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Review written by: mjg (
Review posted on: 06/07/01 18:10:57

It's been seven long years since Tool played Glasgow, when they utterly decimated the Garage in one of the most enjoyable gigs i've ever had the pleasure of taking part in. I'm hoping for great things tomorrow night.

Review written by: Semprini ( Review posted on: 06/08/01 22:44:59

Okay, just back from the concert, so here goes: Setlist: The Grudge Stinkfist 46 & 2 Prison Sex Schism Pushit Disposition Reflection Schism video Sober Parabol Parabola aenema Lateralus A really great show. Maynard gave it his all, and although the between song banter was minimal, whatever he did say was great (the lost child statement was genius) Danny's drumming really does have to be seen to be believed. Although not a drummer, i was particularly impressed with the way we worked the cymbals. Visuals were something else again. Whoever came up with those needs psychiatric help. Maynard's guitar seemed to have a bit of a problem. It was fine during schism, but when he came to do disposition / reflection, he kept being in conversation with a roadie, and he didn't play the thing during those songs. I didn't see clearly enough, but I think that the strap may have broken. The live arena really brings out the best in the songs, go and see Tool anytime you get the chance - they're great. I only have 2 complaints about this gig: 1) No "Ticks & Leeches" 2) No "Eulogy" 3) I can't count.

Review written by: Andy Miller ( Review posted on: 06/09/01 04:57:05

I don't even know how to begin to describe what i felt last night as i watched Tool. The concert could not have been any better. The set list is already posted so i wont repeat it. Firstly though the support band Cortizone i also thought were really good. As i watched them i just knew that the night was going to be special. Their music plus the anticipation of what was to come was overwhelming. I just stood there in silence thinking about what was about to happen... And when Tool came on it was even better than i'd ever imagined. The Grudge was so intense, i just let go completely and let the music take over my body. I couldn't help it even if i'd wanted to stop dancing. Every song they played was incredible. The band played flawlessly (and if they did make any mistakes, i was just too far gone to notice). The visuals were totally weird as well. They matched the music perfectly and added to the atmosphere. The Schism video was awesome too. i don't have a TV so i've never seen it before. The band played for 2 hours and by the end of it i had to hold on to my friend just to keep from falling over. This was my first Tool show and the experience of seeing them i will never forget. Out of all the bands i've seen there is no-one even close to being as good as Tool. Andy Feel free to e-mail me if anyone wants,

Review written by: woo ( Review posted on: 06/09/01 12:14:15

Well, it's been 8 years since I'd last seen Tool, when they opened the main stage at Reading festival (12 lunchtime!), and was it worth the wait? Nobody in the Barras could beleive how good they were. They came on one by one, with the two screens showing the Tool circle, and within a few seconds they were into The Grudge. When it finished, the place went crazy. I've seen dozens of bands at this place, and no other band (with the exception of Janes Addiction) had blown that many peoples minds. And to go into Stinkfist after that? The whole night was like that. Un-fucking-believeable. Maynard spoke sparingly, but who goes for the singer-crowd interaction? Hope they come back soon. (Shit choice of t-shirts though. That was my only problem.)

Review written by: crofta ( Review posted on: 06/09/01 12:50:09

Just to say it was my first tool live experience and i must say i was not disappointed .Even though the tech problems they had ,I think maynard was only pretending to play the guitar(he look a but goofy with it) during schism,and the balloon behind the projection screen adam&maynard was a laugh .All in a good night thanks .see ya!!! crof

Review written by: Mike ( Review posted on: 06/09/01 13:18:14

I have been to hundreds of gigs in my life but this has to be the best yet. This is the third time I have seen Tool and they were amazing. At the end of the first song, The Grudge, I just looked at my mate with an open mouth and he did the same back. From then on the show got better and better. The band were tight and loud and the new songs just melted into each other. Maynard, as ever, was unique and I think him standing at the back of the stage focused everyone on the music as a whole instead of watching him all the time. This band keep evolving and evolving. Just when you think they cannot get any better, they blow you away with something better. The projections at the back of the stage were excellent. I will never get tired of watching or listening to Tool. Mike

