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Review written by: DisgustiBACOZZA (
Review posted on: 05/28/01 12:25:26

E' increbile la mia band preferita viene a suonarmi in casa.SBURRRRRO

Review written by: Sean P Review posted on: 05/30/01 05:42:20

I've been a Tool fan for a good while now... This was only my second time seeing them. However, due to the almost entirely Italian atmosphere, being one of the few Americans at the show added a whole new perspective to the experience. It's interesting to see just how universal music can be-- even if the themes of the music are not necessarily universal. I think it effectively backs some of the bands motives-- to have the music identify in a broad fashion with a broad audience-- so that people can find meaning in something even if it is not directly come from themselves. It was an experience to see how an entirely different culture, who in some cases (only some) may not even understand english, articulates their own meaning for the music. I had the priveledge of hanging out with a few non-english speaking kids after the show for a few hours. They asked me, "What is the general message of Tool's music?". Obviously, I couldn't give the explanation any justice (i only speak english), but the few things I was able to get across really interested them, maybe even moved them, particularly "love" as a message through the music. The experience just went on to further prove that beyond our differences lie fundamental wishes and needs that reside in all humans. Essentially we all want the same thing... its a powerful thought to bounce around the narrow American mindset. It could help a lot of situations if most of us could only understood that. I'm glad "Tool" could help bring that across. I ran into Adam and Justin walking around earlier in the day... they seemed very down to earth, very cool guys. If anyone ever gets the chance to see the band play in a country other then their own, don't hesitate to go. Its a great experiece. -Sean P Oh yeah, the show was incredible too.

Review written by: Matteo Cipolla ( Review posted on: 05/30/01 06:39:30

....due to some unfortunate circumstances i found myself busy at work until about 5.30 pm...and since i live in Milan and the rest of my friends left the city at about 2 in the afternoon i was ALONE on a trip whic takes at least 3-3 hrs and a half... but fuck that, i decided that TOOL was well worth the effort...after all i've been waiting for this day since 1996. i arrived at the end of Cortizone's set, which somehow reminded me of Filter...but i might be totally wrong!:) as for the concert itself, the most important thing is that they somehow changed the setlist..playing many songs off Lateralus and NOT playing Aenima... it was like a movie for me....with the screen stuff and the lights which were great....maynard just stayed on a small platform close to the drumkit and definitely ruled the show. but once again, what i'll NEVER forget are the visuals...which really connected me much better with the songs...i got to live the whole tool experience, in a pathos i just got at the last NIN concert i went to. it's the concert that will always change my perspective about how a band should perform live... #1 they fuckin' deserve it! ps: sorry for the confusion but i got home at 4.14 am, slept 2 hrs and got ready for work..but hey, i cant wait for the show here in Milan tonite!:)

Review written by: Saint Alphonzo ( Review posted on: 05/31/01 02:01:36

I know this is not the intention of this message board, but I'll keep it brief. Just a response to the review of this show by DisgustiBACOZZA. What remarkable observations. I would love to experience Tool in a foreign country. And what you communicated to them about themes in Tool's music is beautiful. I would myself add that another theme is rebirth, metamorphosis and openness to real change. Look beyond the personification of God to your own spirituality. Thanks again. The New York show was brilliant, I look forward to your return.

Review written by: DisgustiBACOZZA ( Review posted on: 05/31/01 05:56:54

I've known [met] Maynard.I can't believe.Untill 1:30 my girlfriend and i sitting in a room talking and drinking whit Maynard and Justin i thought it was a dream.i've asked him all my inners doubs about Tool.i haven't ever smoke so much and happiness go to the stars when Maynard offerd ma 2 free tickets for next tour in Milan.I'm just come back from there.2 days away.SONO BAGATTATO ma ne valsa la pena.the same fukin songs in FAENZA without aenima,i don't know why.While in Milan i have been ecxtasited by EULOGY.I'm asking why they continues playing songs like DISPOSITION and REFLECTION instead of THIRD EYE or NO QUARTER or COLD and UGLY for example.I told it to Maynard,he didnt know.he was tired,devastated from tour.what can i say?he offered me red wine and i drrrrink e mi sono sbronzato come un peperone while Justin was smoking joints.Maynard in this two days has been perfet,nothing wrong .I would have met also DANNY and ADAM,moreover danny,but i 've been also too lucky.(Sorry for english) .1 delle cose che mi ha bruciato di + il culo il fatto che la gente non facesse body surfing,componente fondamentale nei concerti dei tool,e a Faenza quei ciuccia piselli della sicurezza alzavano pesantemente le mani su chiunque provasse a farlo finche non arrivato quel fenomeno che ha fatto finta di stare stare male, salito sul palco e lo ha messo nel culo a quei figli di puttana dei butta fuori.Euphoria ragazzi!

Review written by: lele ( Review posted on: 05/31/01 11:18:24

greatest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm very happy to see you in the first is the incredible ....are one of the most wonderful sights i have seen.......i and my friends come from naples....we drive for 6 hours for arrive here....also 6 hours for comeback home........but it is worth going......we haven't the tickets ...and money....but the first thing is make beg the alms outside the palaccattani....we meet here a faenza friend that told as remain to seelp here .....wonderful................................the public isn't the show is beeing quiet....isn't?...i have an answer for you:......this have bother you?......however we are mad......and i listen to your music then more....bye-bye see you soon.....are great peoples......kiss for NAPLES......lele

Review written by: franz ( Review posted on: 06/01/01 19:13:36

the best fucking band i've ever seen... what a show!!! i saw that anyone has already post the set list... so here it comes: The grudge Stinkfist Forty six & 2 Prison sex Schism Pushit Disposition Reflection Schism (video) Sober Parabol Parabola Opiate Lateralis