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Review written by: MOnkeyBoy (
Review posted on: 06/11/01 19:00:51

. beautiful .

Review written by: Steven ( Review posted on: 06/11/01 19:51:27

It was the same setlist as the last few shows, not too many suprises at all. an excellent show obviously. maynard had very few comments, but he did acknowledge that a lot of the same people will be back tomorrow night. hopefully this means they might throw in some bonus songs. the crowd was quite calm. the occasional crowd surfer just got a lot of scowls. this was a nice change from most shows these days. cortizone got quite a few hecklers, and mainly silence when the hecklers ran out of jokes. if you are going tomorrow night i reccommend not taking a bag as there is a separate queue for people with bags which takes longer to get in. what these people fill their bags with i'll never know.

Review written by: Tone ( Review posted on: 06/12/01 02:45:52

Another great Tool gig. They opened with The Grudge, Stinkfist, Forty Six and Two, Prison Sex and blew everyone away. Great visuals on this tour - excellent synchronisation of the video images with the music throughout the gig gave it an excellent atmosphere - as you always expect from a Tool gig. 10/10

Review written by: Francois ( Review posted on: 06/12/01 04:12:24

One of the drawbacks of being South African is the fact that youıre favourite bands are hardly ever going to swing round you home country. Lucky for me, my gap year working in England happened to coincide with a Tool tour, so it was an unmissable opportunity. I negotiated with my boss so that I could leave the office at 4:30, and I knew it was going to be a great night when 4pm rolled around and he turned to me and said ŒWhat, you still here? Œ I picked up some sandwiches and headed out to Brixton. At 5 a line was already stretched down the side of the building rather ominously, but I was within the first 100 people. After several trips across the street to the bathroom inside the Nandoıs (rather ironic),the doors finally opened, and I sprinted inside. Unlike every other show Iıd seen in SA, here people lazily strolled in, and I found myself right in front, dead center.Me and my buddy even got to sit down for an hour,people were so relaxed. Cortizone came on,nothing special. There was one humorous spat however after the 2nd song: Heckler : This si your last number right? Vocalist : Ah, we have a comedian down here Heckler : Yeah, and we have three comedians on stage Tool finally came onstage, casually strolling and picking up their instruments. After looking at each other they launched into The Grudge. Now, I shouldnıt have been surprised, but it sort of struck me as odd as the people around me went nuts. A bit annoyed, I moved back 20 meters or so where I still had a great view, but could comfortably do my bob-Œn- weave dance action. One opinion : Manard singing Œcelebrate this chance to be alive and breathingı and guys are hitting each other with fists ­ doesnıt quite ring true. And on 46&2, which deals with human evolution, same story ­ last time I checked irrational violonce was a fairly primal act ­ but thatıs just me. Dannyıs drum set is amazing, and so is his playing. He really looks like heıs having a great time, and his tinkerings between songs made me think how he was itching to just launch into the next number. Adam just stood there, gazing over the crowdıs heads, looking like this was just something he had to get through - a necessary part of making an album. Still, he played perfectly. Justin really amazed me, heıs the kind of bassist every guitarist dreams about. He fills each guitar silence and feedback noise with moody lines, intricate harmonies and punching rhythm. The Brixton Academy is a greta venue, with the floor sloping down from the back. Even at the front it never feels like you have to look upwards, everything is at eye level. The sound was great, although Maynardıs voice was drowned out by the instruments. 46&2 ­ incredible. Parabola, amazing. The end of Aenema (not one of my favourire songs) was spectacular. After Aenema, the 3 guys gathered around Danny, and they slowly started Lateralus, which proved to be the highlight of the evening. Ramble : The guitar Maynard sported during Schism, Disp- Refl is one of those with the tuning knobs on the bridge of the guitar. He played through a weird effect, making high noises on Schism. As far as I could gather, he couldnıt have played more than 10 notes, and they didnıt matter. A mystery to me. Everyone left happy and content, including me. Setlist ­ The Grudge Stinkfist Forty Six & 2 Prison Sex Schism Pushit Disposition Reflection Sober Parabol/Parabola Aenema Lateralus I took tons of photos, looking forard to seeing them. Best live band I've ever seen, the visuals added a great element to the show. My ears are still ringing.