Review written by: The Lovebite ( Review posted on: 06/09/01 14:04:29

I'll keep this simple. I previewed this gig for a local paper and gave it a great write-up. I don't know if anyone went on my recommendation but if they did they won't have been disappointed, Tool were fucking awesome. I've been to very few concerts (Nick Cave was another) where the anticipation between songs was like a panicked silence, the crowd was ganting on every new song. Especially loved little moments like the band crowding round the drumkit at the start of some songs, the way the visuals didn't overwhelm the concert but perfectly complemented the music - the two sreens mirror each other, it took me ages to twig that - and the way the place exploded when Parabol kicked into Parabola. Would've preferred a bit more banter from MJK, but singers interact with their audience in different ways and the Reverend's not really the chatty type is he? Also I thought the end of Reflection dragged on and half the crowd seemed a bit impatient with Adam, not that he'll lose any sleep, I think it reflected (haha) the crowd's desperation to get onto the next song and see what other tricks the band had - God knows they had loads. Well worth the long wait, haste ye back.

Review written by: Calum Gunn ( Review posted on: 06/09/01 14:12:32

First of all, HI MUM! Ahem. Nothing to add that's been said before, really, but just that I agree with everyone in saying that it was: 1. The best night of my life, and 2. Definitely not the last time I see Tool. Never before have a band sparked such strong emotion in me. Bye bye all, have fun doing what you will Calum xx

Review written by: Diane Cochrane ( Review posted on: 06/09/01 18:18:50

Again - I agree with everything everyone has said. I am so awestruck from last night, almost speachless but not so that I can't give them the best review yet! Tool are above everything I have ever seen or heard. The visuals were totally mindblowing and made me feel a little nauseous. But, Seeing Tool live is by far one of the mose inspiring awesome moments of my life. I hope to see them again. I was also a bit sad that they didn't play Euology - but Stinkfist made up for it! Tool are more that music, as someone else said, they connect with you - AND LIFT YOU UP LIKE A CHILD AAAAAGHH - I could go on - because I am in post-concert heaven. Please go to a concert anywhere - sell your home and car - do what you can - just go and see them at least once in your life - that's all for now folks!

Review written by: David ( Review posted on: 06/10/01 04:40:05

Sorry, this is two days after the gig! I've been busy... Got off to a good start while waiting in the queue - from outside we could hear Maynard and the boys soundchecking, playing the first few minutes of 'The Grudge' - talk about whetting my appetite even more...if that was possible! Support band Cortizone were pretty good, some great chunky riffs, and I thnk they managed to win the crowd over (although biggest cheer was for "Enjoy Tool"). I'd never seen Tool live before. I'd seen A Perfect Circle last year at the Garage and the crowd were pretty much just standing looking, focusing on the band, with no moshing or surfing (other than for 'Judith'). Thinking I'd be amongst the same type of audience, my mate and I moved to the front for a good view. Tool came on, launched into 'The Grudge' and BANG! I'm in the air, carried by the momentum you can only get by several people running into you at full speed and pushing you square in the back until you topple into others. The energy was unbelievable. It was great how other fans would shout 'SATURN COMES BACK AROUND!" before sending you flying. This was OK at first but it's hard to concentrate on the show that way, so unfortunately we had to move away from the stage, to a more serene part of the crowd. I thnk 'The Grudge' is a instant classic - my neighbours (might) love it. It was played flawlessly. This applies to the whole set - Tool are unbelievably good live. Experiencing 'Parabol' and 'Parabola' live was absolutely amazing - the emotion conveyed captivating everyone, likewise for 'Disposition' then 'Reflection'. Finishing with 'Lateralus' was some way to end the gig - the video screens depicting black and white animated spirals, MJK literally spiralled around on his platform at one point. Not much in the way of banter from Maynard, no leather outfits or wigs, just - a pair of jeans. It's good in a way as this seems to take the attention off the band and more into the visuals and as these compliment the sound you get into the music more deeply. Tool played for about 2 hours and to say it was the best show I've seen in my life is possibly an understatement. The sooner they come back the better.

Review written by: Mike ( Review posted on: 06/11/01 07:46:20

This show well made up for the poor planning in Germany. The Barrowlands is a dump; I loved the place. I never thought I would've had the chance to see Tool in a place like that. The show was unbelievable. Maynard was moving around a lot more than when I saw them in New York (he wasn't wearing leather, just a button-down shirt and jeans). I was in the front so I could barely hear maynard, the speakers were essecially behind me, I was hearing him from behind while I heard the guitar and the bass directly from the amps. Definatly an experiance I thought I'd never have. Tommarow Manchester!!!