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Review written by: Kabir Akhtar (

Tool @ The Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC, 05/20/01 Down below are a vast series of reviews going into great detail about the show, the setlist, the mood, and even the new friends made at the concert. What follows here is just my own observations about the night. Feel free to skip ahead to more detailed reviews. A bunch of days before the show, I mentioned to Maynard that I would be in town for this show, because my sister was finishing college the same weekend, and asked if it would be possible for him to help us out getting in. It being a music industry-heavy town, our chances of getting on an already-full list seemed sketchy, but by then the show had already sold out, and our main hookup seemed like it wouldn't pan out. That wasn't such a good moment. Undaunted, I wound up posting to toolshed (as many of you saw) asking for any help/input on getting two tickets to the show. I got a whole slew of email, all of only three types: a) "Sorry I can't help you but I wish I could!"; b) "u idiot, what makes u think u deserve tickets more than i do!"; and c) "It would be a crime if you couldn't go so I will give you my girlfriend's ticket for free!" My responses to those were along the lines of a) "Thanks, don't worry about it"; b) "Uh, I don't, but thanks for spelling correctly"; c) "Don't do that, but thank you anyway." A few emails did vary from the norm, one or two folks actually had extra tickets they were ready to pawn off for anywhere from face value up. Luckily, before I was able to commit to any of them, word came from Maynard: "kabir ???? +1, hammerstein fuckin ballroom." (My last name is tricky. What can you do.) That was a real good moment. Nishat (my sister) and I got to the venue mere minutes before doors opened, and were fortunate enough to witness a rare kind of chaos. The line went around two corners from what we could tell. People were walking around with big "need REAL tickets" signs. And somehow, wonder of wonders, a whole lot of people came up to us and knew who we were. They were all really cool. That was a real trip. It was actually Nish who got me into Tool in the first place back in 1993. I had borrowed two CDs from work, "Undertow" and something else. I was listening to the other one, she borrowed "Undertow", came back in a few minutes later and made me listen to "Swamp Song." To this day I have no idea what that other CD was. Anyhow, at the head of the line we run into our friend Jim (who introduced us to another Jim - they called themselves "white Jim" and "black Jim", and if you have some kind of political correctness problem with that, get over it - neither of them did, and I have no idea why you are listening to Tool). Of course, we check in with will call to make sure we are, in fact, on the list. The response: "You're on the band's list? The band's list hasn't come out yet. Just wait a little bit." No trouble. Security was doing a really good job, keeping everybody off the sidewalk in front of the venue. That was one safe sidewalk, let me tell you. While waiting, white Jim told us that in case we weren't on the list, black Jim had found a shady character who worked for the venue who was walking ticketless people into the venue, for an undisclosed amount of cash. We met a few others who were also waiting for the band's list to come out, including Dave Roche and company, and a young lady named Diana. Doors open, and people start flooding in. White Jim was right up at the front of the line, and assured us he would meet us later inside. Black Jim was stationed right by the shady individual's hideout on the far side of the venue. Nish and I meet a scrappy young individual named Skwerl - he runs some kind of site. We had never met. It was like meeting my evil twin. In a good way. =) We asked the will-call ladies again. "The band's list hasn't come out yet." And people are still walking through the doors. "The band's list hasn't come out yet." We start taking turns asking them so they don't hate us. "The band's list hasn't come out yet." Nish, Dave, his guests, Diana, me, we all go up and ask every five minutes or so. "The band's list hasn't come out yet." Black Jim tells me he can't wait any longer, and he has to go in now. I tell him we will be fine, even though any chance of getting a ticket on the sly is fading with each person who enters the venue. "The band's list hasn't come out yet." Then, finally, after a little over an hour of watching bouncy fans stream into the venue, we get word. "The band's list hasn't come out yet." Grrr. Finally, the list did come out. That was a really good moment. All of us were on it. My last name had become "Akbar", but these things happen. Poor Diana, who this whole time had been worried she would not be on the list, was confronted with the awful truth. Sadly, there was nothing we could do to help her. Skwerl had also not managed to get himself on the list, but he later took advantage of the same security loophole mentioned earlier. The venue really is a beautiful room, an opera house with multiple mezzanines / balconies, box seating, and a giant floor area with no seats. Nish had actually had her senior art show there all week. What a contrast. VIP seating was in the boxes adjacent to the stages. As Nish and I trundled through the general admission area, a few people stopped us and wanted to say hello. I have no idea how they knew who we were. I had heard a story from white Jim earlier that night about how he had asked an Indian-looking guy if he was Kabir. The guy responded "No, but everyone keeps asking me that!" Somehow everybody kept getting my first name right, at least. Those were good moments. Up in the box, which was about eight feet above the floor, we had a really outstandingly nice security guard. We all know about the really awful ones, but this guy was more like a first-class airline attendant than concert security. He pointed out the bathrooms, the bar, helped us move chairs around, made sure we could see ... I really thought he was going to ask me if I wanted peanuts and a drink. The show begins, and you all know how fantastic it was, especially for a band who had hardly rehearsed before going on their first tour in three years. "Prison Sex" and "Stinkfist" were without their extended sections heard on earlier tours, no doubt to make time for the longer, newer songs. It was a little strange to see the "Schism" video moments after hearing "Schism" live, but it was also a treat for all the fans who had waited so long to see it. Plus, the idea of an intermission seems a lot better to me than the idea of an opening band. As mentioned below, the only two "real songs" off "Lateralus" they didn't play were "Ticks & Leeches" (probably because that would be hell on your voice over and over), and "The Patient", which was unfortunate, because it is in a seven-way tie for best new song. The "classic" Ænima version of "Pushit" showed up, which was a nice twist. In the future, perhaps they will play some of the non-singles from "Undertow", or a different track off "Opiate", but why ask for candy when you are already getting candy ... the show was really something outstanding to behold, front to back, top to bottom. Wow. Afterwards, a bunch more people came up and said hello, which was really cool - it's good to see people that come to this site aren't awful people. I still have no idea how they know I was me. The band was in good spirits after the show, I don't think I had ever seen Maynard signing autographs like that before. We took off around 12:30am, reflecting on the night as we headed out the door. It was my thirteenth Tool concert, my sister's second, and easily the best - and the longest. We were both really stunned by all the people who knew who we were somehow, but mostly I was happy my sister had met the band. She took it as a good sort of graduation gift. As we opened the doors to walk out and go find dinner, the only guy left in the foyer comes up to me and says, "Hey, aren't you Karim?" I tell him "Uh, I'm actually Kabir ;) " That was a good moment, too. See you all at a show.

Review written by: Ryan ( Review posted on: 05/20/01 22:39:01

wow......i cant explain it.....this was a once in a life time experience and my dreams have fully come true... set- The Grudge Stinkfist 46&2 Prison Sex Schism pushit Disposition Reflection Intermission...schism video Sober Parabol Parabola Aenema Opitate Lateralis Basically the same as others but it doesnt matter....maynard made some comments about coming back in early august with king crimson...said thanks for everyone that voted for them this week and said that them and rage against the machine are saving the world from shit music...Also maynard shaved his head... maybe he did this earlier but i didnt here anyone mention it..he had basically thye same leather suit on...the band sounded just like that had never ever stopped playing...truly the visuals showed how much time an effort they put in....for my first tool show, i can now die peacefully....i am a changed person...

Review written by: Ryan ( Review posted on: 05/20/01 23:21:16

All I can say is...Amazing. Greatest show I've ever been too. It was even cooler because I had won tickets from Krock. Every member was genius. I was pleased to see Kabir got a ticket. I saw him and his sister, and I yelled for him. Even though I probably annoyed him, it was good to see that he got tix. The highlight for me was probably Pushit. The schism video is great(possibly one of the best). I can't wait to see them again in August with King Crimson. If you want to know about the shirts. One has the new tool logo on the front and tour dates for the "pre seminal tour." Another has the tool logo in the front and the Salival hands on the back. They also had a long-sleeve shirt that said Lateralus on the sleeves and had a similar print to the (actual) Lateralus disc art. EXCELLENT SHOW! TOOL IS AMAZING!

Review written by: Rah-ring ( Review posted on: 05/20/01 23:24:31

Got there at 6:00pm and the line was wrapped around the block all the way up to 35th street and almost back again to the entrance! No worries though, as soon as they started letting people in it went fast and we got in by 7:00pm. Show started at 8:45 and they played the same set you've been reading about from Chicago and Detroit. Let me just say I haven't heard a band play that tight and sound so clean in any venue. Maynard wore his leather jumpsuit and was really not that talkative tonight. Who cares, I came to hear him sing not talk. He did repeatedly thank everyone for coming out and "voting" for Tool and how it was cool that we were supporting "good music" with "all the shit that's out there." Apparently they got the news that their album will top the charts next week. The preformance they put on was all I could ask for and more. The visuals work so well with the music and I found myself watching the screen more than the band. Vocals were perfect level and I could discern every note from each instrument clearly. One knock I had was that the stage wasn't lit up all that brightly most of the time. It was so dark on stage I could barely see Danny playing the shit out of his drum kit. He was amazing to watch!! He's so good with so little effort it seems. They finally ended with Lateralus at 10:45. Total of 2 Hours almost to the second. They were unreal tonight and I can't wait until the get around NY again with KC. Glad I didn't have to pay those asshole scalpers their $300 prices. BTW I didn't see anyone getting turned away for fake tickets. Seriously one of the best shows I have ever seen and definitely the best Tool show I ever saw. Just think, this mini- tour was just a warm-up.

Review written by: David Huynh (L4TERALUS@AOL.COM) Review posted on: 05/20/01 23:54:56

Ok. Um. I got there around 7:50 and the line wasn't that long since most people were alreadt in. Bought twizzlers..mmmm.I threw a few onto the stage. I was the Asian kid with the TOOL aenima shirt. Um..I met someone nice fact forgot the other but.HEY TRISHA! HOPE UR READING THIS! She was old. Ok. The set list was the same as detroit and chicago . the videos were awesome. Adam Jones is amazing. Well, Maynard kicked ass but I really focused on Danney Carey...He TORE the drums down..He's huge. Well. Maynard mention RATM...My fave song performed was either Pushi iT or.Parabol/parabola. Peace, David, Some 15 year old Asian Kid

Review written by: Saint Alphonzo ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 00:02:40

What a great show. I will not go into details because you've heard enough by now. What power. Beauty. Raw energy. It was alive, and I am bleeding 46 and 2...

Review written by: Dave Richardson ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 00:02:41

To whom it may concern, by a REAL TOOL fan: Oh my G-d!!! It's about 1:00am, Monday Morning, May 21th. I just got home from the TOOL show. I can't say much besides it was the best fucking expierence of my life. Actually, what am I saying, .. I can say a lot more. First Thing, TOOL played tonight before us in an increadbly small venue in the Middle of New York City. Probably like two blocks I guess from Madison Square Garden and The Empire State Building. Does anyone relize what this means?? Most of the stup id fucks inside Hammerstein Ballroom tonight didn't relize where they were. They didn't know how fucking lucky they were to get into the show. You Cannot Put a Fucking Price on a TOOL ticket. Half of these pieces of shit weren't even TOOL fans. I was pr ivledged to get my ticket for 300 dollars from my friend. And it was Mez. Fuck That though! I would never stay in Mez. I snuck my way down to the General Admission/Standing!! Did any of you guys see me! I'm the bro in the Yellow Nike Visor in the small pit near Adam Jones. Probably one of the few people in Hammerstein Bal lroom that knew the words to all of their songs. And one of few people that was hardcore enough to get in the fucking pit and have fun. One of the few people that was like "where the fuck is Opiate + Undertow". Someone who couldn't spot the infamous Wr ench shirt anywhere inside Hammerstein Ballroom. An actual TOOL fan. Someone who should of been at this show. The sadest part of the night was seeing the band inbetween songs. They would stare into the crowd thinking "What the fuck". Mostly Silence in the arena. The crowd showed the band no respect. Maynard didn't even talk much. I think he was in shock to how much the people at the show sucked. About how everyone there was a sold out. How none of the true fans could make it to the show. Well Fuck That Shit!! I heard someone call out at the show inbetween songs, "We are seeing TOOL you know". It was so the most sane words that I had heard all night. Nothing was more true. No-one acted like they were seeing TOOL. Well Fuck That! I was there. "I rode the mother fucking spiral too the fucking end." How can I end this though, lets say tongiht was the best fucking night of my life and I fucking enjoyed every minute of it. I can't wait till tomorrow to develop my fucking camera with 27 pictues of soley the band playing at Hammerstein. Or frame my f ucking ticket that is still untorn because I was hardcore enough to sneak my way in. Thanks a lot! The Biggest Tool Fan inside of Hammerstein Ballroom last night, Dave Richardson

Review written by: Mike from Nanuet ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 00:14:51

i feel so privlaged, so blessed. i'd like to say that i feel for those of you who didn't get to see them, but the tool army is coming soon according to the official site and maybe that will help more of the real fans get tix at regular price whent they come back. the set list was the same as the other shows; including pushit thank god! i went with my firend joe who pointed out an interesting answer to why maynard was off in the back on his little platform: in their positions the four members of the band made up four points of a pentagram, the audience being the 5th and the tip. pretty neat. also just showed how the music matters and the "front-man" was in the back. i cried through the first three songs. couldn't help it. what a release. a spiritual experience. the songs from undertow sounded soooooo good. i've never been so locked in with the music. maynard is a tribal shaman, adam is a dark wizard, justin looks like a archer, and danny is just a fucking beast. thank you tool. i have been rocked, this review is scattered and im tired. peace.

