the energy at 150%, no matter what they were playing. This was a nice build to the line “between supposed lovers/brothers”, which then goes to the dark chanting/ending “I know the pieces fit.” Again, not a mistake to be had. With Adam turned around looking to Danny, Justin and Maynard looking to Adam, Mr. Jones began the introduction to one of TOOL’s best pieces, “Pushit”. The crowd assisted our vocalist in saying “I will choke until I swallow”, which brought the energy to an even higher level. Just when I thought that I knew the true meaning of euphoria, Mr. Keenan proved me wrong (twice in one song, actually). The first, of course, was when he sang “But I’d trade it all for just a little piece of mind.” the word “mind” lasted longer than I ever remember hearing it. More emotion was let out with one word than most bands can put out in an entire tour. Then, the real subtle, helpless section that makes one feel vulnerable. “I am somewhere I don’t wanna be…Never wanna see that place again…” Meanwhile, Maynard was rocking back and forth, letting the music engulf his being. Between each line, he left twice as much space as one would hear in the original studio recording. From then on out, “Pushit” became everyone’s world. We were all a bit vulnerable. With the cries “I must persuade you another way…” and “it will end no other way”, it was almost as if time itself had stood still, with everyone freezing in order to savor the moment. Mr. Keenan led the charge with “Staring down the hole again…”, convulsing and signing violently so we all could feel just what was going through his system. In a word, “Pushit” was breathtaking. Before intermission, two intertwining works were put before the crowd. "Disposition" and "Reflection" gave me something to cherish for all eternity. The band had become more ethereal, letting their souls play the instruments, making me feel as if I had reached nirvana, and that there couldn't be anything more to my destiny than experiencing these two works of art. With Adam and Justin laying down that simple, yet emotionally powerful vamp, adding in the random, well-placed hits of Danny Carey, and Maynard's simple lyric "watch the weather change", I came close to tears. In fact, looking back on it right now brings a tear to my eye. After the main theme of "Disposition" faded out, Danny looked to the rest of the band and gradually started the introduction into "Reflection". Seeing Maynard's silhouette (in front of his video screen) shouting/chanting with the microphone down by his waist (creating more of a faint echo) was simply unforgettable. It was almost as if he was crying for help, wanting me to come rescue him. If only they knew how much they helped to rescue me that night. The accompanying video for "Reflection" was the best graphic aide of the night (aside from the "Schism" music video...still to come). Initially, it showed these creatures that appeared to be of some amoeba/slug hybrid. They were on a white and black checkered floor in a run- down mansion, sniffing and looking for food (or something to keep them alive). Arout the point in the song in which Maynard starts employing the word "narcissism" is when this old, worn portait of someone started appearing. I could then see a little amoeba/slug hybrids descending towards the portrait from what looked to be a strand of silk (just as a spider would). As it reached the center of the picture, it stopped and just looked. An image of a body lacking a head and hands (just a dark suit) then appeared in what seemed to be the main room of the building/mansion. The body's right arm (on Maynard's screen, which was a reverse image of the big screen) was waving, almost as if it, too, needed saving. This is around the time I began to hear Maynard chant "It's calling me...". Another vivid image (and for some reason I've failed to recall in which part of the song it was in) was one of the backside (waist- down in blue overalls) of what could have been an old, run-down janitor standing in front of 3 open stalls, all of which were dirty and in dire need of cleansing. These two songs could have been the spiritual highlight of the night. As “Reflection” slowly faded away, and the four artists left the stage, all we were left with was the image of the headless/handless body waving… Intermission lasted for approximately 20 minutes. The first 10 minutes or was merely a spinning image of the Salival figure. It lasted for so long because of technical difficulties on Justin’s behalf. Most people sat down, which was somewhat disgusting. One should be going to a TOOL show for enlightenment and cleansing, not to kick back and relax. Anyway, after a bit, the music video for “Schism” made its Michigan debut. A great work of art, to say the least. I kind of saw it as a mix between the videos for “Stinkfist” and “Aenema”. When the band took the stage for the final half of the show, we were all pleasantly surprised by Justin’s introduction to their blockbuster single “Sober”. It was about this time that even the most ignorant of people surrounding me started to get into the music (only to lose interest until “Aenema”…how surprising…morons…). The accompanying video for this piece mostly showed the same man and woman from “Forty-Six & 2” naked, being tortured by some crude device. Haunting, just as the song is. When the band hit that groove in the first chorus “Jesus won’t you fucking whistle…”, I felt as though my body would