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Review written by: Weslen (
Review posted on: 06/01/01 14:52:19

Felsenmusik zahlt sich aus. Felsenmusik nimmt mich auf einem joyride. Felsenmusik hält mich weg vom Hölle Stadtbus. Felsenmusik schaut immer heraus nach mir, aber ich lasse meinen Folterungweltlichkeit Dämon sie nicht unten schießen.

Review written by: Patrick ( Review posted on: 06/01/01 21:31:19

For all non Germans i should say maybe, that the Rock am Ring Festival is, with 100 000 or maybe even more visitors in 3 days every year Germanys biggest and it´s very traditional. This year a local TV Station cut each band that played, to broadcast the complete festival later this year. Except for Tool. Maynard was absolutely serious, when he said "In case that you were wonderin, we are not professionals, we are actors, hired by a local company, and never did this before. How are we doin` so far?" Excellent fun. So they had there own usual light show, not the standard TV friendly one, every one else was given. Setlist was: The Grudge Stinkfist 46&2 Schism (Justin made some mistake within the first chords, so they had to begin twice) Innermission (reminded me of Pink Floyd´s On The Run, there was a technical problem, Maynard sayd something like: "He broke it" and he meant Justin) Sober Parabola Pushit Aenima This one was my 8th Tool show all in all, and the first time to see them on a festival. It was very interesting to see the reactions of the boys and girls, that were doin´ a party jumpin up and down thing to german based nu metal crossover raprock bands just before. They didn´t do that when Tool played. Most just stood and watched (a few did party, which was appreciated by Maynard "You guys are excellent dancers, very impressive"). And it wasn´t boredom causing this reaction, maybe for most of them seeing a Tool show was just a new experience, far as i can say it will be in their minds as a good one. Cu in Paris. Patrick

Review written by: That Darned Las Vegas Guy ( Review posted on: 06/02/01 05:02:13

Kabir, I apologize. I must violate the rules now. Please allow this message to stay on long enough for the band to read. If you, Kabir, are also Maynard, so be it...It was a great idea, and it shows genius. A message to Tool... Please come to Las Vegas, NV, USA. Our prayers are with you. Withstanding the bullshit that will now envelope you after a #1 album- please endure it. You are the ONLY alternative to the CapCities/Disney/TimeWarner Music MONOPOLY. Please get Roger Waters sound guy and do at least TWO shows at the MGM Grand. Maynard, I would like to HEAR you this time. And Tool's sound deserves only the best. As for all the idiot reviewers calling the new album PROG-ROCK, fuck each and every one of them. MUSIC IS MUSIC. And Lateralus, gentelmen, is not simply MUSIC. Lateralus is ART. You all are close to your peak- but not there yet. This album was your best yet- but your next album will decide your place in history... But this one- this one definitely puts you in a league of your own. It must be awfully odd for you guys to go on BEFORE Slipknot. Kinda like Sean Connery teaching Pierce Brosnan how to be 007- but still not getting it. By the way, while you are in Europe, can you all PLEASE talk to KATE BUSH AND PETER GABRIEL AND GET THEM TO RELEASE THEIR NEW ALBUMS! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! I LOVE YOU GUYS, BUT I REALLY MISS THEM! Anyway, sorry to be a jerk, Mr. Kabir/Maynard. I just needed to say all those things to get them off my chest. Please come to Vegas soon- and bring Stereophonics & At The Drive-In! Biggest TOOL FAN of all time in VEGAS!

Review written by: cocoon ( Review posted on: 06/02/01 06:19:29

Hi everybody yesterday I went to the "Nürburgring" to see Tool and Radiohead. After just five songs I had to leave Radiohead even they were playing really exelent. But TOOL was on the Secondstage. And the were absolutly awesome. They started with " the grudge " and these crazy visuall effects on two screens.The song was followed by: Stinkfist - 46+2 - schism - sober - parabola - pushit - Aenema. The sound was really good and I enjoyed it very much to see the band again after such a long time. Sadly not everybody on the understood whats going on and so I heard people asking:"Are these THE HIVES??" or "Tool? lets go and have something to eat". Thats why I don't like this festival, but I looking forward to see the band in Paris next week and I'm sure that this will become one of the greatest gigs I've ever seen. Tool rocks!!! Rock am Ring sucks!!!