Review written by: JD ( Review posted on: 06/12/01 04:56:20

The Brixton Academy is a pretty cool place to see a show because it's small and has decent acoustics. It was standing room only, though. The band came out and started off the set (list below) and caught the crowd's attention pretty fast. The first few songs were hard and very tight. I did notice that the band is leading more into the space jam mode at the beginnings and ends of each song, and that's pretty good. Even though the set up to 'pushit' was very intense, the new ones from Lateralus, 'Disposition' and 'Reflection' were very mellow. I think the crowd was getting restless at the beginning of the intermission...and I was as well, only because we heard 'Schism' already - but I do have to say, the video is unbelievable. I got completeley drawn in anyway. On that note, the graphics and video work during the entire show was intense. After that, they ripped into Sober - and we were back into it. Parabol is another mellow point, but I really like Parabola - in which the old Maynard vocals are featured strongly. The rest of the show was an onslaught of drums, bass, guitar and vocals. Seeing the band up close was a thrill as always, and up till the last song the audience was entranced. With the old songs mixed in with the new, and the very intense videos, it was more like going to a Tool movie. The Grudge Stinkfist 46&2 Prison Sex Schism pushit Disposition Reflection Intermission...schism video Sober Parabol Parabola Aenema Opiate Lateralis

Review written by: BENNET ( Review posted on: 06/12/01 07:01:17

After 4 years i couldn't help feeling that Tool would not live up to my expectations.It's been said before but you will not go away dissapointed.My girlfriend had never seen them before,i have.We both got home last night and laid down on our bed and just ahhhhhhhhh,it was like a drug.We were so content.Brain awash with every emotion.I swear i felt like i was coming up on a pill.Big Stupid Grins all round.See you tonight.Bennet.

Review written by: dreadis ( Review posted on: 06/12/01 07:16:00

Everything has been said already......I am blown away, can't wait to do it again tonite!!! One note to ppl coming again........I don't know how many of you came yesterday earlier to listen to the soundcheck....anyways, they were playing "the Patient" several, for those looking for a surprise...this just could be it...I love that song!!! ...see you tinite!!!

Review written by: Mandeep ( Review posted on: 06/12/01 07:27:54

Just to ease possible confusion, Opiate was not played last night. Still, the show was amazing. Thats the review. Looking forward to tonight's show (12th). Hopefully they'll play some other stuff in recoginition of people coming to both shows. We'll see.

Review written by: Jenerlee ( Review posted on: 06/12/01 10:07:10

I'll probably get blasted for saying my piece, but that's ok. Before you all get irate, I'll do a quick credentials check. This was not the first time I've seen them live (3 times previously). The first time was in 1995 (awesome). I've seen plenty of other bands at lots of different venues. Frankly, despite the nice size of the Academy, the sound is rubbish - so loud as to be distorted. Call me a purist tosser, but can't they play other songs off Undertow (still their best album - see, I really am a purist tosser) apart from Sober and Prison Sex? Great songs, sure, but some variety would be good. And I don't see that from Tool any more; I don't think the latest album has improved on what has come before. OK, so the album hasn't been out long, but the crowd got restless on the newer songs. Plus, playing a video of one of the songs while the band were off stage seemed way out of line to me. Disappointing, in my opinion. Devil's Advocate.

Review written by: Alex ( Review posted on: 06/12/01 12:24:19

Well if that wasn't the best gig I've been to (and I've some some bloody good ones). Anyhoo, just a couple of facts really: 1) Casey Chaos was there (I shook his hand) and he was really cool. 2) Cortizone suck. Avoid them at all costs (and what the hell were they doing on a Tool tour??) So, while Cortizone The Crap were on, my two mates and I were standing next to this tall guy. With long curley hair. Who happens to be a bassist in some band somewhere. You might have heared of them: Tool? YES! I met Justin Chancelor! And what a bloke he was. The first half was very very good, but Maynard's mic was too quiet. By the second half thugh, they'd got it sorted and it was amazing and intricate. Better than I could imagine. Dude! Parabol Parabola and Sober (not necessarily in that order) really got the crowd going mental, and then Aenima and finally Lateralus. My friends if you haven't got tickets for tomight's show, go to the Academy and buy them from the touts. It will be worth it. Oh, and to top off a wonderful evening I caught Danny Carey's drumstick. Which is just about as good as it gets because I play drums and he's my favourite drummer. Any more? Other than the fact that if youy can you mus go. You'll regret it otherwise.