disintegrate, and the walls of the State Theater would tumble down (as hinted at in “Schism”). Then, just when I though that “Sober” had hit its peak, the music became very quiet and sedated, with Mr. Keenan beginning to sing “Trust me, trust me…”. The whole crowd became louder than the band. The last chorus was so cacophonous that I became very weak, yet so full of energy at the same time. Good job, guys. More new material was to be performed next; “Parabol” and “Parabola”. The hypnotic, droning, trance-inducing sounds of “Parabol” advanced me yet again on my spiritual trek to enlightenment. All I could do was close my eyes and be subordinated to the music. Suddenly, my quest quickly accelerated with Maynard’s haunting last saying of “Pain is an illusion” leading into “Parabola”. That first chord made me journey take on a new shape. I think the lyrics could best sum up the entire moment and experience… “hold on, stay inside this holy reality, this holy experience”. It truly was a holy experience. Time seemed to pause yet again at the break right before Maynard screamed “Alive”. Yes, you all know which part I’m talking about, don’t you? One of the best parts of the whole album. With Maynard’s melody flowing so gently over the fury and drive created by Adam, Justin, and Danny, I couldn’t imagine a more perfect moment. “Recognize this as a holy gift and celebrate this chance to be alive and breathing.” Perfectly said, perfectly performed. This next piece, as Maynard informed us, was to be about watersports. After he hunched over and waited for the rest of the house to quiet down, he started panting into his microphone the opening of “Aenema”. After a few seconds of this, Adam began the opening riff, bringing the crowd’s decibal level to a new height. 3000 people all screaming the exact same thing for 5-7 minutes can be very moving. Maynard assumed his usual position with one knee forward, the other leg backward, arms in similar positions, while singing the chorus “The only way to fix it is to flush it all away…”. Then, “Some say the end is near…”. I could feel it coming. That climax brought upon by “Mom’s gonna fix it all soon, mom’s comin’ round to put it back the way it oughtta be…”. There it was, the bashing of everyone, but in different orders. The tattoos came first, followed by L. Ron Hubbard, with the smiley glad-hands last. The crowd joined in for the faeux ending, “I’m praying for rain, I’m praying for tidle waves….Mom please flush it all away….watch you flush it all away…”…Maynard, Danny, Adam, and Justin looked to be at such peace. I know I was. All 3004 of us were all experience a bit of wishful thinking, I guess. It looks like we’ll have to put away the life preservers for another time… “Opiate” was definitely a surprise, yet a pleasant one. The mood seemed so much brighter during this number. Everyone was dancing and grooving to those happy lyrics “Deaf and blind and dumb and born to follow, what you need is someone strong to guide you…let me lay my holy hand upon you…”. Ironically enough, as we all chanted “Jesus Christ come save my life now!”, it seems as though TOOL had saved us already. I know I’m not the only one who noticed this. The house lights came up, showing 3000 avid fans and four life-altering artists, all without a care in the world, working toward one common goal; enlightenment. When Maynard screamed “We both want to rape you…”, I do believe that that note was held longer than I’ve ever heard as well. He must have been feeling confident when he woke up Friday. On the accompanying video, we saw the brain image from the “On the pill” t-shirt that many of us may own, inside of a spinning transparent head. The last tune was “Lateralus”. I wasn’t too surprised, but enjoyed it fully, nonetheless. Adam’s serene, beautiful introduction made one savor the moment and hope to never forget a single thing. Those four know how to close a show. With Maynard giving that eerie whisper “Black and white are all I see in my infancy”. If you ask me, I do believe that this song was performed last due to its lyrics, and not for a musical finale to end all finales. For instance… “Feed my will to feel this moment urging me to cross the line. Reaching out to embrace the random. Reaching out to embrace whatever may come. I embrace my desire to feel the rhythm, to feel connected enough to step aside and weep like a widow to weep like a widow, to fathom the power, to witness the beauty, to bathe in the fountain, to swing on the spiral of our divinity and still be a human. With my feet upon the ground I move myself between the sounds and open wide to suck it in. I feel it move across my skin. I'm reaching up and reaching out. I'm reaching for the random or what ever will bewilder me. And following our will and wind we may just go where no one's been. We'll ride the spiral to the end and may just go where no one's been. Spiral out. Keep going.” Doesn’t that really sum up what Friday night was all about? To keep going, to ride the spiral, to maintain our humanity yet work towards a greater spirituality and mentality? It was definitely my mission, my quest. I feel as if it was greatly achieved on May 18, 2001. Nothing was greater than seeing Maynard hunched over, spinning in circles, screaming “spiral out, keep going.” Kudos to Danny Carey, Adam Jones, Justin Chancellor, and “Maynard” James H. Keenan. Thank you guys for everything you have done for me. A perfect show was had by all.