Review written by: Mike Sacks ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 00:46:55

hey've heard it all...all i can supply which is new is my own sense of amazement. tool threw down all they had on us tonight, and i must say every fan i met was most excellent, despite getting a crowd surfer's doc martin boot to the head. i was right up front, about three standing rows back slightly left of the speakers---wore a hat that said "DICK" on it and a black beater for the second half of the show--if you remember me, rock me an email. this was my first tool live experience, but surely not the last. to paraphrase wesley willis: "rock over london, rock on [new york], tool: the best band around." -Mike p.s. justin, a few lessons on the proper ways to play your songs would be greatly appreciated. nice to see you stomping around at the end of aenima.

Review written by: Tal ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 00:54:40

Jeesus Fucking Christ Mind blowing. The concert was simply amazing. Tool is the most talented, most original, most creative, most intelligent band ever. Danny Carey is God. Where does he hide his third fucking arm?! Me and the guy I was with are both drummers (leftys can go to hell, Rob) and every couple of minutes we looked at each other grinning like idiots in utter disbelief. The visuals took the whole thing over the top. It was seriously a gift to see this performance, i agree with the guy who wrote above me, i feel blessed to have been there. My only regret is that the hottie that was behind us (i was in mez. lev 1) before the show changed seats, and was replaced by a couple of idiots that complained about us standing up. ALANA, why did you leave? Huh? Why? It was so much fun bitching about the dumbass crowd's cheering for the roadies with you. grr. At least you didn't steal my jacket, as promised. Anyway. Back to the show. Textbook perfection, incredible effort, uncomprimisable respect. A night I will never forget. -YT p.s. if your name is alana, email me ;)

Review written by: Seth Ryan Barmash ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 00:56:07

TOOL. They are pure power. My first time seeing them and I was blown away. I forgot how much I loved pushit. All I can say about Danny is that he is incredibly precise. His drumming made me reconsider the way that I play the drums. I was not able to see Adam at all for I was toward the right. The great thing about Tool though is that the experience is through the music and I could even close my eyes(even though the visuals were most excellent) and be fully encompassed by what was around me. I met some true fans and I butted heads and screamed out lyrics with some even truer fans. Tool rocks...for those who have not had the experience...try to.

Review written by: TOOL = PERFECTION ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 01:05:24

after seeing this show, i just want to say that Tool is above and beyond anything we can comprehend... anyone who bitched about small venues didnt deserve to go... and anyone who bitches about lateralus not being good can also kiss my ass... everything this band has created has been a masterpiece... i hope it sucks u fucker.

Review written by: midgwett ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 01:20:55

Just got home from the show and it was the best fn show ive seen and i have been to many.The band was so on in every aspect,cant wait to see them when they come back.

Review written by: maximus from nyc ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 01:28:41

this concert was truely a revelation. a testament to the true power of tool. it was worth the 7 hours i waited to get tickets, the 8 hours i waited today. this was my first time seeing tool live, i was in awe. the power that maynard's voice carries is unbeliavable. the way adam jones plays as if staring into an abyss while flawlessy pulling of those riffs. the sheer strentgh of danny is enigmatic. justin bass is phenomanol.tool fans are among the best, except for those drunk posers. thank you tool for putting on a great show, bringing back the art in music and keeping music intelligent, your our savior in the day and age of "pop".

Review written by: abhi shah ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 01:31:10

Oh man. I don't know where to begin I just got home its 2am and im all screwed up! It was really, really loud and intense. I have a feeling the band was really rushing through everything at lightning speed though. It was a wonderful performance and all but if I were to compare it to Lollapalooza I don't thing it comes close. Maynard sang like an angel at Lolla (Not to mention Pushit was played so slow and elegantly at Lolla). Tonight there seemed to be a lot of "buzz" in the microphone but that just may be since I was so close to the stage and speakers. Not to say that Maynard is some form of bumblebee or anything (although I do propose a theory that he could be some sort of alien, especially after tonight with his decked out leather outfit, and bald head just kinda made him look extra-demensional...know what I mean?). Anyway he was really bangin and moving and dancing to the music with his mic in one hand and Poland Spring wata bottle in the other. What I thought was really cool was when Adam and Justin played the opening to Schism they walked up to each other and played it in front of one another. I dunno, I thought that was really "teamish" and was very symbolic of their relationship as musicians. Alright I'm definitely overannalyzing it, I'll stop now. The visuals were so beautiful. So so moving. It was so incredible when a riff would repeat itself, the visual on the screen would accustom its repetition accordingly. I.e. when the weird guy with no head kept waving goodbye at every repeated riff. Now that was cool! There was definitely an important message in all this visual art. Did anyone notice the constant use of spirals? Even in Pushit there were repeating spirals with people dancing and playing 'ring around the rosie' within this was really f#@$'in tripped out! This obviously deals with the themes of the new album, i dunno kinda grabbing life by the nuts, embracing it etc. (the whole lyrics to Lateralus sums it up), "Spiral out" that kinda stuff. Another really important visual element to mention was the fact that whenever there were people being portrayed on the screen they were kinda finding solace with each other. Like in the water the two people would hug, combine, embrace each other. Or like when someone is scared they always hold and touch another maybe the music itself is so devastating they get frightened and need someone to hold. Even in the Schism video it was kind of like that, like the main character would pull a big block of flesh from another character. There is a lot of touching and love here. Aww. I never realized this but Justin is awesome. He wasn't just foundation like most bassists he was rockin out! He's definitely evolved so much since he joined. Now when I say evolved I don't mean it in the generic sense that he's just getting better over time, i mean it in the biological sense, that his DNA is probably undergoing random nucleotidic mutations to better accustom him to his environment. Only the strong survive Justin..and you are the prime example of an extremely fit species. Darwin would have been proud. Alright so there's so much more to say and talk about, so if anyone who went to this unbelievable performance wants to chat about it, definitely email me. Or if you just want to chat about Tool in general, or maybe even discus my Maynard is a bumblebee errr..Alien theory. Cool beans.

Review written by: FaithNChaos ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 01:38:46

what kind of reviews are these?? i for one don't give a rip what kind of hat or shirt you might have been wearing during the show. my question is, did u learn anything? what did u feel? what did any or all tool band memebers say? how about visual art? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ so u know, toolarmy is spiritual, and moshing during the show is fucking stupid jsn ~

Review written by: kamyar ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 01:58:11

full of aw. boy its a small world :)

Review written by: Colleen ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 02:20:11

I can't begin to describe how amazing the experience of seeing Tool live was, so I won't. You know what I'm talking about if you thought and felt what I did tonight. Amazing. Breathtaking. Awe- inspiring. This concert was worth more than money. --Colleen, the only girl who rocked the pit so much she has gum in her hair, bruises on her arm and a stiff neck.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 03:28:09

Anyone with tapes of any of the shows let me know. Would like Atlanta if at all possible. Will pay. email if interested.

Review written by: Daniel ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 04:17:20

What more can I say than it was just the greatest concert that I have ever been to. I am sitting at JFK waiting for my flight back home. Everyone has thanked the band for doing what they do best. I want to thank the very special woman that flew all the way from Chicago to meet me to see what I now consider "our band" (eventhough all she could talk about was being in love with Adam). I will never forget you and will always be there for you. My heart will forever be yours. Thanks again to everyone that helped make this night one that I will never forget.

Review written by: ThiFoYo-QueAuth ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 04:41:12

Lateralus is a huge let down, the album is very week, and the songs live or much better but still kind of fucked. maynard's voice has changed... adam's riffs just arent of the same originality, like the songs on aenima. Pushit was so incredible though.... I still think that if Tool did break up, it would KILL people, not to put too much overhype on it, but I know some fans who have insane devotion to the band... ps...the show was not worth the $750 I paid for my one ticket(!!!) I'm seeing Mogwai soon, that will be incredible too, but for $20.

Review written by: Adam ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 05:21:28

Tool may be one of the worlds most perfect bands, and last nights show at the Hammerstein Ballroom did nothing to expel that moniker. Maynard's piercing and sensual voice, Danny's tribal like drum beats, Adam's phenomenal guitar work, and of course Justin's throbbing bass lines literally took me into another world. However Tool, not only attacked my audio senses they attacked my visual senses as well. As brillian visuals and images tracked across 2 movie screes. Probably one of the more intense visuals was during the new song Disposition, in which Maynard moved in perfect time with the movie, creating the effect of him walking through a house (if you saw it , you know what I mean). I was in awe the entire night as they pounded through a two hour set, covering a decent range of their material. My only gripe would be that they did not play a couple more songs from Undertow (ie, Crawl Away, Undertow). But I am not going to split hairs. I absolutely cannot wait to see them again, and am curious as to what type venues they will play next. Will Tool, (gasp) enter the black hole of arena rock? Who knows? I am moving to Florida so I hope they decide to come south on the next tour. Thank you TOOL for keeping it real. SETLIST: GRUDGE STINKFIST 46 & 2 PRISON SEX SCHISM DISPOSITION REFLECTION INTERMISSION SOBER PARABOL PARABOLA AENEMA OPIATE LATERALIS

Review written by: meghan ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 05:45:11

So I just got home from the show....a five hour travel, (from N.H.) and I am still feeling the intensity of the best music experience of my life. Tool is by far an incredible band, made up of members in which compliment each other on stage so incredibly, that you cannot help but feel the music everywhere inside of you, moving you, making you feel as if nothing would be more perfect than that sound. The show rocked, and I waited a long time for this, waiting for tickets, trains and good seats in the theatre, and I would do it all again in a second.It was so amazing, and life altering. The songs in your line-up will forever have new meanings and feelings when listened to. Tool, you made me very happy last night, and I cannot wait until the next time I see you guys. Thank you for your music.

[This is a good one -- Kabir]

Review written by: ME ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 06:14:17

I just wanted to make a few comments about some of the reviews that have been posted from this show, as well as some of the earlier shows. It amazes me how many of you actually thought that TOOL was going to be the same way, or act the same way, or sound the same way. It has been 5 years, a lot of misfortunes have happened in their lives, and they have learned life lessons... they are grown men, boys and girls. You can't look at them the same way as if you would looking at Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, or any of those types of bands that are out there today. They are older and more mature now. An encore? You really think TOOL is going to jerk you off? Small venues? Give more to the fans? Just what else can they give you? Maybe they are trying to get back into the "groove" with doing concerts. I mean, they haven't been on tour for awhile, as Kabir had written before. They are only human. And when they do their tour this fall, obviously it won't be like that. Fake tickets? Paid too much? Hmmm... that just proves the point of what this world is turning out to be - about greed and the dirty dollar. I feel bad for those that were stuck with the fake tickets. I am so disappointed with Ticketmaster and the whole lottery system. And to those of you that thought you paid too much for a "shitty" show, just goes back to what I had said earlier, they haven't toured in awhile - they are only human. Going to these first few shows you should of expected that they would not be in "tip-top" position. They will tour again this fall, so keep your heads up. On the subject of Lateralus, some have written how it was a let down for you. I personally am very content with this album. Maybe you were thinking it would be an album full of that aggressive/heavy TOOL that everybody associates them with. Maybe that's why there is "Ticks and Leeches" (hmmm... what does that song mean now?). Maynard did say that this album was about breaking old patterns, am I right? And how they have personalized their "trade" from their philosophies. Ideas and concepts, boys and girls. Obviously you are here on this website for a reason... sitting there behind your computer reading what I am typing right now... because you are a TOOL fan. As Adam Jones mentioned in Guitar World, “With Ćnima, fans complained that it wasn’t as good as Undertow. But they came around after giving the new music a chance”. Give them that chance at least. You will come to find that it really grows on you. Maybe you will "feel inspired". And I just have to thank those of you that did a great job giving an overall review of the show you went to. It is always good to actually read something more than just, "that show was so kick ass". Atmosphere? Fans? Visuals? Setlist? Band Members? Anything that is worth pointing out? What kind of experience was it for you? Oh and I just have to throw in one last comment about moshing : would you rather hear TOOL and have that whole TOOL experience or get your head bashed in and picked up by an ambulance (missing a chance to see a great band perform). Maybe you should step aside for awhile. Enjoy the music these 4 men have put forth to you. Embrace the opportunity they have given you to get together and just feel like you are part of something - a part of what good music is. They are a phenomenal band that deserves our attention and respect. And respect your fellow TOOL fans as well. Sorry... I just needed to get that out of my system. Okay... back to the reviews :)

Review written by: Greg ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 06:43:26

I dont know what to say about that show last night except that I am now spoiled and no other concert will be as good as that. Everything was amazing. The only thing that could have made it better was if they had played Eulogy, but thats ok. It was still amazing anyway. I spent a total of 190 dollars and it was worth every penny.

Review written by: Bastard Reviewer ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 07:45:09

I really can't describe words to put to that experience...The only thing I can think of is "I WITNESSED THAT"..NOTHING was wrong with that show..from the setlist to the miking everything was amazing..i couldnt be any more greatful i was a part of that...ok, i figured out how to describe it.. wow..

