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Review written by: Greeba (
Review posted on: 05/29/01 05:11:17

I have been waiting for six years for this. Of course, in that time, Tool's library has grown, and my hunger to see them live along with it. Interest only grew when Perfect Circle exploded onto the scene last year, but it was always Tool that I had been losing my voice to all this time and I wasn't to be disappointed. Swiss crowds are easy to negogiate, highly docile. My party made it to the barrier without any effort at all, and stayed there. Support act Cortizone were more interesting between songs than during; The lead singer was English, and enjoyed baiting a crowd oblivious to what his cheeky comments meant...'Is your name Sharon ?' He dedicated one song to Justin from Tool and asked if anyone knew what he was on about. No-one did, and we still don't, even after reading Toolshed as I write this. WTF ? As for their set, the one change from Cortizone trying to be early Tool was a song where they tried to be Deftones instead. Tool themselves played the same set that has electrified America in recent weeks. The same wonderful video backdrops (that eye animation at the beginning is curiously evocative of 'Battle Of The Planets'..) accompany a sizzling set. Can't tell you the exact list, hope someone will post it. Maynard introduced 'Schism', saying that it was about communication and our need to be as brothers. He also joked about pissing in Adam's water bottle, and near the end he complemented the crowd, advising us to take home the feeling we were creating together and do something positive with it before the band launched into a scorching rendition of 'Opiate'. I cried. And my ears are still ringing. And I don't care.

Review written by: Patrick ( Review posted on: 05/29/01 19:04:14

This one was a perfect show, compared to the show in Tilburg. And a special show to me, because i guess, that i will never be able again to see Tool in 1000 venue with me being in the first row and members of the band being among the audience standing beside the soundboard and watching the opening band. Justin and Danny where there, at least a few people noticed that, but they were left alone, which was cool. The sound was incredible. Maynard´s voice was clear and as loud as the music, the way i like it. He moved his body in his very special way all the time (or better it looks as if he is moved), goín´ with the music, unbelievable. Words between the music weren´t so much this night, but that was really ok. Adam seemed to be moved either, he was lightly goin up and and down. The action Justin was in made him sweat heavily, each time i looked at him, i had to think of a waterfall. I don´t have to mention Dannys perfect drumming anymore. There was a lot of communication between all of them four( i´m talkin´ of communication with their eyes, mainly). It didn´t matter at all, that the setlist was the same as in Tilburg. Or that people pushed a lot more. The 2 hours of the show went by very fast, and i can hardly wait to see Tool again at the Rock Am Ring Festival on Friday. Patrick

Review written by: Bjoern Seifert ( Review posted on: 05/30/01 03:43:12

Tool at Volkshaus, Zuerich 28.05.01 Imagine the expectations of one die-hard Tool Fan who has never seen them live and is standing in the crowd waiting for Tool to come on. I was blasted away. With incredible precision and perfection they played a 2 hour set. I can't remember the correct setlist, but it seems to be the same as the 4 US shows, maybe in a slightly different order, I'm not sure there. Highlights were: - Maynard screaming for 1/2 minute during "The Grudge" - The end of 46+2: Adam plays this riff, his hands being the only part of his body that are moving, and with the end hit of the song he suddenly stops his all movements; it looked like if you pressed Pause on a VCR. Incredible. You had to see this. - the beginning of "Aenema" : Maynard's "Hey Hey Hey..."...Adam wanted to kick in with the guitar riff, but Maynard stopped him with raised finger, telling him to wait...the "Hey, Hey, Hey," went on forever. Incredible.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 05/31/01 08:52:16

Good Stuff

Review written by: Lukas Fischer ( Review posted on: 05/31/01 09:43:50

tool, - flying with tool. great concert in zurich, and what i liked most was that all the people were so happy and friendly. I was quite in the crowd, we jumped and enjoyed tool. but there was no aggression no fighting or something like that. one time i almost lost my glasses, but another guy took it up for me. thanks ... tool plays about 2 hour. Maynard means that the band feels very great, and he knows that we feels great as well so he said, it's not only the band who makes this great feeling. tool plays perefect, but one thing was angryly: why the new simple t-shirts cost so much? 40 sFr. is about 30 $ !! so long - luc listen to toolmusic, and get new visions!

Review written by: Smartin ( Review posted on: 05/31/01 16:58:30

I´ve nothing much to add to the previous reviews. Great show, average shirts at not so average prices. But here´s the complete setlist: The Grudge Stinkfist Prison Sex Forty-Six & 2 Schism Pushit Disposition Reflection Schism Video Sober Parabol Parabola Aenema Opiate Lateralus

Review written by: Jay "maverick" ( Review posted on: 06/03/01 06:51:46

Its painful trying to find an internet cafe you could imagine with only 1000 people - its the way we all should be able to see Tool and thats what Zurich did for us. My girlfriend and I flew from NJ to see Tool here in Zurich and Milan (see Milan review). The venue here in Zurich was amazing. Absolutely the most docile crowd Ive ever witnessed at a Tool show - which allowed for everyone to experience the music and creativity of the videos/visuals. The venue was some sort of jazz concert hall. You were able to sit in the balcony or walk the floor. Either had great views of the stage. The only bad thing would be the size of the stage did not allow the large video screen to be viewed completely. All in all, I would highly recommend anyone from the states that would like to experience Tool in a small venue plus visit a very cool city.

Review written by: ToolEurope21 ( Review posted on: 06/08/01 04:34:06

I traveled many thousand miles by airplane and train to be here. I was amazed when I arrived that I easily got right up to the gate, front row center. From the opening song "The Grudge" to the last second of "Lateralus" I was completely mesmerized. I couldn't ever decide what to watch, the screens, Maynard, Adam, Justin or Danny. There really is no way to even describe it. All I have to say, if you want to be really close to Tool go see them in Europe. Either way, if you haven't seen Tool live, your life is and always will be only partially complete.