Review written by: Orin ( Review posted on: 05/20/01 23:48:46

I WAS VERY DISAPOINTED WITH THIS SHOW!!! Don't get me wrong, they sounded great. But I could have stayed home and listened to their CD and not have noticed much of a difference. They did no improvisations or variations of their songs like I have seen them do before. They even did the album version of pushit. This is a great live band when they show their full creative potential. But they didn't show that firday. I was really disapointed and I hope they don't keep up this style.

Review written by: Ride the spiral ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 01:49:26

wow. amazing. did anyone get it on tape? please email.

Review written by: TJ ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 08:48:36

Unbelievable, the show was amazing. All of the songs were played very close to the cd exept for AEnema where MJK mixed up some of the lyrics and he blamed it on the "board". HE HE. It was the best time of my life. Thank you Maynard, Danny, Justin, and Adam for a wonderful time.

Review written by: Rob Howe ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 10:04:51

I left work around noon and headed for Detroit with out a ticket for the show. With an overdrawn bank account and 100 dollars in my pocket I had hopes of buying someone's extra ticket. The few people that I did find with extra tickets wanted to make more off fellow TOOL fans than $65 and would not sell me their ticket. Ticket or no ticket it was worth the drive because Justin was cool enough to come over to me chat a bit and sign my Spin mag. Just before the doors opened a memeber of X-Men Security told myself and five other loyal fans that had been there all day that we might be able to get some tickets. The line started to move and we were approached by TOOL's tour manager. This man is close to a saint, he gave the six of us free floor tickets and told us to have fun. The show was awsome, best TOOL show that I have ever been to. You can read other reviews if you want to know about the show. I would just like to thank TOOL and their manager for being so understanding and helping out a few of their biggest fans!

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 10:18:57

The State Theatre was a great place to see Tool again. I'll be breif. Danny is the baddest motherfucker around, Maynard was on point, and overall it was fucking awsome!!! I wanted to hear Eulogy so bad it wasn't funny, but then again I wanted to see and hear every Tool song that exists.

Review written by: jsn ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 13:12:26

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Attention~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ i am looking for ANYONE who was able get a VHS recording or sound board recording of this show. if you were able to tape the show in ANY format, please email me so we may discuss a purchase. i also have several older tool shows for trade if interested. (only email me if you have a recording of the show please!) jsn ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Attention~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Review written by: tHE pROPHET ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 15:52:36

I was VERY disappoointed with the fact that Maynard came out and the first thing he said was, "deja vu"...

Review written by: sparky4053 ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 17:46:12

I was at the ATL show and got a very good audience recording. I will trade it for a recording of any of the other "Presiminal Tour" shows (CHI, DET, NY) email me if you have any to trade. This show is NOT FOR SALE! I WILL NOT SELL THESE CDS and ANY REQUESTS TO DO SO WILL BE DELETED FROM MY EMAIL.

Review written by: pete ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 18:56:05

If I have any mistakes in this review please blame the overhead projector. The effects board that is above and behind the band was having some problems during the intermission causing the band to skip over swamp song. Mr. Maynard simply said to the crowd, “ Any mistakes that the band makes are now blamed on the effects board”. Other then the overhead projector meeting it’s maker for a couple minutes, and the base speaker cutting in and out the concert was flawless. I have waited many years to see Tool live and now that I did I think I can say that I will die with a smile on my face. I don’t think my experience was the same as most people’s that went to see Tool. In the begging of the show I was in the very front of the crowd. It was one of the toughest floors I have ever been to and during The Grudge I was being crushed so much I just about passed out. It was so painful that I had to move back to the second level of the floor. I stood near the railing between the first and second levels of the floor where it was nice and calm. Just after the Schism video some kid in front of me on the lower part of the stage completely collapsed. My friend Jon and where about two feet higher than him, but we still tried to hold him up. It was too hard and I told Jon to let him go. I looked around for another option, but there was nothing. Every one was on some form of drug and did not even notice that this kid was on the floor dieing right in front of them. So I jumped down from the seconded level and picked his lifeless body up. I then ran to the front of the floor where there was medical help. I put his 130-pound body on the ground when I got to the security that was trying to help me. The boy’s eyes where open but he did not show that he could see any movement when I clapped my hands in front of his face. He was so gone that none of his mussels could not move any more and his eyes would role in the back of his head. I hope by carrying him to people that could help it saved him, because I don’t think that he would have made it if I had not helped. I still don’t know if he pulled through, so if anyone that is told about he injured at the concerts could tell me if he died, or whatnot it would be sure appreciated.