Review written by: Mark ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 07:56:24

I have tickets to 13 other concerts this summer and I should probably burn them all. I am 31 years old and have been going to shows since I was 13. I got to see the Rolling Stones at Toad's Place (holds maybee 800 people), Pearl Jam at the Orphiem theatre in Boston along with a thousand other shows over the years. WITHOUT A DOUBT THIS HAS BEEN THE MOST INCREDIBLE, MEMORABLE EXPIERENCE EVER. I have seen tool three times before this. My only regret is the Lallapoloza/Undertow show I was soo drunk I don't remeber them at all. The only bad part of the night has yet to come - How can any future Tool expierence compare with this one?? There sound from the opening notes of the Grudge till the closing notes of Lateralus was flawless. Fucking Maynard!!! dressed like one of Pin heads right hand men (if they are stupid enough to make a fifth Hellraiser Maynard should get a part as one of the Cenobites) It is now 8:30 Monday morning and my brain is still trying to process all I took in last night. The intermission was a killer idea. After watching it I'll be shocked if I ever see the video on MTV. Maybee MTV X will have the balls to air it. Set list rants now?? Everyone seems to be throwing in there favorites they wish Tool had played. After reading the set lists from the other shows before this one I had hoped we would get Swamp Song, Intolerence, Eulogy and Ticks + Leeches (actually very suprised they didn't play ticks) but after seeing the show none of that mattered. Any song tool choose to play would have been awesome. All I know is that Tool should be paying there crew top dollar. There is no outfit out there that comes close to the kind of overall production that they put out. No wonder albums take well overthree years to make. The only question I have is what was Maynard talking about in regards to the Rage Against the Machine speech?? Was he comparing themselves to Rage??? That could not be possible. When I popped in Lateralus my media player opped on with all the information - Band, tracks listings and times , etc. etc. The only area that was left with an "unknown" was musical genre. Thats because (you stupid computer) Tool is the music genre. If that doesn't make sense use this example: For all the bands dating back to the 60's and on there is only one other band that could say it had it's one genre (besides rock)and that was The Who. (and I am not a big fan) Find me one band that sounds like the Who. You can't because there are none. The same is true with Tool. I just thank god that with all the pathetic "cut my life in to pieces, this is my last resort" shit that is being put out thease days there is a band like Tool out there that is doing what they want. I love the fack that radio is starting to play them cause I know it is killing program directors across the country to play seven to nine minute songs with dead air in some parts. All I know is that I was third in line at a tickemaster in Connecticut to get tickets and the show sold out with the person ahead of me. I wound up paying $350.00 for two tickets. I would have paid $1000 a piece without complaining. Whatever you paid you know it was worth it. I just hope my Scalper can get me tickets for Edgefest. The Mr.Show intro ruled by the way. That was too funny!!

Review written by: Vickie ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 07:57:04

I’m sure most people have posted total show reviews, this is kind of a personal experience review. For the last 4 years, I have been building myself up for the experience of a TOOL show. Nothing I imagined could have ever prepared me for last night…. Me, my husband, and my two friends, Ben and Paula, arrived at the Hammerstein Ballroom around 1:45pm. We knew we would have a long wait ahead of us, but at least we would have a secure place in line, probably meet some interesting people, and most importantly we would be able to be up front. My husband and I had floor seats that we paid $400 a piece for. Ben and Paula had Mezz2 seats. We figured once we got inside, we would do a ticket switch and get Ben and Paula out to the floor with us. And so, the wait began. We were probably within the first 75 or 80 people. After a couple of hours, we heard that the guy behind us had had his ticket stolen. He wanted to see if it was fake or not, and some guy said he was from Ticketmaster. The guy took his ticket, said it was fake and took off. We spent the afternoon taking mini-walks, getting food, smoking cigarettes, and taking turns wandering around the city trying to find a bathroom. As the minutes ticked away, we grew more and more excited. We were all TOOL virgins, and we just couldn’t wait to see what was in store for us. As it got closer towards show time, the security guards came around to let us know they were opening the doors at 6:30 so they could check our tickets and search us. The guy who had his ticket stolen was right behind us, and I asked him if he had gotten his ticket back, expecting a shattered “no”. But, the first miracle of the day happened. Someone I guess had found his ticket and decided to not steal it or scalp it, but to turn it in to a security guard, and he was reunited with it. (Yeah Boston-Guy!!!!) Some higher power just decided that this guy was going to have the luckiest day of his life. While we’re hearing all of this, miracle #2 happened. A guy who had been a little ahead of us in line came back and was asking if any one wanted to trade they’re mezz seats for balconies. Ben jumped at the chance. We tried to discourage him, especially because of all the counterfeit problems, until we realized it was the one, the only E-Bay-Guy!!! I had seen this guy on E-Bay with a picture of his 4 floor seats that he wanted to trade. After close inspection of all the tickets, the trade was done and we were ready. We talked to the guys behind us for a bit (yeah Maryland-guys), and then the line started to move. The girls weren’t searched, and the guys barely received a pat down. We didn’t even have crazy ticket inspections. The guy at the door looked at our tickets and told us where to go. The wait inside was excruciating. We had made our way up to the front. For the most part, the people were pretty nice, except for that one guy, Moist-Guy. I won’t even go into it; the name should be description enough. Finally, at 8:45, the lights went down. The guys from Mr. Show came out to kick off the show. The problem was, as soon as they came out, people just started pushing. As Ben said, it was like trying to fit 10lbs of shit in a 5lb bag. And then…….. FUCKING TOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! They started with the grudge, and this is when everything went wrong. Everyone wanted to be so close, and everyone was pushing, it was horrible. I discovered that I’m claustrophobic, I felt like I was drowning and there was no way to get out. Ben did his best to pull me out and keep me up. Then the adrenaline kicked in. I started screaming at the top of my lungs (not like anyone could hear) “Let me out…Let me the fuck out!” I was in total panic. I looked like an animal trying to claw it’s way out a hole or something. My husband finally saw me and just started to shove people. The only problem was, every time there was a half-inch of space, 50 people managed to cram into it. He grabbed me by neck and pulled me out. To all of the people that did their best to help get me out, THANK YOU. After what seemed like an hour of not being able to breathe, I was finally in the back, hyperventilating and crying. I was so pissed off because I had wanted to stay out on the floor. But I started thinking about how millions of people would have killed to go to this show, and I let it go. Unfortunately, the back sucks. I’m only 5’4”, and there were so many tall people, I couldn’t even see the big screen. But, who needs to see when you can hear TOOL playing live, right in front of you. I decided to let the music take over and I did whatever I felt at the moment. (Yes, it’s me, the girl with the fucking lungs) I’m sure people have listed the set list (which was the same) and gave a good description of it, so I won’t go into it. This show was the best I have ever seen, on so many levels, and I don’t think I will ever see anything that could even come close to being it’s equal. I honestly feel that last night was a life- altering experience. I have been changed. I repented with Reverend Maynard!!!!!!!! If you have never seen TOOL, do it, however you can. You will not believe what you hear or see. They are just pure emotion put to unbelievable music. No one will ever top what I saw last night. Even with my “near-death experience”, I would do it all over in a heartbeat if it meant I could see them again. I would have easily paid $2000 for the tickets and still walked away overly satisfied. See you in August TOOL. Just real quick, what’s up to: Maryland guys, thanx for the bud, Boston guy, hope you had an awesome time, Moist guy, hope someone yanked your whiny ass, First-time concert girl, hope you didn’t get trampled, Naked guy, Ebay guy, Trippin guy, E guy, and the chick with the red dreads, fucking loved your hair. If any one has any questions or would like to chat about the show, email me at Oh yeah, if anyone has photos or recordings of this or any of the other shows, email me. I would be interested in getting some copies. Vickie

Review written by: KC ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 09:07:32

Schsim video was sick......Great intermission. The show was awesome. Maynard could have been a little clearer. TOOL always kicks ass live....Best sounding band live. I think playing at the Garden will be a completely different experience. Push-it was amazing.....Opiate kicked ass......Reverend Maynard is the man!!

Review written by: Keith / NYC ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 09:09:43

Accurate Set List: The Grudge Stinkfist 46 & 2 Prison Sex Schism Pushit Disposition Reflection Intermission Sober Parabol Parabola Aenema Opiate Lateralus Overall, good show. The crowd wouldn't shut up through the quiet parts of the new material - it was like the band wasn't there. Typical of a New York City crowd though, especially when it's the only show in the area and all the Long Island people and Philly people need to drive in. The band has never seemed as tight with the old material (I've seen 'em about 10 times). After the crowd has a few months to live with the new record I'm sure the new material will energize them as much as the older stuff. Great addition of a new video screen. Maynard came out in black leather, bald head, no body paint, and stayed on a riser in front of the video screen for the whole show. His "dancing" was missed. This set up seems a bit stiff. I will go again when they come back around.

Review written by: poekr ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 10:01:49

woo! heh. are my ears ringing or has my head exploded? My bro (Q) and I show up just before 8, and the line moves quickly. The bullet I have stashed in my shoe has slipped under my foot and is very uncomfortable, but I don't set off the metal detector-wand, so I'm happy. Once inside I press some cash in Q's hand as he makes his way to the beer stand. Out of the corner of my eye, something flies by. I turn around to see a goth girl pick a shirt up off the floor. I look down. Now the goth guy and I reach down at the same time, coming up with opposite ends of the same shirt. I abort a tug-of-war when I notice a third shirt. I grab it quickly. The two goths and I look around, expecting someone to come back looking for these, but noone does. They apparently fell from the sky. Free shirts for us! Q turns and hands me two Heinekens. Double-fisted we find a spot near the back on the left. It's funny to watch Q attempt to light a smoke with a beer in each hand. The crowd gets excited. I go to tippy-toes. False alarm. Stupid Crowd. Not long after, the lights go off. The ambience builds. Tool launches into The Grudge. It is amazing. Any nausea still lingering from pounding 2 beers is flushed from my being by the blast-wave. I am purified. The Schism vid is amazing of course, though I can't help but think that maybe it's slightly lame to hear the song twice in one session. Oh well. Sober kicks off the second set, but I am definitely not. I am flying. I can't help but think that perhaps music is the key to telepathy.... This body....This body holding me..... Halfway through Opiate, the crowd realizes that the show is almost over. They start raising hands into the air. Then it's over. I'm out on the street. My ears are ringing. My soul is buoyant. I don't even care that I'm sleeping on the floor tonight. I don't care that the blue line takes forever, or that the L train smells like piss. In fact, I don't have a care in the world...... See ya in August!

Review written by: Sarah Rose ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 10:03:13

I do not have a set list. I lost my ticket stub on the floor of Hammerstein Ballroom. Along with my glasses, 2 packs of cigarettes and a lighter. The only proof i have of a miracle rests with the tshirt on my shoulders and the stunned beauty i have witnessed that brings tears to my eyes even now to recall it. I gave everything i had up last night....inevitably. Not to Tool so much as the journey we went on together. And that is what it is all about. Not the jokes maynard makes, or what glasses he wears. Not about adam's haircut or justins new bass. It is about what happens when those four musicians take the stage as anonymous souls destined to create a whirling mass of stunningly precious paths, which we as listeners choose to follow or rescind from. Tool is not another one of maynards bands, because Tool is NOT four individual members. (Do NOT request Judith at a Tool show, kindly) It is a singular dynamic that produces such a tidalwave of emotion that its audience must swell up with it, and rise to meet it or be swallowed. It is a demand that the band themselves must meet. A call they must answer. A magic that happens on a wooden stage. With four single people. And four single instruments. With one white screen. It is a carnivorous energry, devouring the pain and leaving the light. It is a purity, exhaled in swoops of trembling vocals and swooning guitars. It is Tool. I cried last night, not once. Not even twice...i cried eight times. Eight times my sobs were sacrificed to the glorious sounds of Pushit and Parabola. Among others. Eight times my soul leaked from my eyes in the only gift i could give in return to this vulnerable experience that is forever etched in my mind as the day that i learned what enlightenment really was. What 46&2 really means. I found it, and i clung to it. I placed it in my mind to grow with and on. I drove 400 miles, emptied out my bank account. I waited in lines, was slobbered on by sweaty guys, lost everyone i came to NY with, and have not slept in 24 hours. Why? Because i found what i was missing, what i wasn't understanding. I found the missing link at a tool concert. They emptied out my insides, cleaned them perfectly, and returned them to an enhanced state of being. I do not know if anyone else found this at a Tool concert, but i did. I found it all, and i bathe in it. I cannot shut my eyes because i am afraid that shutting my eyes will let my mind forget the wonders. "A chance to be.....alive and breathing" Remember why. Remember why you are alive and breathing. Understand why. Understand why you should raise yourself to this holy happening. I want to thank everyone and anyone who helped me with a smile yesterday. To the guy that held my hand during Pushit- thank you tremendously. I would not have spent that song with any other stranger. To the girl who gave me a glass of water in the bathroom for free-thank you for free genorosity. To Chae and Day, you both are wonderful people. To Shawn in TX and the boys from NJ- I won't forget sharing the line with you. And finally to Tool.....liquid beauty that enters from the ears and eyes and leaves through the soul.

