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Review written by: Genghoid Flippiant (
Review posted on: 06/04/01 14:27:38

Vugg musikkbetalinger av. Klippemusikk tar meg på en joyride. Klippemusikk beholder meg av helvetebybussen. Klippemusikk alltid skal skal passe seg for megmen I ikke skal skal la min tortur profanity demon skyter det.

Review written by: PauL e. aLBeRGa ( Review posted on: 06/04/01 14:32:39

Set List: The Grudge Stinkfist 46 + 2 Schism Sober Parabola Pushit (Original Version) AENIMA Lateralus This being my 12th TooL experience, I would first like to thank the band for playing so close to my visiting university in Holland. It is a great pleasure to be able to see the band on two seperate continents. I just walked out of the show 15 minutes ago so I will try to relay the show to you as fresh from my mind as possible. The 5 minutes before I entered the tent where TooL was to play, I had the unfortunate experience of having the very commercialized Limp Bizkit play a song or two on the main stage. My ears were definitly ready for a welcome change of music, and innevitably atmosphere. The 3FM tent quickly filled after Limp Bizkit left the stage to a firery ending. I fortunatly was dead-smack in the centyer of the tent. The optimal way of viewing a TooL show by far. The band took the stage 1 minute late. Not to shabby for an all day festival. Maynard comes out dressed in typical black leather pants and vampire style jacket that hides the leather strapped tank top underneath. Danny walks calmly and begins to test the sound of the most beautiful set I have seen him play since 1999. The geometrical patterns common with the AENIMA tours were the front of his bass drums. Justin now has medium curly/froey hair and was normally dressed just as Adam was. Maynard takes position on a pedastool in front of a video screen, with an even bigger video screen behind center stage. The Grudge begins and the crowd wecomes the song with reckless abandon. The firey eye patterned circle starts as the video. Stinkfist is cheered at when it began. An edited/repeated version of the Stinkfist video is played. 46 + 2, which happes to my favorite choice of live songs for this show, begins with video of a large computer generated worm with a human face imprint on it. The video then changes to naked swimming girls that are wrestling underwater. Maynard is handed a guitar, something that I have never seen at a show before! Schism begins and an edited version plays on the video. Justin really starts getting into the song and shows more movement than Maynard for once on stage. Sober is played, and Maynard now has his jacket off. The video is of a robotic eye-poking device that is scaring two women. Flashes of an eye being disinfected are also shown on the video.(This has been seen live before) The set then switches back to the new album with Parabola. Excellent mixture of sound filled the tent. Maynard emphisizes his lyrics strongly on this one. Series' of geometric figures fill the video screen throught the song. Maynard is now topless as usual. Maynard comments about Radiohead being on stage next in between these two songs. He also tells the crowd that "whatever you have experienced tonight, whether you enjoyed it or not, you are part of 'this'." AENIMA is played through in the normal version and thenm Maynard tells the crowd that "we have exactly 9 minutes to get naked." (Obviously referring to the time restraint for the next performance by Radiohead) Lateralus is the track of choice to finish out the show. Maynard starts-out hard with the song, but I personally beleive that the true hero is Justin this time. The second half of the song, justin really begins to show how far he has come. Adam has always had an understandable ailment keeping him focused on his sound instead of the performance. Together they both mixed very well. Now I will go catch the end of Radiohead Live. That is all for now and "Hello to all the Homies in California!" I'll be home soon! Peace-out, --PauLBoRo