Review written by: Jim ( Review posted on: 06/12/01 15:32:38

Hello there, well I promised I would so here's a low down on last nights Tool gig. I cant belive I can remember it all but I wrote the set list on my phone. The gig was at Londons Brixton academy Monday the 11th of June. Which is a fantastic venue as its bigger enough to get a shit load of people in it but the bands arn't fucking dots on stage. Plus the sound is very good (and extra good as Tool seemed to have brought along more speakers so it was alot louder than usual; note I went to see Incubus on Saturday, which was also very nice). The support band Cortizone were well picked and sounded very promising with a nice mixture of hardcore and emotional lyrics. I can't think who they sound like but one of their tracks sounds like River Runs Red era Life Of Agony but not as down tunned. I'll keep my ear low for them. Anyway here it is. Their was no hidding behind curtains the band just slipped on when it was dark (at about 9.10pm and went straight into "The Grudge". The video screens (both one large one and a smaller one behind Maynards elevated platform) showed a bizare (we expected nothing less) selection of images involving eyes and trippy swirly things (I know I shoudn't laugh but it did look like british childrens TV show Knightmare, note attactment of said TV series). They band were very much cloked by the darkness but you could make out Maynard in a leather suit (no wonder why he strips off he's probably roasting), Mr carey was barely visbal behind the monster of a kit (he's gonna have some bad athritus in his old age), Justin was waving his hair about and Mr Jones was a still (is that true about the buffalo leg enjury thing?) but excellant as he is. The band followed with "Stinkfist" which had a medly of images from the video. This was closely followed by "Prison Sex (which also had a medly of images from the video), Forty Six & 2 (this had scary new computer generated visuals)". Then came "Schism" which didnt have any video which was strange (your read why that is in a moment). The band followed this up with "Pushit, Disposition & Reflection". Then was the strange thing the band walked off and their was an interlude & we was greated with the video to Schism (I dont know why they didnt put the video on earlier but there you go thats Tool for you). Then the band returned (which is a rarity in London as most shows end at about 10.30-10.45 but this went on till about 11.15 so we got our moneys worth) with Maynard in his under garments for "Sober, Parbol, Parabola, Aenima" and they ended on the excellant "Lateralis ". I didn't fell disapointed in the lest even though they didnt play, "H", "Eulogy" or "The Paitent" but at the end of the night I came out of the gig thinking I was very very lucky. I also made me think why THE FUCK! did Tool apear under Slipknot at the British Ozzfest. Thsi ment they got a shorter set?????????????????????? Anyway, It was my first time at a Tool gig and hopefully not the last. I am very happy and so it seems was everyone else. Oh yeah after the gig I was helping my mates hand out free sample CD's for their band "Ambervoid" ( and the crowd were polite and friendly. Anyway I hope this was useful and not boring for you. I was thinking of posting this on a Tool website but I dont know any email address so if you want to forward it on fell free. One question for you. Adam changed his guitar a few times in the night mostly playing his green tinted Les paul but I wanted to know whether Tool songs have different tunnings or his instument changement was down to a choice of guitar sound. Perhaps you could let me know because since iv got into Tool big time if found myself wanting know lots of sad little (perhaps pointless) facts about the band. See ya soon Jim

Review written by: melissa ( Review posted on: 06/13/01 14:01:11

It was trully the most amazing experience of my life. It was an intense and beautifull experience. The sound was perfect, everything was incredible and it was a trully inspiring experience. Maynard was truly godlike his vocals were angelic and amazing. Danny rocked, his drums sounded so powerfull i still feel the bass when i think about the show. I have to say it was an extraordinay concert and esxperience. I only wish I can see them again in the future, and of course I want to thank them for making such beautifull music and keeping it alive,because music is really shity right now.

Review written by: Masatomo (masa***REMOVETHISDAMN*** Review posted on: 06/14/01 11:16:07

Just to make this post more interesting, I'll say that I recorded both London gigs with my MiniDisc (and I must say the quality is damn good, apart from the sporadic... well... not so sporadic comments I and my brother did... but don't worry, they're in Italian, you won't understand them), but I gave the first night to my brother, so I only have the second one. Keep reading to know how to get it. As expected, they kicked off with 'the.grudge'. Me and my brother couldn't get enough of it and started dancing, pushing and shoving. After that, '(-).ions'. In "Aenema", this leads to 'third.eye', so I was kind of going mental, kept shouting to my brother "OH YEAH! THIRD EYE". He'd been to Milan, though, so he shut me up, telling me that they weren't going to play it. I knew it already, but thought that they were going to do it anyway... Song after song, we sung along (as much as we could, obviously), until at one point it all terminated. Two minutes of weird sounds and the 'schism' video starts. I must say that was the most annoying part of the gig. What the fuck are they doing? They just played the same song 40 minutes earlier and they play it again, from a video, not even live? Anyway, they come back on stage. Encore. Close with 'lateralus'. And just before the end of the song, we run backwards, I push up my brother so he can enjoy some people surfing, I ask a guy to push me up and go up, too. Wet like two armadillos in the Amazon forest during the monsoons season, we walk back, satisfied, towards my colleagues (we'll then meet my girlfriend outside the office, where we decided to meet in case we got lost). The day after that, we went to the second gig. A different song list, but we had a very good time (it was actually better, I think). And once again, wet like a hand poached in the Red Sea during a tempest, we go back home. Very, very satisfied. I will post the MP3 songs somewhere, soon. If you are interested, just drop me a line masa***REMOVETHISDAMN*** and I'll give you the details (it won't happen straight away, let's say sometime next week, I have a life, you know...). In the meanwhile, I'll keep reminding myself of this experience.