Review written by: ShotgunEnema ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 10:09:53

I didnt go to the show...250 per ticket was a little too much for me. I have been lucky enough to see tool many times before...including twice at roseland. Each of these left me feeling as though I had seen something rare and beautiful. I also managed to see APC 5 times on their recent tour(wow), so I've gotten my fill of intense experiences lately. I am writing this to voice my opinion on the issue of big venues and satifying fans. I've been to about 40 or 50 concerts in the last 6 years...big and small venues...all kinds of bands. Each of the 10 or so times I have seen tool (except for ozzfest and 'palooza) they were in a small venue. I wanted to emphasize something to people who may not have had this experience: there is a rare and beautiful feeling you get from seeing a band like tool in a small venue..a special feeling that makes it seem more like you are hanging out with friends than seeing a huge rock band. Staduim shows are great for some bands...and they do satify the fans and make more $$ for the band. But when I sit on the other side of a staduim, in a seat, I'm not getting the same experience I got at Roseland standing right under Maynards nose. I would rather miss a few shows and have a deeply emotional experience in a small place than see every show at MSG. I think that Tool coulve been selling out staduims back in 96...but they didnt. I would like to thank the band for that...and I hope they will return to NY in august with King Crimson (a great band btw) to play at my fav place roseland. Also a little side note to people who have never been to see tool before...have some respect for the traditions that existed before you got there (and will always be there).In short, I'm saying dont come to a tool show and expect it to be like a blink182 show. Respect and love to the band and the NY/NJ metalhead family!

Review written by: SuperJas ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 10:19:41

I had the priviledge of seeing one of the best shows I've ever seen.AMAZING! Waiting in the cold for hours was well worth it. Tickets were running $300-$500 a pop. There were some counterfeit tickets but if you bought any your a dumbass. They were smeared and printed on cheap paper. Security was tight as hell. Never seen anything like it. They opened the show at about 9:30. Some guy that used to be on Mr.Show w/Maynard opened with a touching story about a 5 year old boy who was suffereing from the aging disease. He had about two hours to live and decided to live it out the best way he could. AT A TOOL SHOW!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS!!!!!! He presented Tool. The show began with The Grudge and ended with Lateralus. It was my first Tool show and definitely not the last! They were perfectly in tune w/the video playing in the background, not ever missing a beat. It was like listening to the C.D. only 1,000x's louder. Perfection! Maynard mentioned something about getting together w/Rage against the Machine to rid of all the shit that is apparently labeled as today's rock music. THANK YOU TOOL!!!!!!!!!!! Jasmine

Review written by: Dran ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 10:25:07

David Cross from Mr. Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's all I have to say

Review written by: Grant S. ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 10:36:14

WHAT ELSE CAN YOU EVER WANT TO SEE? The Tool show that I saw last night at Hammerstein was one of the greatest things I have ever seen. They sounded better live than any band I ever heard in my life. If I had to rank it, it was the second best show I ever saw (behind seeing Pantera in March). Tool got on and played for two solid hours, with every song generating the type of emotion that you listen to tool for. Going straight into Stinkfist after opening with the Grudge, Tool had every member of the audience in the palms of their hands from the first seconds of the show. Everything sounded so good. Prison Sex, Sober, 46 &2, Aenima, Opiate, Parabola, Lateralis, it just didn't end. One great song after another. Their stage show was remarkable as well. I just pray that when they come back in August I'll be lucky enough to see them again. Truly a great experience. - Grant

Review written by: Namuh ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 10:43:31

Well, I think more or less what needs to be said has been above. Bob and David from Mr.Show were a pleasant supprise. Somehow I ended up on the mezzannine which had it's pros and cons but I feel like I missed out a bit. At Lolla97 I enjoyed being crushed by 2000 other fans only 20ft from the stage. At that point I knew we weren't 2000 fans, we were one mass. Unfortuantly as a sound engineer I'm very critical about the sound. I know it must have been great on the floor, but leave the mezzanine for parents and people that don't want to be there. A few times durring the show I felt somesort of acoustic vertigo in peak moments due to delays etc. But that's not Tools fault. They put on a spectacular show, the set list was perfect. The visuals were amazing. Watching Danny master his kit is quite a sight. The Schism vid is probably the weakest one yet, in my opinion, but still fine work. It's good to see Adam still use models and stop motion in this cg world. Unfortunatly I was distracted from the beautiful spectical I witnessed with a room full of friends, by a pair of american gladiators that found it funny to be tossing cigarettes and beer and whatever else off the balcony. I don't know about anyone else but I feel at home at a tool show. There's a certain bond I have with the rest of the crowd at these shows and seeing this really fries me. It's sad to see the karmic deficit make it's way in to fuck up someone else's night. Maybe I'm wrong those, these guys could be rouge scholars rediscovering physics and gravity... but had never seen a balcony before. See you kids at the next NYC show... and come on, have some respect for one another.

Review written by: Tom Deveney ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 10:45:44

All I must say is BEAUTIFUL... After waiting in front of Hammerstein for about 5 hours asking for tickets, I finally found someone with an extra. Well worth the 200 bucks I paid. Met up with one of my best buddies and we had a blast. Right before the show started, some girl kept passing out next to me. I just hope she did not miss the show. I felt as though I was going to die during The Grudge, but the floor lightened up afterwords which allowed me to fully enjoy Tool's songs. Pushit was by far the BEST song played all night... It was just done w/o error... Maynard's voice was so strong, and the mix between the quiet and loud vocals was just awesome. Absolutely amazing. Hammerstein's the best venue that I would have liked to see Tool in.. The opera house has such a unique feel to it...

Review written by: Pierce Bruno ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 10:53:57

Hmmm. I can't believe how many morons have posted reviews thus far. Anyway... It was great to see David Cross and the other guy from Mr. Show kick it off with some comedy. I have all of the old Mr. Show episodes on tape and we need more!!! I was in the altered state of Drugachussetes last night with Professor Ellis D. Trails. Anyway, as you have already read, the show itself was mind-blowing. A Tool performance is a complete work of art. The visuals are so thought provoking. One of the highlights of the show was during "Reflection". First of all, "Disposition" sets it up perfectly, inspiring a sort of meditative state, as I feel much of Tool's music is designed to do. "Reflection" begins with that sort of tribal beat with that freaky sounding drum on the 1. Anyway, I got completely lost in the video that went along with that song. First of all the larvae looking things that were squirming along the ground were human torsos, possibly cloned organ farms. Then the video would flash to the headless man in the suit waving, like a cloned scumfuck politician, cloned to wave at the idiotic masses. Sorry, I watched Dick Cheney lying through his teeth on Meet the Press yesterday morning and I am still nauseous. The Schism video is incredible as well, and the sacred geometries flashing behind Maynard were a nice touch. Parabol/Parabola was also a very inspired moment in the show, and is the highlight of Lateralus to me at this point of my experience with the record. The Grudge is also just an incredible song, so completely dense. I choose ten, new aeon. Seriously, go to right now and order Aion by Carl Gustav Jung and go directly to the chapter about the Prophecies of Nostradamus...then listen to the Grudge. Also order Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav. Lateral Us.

Review written by: Omar ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 11:15:46

Wow! Everything was worth it. I put a LOT of effort into going to this concert, and it all paid off big time. The 11 hours waiting outside of Hammerstein for tickets a couple of weekends ago, the fact that i got to the venue at 2 pm yesterday just to wait so i could get a good spot inside...the fact that the show didn't start until 8:45 and the roadies kept on walking back and forth on stage in front of us....that fat, Undertow-looking woman by all paid off in the end. The band came on and my knees went's been so long. I was right near the front of the floor, right by the barricades at the front. I had perfect views of the band (except for Justin, I could hardly see him over the tall dudes to the side of me). The setlist was exactly the same as for the Chicago/Detroit shows; perfect in every way. I would have enjoyed hearing "Eulogy" and "The Patient" though, but ah well. All in all a perfect show, the best concert I have ever seen (and I've seen a bunch). It was the first time that I spent a lot of the concert just staring at a drummer in awe.....Danny Carey is truly the best rock drummer of all time. Maynard was everything I expected and more; his comments, his singing, his gyrating....all truly Maynard. Adam and Justin....always on top of their game. Justin truly shined during "Schism," I must say. Aside from some assholes who weaseled their way up to the front of the pit where the real Tool fans were (fuck all you punks), it was 2 of the best hours of my life. Thank you Tool. See you in August.

Review written by: Matt S. ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 11:24:32

A big wave to all of the guys and gals in the Mezzanine, we rocked. Another wave to the woman with the bleached blonde ponytails who danced 2 rows in front of me and to the left in front of the pillar, I haven't seen Tool eroticized like that EVER. If I ever go into a strip club it will be to watch you work. Now for the concert, My dawg Clayton and I bought the tickets in Syracuse. We were the first two people in line at the Kaufman's in the Carousel Mall, a Utopia for dopes who wear Abercrombie and the like. We waited 2.5 hours and got the tickets. School ended and we came home. Throughout the week, I had taken to random laughing, just because I knew what was going to happen. My parents were not laughing, silly parents. I kinda wish I could have taken a girl, but I went with Clayton. We both had one more ticket, and I knew who they were for. Tim, Pedro, Matt, and Clayton, 4 dawgs going to see the best rock band ever. How cinematic! On line, we meet these two ladies who bought fake tickets. I was trying to point out that they were fake, but I kept on getting these images of us in a threesome. I'm sorry. This is the guy in the black Simpson's Shirt apologizing to the Doctor in the Navy and her blonde friend...... I got up to the Mezzanine and started spazzing because I thought I would be unable to buy a T-Shirt. The security guards were everywere and never let us leave the Mezzanine. I was half hoping for a fire so they could see how assanine the policy is but whatever. I suppose thats just the hormone induced rage of an 18-year-old male going to consummate a strong fanship. The show started 45 minutes late. It seemed like it was not the band's fault, although they had "Mr. Show with Bob and David" open up for them. One guy came out and said he was for the Make a wish foundation, and said that this other guy had that aging disease, and his last dying wish was to see Tool. The other guy, a big dopey bastard introduced Tool with "Here's tool you fucking faggots!" If I had a sniper riffle I probably would have shot them both old school. Tool came on and started playing, making liberal use of the color red in the beginning. Sweet. Most of the visuals were nuts, two naked children in a swimming pool biting each other, giant maggots in a digital men's room, the repeating toilet bowl (everytime the camera zoomed into the bowl I swore I was going to fall off of the balcony. The sacred flower, essential to Islamic art, and pretty cool to look at for an atheist like me, was shown a couple of times. Schism video - People have to pull things out of their heads in order to communicate. Of course the people are all wierd-lookin'. There is one cool part - one of the creatures in the video has a body and a head with nothing but a mouth on it, nothing else. Did I mention that the only thing on the thing's head was a mouth? Spooky. Maynard said that Tool and Rage are going to try to "erase all of the bad shit out there," pretty condescending, almost as condescending as not having an openning band. The setlist was the same as the last two. My regards to my dawgs, the audience, that stripper, and TOOL.

Review written by: Brian ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 11:27:51

I embrace my desire to feel the rhythm, to feel connected enough to step aside and weep like a widow to feel inspired, to fathom the power, to witness the beauty, to bathe in the fountain, to swing on the spiral of our divinity and still be a human. Those lyrics sums it all up.

Review written by: logan ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 11:46:23

The day was perfect from beginning to the end. Being from boston i have to say New York has it all over us. What a great city to visit. This was my second time seeing tool and I have to say is there a better live band out there? From the opening track to the last I felt every emotion flow out. What an experience.

Review written by: George ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 11:46:50

I saw Tool for the first time in Asbury Park after Aenima was released. It was by far the most excited I had ever been for a show. Since then I had seen them twice more, and every time I had been just as excited. However, nothing was as exciting as seeing them last night in NY. Perhaps it was the prospect of hearing songs off of the truly amazing new album, or maybe it was the realization, given their enormous popularity, that it may have been one of the last rare chances to see Tool in a smaller venue. Whatever the reason was, the show was a surreal experience. The band had a supreme command over every song, playing even the longest of the new songs(Reflection) with ease. Maynard's voice never missed a note and I was amused to watch people around me react in amazement at some of his vocal contortions(This must have been even more amazing for the uninitiated). During the intermission they played the Schism video which was a feast for the eyes, every bit as fresh as their previous efforts. Despite my absolute exhaustion when they ended the show with Lateraus, I still craved for more. Perhaps if more of the general public was exposed to what it's like at a Tool show, there would be less patience for all the bullshit that has flooded the radio these days. Tool has earned their place in the scheme of things, and it is shows like last night's that prove why they are the greatest band out there. True to their music, true to their art, true to themselves, true to their fans. Uncompromising. TOOL ROCKS! -G

Review written by: Nicky Blaze ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 12:08:31

So I filed into the Hammerstein Ballroom last night around 630 and I was completely caught off guard. After about two hours of waiting, two sick bastards came out on stage and started pretending to be the make a wish foundation. Holy shit, was that funny. apparently, I have to see Mr. Show. I was in the mezzanine and I was glad for that, because as soon as the band kicked in you could tell they were in rare form and I wanted to be a bit away from the blast radius. I looked out on a sea of swirling, sweaty people and thought "Yes." Highlights of the night included Refection ("Holy shit," I said,"this is the song you hear when you die!") pushit, which was always a favourite tool song of mine,Ćnema which produced more rage than anything else I have ever encountered, and the grudge, which is my new favourite song and was even better live. The visuals were, to quote every film critic "Stunning" and the sound was perfect, I danced my ass off, banged my head, and just flat out rocked. In fact, after Opiate, some crazy girl in front of me turned around and asked me to give her 5. "OK." if that was you, cool. One truly terrible thing was the aformentioned douchemasters who were casting cigarette butts over the edge. Somebody could have caught fire in something OTHER than their soul, chump, and that's not cool. Oh yeah, if you like anime and shit, go to the Kinokuniya Bookstore. I was dumbfounded by their selection. August. Will. Come. Soon.