Review written by: DINGER ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 20:29:41

what a great night!! i was there at the State in February 1994 to witness my first TOOL show, have seen them again when they played at the Phoenix in Pontiac that same year in May, and all of the festival appearances (Lollapalooza and Ozzfest) and let me say that tonite was the shiznit!! The visuals were awesome, and lent a helping hand for those that had consumed any type of mind altering substances, but you really had to keep a good eye on the band. There was so much going on that I really had a hard time watching the videos. I kinda wish that they could have changed up the setlist a little, but nontheless Maynard's voice was top notch like always, Danny's drumming was spectacular and hypnotic, and Adam and Justin just worked well with each other that it was hard to believe that you were listening to all of the music live. But that is how TOOL plays like TOOL, and there is no other way to see it!! To hear Maynard hold on to some of the notes was fabulous, especially during Parabola, when he sang the lyric "alive" right in the middle of the song. All of the new songs were great, but my favorite was when they did almost a full 10 minute "PUSHIT" and "OPIATE" brought me right back to Feb. 1994 when they closed the show with it!! Just an awesome event to witness and I know that all of the European TOOL fans are in for a real treat. DINGER.

Review written by: DINGER ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 20:33:54

what a great night!! i was there at the State in February 1994 to witness my first TOOL show, have seen them again when they played at the Phoenix in Pontiac that same year in May, and all of the festival appearances (Lollapalooza and Ozzfest) and let me say that tonite was the shiznit!! The visuals were awesome, and lent a helping hand for those that had consumed any type of mind altering substances, but you really had to keep a good eye on the band. There was so much going on that I really had a hard time watching the videos. I kinda wish that they could have changed up the setlist a little, but nontheless Maynard's voice was top notch like always, Danny's drumming was spectacular and hypnotic, and Adam and Justin just worked well with each other that it was hard to believe that you were listening to all of the music live. But that is how TOOL plays like TOOL, and there is no other way to see it!! To hear Maynard hold on to some of the notes was fabulous, especially during Parabola, when he sang the lyric "alive" right in the middle of the song. All of the new songs were great, but my favorite was when they did almost a full 10 minute "PUSHIT" and "OPIATE" brought me right back to Feb. 1994 when they closed the show with it!! Just an awesome event to witness and I know that all of the European TOOL fans are in for a real treat. DINGER.

Review written by: DINGER ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 20:34:54

what a great night!! i was there at the State in February 1994 to witness my first TOOL show, have seen them again when they played at the Phoenix in Pontiac that same year in May, and all of the festival appearances (Lollapalooza and Ozzfest) and let me say that tonite was the shiznit!! The visuals were awesome, and lent a helping hand for those that had consumed any type of mind altering substances, but you really had to keep a good eye on the band. There was so much going on that I really had a hard time watching the videos. I kinda wish that they could have changed up the setlist a little, but nontheless Maynard's voice was top notch like always, Danny's drumming was spectacular and hypnotic, and Adam and Justin just worked well with each other that it was hard to believe that you were listening to all of the music live. But that is how TOOL plays like TOOL, and there is no other way to see it!! To hear Maynard hold on to some of the notes was fabulous, especially during Parabola, when he sang the lyric "alive" right in the middle of the song. All of the new songs were great, but my favorite was when they did almost a full 10 minute "PUSHIT" and "OPIATE" brought me right back to Feb. 1994 when they closed the show with it!! Just an awesome event to witness and I know that all of the European TOOL fans are in for a real treat. DINGER.