Review written by: Patrick ( Review posted on: 06/04/01 19:48:38

Yes, It´s me again. To go and see Tool at Pinkpop also, was an idea that i got quite spontaniously. After going by car for an hour and after walking by foot for more than half an hour and being there at about 6 o´clock in the afternoon, i had to realize, what i hadn´t expected: tickets for just 4 hours of the festival to come and with 3 bands playin in this time were still sold for 110 Gulden! I had no choice but pay this price, to walk in, just to see Limp Bizkit begin their set. I wouldn´t say that LB are a bad band, but i can´t get behind what this dumb lookin´guy with the red cap wants to tell me, no matter how hard i try. Then those awesome much too loud pyrotechnical effects did their thing to make me take position in the second stage tent soon. Shows in such huge tents have a great atmosphere, when they´re crowded, in this was the case when Tool played, of course. Everybody was very relaxed there, nobody pushed, at least midst between the stage and the soundboard, where i stood. The sound was perfect. No mistakes by anybody, no beginning of one song twice (which was a great amusement for me at Rock am Ring, to see, that they´re not always perfect), as far as i could see. After Aenima i was afraid they would walk off the stage, like they did at Rock am Ring. But then it filled me with joy that they played Lateralus. Seeing people´s reactions (clappin´their hands with the intro of the song) makes me guess that it´s going to be an epic classic. With Tool being onstage i immediatly forgot what i had to do to come here, it don´t matter anymore, of course. When i watched Radiohead afterwards i just enjoyed and felt like a very happy man. And knowing that i´m going to see Tool again within less then 24 hours and to be there with a friend makes me even happier. Till then. Patrick

Review written by: Thijs ( Review posted on: 06/05/01 08:34:36

Only to see Tool i bought tickets for a weekend Pinkpop. Finally monday at 19.45 it was about to happen. Already 1 hour before the show was about to begin the tent was filled with Tool-fans strving to finally see TOOL again (at that moment limp bizkit was playing the main stage, so nobody would miss something). It was way to long ago that i saw our band (tour after undertow i saw them for the first and last time), so even the building of the stage was exciting to me (not only for me, looking back to the big cheer when danny's kit arrived on the stage). Soi at 19.45 it breaked loose!! G-sus, what a show!!!!! The video screens made the whole journey complete. Unfortunately they only had 75 minutes, so they couldn't play the whole setlist as posted here before. In my memory the list was: Thew Grudge, Stinkfist, 46+2, Schism, Sober, Parabola (without parabol), Pushit (origional version) Aenema and Latarelus. After being in trance for 75 minutes i left the tent with the feeling of perfect happieness, i couldn't get the show out of my head for the whole evening to follow, and i am still impressed with all the images and sounds that came to me. And now i just feel 1 thing: I WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!! Danny, Justin, Maynard and Adam: Thanks for the perfect show and the feeling of complete happieness!!!!!

Review written by: Hans Kerk ( Review posted on: 06/05/01 11:55:40

Here being on my first TOOL live experience.... it was in one word GREAT, unbelieveble what a band, the set was great!! Maynard dressed in all black (WOW) that man is one big preformer!! And the most beautiful what has happened to me that night after seeing tool, we walked around on pinkpop..... gues what happened.... I saw Adam Jones walking around on the terrain so I walked to him, he was wearing a had, and some old clothes.... when I asked him if he was Adam, he just walked futher.... so I told him that he played a great show, and then he gave me a hand :-) I was very happy!! Well in one word TOOL was the best experience in my whole life... THNX TOOL

Review written by: Pluk ( Review posted on: 06/05/01 13:46:05

well i saw tool last night at pinkpop and it was easiliy the greatest show of the festival (for me, my friend would say radiohead) they were playing at the only indoor stage (big tent). which worked out really well for the visuals. i got in to the tent 2 shows prior to tool's, so i got a nice spot up front. got to see them set up their stuff (they practically removed all the stuff that was on it... lights etc., and just rolled in all the gear all set up... they were actually done within 45 mns) failed to get a setlist, but a nice couple standing next to me did, so i got a look at it (don't remember the excact order) -the grudge -stinkfist (the only song that really got the crowd moshing) -little bit of (-) ions in between -sober -forty-six & 2 (weird intro bit on bass??) -schism (with video playing on the screen at the same time!! in perfect sinc.!! also maynard played what looked like a steinberger bass during the middle break where justin uses his whammy and controls) -parabola (no intro, just a short hint of parabol) -pushit (once again album version) -ænema -lateralus (justin used some looping techniques on this one, great stuff!) about 75 mns worth of music... which is good i suppose for a festival gig... still i wish i could have seen 'm perform in tilburg visuals were as described in the other reviews from the tilburg show wrapping up: great sound, great visuals, no crowdsurfing (it's banned nowadays), almost no moshing (kinda hard with 5/4 measures and 12/8 etc i guess :-) that's all... hope someone has a more inspired review coming up