Review written by: grimlokk ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 12:11:02

can anyone list the MJK-isms from last night in NYC?? i was not fortunate enough to attend and i find true inspiration in him...

Review written by: phase's heartbeat ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 12:25:07

where do i begin!?this was my twelth magical live experice with the band, and i got every thing i came. $200 ticket(out-fucking-ragious), but every penny's worth. the new material was insane and they nailed every last note.i was on the barrier the whole s how just right of center.the band seemed a bit distanced from the crowd, but then again the crowd was abit disappointing, and just didn't seem to have the energy i expected(or maybe they were to busy wasting on pushing everyone so hard that the entire fuc king barrier slid a good 4-6 in. across the floor!)however it was good to hear that Danny and Justin were both hangin out back signing shit for awhile in the afternoon.did anyone else notice that through the whole show Maynard never revealed his APC tatto o? i thought that was somwhat interesting. all in all, this show was incredible, just as we all knew it would be, and only prooved to me that TOOL is still the only band out there that can leave all the bullshit behind and let the Music speak for itself, and pull it off beautifully!whatelse is there to say? one last time, thank you guys for making the world change. signed, the guy who caught the drumstick!(sorry but i had to brag a little) p.s. fuking David Cross and that goofy-looking dude are the shit!!!

Review written by: Nic0le ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 12:35:41

let me start out by saying i have been a huge t00l fan since '96 and saw them live in '97 (lollapalooza) but this year took the freakin' cake! It was by far the best performance I have ever witnessed in my life and t00l was way better than my highest expectation. I loved the "intimate" setting of the ballroom cuz no matter where you were u could see the gods play and hear their awesome music. there are no words that describe how awesome t00l is..the only thing i can think of that comes close is a religious orgasmic experience. I know all you fellow t00l fans know what i mean by that. I have no complaints about the show except for the fact that i wish i was in the pit instead of the mezz, but hey at least i was there right? the graphics were mind-blowing. Adam is a genius. MJK was very sincere and nice to the crowd which was kinda a shocker for me...but hey more power to him. t00l mentioned that they were going to "try to wash away all the bad shit from the past with them and their friends in rage against the machine" MJK also mentioned coming out with a music/dvd/cd/tape deal like Pink Floyd's "The Wall" and call it "Run..(i forgot the name) Run" or something of that nature. I'll defintely be purchasing it when it comes out! They also mentioned touring in the U.S. again in august with king crimson and not the other king (whatever) with the guy with the face makeup. I want to thank the guy who let me stand on his chair the whole entire show, since i was vertically challenged and could not see :) I know the setlist is already posted and the general details of the show so i just posted the other stuff that i'm remebering at the moment....if i think of anything else i'll be sure to post. if you didn't get to see the show make sure you get to the next one when they come around again!! it's well worth the money!! (just be careful of fakes) by the way MJK looked HOT in that leather get-up :) i liked that even more than the breasts and body paint from back in the day. ~*Nic0le*~

Review written by: Nic0le ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 12:58:31

hey, Nicky Blaze ( that girl who high fived you..hehe that was me :)..i also have some more stuff to add..i could die happy now..t00l is my inspriation for everything that kicks ass..damn. i wish i was back at the concert right now.. ~*Nic0le*~

Review written by: bribri wished he had a hat ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 12:58:36

ok ..ive read all the reviews and it reminds me a lot of the crowds last night. im not one to judge but for me, punching and kicking is not the response i get from seeing pushit live.. this is about growth, emotion, evolution..not random acts of violence...i understand they play heavy music, but does that mean you have to dropkick one another...i was trying to cry and evolve and i was getting choke slammed by sweaty limp bizkit and ICP fans..but thank the stars this was a tool show and even your numb-skulled antics could keep me from the next rung on the just like to say hello to the four guys who snuck past everybody and hid in the bathroom for 2 hours smoking pot...that was fucking the girl whose ass was pressed forceably into my crotch for the full nine minutes of lateralis, im sorry..but you didnt have to keep shaking the goddamned thing...and to the chick with the seagrams 7 in a curious george lunchbox...and the pittsburgh kid who bought me ciggarettes...your the people who i share tool with..the people who were there for the music, the sights, the POINT...of understanding, which was being so generously offered last night...i just wish that people like the six 16 year olds screaming maynard sixty times would realize that there are three other immensley, equally valuable people on the stage, you jackass...go to a p-roach show..."tool AND WINGER!, TOOL AND PERFECT CIRCLE, TOOL AND GUNS AND ROSES!!''" SHUT UP YOU MORONS NOT FUCKING LINKIN PARK...sorry, im sorry....but to those who realized the value of what we saw, email me , lets talk, lets relive what weve seen...the truth of beauty and knowledge...tool...tool...we saw fucking TOOL LAST NIGHT!!!! THEY PLAYED PUSHIT!! do u know what that means? love the very orange haired boy who needed a hat, and a lighter, bribri

Review written by: Sean ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 13:02:53

After waiting in line since 8am on the 5th and noone at the TM I was at got tickets I was determined to go. So I checked out ebay but really didn't trust it so I called one of the ticket agencies and got my tik for 250. Money very well spent.So anyway I left a little late, took a train to Penn station(all by myself). I get there about 7:45, get in about 8:15 and start making my way towards the front. I managed to get to about 2 feet from the very front right in front of Adam. Tool played with insane accuracy and precision and made it look absolutely effortless. Great show. Could've dealt with a little less pushing, but that's to be expected at a show for the greatest band on earth. Anyway last night was completely intoxicating, from the music to the visuals to the band. It was excellent. I was the kid with the opiate priest tattoo on his back. Email me if u want.

Review written by: jsn ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 13:13:05

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Attention~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ i am looking for ANYONE who was able get a VHS recording or sound board recording of this show. if you were able to tape the show in ANY format, please email me so we may discuss a purchase. i also have several older tool shows for trade if interested. (only email me if you have a recording of the show please!) jsn ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Attention~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Review written by: Opiatej21 ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 14:47:15

I dont want to write a 50 page review although I could...I'll try to be brief. Where to begin...3 1/2 trip from MA. to NYC to see the world's best band... I just want to share a few thoughts w/ fellow Tool fanatics like myself...feel free to email me w/ comments or just to chat -Also- I'd be interested (like anyone) in purchasing/trading for a recording of any/all of the 4 mini tour shows...please email me if you can help... First off - it may have been said before, but the opportunity to see Tool in a 3600 seat venue happens once in a lifetime for most people - it sucks that all true Tool fans can't see the show..but in my opinion it is much better than seeing them in a 10 - 20 thousand seat venue (althought that is amazing) The show was absolutely awe-inspiring & amazing...Sounded great (& loud), perfectly in sync w/ the visuals & MJK's dancing... that being said - The new album is incredible, even better live...i cant believe i was hearing some people saying they were disapointed w/ the album. Hopefully if you came in feeling this way you went away feeling differently - I, like many, would've liked to hear The Patient & Ticks but I'm thinking most people that listen to the album pick out those 2 as favorites pretty quickly (not the hardcore fans)& by playing the others Tool's attempting to educate people (those who need to be shown) how good the other songs are...I don't know Perhaps Maynard is god as so many people seemed to want to share w/ the band, but Tool is Tool because of all 4 members - They are all incredible artists & musicians - I'm assuming Adam had much to do w/ the visuals - I can't begin to describe them - trippy, hypnotic - Excellent. Tool is not like any other band out there - they are taking music & the world to new places - we all have a chance to be a part of something special when we're at a show - I know some moshing is inevitable, but why do some feel the need to kick, punch, elbow & crowd surf their way through everyone...if only we could eradicate these types of behaviors from all Tool shows - think of the "Infinite possibilities" As far as what the band had to say, I think it was covered above, but MJK thanked everyone for their support a couple times & mentioned something about Rage & Tool saving us from shitty music (i can't remember exactly). He said they'd be back in August w/ King Crimson - so will I! SET: The Grudge/Stinkfist/46 & 2/Prison Sex(A)/Schism/Pushit (Orig)/Disposition/Reflection -Schism video - Sober(Orig,no intro)/Parabol_Parabola/Aenima/opiate/Lateralus Thanks to TOOL for another (5X) wonderful experience!

Review written by: Tool Is God! ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 14:57:15

tool is amazing! That was definately the best night of my life! Maynard has the most amazing voice i have evr heard, Danny is the best drummer out there and justin and adam are simply excellent! The highlight of my evenig with tool was when they played 46&2 into prison sex! farewell tool forever! maynard is god! -matt-

Review written by: Pit-pat ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 16:31:57

Incredible!! The sound was top notch...and LOUD. My wife and I were on the rail, in front of Adam. The crowd was very cool both in line and during Reflection. The Lateralus material sounds 10 time better live, then again everything tool plays live is great. That's the reason why we drove down from RI to NYC. TOOL. The experience is unmatched. Anima, 46&2, Stinkfist, and The Grudge were the songs that made the ENTIRE floor swell up and down whether you wanted to or not. That's why we like the rail. The set list was great. Of course there are a lot of other songs that I would like to have heard, but I will be patient. Tool is back on TOUR! REJOICE! There will be more shows to see with new live material. Drool. Maynard may have been a little more reserved in his trademark thrashings, but I thik he is focusing more on the vocals. The visuals were the real star of the show as far as eye candy. Huge screen. I did not see the "magick" board hanging around anywere. Anyone see it? Having Danny up on a riser on the right was perfect. I was able to witness...How the hell he does all that? Incredible double bass all night. I like the dim lighting on the band, because it lets you focus on the journey, instead of ego hype. Beware! TOOL is back baby! Cadet Pit-pat of the tool army. ......spiral..out......

Review written by: PaulC ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 16:56:48

God Damn! Best show I have ever been too! The sound was amazing, and they were right on with everything. They played mostly the hits, maybe just because Maynard has spent the last year and a half with APC, and he is a little rusty with the lyrics, but I am not complaining. I enjoyed meeting the list people, Christina, Dave and Opiate, and the fourth (sorry, I forgot your name.) See you in August. PaulC

Review written by: Jackie Windpipe ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 17:08:15

I waited in line for over seven hours to get tickets to the show and it was definitely worth it. We each bought two tickets. I took my wife and he sold one of his to a couple from somewhere in Texas. He was nervous about selling his ticket because he thought the girl from Texas might be undercover. Apparently the couple from Texas was real cool and he gave them a good price on the ticket. Which was pretty cool considering how many scoundrels were selling tickets for $300 bucks a piece. Anyway, that is not important but I am just trying to build up the story a little. So my wife and I got to the Hammerstein around six-thirty and stood in line for an hour or so. When we got in we tried to go up to the balcony but the bitch-ass ticket taker said we only had general admission tickets and had to go down to the floor. He said that balcony seats were reserved only for investors, ticketmaster employees, rich people, Sony executives, frat boys with connections, and other corporate stock brokers who don't know a damn thing about TOOL but who wanted to be with the "IN" crowd. I said no problem and headed back downstairs. As soon as the band started everyone rushed toward the stage and started throwing elbows. I was laying low next to the wall and this dumb bitch next to me kept blowing smoke in everyone's face. TOOL was awesome of course. The music was crisp. The visuals were perfectly timed and once again mind-blowing. The show lasted over two hours with a small intermission during which they played the new schism video. Maynard gave a shout out to Rage Against the Machine. When it was all over I could hardly stand. I took the subway home and the train was stilled packed at 11:00 at night. Can you believe that? That is about the jist of it. Another great performance by TOOL. It is great to see them back in action!

Review written by: sparky4053 ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 17:46:43

I was at the ATL show and got a very good audience recording. I will trade it for a recording of any of the other "Presiminal Tour" shows (CHI, DET, NY) email me if you have any to trade. This show is NOT FOR SALE! I WILL NOT SELL THESE CDS and ANY REQUESTS TO DO SO WILL BE DELETED FROM MY EMAIL.

Review written by: Sioux ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 19:14:49

I thought I was going to cry last night, but I'm even more moved that all of you who posted bled your emotion into your review... you all know that none of the words in all of the languages combined would be enough to describe last night's performance. Half of the experience was sharing it with dedicated and loyal fans, and I'm so glad that you all felt as priviledged as I did. To the elitist who posted before, you can suck one. If you didn't realize how nice and sweet everyone was, then that just sucks for you. To everyone else.. thank you for not being dickheads. I'm glad the krock bitches didn't get tickets >:) I waited in line since 11am.. and oh god was it worth it. I was pressed against the rail in front of Adam all night.. in awe.. it was out of this world. (they really should've played H though) Here's to August so we can all share 'em again =) Thank you guys. (am I the only one who noticed how nice everyone was..?) and oh yeah!!!!!!! My bootlegging cronies fucking video taped it!!!!! HA!!!!!!!!!! Email if you want it. =) Tell 'em Sioux sent ya. Take care, you guys.