Review written by: toolfan2001 ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 21:23:53

I went to the show in Detroit and was dissappointed in a few aspects (but the rest was awesome). gripe #1) the x-men took my favorite ball chain necklace and tossed it in the box of nonreturnables. gripe #2) sitting in the balcony instead of floor. gripe #3) running out of dope. what you won't believe is that i met maynard and danny at about 2:00am after the show. i was the last one standing outside their tour busses other that a few of my cohorts. we were losing hope as maynard and danny got off the bus to go to the bar. i called their names and the came over and talked with me for a few minutes. i complemented them on the greatest show i've ever seen, and they thanked me. i asked for an autograph and i got it on the back of the "decide" flyers they were passing out after the show. i then thanked them and asked where justin and adam were and maynard replied "they are in there with 60 heinekens and a near equal amount of groupies". i laughed and said goodnight to them and wished them luck on the rest of their tour. that's the end of that story. there were several humorus run-ins with the x-men. the black x-men are the best, nothing but love for those guys. real curteous, tool's road crew were a bunch of assholes though. peace toolfan

Review written by: toolfan2001 ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 21:27:46

p.s. what did maynard say about acid?????????? a reply is requested thanks toolfan

Review written by: sandoz ( Review posted on: 05/22/01 17:00:55

Where to start, where to start... Well, first of all, it should be noted that this was the third concert (Tool, of course) that I have been fortunate enough to attend. The other two were two festivals (Lollapalooza and Ozzfest respectively), and I've been waiting ever since then to see the band on their own headlining, or in this case, solo, bill. That day finally came when tickets finally went on sale. Going to get the tickets, we were all a little skeptical, mostly after hearing how fast they sold out for the previous shows. Admittedly, the random draw is complete bullshit, and I have to say that this is the only time it's worked out in my favor. Even though I was only the fifth person in line it wasn't looking all too good, and I have to say that the two-ticket-limit was our only saving grace, as well as a lot of people's, I'm sure. Anyhow, all this is completely irrelevant, so on with the review! We ended up leaving really late because some girl who was coming with us (who doesn't even like Tool, let me add) was running late. By the time we got their it was around 7:40 and we end up parking about three blocks away. Does anyone else notice how, at least in Detroit, the guys always working the parking lots are Indian or Arabian and that they ALWAYS rip you off? Don't get me wrong, I'm not racist in the least. I just thought it was a bit strange. So we finally get in line (after someone offering us gel-tabs {acid}...Now, I vowed to stay sober for this concert, because this was a very special occasion, but if they come around here again, I think I might have to try that, or better yet, shrooms.....ANYWAYS) and the line was wrapped around the back corner. This is about the point where I'm imagining what my fist could do to this girls face. Let it be noted here that I'm really not a violent person, I just knew that because of her, we'd be seated in the upper stratosphere. While were in line, we saw some people we knew (affiliated through a record label that we're all on or involved with in some way) and one of the guys was going to help us to get on the floor. Sounded good to me! We all got inside with no problem at all, but shortly after we saw that there was no way in hell that we were going to be able to find a reasonable place to sit, nevermind all of the people still crowding in through the doors. After a while of looking, I found some cement slab to sit on right at the front on the balcony. Actually, besides my discomfort, I was quite pleased with the seat, as that was as close as anyone in the balcony was likely to get. Of course, it didn't take long for those asshole security guards to figure us out and they sent us down one level where we were farther away. Not long after we all sat down (and the seats weren't really all that bad), the lights went down and everyone went shit-house. This set-list has been repeated numerous times, but I'll put it in anyhow. 1. The Grudge 2. Stinkfist 3. Fortysix & Two 4. Prison Sex 5. Schism 6. Pushit 7. Disposition 8. Reflection -Break w/ Shism Video- 9. Sober 10. Parabol 11. Parabola 12. Aenema That has to be the best set I've ever heard a band play live in my concert-going experiences. Everything sounded perfect, the visuals (which would have more than likely scared the shit out of me had I been on acid) were amazingly fucked up. You don't have to look hard to see the Giger influence. Schism video - excellent. It's a shame in some ways that they probably won't be playing it on MTV, but in others, not at all. There are all ready far too many dumb asses who listen to Tool. Case in point, during aenema when the whole auditorium was singing along, when the song is blatantly talking about and denouncing people exactly like them. Eh, maybe they were too drunk and/or stupid to notice. That was the nights moment of irony for me anyways. Danny was phenomenal, as always...couldn't see his hands, they were moving so fast through some of the fills. Adam and Justin were very good as well, only one complaint...can you two move a little more?! They looked bored up there to me and personally speaking, it's a lot more fun to watch when the band is getting into it. Following is a loose transcription of *most* of what Maynard said that night. Give me a break, I remembered it all until I got home. - Hello, Detroit. - Deja Vu. So, what have you been up to? - Hey, nice, not her, that guy. - We haven't been together for three years and that's what these four shows are about. That's why we're playing these smaller venues. Then, when we screw up, it's not in front of a lot of people...just you. And we're sure that you'll forgive us. (after break) - We've been having some problems with the board. If you hear me forget some of the lyrics, it's the board. If Danny drops a's the board. - We're going to be touring in Europe for a while, but we'll be back somewhere around here in August. - I'd like to take this time to thank the security guards for doing a good job. Lacelot over there and the other guy in armor (at the State Theater, there are two big knights on either wall). If you look closely, you can see that they're animate, especially for those of you who are on acid. All in all, Maynard seemed to be in good spirits, and why shouldn't he be? He's fronting the most talented band in the world who never ceases to amaze or outdo themselves. Best concert I've ever been to.