Review written by: Daniel van Os ( Review posted on: 06/06/01 02:27:09

I like the Tindersticks, so I had no problem watching them play for an hour, thereby guaranteeing a spot close to the stage in the 3FM tent at Pinkpop. The hour between the Tindersticks and Tool was a bit harder to get by. Eventhough big audience favourite Limp Bizkit were playing on the mainstage a lot of people stayed in the tent. Some funstuff happened though while the stage was setup for Tool. First, when Danny's drumkit was rolled in it received an ovation, just seeing it made the people cheer. Then the tourmanager (or whatever that woman is) told someone that the Pinkpop flag had to be removed. Someone started to look very puzzled. Yet, after a while a man climbed the construction and with some acrobatic manoeuvres he removed the flag, also receiving an ovation from the crowd. Then Tool came on stage. They played a very compact set and there was a lot more jumping in the audience because of this than there was in Tilburg. The set was more intense than the full set. (But by far not as beautifull and not showing Tool's potential) I think I see a trend developping: in Tilburg during Schism, Maynard was holding a banana, at Pinkpop he held a guitar (I'm 95% certain he didn't play it) Is he holding a different object during this song for every show? Maynard didn't say that much this time, still more than at Lowlands 1993. Here's what I remember: "Thank you for the support" "Some of you will like what they see tonight, others will not like it. I want you to take that feeling home with you and over the next few weeks create something positive with it." He also said something like: "Thanks for watching, Radiohead is up next, they're playing over there." And similar to another gig, before Lateralus: "You have about 9 minutes to get naked." But this time he added: "That will be our gift to Radiohead." What frightened me was that people started to clap along with the intro of Lateralus. I hate that for every song of every band, but like I said, for Tool???? I am FRIGHTENED!!! Geez, now I have to wait till the end of the month before I see them again in Dusseldorf. Daniel

Review written by: Meersie ( Review posted on: 06/06/01 09:05:42

The Tool performance on the 3FM-stage at the Pinkpop festival was 2 days ago. I am still impressed. I thought Tool could not surprise me after I saw them 5 times allready and boy ... was I wrong.

Review written by: Duncan ( Review posted on: 06/07/01 10:46:10

Amazing; no words for an experience like TOOL. I saw them already at the 013-concert in Tilburg (also my hometown; thank you for being there); and was still feeling fuzzy from that. The combination of these four great artists is unique; no band can match the things they can do with their skills. The vid's made it all complete; I had tears in my eyes and a lumb in my thraot... But I must admit that I prefer watching TOOL in a small theatre with a max of visitors, a festival brings to much un- aware people who think that it's cool to crowdsurf while TOOL is playing. It was also a pity that the small screen was standing in front of the big screen, instead of under it. The stage was probably to small. And it was a small tent; TOOL deserved a bigger tent. All with all the experience was great; I'm looking forward to the Werchter Festival (I count on it that Passenger will be played) and the Dusseldorff Headline; I'll be there!

Review written by: ToolEurope21 ( Review posted on: 06/08/01 04:50:52

The wonderful PinkPop festival. After a grueling train ride from Amsterdam where I was extreeeemely high, I was ready to see Tool. Or actually to sit in my tent while I "listened" to the numerous gay bands at the concert such as Three Doors Down. I was there for two days and saw ONE show. But it was also my 21st birthday. I doubt many can say they were at Tool on their 21st birthday. I had planned to throw rocks at Limp Durst but Im sure I couldnt have gotten close enough, since there was 10,000 people watching Fred. So I look in front of me and see a sea of 10,000 people, while I walk swiftly by and head into a small tent where all the people with common sense had gone to prepare for Tool and NOT SEE LIMP BIZKIT. As far as the show, the headline shows are MUCH better, except for Cortizone. Maynard in all leather, the only thing different from the other shows is that he had a bulletproof vest on. Also if you don't know a reeeeallly cool tattoo on his spine. This show seemed short, but so worth the days I spent going to and being at that festival. GO SEE TOOL ASAP.. GO GO wherever you are just go.