Review written by: Feeling the power.... ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 20:06:30

OH MY GOD.... I can't believe last night. I can't believe how lucky I was. Well... here's my story: I didn't even get a chance to get tickets when they went on sale, it was impossible, and I have never won anything, like radio station giveaways, etc... So no luck there either... But I live in NYC so might as well take advantage of it. Went by Hammerstein Ballroom at 6, not even expecting to get a ticket, but what if... Well 7: 15 came about and I was already hopeless, but sort of happy to still have my money after almost buying a fake ticket. (the girl that was going to get them with me got them $200 each and they turned out to be fake) [i'm lucky] Then I saw a guy who seemed to be selling and he was. ... wanted $450 for 2 the scalper ran up, but the guy didn't want to deal with him, so I got 1 and so did another guy $220 each [not bad] I think what happened is Hammerstein printed up more tix when they seemed to have more room, so the Ticketmaster employees were selling them ... We even verified our tix right when we got them and they were so real. [lucky again] Tickets were on the floor [again:)] I couldn't believe it, after all I was going to see TOOL!!! The excitemant of buying the tickets and waiting, 2 weeks in this case, for the show all crammed into one moment of pure extasy. I couldn't contain it.... kept grinning the whole time, I still am, whenever i get achance to. :) The show was incredible. It was my first time seeing Tool live and it blew my mind. I expected something great, but this was beyond anything I could've imagined, beyond real, beyond humanly possible. These guys are truly not of this world. They are not simply musicians playing a concert, they are geniouses and great artists in full sence of the word. The video screen was huge. The Grudge got everyone going and then Stinkfist, and 46&2 was amazing (the video for it was something too)... all the songs were great. I had no complaints no negative feelings at all... The people started to calm down after the first 3 songs and that was good. Even though it was partially due to the fact that, unfortunately there were a lot of people not familiar with the new material, it gave me and the rest a chance to enjoy the music and the visuals without being mindlessly shoved around. Don't get me wrong the music moved me, it was increadible, but for some reason I could enjoy myself and even jump around as much as I wanted to without hurting or bothering others. I fell in love with Lateralus as well after a few good listens, but I was wondering where did the 5 yrs the guys were absent for go. There is so much more to Lateralus than what it seems on a record. The new songs are just as great and emotional as all the rest, maybe even better on a more mature level... And the special effects were simply fantastic and really great as the 2 combined... inspired me very much, and opened my mind again... i can go on forever about this but everyone who went felt it all and has this great experience with them that no one can take away... I almost feel proud of myself and different from everyone else I see on the street just because most of them will never see, feel or even be aware of everything that went on at the show or any Tool show... (sorry for the real fans who couldnt get tickets or didnt have money to... it's all screwed up like that) Pushit was better than I ever heard it, Schism video - wow, Reflection was beautiful, I really started enjoying myself after the intermission, Sober, and then Parabol, Parabola was the highlight for me, Aenima - best fucken song, and Lateralus - what a great song to finish with.... all the way home '... swing on a spiral... to...' was in my head playing over and over and over untill I went to sleep... I really understand and feel the meaning of the song. DID YOU ALL GET IT??? It is going to be my new motto for living. It's so adventurous, smart, and open minded... I can't get over it. Don't know about you but I'm following it!!!! Listening to Tool on a stereo is great, watching the videos is better, watching Tool live is to die for, but having it all together combined, amplified and with the energy of the crowd = priceless. thank you guys Maynard (always great, always a mystery), Adam (skill and your artwork is unbelievable), Justin (skill again and such power), and Danny (I don't know how you do it) .... You all are a blessing to this world. thank you also, my friend Paul who helped me find the ticket, the guy Andrew who bought one with me and kept me company, the familiar faces Eric and the twins John and Matt .... and all the Tool fans. (excuse me I couldn't stop writing) hope to reepeat this again in August a.

Review written by: Sioux ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 21:24:28

I have another thing to say............... I just completely realized how important life is. I'm so so so glad to be alive and breathing. I hope you all let this feeling manifest into your daily life. We could pump this world full of our love (stemming from the inspiration induced from TooL) and completely turn it around if we REALLY wanted to. I don't mean to sound like a hippie, but wow.. last night changed my fucking life... *the revolution will not be televised*

Review written by: Marc ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 21:33:38

Its the night after the show and i just finished reading a couple of other reveiws. I wont even try. It won't do justice. I can die in peace now. By the way, i saw Kabir and his siter if anyone cares.I got my tix about 35 minutes before the show for FACE VALUE from the box office!! I came inside and i was just overwhelmed that i finally got in to see fuckin TOOL! The mosh was a bit shabby- I tried my best but there werent that many people into it. However, Maynards vocals really made the show worthwhile and if i had paid 300 bucks it still woulda been worth it. Anyone who wasnt fortunate enough to get in, words will never console you. Your only hope is to get your ass into their next show. Marc

Review written by: Nick ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 21:44:43

Ya know I wish there was a word that could describe what I witnessed last night, but alas one has not yet been created that can give the full appeal of this show. A few lame attempts would be,... amazing, perfect, enchanting, powerful, and down and out fucking good. The boys took the stage and you would think a prison riot was going on. The place went beserk. They took the stage and wasted no time. Right into music, hard, rough, and flawless. They brought a power that can't be trapped into a cd. Maynard wore the black leather outfit he has been said to sport the last few shows, and dropped the top during intermission coming out in an S&M/bulletproof looking type vest, to go with his trademark baldy. The rest of the crew were as great as ever. Danny bashing with precision, Adam wailing like it was the last thing he would ever do, and Justin thumping the lowend like he was trying to summon a spirit. They ripped through songs making me think I was on another plane of existence. Between a few songs Maynard would make some comments. Things like, the Mr. Show movie coming out, thanking the fans for the votes and support, and the one that made me smile more then the rest....they would be back around in August with King Crimson. They played the same set they've had the last few shows (check the reviews!). During the intermission the Schism video played and WOW. I mean Adam has put out the best videos out there, but man he just keeps topping himself. The video was great the graphics, the line it followed. It was well, great! After the intermission no calmness was reached, we were thirsty for more, and boy did they deliver. They ran through Sober making the place seem to rattle to the point of crumbling and it just kept getting better. They hit us with song after mesmerizing song each one bringing the fans to a new level of craze. When it was all over I felt renewed, changed, knowing I witnessed a true work of art in motion. In my 22 years of life I have been a Tool fan for about 8 (I wish I would have cought on earlier!) since then I have seen them twice and spent most of the remaining time soaking in the cd's. With all this said my advice to all of you is, see them if you haven't, see them again if you already have, tell friends about them, buy cd's, spread word, we cannot be hordeful with this music people need to know about it and feel it, new fans will be gald you did! Thanx....Nick

Review written by: Twizzler guy ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 22:57:04


Review written by: Guiy with the Black Hat ( Review posted on: 05/21/01 23:20:24

To the nice, beautiful girl with the blonde hair that I met outside of the Hammerstein Ballroom after the show. I gave you a cigarette, you told me your were from New Jersy, I told you I was from MA, we both payed $300 for a ticket, you lost your freinds, I lost my freinds, I found my 2 freinds, said bye to you, then left. If you happen to be reading this please send me an e-mail... By the Way the TOOL show was unreal, second time I've seen them, and it was one of the best shows I have ever seen. payed $300 for a ticket, but worth every cent.. I will remember it as long as I live... -TOOLNUT-

Review written by: Jarret ( Review posted on: 05/22/01 02:36:56

And I thought their CDs were good. I'm sure you know of even the most obscure bits and pieces of the show, through reading previous posts; I'm not going to list them again. Even when I try, I can't.... I can barely remember anything. I was on the floor, with those sweaty, greasy moshers five-feet before me and 3 out of every 4 of the other fans on something. Insane. I don't know whether it was because of the sheer collective energy among us people lucky enough to be placed on the floor (believe me, the floor was amazing), some peculiar sort of second-hand buzz, or, most likely, the absolute skill that is live Tool, but the only real thing I can remember is that constant, purest toolgasm pulsating through my body and soul for every second of this unquestionably divinely-inspired performance. I remain in a pseudo-trance. I was a Tool-virgin. Ahhhhhhh..... Now I feel different, changed... And now there is no further reason or end to live for, save more Tool concerts. The sound was superb and crisp, the video / imagery amazing... meaningful and effective (it definitely added to the immersion, which I really started to appreciate toward the second half). The new songs are performed fabulously live. And, while this may seem unrelated, it really came together, EXPERIENCING the band at the concert, the true power / role of each individual in Tool: Maynard = thoughts, ideas Adam = mood Justin = subconscious Danny = strength / aggression Equally important, of course, they fill in those roles beautifully. Shout-outs to the nice guy who paid me $6 to get him a cup of water. If it tasted funny, it's because some dude who refused to move spilled some beer into it. Don't worry, though... He had just purchased it and was right at the bar; he hadn't yet taken even a wee sip. To the guy doing the "interpretive dance" upon the hands of the crowd to Parabol... great stuff. And to the chicks on uppermost right balcony... It was tough deciding whether to watch the band and the screen or you swinging dangerously over the edge! It was overwhelmingly obvious that the fans really cared about getting into the music. That is a Tool concert, and that is Tool fans. And the band cared just as much; Tool hasn't "sold out." One last thing: isn't it strange how other music seems all the more lacking after a Tool concert? As if it weren't so before. Sorry to blab! Till August... Jarret ;-)

Review written by: Greg (again) ( Review posted on: 05/22/01 06:53:55

Hey, Im posting again, sorry. Did anyone notice what Maynard did with my bands demo that landed in front of him right before Prison Sex? That was the highlight of my night. He touched our demo... woah... Anyone who didnt see this show, make sure you get a ticket when they come back in August. -Greg

Review written by: Doomsday ( Review posted on: 05/22/01 07:40:09

Amazing. The music has grown, allowing the listener to be swallowed whole. No longer is the focus on the performers, but the performance. Too many fans, too little room... good inspiration for moshing madly, crowd surfing, sweating, but not much for thinking. As much as I want to hate them, I still love Tool. Aftermath was aching, internal and external; muscles to soul, all was sore. I felt abused, beaten, dirty... but empowered. They beat me but I love them and want them back again. ~ doomsday ~

Review written by: Casey ( Review posted on: 05/22/01 09:18:48

I dont know his name, but I wanted to thank the guy that lifted me up so I could see Reverand Maynard do his thing. We all know, watching him IS THE CONCERT. All I know about this kid is he was with a few buddies on the right of the stage (if ure facing it), towards the back, against the wall......It was his first TOOL show....Oh, and he and his friends live in Manhattan....34th street actually!! Hope you enjoyed it....The show was ending, I turned around to say goodbye, and you guys were gone...If your reading this, drop me an email....later

Review written by: Namuh ( Review posted on: 05/22/01 10:06:49

If anyone is wondering what cd they were playing while the house was filling up, it was Download "III". In 97 Tool played songs from "The Eyes of Stanley Pain" which is an earlier Download album. For those of you who don't know... Download is a project fronted by ex-Skinny Puppy producer/percussionist/etc, Cevin Cey. He aslo did the unreleased remix of Stinkfist with Dave Ogilive, Skinny Puppy's full time producer and part time member.

Review written by: nic0le ( Review posted on: 05/22/01 11:30:25

yeah i'm back here posting again...i just wanted to add that when i read every single post that talks about how t00l makes you feel emotionaly,mentally, and physically (without all that BS moshing and crap). i feel exactly the same way and it's finally nice to know that others understand and apperciate the music as much as i do. more power to you! :) i also wanted to thank my friend phish (his first t00l concert) for sharing the night w/me, i had a lot of fun and couldn't think of anyone else who'd i'd rather share the experience with. hope you enjoyed t00l as much as i did...or even more. hopefully i shall see all of you in august when t00l comes back around, i know i'll try my best to be there. ~*Nic0le*~

Review written by: Seanh ( Review posted on: 05/22/01 12:06:21

Just saw the SCHISM vid. on MTV... It was alot better in New York. Saturday May 20th; 4p.- got done work 5p. Met friend, John in beautiful Upper Black Eddie, PA 5:30p.-On our way to experience TOOL. Drinking alcohol, eating caffine, doing 80 on RT 78, I saw the skyline of New York City. My city in which I will be a part of soon someday. How do I love that city. We get there @7.30 and parked pretty close. Started to walk to the ballroom. Had a appetitser of a girl flashing her duckies. Very nice start!!! We ended up right behind them in line. They were from Jersey. Cool Cats. When It was time to get tickets out. The dude from Jersey lost one of them. Horrible. I felt for that couple. Had problems with my ticket. Since I was from pennsy, my ticket looked alot different from the rest. But it was cool. It was genuine. Beer and a shot? Yes, please. HUGE shots! We make our way to the front. Okay, not bad here, but had to get closer. Waited 45 min. Murphy's law: I lit a cigarette, take one drag... the show starts. Don't get me wrong, that was the best smoke I ever had to put out. The Grudge... got me started; in complete awe...The crowd on the floor was probally the coolest I've been in. You wanted to veg out and close your eyes? you got it! You wanted to go crazy? oh yeah. I was a tool virgin. I never saw them before. Many feelings came about. I felt refreshed, relieved from this pain and sadness I carry. Pushit had my heart, as single tears fill my eyes. Best therapy that anyone could get is from TOOL. What ever one feels from TOOL, is what they feel. There is no wrong or right way. Soforget you people who thinks moshing is for air heads. It's just what they get from it. Which is honest and beautiful. Every song that they played that night were my absolute favriot. I never felt so much in peace in my entire life. With the venue packed with TOOL brothers, I have to say that I have seen and heard the most intimate, honest, intelligent band that, in my memories, will stay untill I die. No one will ever match this. After the show, piss break, a cigarette, a bottle of beer, disscussion with John. End. P.S.Thanks to the hits of pot

Review written by: Peter Lutz ( Review posted on: 05/22/01 12:57:11

Key word is intense. No way to describe the nrg this evening. Carey is a god. Maynard has a complex. He should though. It was nice to see you again also. Called 46&2 and they played it.