Review written by: Randy Glisson II ( Review posted on: 05/23/01 12:15:19

Where should I start? From the moment I arrived in line I felt a change in the atmosphere . Outside the bums were begging for spare change and cigarettes. We waited for an hour and a half before we were even let into the State Theater. When we got in I headed to the T-shirt booth . $32 for a t-shirt , $28 for a hat , and $15 for a keychain!!!!! I bought a hat and entered the main floor .While waiting for TOOL I was approached by two brothas. The only two brothas at the show. They began talking to me and Admiring Danny's Drum Kit. They began talking about the band. Suprisingly they knew a lot about the band. After waiting nearly an hour the men came on the stage . Adam , Danny , and Justin were looking their usual "godlike" selves . When Maynard entered the stage he looked like he had just walked off of the Enterprize . As soon as the opening to "The Grudge" the place was about to explode . While in the midst of the song "the brothas" began to get jarred around but still managed to roll a fatty. This was my first TOOL show . Ihave been to at least 15 concerts and this was the best show I have seen and the best shoe I will ever see! My personal highlight of the evening was watching them pull off "Schism". That song shows each members talents more than any other . The next morning I woke up and had a blood spotted shirt , a $28 TOOL hat , and the memory of the best night of my life. The concert changed my outlook on life. Limp Bizkit , Korn , and Papa Roach may sell more record than TOOL but I just think that means there are too many people with bad taste and no morals out there.

Review written by: Ben Howard ( Review posted on: 05/23/01 13:28:55

Me and a freind went down to the show without tickets,the only skelper we "heard of" was selling his ticket for $200. There was a ton of other people down there looking for ticket. We never thought we were going to get in. So we stood out back by th e tour buses hoping for a mircle, and thats what we got. I saw a man come form behide one of the buses and give a group of kids tickets. They screamed with excitment and ran off. He stared walking down the sreet along the thearter, I told my friend we sho uld follow him. So we walked up behind and asked him if he had any tickets he said to wait right there, so we did thinking he woulden't come back but about 5 min. later he came walking towards us, handed us tickets and told us to be quiet about it. Then h e walked back to the bus. An Angel sent from god in my eyes. This was my first tool show and it was amazing. They had a few problems with the sound board and had to stop the show for a little while. After the show me and my friend stood my the tour bus for 3 hour waiting for the band. Finally Danny and Justi n came out and signed our stuff. They were both really cool expecilly danny. I think justin was messed up on drugs and alcohol, he was kind of out of it. Maynerd and adam walked by a few times but refused to come over to us.

Review written by: DFK ( Review posted on: 05/24/01 13:16:55

Fantasic Show! My sixth time seeing Tool since second stage Lollapalooza 93. Everyone has said it already but I thought I would relay an interesting story from after the show. My friends and I were at the Town Pump discussing Lateralus and how Danny Carey is the best drummer in the world when this tall, blonde guy came in and was standing near us. One of my friends commented that he looked like Danny. After another look I became more and more sure that it was actually him. Much debate ensued but my friends were too lame to approach him and it was left up to me to find out. By this point he was sitting at a table with Justin and another guy and girl. I walked up and asked him if he was Danny. He smiled and said yes and the girl he was with immediately told me not to tell anyone. I assured her that I wouldn't and thanked Danny for a great show and years of wonderful music. I was nervous and kind of babbling but he seemed very appretiative. I just couldn't begin to sum up all that his music has meant to me and how much I admire his playing- he's really the only one I watch at shows. I was so nervous that I didn't even say hi to Justin (If you read this I'm sorry). I didn't want to take Danny's relaxation time anymore than I already had so I walked away. When I got back to my friends and told them that it was really him two of them went over to express their admiration as well. No one else in the place seemed to know who they were. We finally left and they were still drinking. Thanks again Danny for your time it was a moment I will never forget.