Review written by: dfromdens ( Review posted on: 06/14/01 19:52:38

I was one of the so much fans that been in the 2 london dates.Better start with the low points:what the hell wats that thing of a videoclip in the middle of the set?That´s the only low point.The rest was perfect.I enjoy as a musician the whole set,best thing is compare,the following day,at the same venue,Queensof the stoned age played there.It will be the last time I see them on a gig.Too big place 4 them... U wanna know the good way 2 perform on a stage?see Tool on tour.And no, im not the typical crazy fan(I just heard a few times Lateralus,not even bought it)with no enough sense 2 see low points,they just haven´t...

Review written by: Veggie K ( Review posted on: 06/15/01 06:43:59

That was simply unbelievable. I'm seeing them tomorrow again, and i can hardly wait. Actually i already saw Tool in Milan, 2 weeks ago, and THAT was the best concert i 've ever seen - one of the best/most emotional experiences of my (short) life. But this time they played other stuff, like... well i'm not saying that because someone who hasn't seen them yet could find it annoying! Just know Tool live is much much much much more than Tool on a CD or a Vinyl as well. It's something no one should miss.

Review written by: ian Ashton ( Review posted on: 06/15/01 07:11:12

This is the 4th time I've seen Tool. First was back in 1994 in Scotland in a small club (The Garage) on the Undertow tour, 2nd at London Astoria on the Aenima tour and then at the Ozzfest (Milton Keynes Bowl, England). One thing I will always say about Tool, they really deliver live, no question and this gig was no exception. They did a really long set; total value for money and the show was first class. Suprised to see Keenan "playing" a guitar. I couldn't work out if he really was playing or not to be honest. They were very tight indeed and Keenan's voice was and always is pitch perfect. Truly amazing. I would like to say a few words about the Ozzfest too. The show was, as expected shorter than their headliners but still excellent. What I really wanted to talk about is the band members' attitude to their fans really. I managed to meet both Adam and Danny. Adam did sign autographs but I must say it was with some reluctance. He really couldn't be bothered to take the time out for people. Danny I must say was a really nice guy. I was the only person that recognised him I think as no one else approached him. He was very friendly. I saw Keenan enter the backstage area with a long wig on and a fucking bodyguard for fuck sake. Who does he think he is Prince? I know that they (Jones and Keenan) are trying to maintain an air of mystery etc. etc, with their "apparent" interest in things occult but they are not that fucking mysterious. Keenan is a very talented short, bald bloke, end of story (or is that Phil Collins?). I think he needs to come down from out of his arse and treat the fans with a bit of respect. I know they are extremely busy but if you saw the way the other bands were dealing with their fans it made you realise. They really made time to sign autographs and talk to people. The guys from Slayer were at the show and they were a credit to the band. I'm not a fan of Slayer but the guys were fucking magic, posing for photograph with fans etc. Maybe as they weren't on the bill they had more time, but then again many of the other bands on the bill had the same attitude toward the fans.

Review written by: Samantha ( Review posted on: 06/17/01 11:29:32

Seeing Tool was something i could have never imagined. By the end of The Grudge i was already so happy and excited if the show would have been over then i would i have been they went on to play another 11 songs my excitement continued to grow. They are awesome live and i cant wait to see them in the US if they come to a venue close to me. Brixton is a nice, pretty small place and even though i was unfortually in the balcony, the show was still pretty personal. Maynard, Adam, Justin, and Danny were excellent and i hope to see them real soon.

Review written by: Liam openmind ( Review posted on: 06/17/01 12:51:21

There are no words to describe how amazing this gig actualy was so i wont even bother. Best night of my life.

Review written by: Valerie ( Review posted on: 06/18/01 00:20:25

Tool was the reason my friends and I embarked on a crazy trip from philadelphia to dublin and london. the show at the brixton was was TOOL!!

Review written by: Alexander Weiszhaupt ( Review posted on: 06/18/01 06:14:16

Came from Sweden to see Tool. I went also to Glasgow and Manchester to see them. The sound was a bit blurry and although the same setlist the show was not quite as good as the two previous ones. But it was TOOL and it is still better than Limp Bizkit.