Review written by: Sarah Rose (part 2) ( Review posted on: 05/22/01 13:02:45

I just wanted to say again how much i appreciated everyones reviews. And one other thing...The Tool Army (and you know who you are) will save the music world. If you don;t understand, don't look here for an explaination. Either you grasp the 46&2 or you close that third eye on your own. Also, the 46&2 is NOT moshing, so please. No.

Review written by: jeremy ( Review posted on: 05/22/01 14:08:13

This was a great show came all the way from rochester ny to see tool for the first time.they played a great set and the video screens were cool pushit and opiate were the highlights of there set i think. this is tied for the best concert i have ever seen (rage against the machine)cant wait to see them again when they get back from europe- go see tool-you wont forget it. jeremy

Review written by: Justin Wamboldt ( Review posted on: 05/22/01 15:32:26

All I can say is WOW, this was the fifth time I've seen them, and the best show ever. If anyone was right next to that parking garage in line, I'm the kid that was telling off that shady scalper in the denim jacket, that guy really wanted to tear me a new asshole when I was done giving him shit. I met lots of chill people there and want to say hi to Pete, Danny Ray, Tara from Rutherford NJ, the guy with the long black hair I sold acid to, Jason, the kid with the red RATM shirt with the "Sell me a real ticket" sign, the blonde girl and her boyfriend from Stoughton, MA, the guy from Long Island looking for money to get home and everyone else I met.

Review written by: ToolHead ( Review posted on: 05/22/01 18:08:02

I just want to say that this was my first time seeing tool and that they blew my mind. Everyone was incredible. The graphics were outstanding. Adam is the man. I want to thank Jayson, the guy who i sold a ticket to, for bringin liquor. I want to thank Phil & Phil for hooking us up with pot, which we've been looking for all goddamn night, and i also want to thank the two chicks that got right in front of me and started jumping up and down really fast :) Most of all, I want to thank tool for the best time of my life. Hope to do this again in august

Review written by: nuejerz ( Review posted on: 05/22/01 18:19:39

Well, I guess most of what there is to say has been said already... just one thing I'd like to know... I don't know if anyone else felt this, but during 46&2, about 8 measures before Carey's 7/8 drum break, I felt a change in the room... I was moshing, and heard that that part of the song was coming... I stopped dead in the middle of the pit and stared at Danny thinking "I wanna see how the motherfucker does it..." I guess everyone did the same because right in the middle of everything, nobody touched me until it was over... it seemed like all the attention in that room was focused on Danny and nobody else, just waiting for him to throw down and hoping desperately not to be dissappointed... everyone knew they were watching him and he seemed to know he was being watched, and he tore through every note effortlessly... the mark of a professional... just a thought... Danny, if you read this, you're top knotch... Maynard, Adam, Justin, congrats to you guys as well, some songs were better than the CDs... (Opiate especially) and I hope you guys bought your sound techs a round of beers... it was impeccable, they didn't miss a beat... -matt PS: feel free to email me with any responses...

Review written by: Heather ( Review posted on: 05/22/01 18:48:10

This had to be the best concert I have ever experienced. Waiting outside for 18 hours in front of the venue was WELL worth it to say the least. Every part of the concert was beautiful...the sights and sounds, everything was perfect and there aren't any adjectives that I can find to explain how intense this experience was. After 8 years of waiting...hey, I was too young to go to the last tour...I'm definitely extatic to say at the very least. Maynard mentioned that Tool would be touring with King Crimson [who is a childhood favorite of mine]...I would never have thought in a million years that Tool would tour with of all bands, King Crimson; When he mentioned that I flipped out, I couldn't believe it; I can't wait for that...I'm definitely up for waiting 18 hours for tickets again. Anyway, the experience was amazing and so intense, I couldn't do anything but cry because of the immense emotion I felt, I just had to release and that was all I could was beautiful...I hope I can experience it again...

Review written by: Heather ( Review posted on: 05/22/01 19:01:51

Oh yeah, how could I forget, I also wanted to thank all of Tool, for their existance, in no particular order: Danny, Adam, Maynard and Justin, you played so beautifully amd sounded excellent. Your words and music have made such an impression on my life and outlook since I was 8 [Thanks to Barry :)]; I'm only 16, and since then I've been so affected by your words, I don't know how else to express my thanks and how much I appreciate your coming to New York. There the english language goes again, not inventing words great enough to say what I'm trying to express. Never the less, thank you -Heather

Review written by: heather ( Review posted on: 05/22/01 19:40:19

and to clarify [someone e-mailed me and asked what i was referring to: YES i waited 18 hours for tickets outside along with about 200 other people. as i said, it was worth every minute.

Review written by: Tryfing the Viking ( Review posted on: 05/22/01 19:56:36

I actaully sent out a review the next day but obviously sent it from the wrong part of town on this site. This was my first TooL show ever and I was left not feeling the same as when I arrived. I had never felt so alive than during that show. There was an obvious harmony in the air with everyone there, except for "look at me I'm moshing" assholes in front of me. They actually got the hint after awhile that they were surrounded by people who wanted to take the whole thing in. I found myself reflecting, understanding the present, looking forward to the future. Just like "The Norns". In norse paganism it's the cosmic power of fate. I felt myself walking the very path they laid. I felt like I was suppost to be there. Everything went smooth from the start of the quest. I know absolutely nothing about Manhattan or how to get around. I bought my tickets from a kid on e-bay, picked them up from 34th and 6th ave. right in front of the GAP. Made it home without getting lost once. Saw an absolutley life changing show. Everything went right. I even shared my joint with a stranger next to me and gave him the roach. I actually felt myself envying tool because of how advanced their music is compared to the usual k-rock playlist. I felt like I was one of the luckiest people in the world to witness this show. Almost like I didn't deserve it, but I did. One last thing. What made it more special was the fact that they played the song that explains my childhood to a T, "Pushit". I almost cried when they started crankin' it. It wasn't on the playlist from the Atlanta show. The valkries can take me away anytime, I am now musically and theatrically complete! TooL, you may never know just what this show meant to me.

Review written by: Jeremy ( Review posted on: 05/22/01 20:11:03

I just want to thank the band (though I'm sure they won't ever see this) for putting on the best show I have experienced so far in my life. I had tears in my eyes for the first two or three songs, and intermittently after that; the emotional wave that hit me (as this was the culmination of several years of waiting to finally see a live performance) was quite simply overwhelming...My only complaint (though the blame falls far from the band members) is the lack of respect for those people in the crowd who simply did not feel the need to thrash about and try to physically injure the other members of the audience...Despite the fact that the band (sic) posted a note on the door explicitly requesting that there be "no moshing or crown surfing", some of the more "aggressive" members of the audience chose to ignore it...But regardless, I did my best to tune them out and take in the incredibly well constructed visuals, or just close my eyes and let the music envelope me...Anyway, I just wish to thank the band for an incredibly impressive performance, as well as the members of the audience who respected the wishes of the band... Jeremy

Review written by: Tryfing the Viking ( Review posted on: 05/22/01 20:17:17

One last thing, sorry. I have also never seen a band care more for their fans than to perform a show the way they did even if it was a small venue. You won't find that kind of entertainment any where else but be on the look out for bands to mimic. Oh, I almost forgot about TooL's heroes....Pink Floyd.

Review written by: Violated ( Review posted on: 05/22/01 21:53:05

I can't believe I made it out of there alive. The crowd went wild even from the first song (grudge). The front stage area was expecially brutal (even for any strong girl). TOOL rocked. They're the only reason why I even bothered to stay through the whole show. The non-Tool fans who attended this concert really pissed me off. I was really fed up with some of them and was all ready to leave. That is, until they started playing stinkfist and 46&2! My god did that fucking kickass! I was so grateful that Tool balanced both the old and the new stuff. One asshole took stinkfist & Aenema too seriously and tried to finger me around that area. Fucking asshole, I swear if it wasn't for tool I would've left Hammerstein right then and there. Female tool fans BE CAREFUL OF THE SICK BASTARDS OUT THERE! I found solace listening to Aenema and lateralus. I was hoping Maynard would do "Ticks and Leeches" but that's okay. The show (like everyone said) was AMAZING. Thank you tool for making my night bare-able and making everything better. I think I'll go get help now.

Review written by: Gina ( Review posted on: 05/22/01 23:06:02

Maynard is GOD!!!! Reverend Maynard taught us very well.The 'make a wish foundation' opening with Mr.Show and that sick cancer patient was so fitting.The concert was just what I needed.My mind drifted with Maynard's voice and my body moved to the sound of the music. EUPHORIA..Amazing!! Things will never be the same.Some people said they have never seen anything like that. The thought of it all just makes me shiver.

Review written by: Mike ( Review posted on: 05/22/01 23:35:13

I know I'm a bit late here since the show has been over for more than 49 hours, but better late than never. Anyway, it's quite obvious the show rocked incredibly hard and the band was on point for just about every song. I only have one complaint about the show: too many assholes in the crowd. I'll get back to that in a minute, but for now let's talk about the show itself. That opening bit from the guys from "Mr. Show" was a nice intro: "HERE'S TOOL, YOU FUCKING FAGGOTS!!" And out they emerged. Adam and Justin come out, followed shortly by our favorite surfer dude, Danny. I was hoping that since it was the fourth show of the pre-seminals, and since they did virtually the same setlist for the first 3 shows, tonight they would do something a little different. So, I was midly disappointed when the band started out with "The Grudge," the same opener for the first 3 shows. Maynard came out wearing a leather jacket and pants, and those futuristic oakleys that fit over the top of your head, which he removed and began "Where the grudge like a crown of negativity..." A great version of the song, but not too far from the album version. Gotta road test the new shit first, before doing some live experimentation. "Stinkfist" was next. Nailed it. Awesome with everyone singing the chorus. "Forty Six & 2" was beautiful. When Justin hit those opening notes, it was an incredible feeling. Then they belted out "Prison Sex," which rocked as always. Before Justin could play the intro to "Sober," which was probably next on the setlist, Adam ran over to stop him, and then he played the opening riff to "Schism," which Justin complied with. The came "Pushit," one of my all time favorites, but I was really hoping for the newer version featured on "Salival," rather than the more boring album version (don't get me wrong, the album version is incredible, but after hearing the newer version, you never wanna go back). But, nonetheless, "Pushit" was great. "Dispostion" and "Reflection" were a nice change from the heavier tunes done that night. While all the visuals were astounding, the one that accompanied "Reflection" the best. The perfect compliment to an already-brilliant song. Then the intermission and the "Schism" video. Most bands make videos to promote their records, but Tool are probably the only band out there that actually makes videos that are PURE ART. Sure, some videos made have plenty of artistic value, but they also show the band members themselves, which cheapens the artisic value. "Schism" is right up there with the rest of the band's visual marvels and I can't wait to catch it on MTV so I can tape it. Out came the band again, and went right into their monster hit, "Sober." An incredible version, but it paled in comparison to the next several performances. "Parabol/Parabola" (I consider them one song), my favorite song off of the new record, were very spiritually fulfilling, and also rocked hard as well. "Ćnema" was probably the best performed song of the night, but I was disappointed Maynard didn't say "...hopeless fucking hole we call New York...see you down in Pennsylvania Bay.", like he's done in some other live versions performed in NYC. "Opiate" was amazing. The only song from the EP of the same name. I was really hoping they would do some more older material, like "Cold & Ugly," "Sweat," or "Bottom," but ah well. I thought Danny's drum solo was astounding on the record, but live, it's like nothing on Earth. And he makes it seem so easy, too. And, the closer, "Lateralus" ended my first Tool show with a bang. I know this isn't really relevant to anything, but fuck you all, cuz I'm saying it anyway. You may have seen me, I'm a 5'11" caucasion male with brown hair and blue eyes. I was wearing a blue Pearl Jam "Evolution/Binaural tour" T shirt (I gotta represent PJ at every show I go to ;) Throughout the entire show, the crowd was completely chaotic, especially if you were in the third, fourth or fifth "row"...I knew it was going to be bad, but it was insane in that pit. I couldn't even fucking enjoy "The Grudge" or "Stinkfist" because too many fucking dicks were pushing and shoving (no pun intended). I fucking hate big cock-headed drunken frat-rock assholes who just listen to Tool cuz it's heavy and their other favorite bands include Limp Bizkit and Slipknot. They get no message out of Tool whatsoever. Some people ARE there to enjoy the music and have a good time without getting shoved around. Now, I was well aware this would happen and enjoy moshing at times, but I'm just plain fucking sick of it. And some of you can say, "Well than don't go down in the pit, if you can't handle it." I can handle it, but it's just fucking stupid that people have to rush the stage and get as close to Maynard as possible. They're just guys in a band, that's all. Yeah, they're incredible musicians, but they're just like you and me. Where you are at the start of the show is where you should remain, don't try and fucking push people around OR CLIMB ON PEOPLE'S FUCKING BACKS SO THEY CAN'T FUCKING BREATHE just so you can get closer to the stage. You're at a fucking concert to enjoy some incredible music, so grow up and do so... Ok, done ranting...

Review written by: Nicky Blaze ( Review posted on: 05/23/01 00:19:44

yo, so if any of you NY show kids wanna get in contact with a hardcore tool fan, my AIM is "JmmyTool" (no "I" in jimmy) and I was in the mezzanine. MEZZ PRIDE!!! If I had to add one other thing to my previous review, it would be that this was my first tool show, (Hopefully not the last) and tool totally thumped all the other bands I've seen in my life a fairly illustrious list including, in no particular order, AFI, Nine Inch nails, A perfect Circle, bad religion, bruce springsteen and the e- street band(Final night at madison square garden) and They Might Be Giants. Tool own me now, and have also presented me with a challenge: I sing in a band, and I want people to react to us as they did to tool. Nice dream, huh? anyway, I'm still awe-struck, over 2 days later...that's power.

Review written by: kovey ( Review posted on: 05/23/01 00:58:42

I saw Tool a few years back at Ozzfest, but I didn't feel like I got the full Tool experience because they only played for about 45 minutes. This time I saw the full Tool show and I have to say it was one of the best shows I have seen. I was in the floor section so it was kind of hard to concentrate on the show while trying to avoid getting booted in the skull. I still had fun with the fans who were not out there to destroy me. There was one girl who was about 5'3 with short brown curly hair who was really nice. I'm not sure if she realized it, but I was trying to protect her from all of the flying elbows and bodies. If your out there Tool girl send me some e-mail, I was the guy with the backwards yankee hat and the Deftones jacket. Then there was the kid with the black spiky hair, he must have been drunk, high, or both. Before Tool comes on this kid collapses on the ground. He then sits up and rests his head on the above girls ass. She removes her butt pillow from under his head and he falls back down to the ground. We finally get him off the floor and laughter insues. Halfway through the show this other kid comes walking out of the mosh pit, stumbles up to me, and falls down to his knees. Unfortunately for me his knees came crashing down on all of my toes. I tried to pick him up but when I did he just fell back down. With the help of another guy we got toe crusher back on his feet. We thought he was alright, but when we let him go he fell again and accidentally hit a mosher guy in the nose. It was like a comedy routine. Mosher guy got into a roid rage and started cursing at toe crusher. I explained that he was injured and did not mean it. This seemed to appease mosher guy, so he jumped back into the pit and was never seen or heard from again. Through all of this craziness it was an amazing and memorable show. With the exception of a few people the fans were great and I hope you're all doing well. Later P.S. my feet still hurt

Review written by: Kristin ( Review posted on: 05/23/01 07:23:17

Goddamn.....Tool live at the teeny tiny Hammerstein Ballroom. It was a tough call, but after serious consideration I have to say that this show totally fucked up Radiohead's recent Roseland show. Something about Tool just fucks with my whole biomechanics. Maybe it's just me. I don't know. I'm sure there is some sort of conspiracy tied in to the music because it just seems unbelievable that anything on earth could be so full and complete and perfect, naturally. To hear it all coming together and forming live right in front of me in that tiny venue was just mindblowing. I felt like some sort of puppet with my whole body tied to some kind of musical strings that left my corporal movement completely in their hands, freeing the rest of my soul to ride on the deep, passionate swells and stills of the music I was bathing in. And then I looked around and I realized that everyone around me was dealing with the same issue. It was just awesome. Anyway, enough will never be said. I can't wait until they come back in August. There will definitely be some sidewalk camping again. Eighteen hours this time.....but I would easily wait a week on

Review written by: Sara ( Review posted on: 05/23/01 11:13:25

Hey all! Before i say anything i want you all to know i taped some of the show. unfortunatly my tape player got bumped and got paused, i didn't have it on me and i wasn't able to check it until after the show. i do have The Grudge, 46&2, Stinkfist, Prison Sex, and almost all of Schism. (it cuts out at the very end:( )i know it's only 5 songs but if anyone is interested in having a copy of those songs, please e-mail me at I AM NOT SELLING THE TAPES!!!! i will work out a trade but it is not my music so i do not want any money for the music i have. i'm not picky so don't be afaid to ask me for a copy. ok, the show.... i will start by saying wow. i don't think i've ever witnessed such an amazing show. Maynard's voice was angelic, and the music was so moving. at the beginning of every song they played bliss just filled my heart. i was one of the few girls getting down in the pit.(if anyone cares or wants to drop me a line to say what's up, i was the short girl w/ kakhis and red hair who spent almost as much time falling as i was dancing:) Some highlights of the show for me were: 1. The original version of pushit!!! one of my fav tool songs. i almost cried!!!kicking myself in the ass for not having that on tape. 2.the very groovy disposition and reflection to which i danced my little butt off.(thank you to the sweet gentleman who was dancing with me and twirled me around.i always wanted to "ballroom" dance to tool!!) 3.hearing parabol and parabola live. need i say more than WOW! 4. hearing every fucking person in that crowd singing opiate with the band. that was too cute! if any one else has more of the show on tape please email me! i also have sonic youth live and blonde redhead live that i taped in philly. i plan on starting a live show bartering system so if you're interested... E-MAIL ME!!! in closing i just want to thank tool and thier fans for keeping music real for me and the rest of us!!! -Sara

Review written by: rich ( Review posted on: 05/23/01 16:03:20

To all the supposed "hardcore" Tool fans who ripped on people at the show: get a fuckin life! I love Tool's music as much as anyone, but I don't give a shit who's a "real" fan or not. Did you have a good time at the show? because that's all that counts, not some bullshit about being the only one at the show rockin out. Tool tore it up big time, and I'm just glad I was there to see it... and I'm satisfied everyone else had a great time, too.

Review written by: jason ( Review posted on: 05/23/01 22:42:52

the following is an e-mail i sent to my friends after the show who may or may not be tool fans. that's why i felt it was necessary to point out that adam jones is the guitar player etc.: You see, when you tell someone about going to a concert, it goes something like this: I went to see Matchbox Twenty. They played some songs. It was pretty good. When you tell someone about going to see Tool, things are a little different. Tool tickets went on sale and sold out in less than ninety seconds. That very same day, tickets were selling on e-bay for thousands of dollars. I placed a few bids ranging from $300 to $420 and got outbid every time. Finally, someone contacted me with one ticket that he wanted $350 for. I offered him $200 and some Tool bootleg CDs and he took it. The day of the concert, I worked until 3:00, caught a 3:41 train, and landed in the city at 5:06. On the train I sat with Mike and his girlfriend Jen. We know each other from the "Skull City" days. I called Omar's cell phone from mine and he told me to meet him at the hot dog stand outside Hammerstien Ballroom. On the way, I stopped at the Starbuck's on Seventh and 35th for coffee. He was one of the first twenty people on line. I waited on line with him from 5:30 to 6:30 when they started letting people in. We got acquainted with each other and the people around us. Being a tool fan is like being a member of a church. There's a nice little community of people to get to know and share common feelings with. The first thing i did once i got inside was buy a couple of T-shirts and necklaces, threw them in my knapsack, and checked it with the coat check women. Then i went to find my spot. Turns out, the spot i chose was like this: my spot, some girl's spot, another girl's spot, a guy's spot, a barricade, the stage. It was a very good spot. Soon, the place was packed. There were people all over the place. It was tough to move. After a while a girl named Jenny started using my back as a headrest. I told her I didn't mind. We talked a little about how exciting it was to see Tool, especially up close like we were. The stage was set up like this: guitar amps on the far left, bass amps on the far right, drums and drum riser on the middle-right, and a riser with a microphone stand on the middle-left (guess who stood there). there was a gigantic screen right in the middle and a smaller but still big screen behind the empty riser. The smaller screen was the kind that is projected on from backstage. Every now and then we saw a stagehand or roadie's silhouette move across that screen. Once, at about 7:30, we saw a man come right up behind the small screen, facing foreword so the outline of his head, shoulders and waist could be seen. It was kind of mysterious because it was hard to tell who he was or why he was standing there instead of setting up equipment or taping down set lists. Finally he turned his head to the side and it was easy to see the distinctive profile of Adam Jones, the guitar player. This was very cool and the audience was loud for a while. Then he went away, off to the right. At about 8:45 the band came out. Well, first the guys from "Mr. Show" came out posing as a "Make a Wish Foundation" representative and a four year old boy with a rapid aging disease and twenty minutes to live. His last wish was to introduce tool. It was pretty funny, as sick as it was. He said something about his parents dropping him off there because he was dead to them already and something that sounded like, "Here's f*****g Tool you f*****g faggots!" That's when the lights went down and the band came out. So tool started playing. Jenny started holding my hand. This was a special time for the both of us, and I guess she just wanted someone to share it with. We were both pretty emotional at the moment. Let me take a break and tell you what songs they played... The Grudge, Mantra, Schism, Parabol, Parabola, Lateralis, Disposition, Reflection, Stinkfist, Forty Six & 2, Pushit, Ćnema, (-) ions, the Schism video, Prison Sex, Sober, and Opiate. (-)ions and the Schism video were recordings. They left the stage to show us these treats before the rest of the world could see them. So that's what they played, in no particular order. All I remember is that they opened with The Grudge and closed with Lateralis. (Lateralis is supposed to be spelled Lateralus. There was a misprint on the first couple of hundred thousand copies of the CD, but I like the difference.) Okay, where was I? Oh yes. It was getting pretty rough. Everyone behind us was pushing foreword and we were getting crushed. A couple of moments were pretty scary because i couldn't breathe. Some people might say at one point or another, "Man, i couldn't breathe" but they really could and they just wanted to get a point across. When i said it, i meant it in the literal sense. After 3 songs of being crushed and Jenny fighting people off so we could keep holding hands, I couldn't take it anymore. I had to move back. You should have seen it. It was like a sad movie where two people who are in love are drifting apart in separate boats, slowly moving away from each other, until only their fingertips are touching, and finally it's over. But i'm okay with that. I feel like I shared something special with Jenny, and it was beautiful while it lasted. For the rest of the concert I was about twenty feet back from my original spot. The crushing wasn't as bad, but the swinging and punching was worse. Today my body is as sore as I imagine it would be if I had played football with no protective gear. I was looking foreword to seeing what kind of costume Maynard was going to wear. Usually he is covered in body paint or wearing fake breasts or a wig or something of that nature. I believe it's kind of a disguise. Something to bring him into a different personality strictly reserved for stage presence. This time, he was completely bald, wearing goggles that strapped over the top of his head instead of around it, a leather shirt (which we will later come to find was more of a breastplate), leather pants, and knee high leather boots with buckles on them. After the "intermission" when they went backstage and played the Schism video, he came out without the goggles and jacket. The leather shirt covered the front of him with belt-like straps that went around his back. It was nice to see his face undisguised and the tattoo of his spine on his back clearly visible. Everyone else was dressed like regular people. Nice- looking regular people. So the band played and played for just over two hours. The only time Maynard left his pedestal is when someone threw a CD up onto the stage and he stepped down to pick it up and break it in half. Maynard thanked us for coming out to the show three times and once for "voting" for them. By that I think he meant buying tickets in record numbers and requesting songs on the radio. However, one can never tell what he means for sure. After the show I spotted Jenny. We walked arm in arm towards the exit talking about our incredible experiences that had just taken place. I programmed her number into my cell phone even though she lives in Connecticut. Hey, at least now I know one more person who is passionate about the same things I am. She went off to find her friends and I wend down towards coat check to reclaim my knapsack. Guess who I saw again downstairs. Jenny. I told her I wanted to go out for drinks with her and to meet me on the corner of Eighth and Thirty-fourth. she said, "We'll see. I still have to find my friends." So I left. Outside I saw Mike and his girlfriend with some other people and chatted with them for a while. At about 11:10 I said my good-byes and headed for Penn Station. I walked by the corner of Eighth and Thirty-fourth, but I didn't stop. I prefer to remember Jenny as I know her now. I probably will never even call her. I don't want to spoil this. At Penn Station I waited with my friends Greg and Lisa and briefly hung out with Matt and a few people who I knew but not well enough to know their names. We all got on the 12:14 to Ronkonkoma which safely brought us back home at about 1:30. That's when we exchanged phone numbers and e-mail addresses that we had changed or lost, and went our separate ways. So I guess you could say, "I saw Tool. They played some songs. It was pretty good." But come on; this was so much more than just a concert.

Review written by: VJ ( Review posted on: 05/23/01 23:09:04

By far, the most amazing, inspirational and intense show I have ever been to. Well worth the long lines, the ticket bullshit, lousy fans pushing and clawing at you...and Ill do it all over again in august...