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Review written by: zr (
Review posted on: 06/12/01 18:11:03

let the setlist speak for itself: the grudge stinkfist eulogy schism swamp song disposition reflection intermission/video sober parabol/a eon blue apocalypse the patient (world premiere! heh) opiate lateralus prior to doing the patient, maynard said something like 'thanks to you all allowing us to play 2 dates at the same venue, we are going to play a song we havent done before. nothing like a little pressure, huh guys?' he also said they would be back soon. YAY! ps. best concert ive ever been to

Review written by: MOnkeyBoy ( Review posted on: 06/12/01 18:23:07

. even more so .

Review written by: Marcus Cooper ( Review posted on: 06/13/01 02:20:30

Well, I was 21 the last time that I saw Tool live in the smoke. Shit, I'm 29 tomorrow, so its been a long....long time since their last UK tour. Venues are 5 - 10 time the size and gone are the mohawks and the sweat pants. Tool were as usual playing their fucking hearts out but I just hated the little intermissions and gaps between songs. The visuals added a little atmosphere to the songs but I felt that they got in the way of what Tool do best....and that's put on a great live performance. In a few excellent show but like a porno movie you just wanted to fast forward it to the good bits. Coops

Review written by: Jimbo ( Review posted on: 06/13/01 04:28:20

Powerful, beautiful. The perfect band? Awesome show, even better than the first night (which is saying something). But... whilst the audience reaction was excellent, it's a shame about the increasing amount of wankers ("jocks" I believe is an apt US term) who are there to release their aggression on each other (and anyone near enough to them at the time, especially women, how brave). Anyway - thanks guys, come back soon. And to those that asked, I saw one bloke with a video camera and another with a mini-disc recorder, so no doubt there will be a variety of recordings available soon...

Review written by: Simon ( Review posted on: 06/13/01 04:52:06

I went to the tool concert last night and got thrown out (before they even got past the warm up band) for crowd surfin. How gutted am I. Oh, and I lost my phone. Shit happens ... I'm off to Megatdeth next!!!

Review written by: SKJ ( Review posted on: 06/13/01 05:25:32

What an amazing gig, definatley the best Ive ever been to and that includes Brixton on the 11th. We decided to get seating tickets for the second night (the first time weve ever gone for seating at Brixton) and it was a good choice. We could see all 4 band members very clearly and both videoscreens. The only thing that wasnt visible was the front of the audience which can be nice to watch. The whole experience was perfect. Eulogy was a pleasant surprise...we could hear people around us who had obviously been to the first night saying "Eulogy!, listen!" And everyone knew that Tool had changed the setlist for thier was a special moment. Some people seemed a bit bewildered when the Schism video came up, although there were many cheers and most people really enjoyed it. A guy near to us was getting a bit annoyed about the whole intermission but when you think about it, who desrves a 10 minute break more than Tool? I mean the average song length is between 8-9 minutes and they play like men posessed. Most bands will leave you cheering for at least that long before an encore. Also for those of you who didnt enjoy the little jamming sessions between songs think about the fact that Tool played a 2 hour set, which is very rare for bands at Brixton anyway. We have seen many bands at Brixton including RATM, machinehead and Incucus on saturday and they never reach 2 hours long. I know that we shouldnt have favourite songs but after the whole 2 night experience it has emerged that Lateralus has become mine. Something Maynard said last night before they played it was very touching; he said that however you feel about tonights gig, whether you did or did not enjoy it. He asked that we should remeber the feeling, stay with it and use it to create something. he said that there was a war going on and that the creative people were loosing. Before Lateralus the band move closer and form a sort of huddle facing each other for the begining of the song. It really seems to sum everything up and seems so poingnient. I feel that after these two gigs I have really gained an understanding of the meaning s behind Lateralus, ideas have been forming and shifting in my mind and I have really gained something.

Review written by: Gareth Jones ( Review posted on: 06/13/01 08:06:49

"There is a war going on...and the creative people are losing." On the evidence of tonight's show, creativity's main weapon in this ongoing battle comes in the shape of four men with fertile imaginations and an incredible amount of musical talent. Bathed in green light, Tool took the stage to massive cheers and, predictably, launched into 'The Grudge'. That is the only time that 'predictably' will be used in this review. We've all seen the setlists, we all knew the songs that they would play, the songs that they wouldn't play, the 'Schism' video interlude...yada, yada. Tonight was different. We still get the screens constantly showing videos to make the show even more of an assault on the senses. We still get the 10 minute interlude showing the 'Schism' promo clip. We still get 'Stinkfist', 'Sober', Disposition', 'Reflection', 'Parabol' and 'Parabola' but on top of this we also get 'Eulogy', 'Swamp Song' and 'Opiate' and all are greeted like long lost lovers that everyone in the room still carries a torch for. Four songs into the second part of the set and claiming that there's "nothing like a bit of pressure..." Maynard leads the band into a rendition of 'The Patient' for the first time on the tour and it sounds as fantastic as it does on the record, as does everything played tonight. About 30 seconds from the end of 'Lateralus' something suddenly struck me - This was the end of the show. This was the end of the best show that I have ever witnessed and in less than a minute there will be nothing left but an empty stage and my memories of the night. They could have played until 3 o'clock in the morning and I'd have still been enthralled (and I suspect most of the people in the building would agree with me), but it had to end sometime. Maynard says it best: SPIRAL OUT...KEEP GOING

Review written by: Mandeep ( Review posted on: 06/13/01 08:48:07

Contrary to what most people are saying here, I personally preferred the first show to the second. Both gigs were unbelieveable, but as a show and an artistic piece, the first show edged it as the visuals perfectly complemented the music, and the set was perfectly balanced. On the second night, the sound was better, but for Eulogy and Swamp Song the visuals were started up at awkward times during the song and the flow of the set did not feel as natural. But hey thats me. I'm just glad I went to both shows and had the opportunity to see them play different tracks on the second night. To the people who get annoyed with the gaps in between the songs: most bands talk to the audience in between the songs, and that passes the time so they can catch their breath. Tool don't talk much, so just accept it. Also Adam needs to set his effects up for the next song as well as drumming. We've waited 5 years to see the band again, so whats the problem with waiting 2 minutes for the next song? The song of the night on both nights for me was Lateralu/is. It is just incredible.

Review written by: Moo ( Review posted on: 06/13/01 09:08:12

Yesterday was the first time I've seen Tool and it was an amazing show. The visuals were great, and they're all amazing live musicians... especially danny! I want his drums! (i think during parabol he meesed up on the electronics though - did anyone else see that??) Maynard didn't say much but that sort of worked with the mood they were generating, which was one of sheer amazement. I think that might have been the first time they played the patient, which was cool, but forty six and two wasn't in there! That was about the only downside of the gig... absolutely faultless otherwise. The crowd was fairly well behaved on the whole, probably cause there was this guy who must have been 7ft - the pit guvnor - so there weren't that many apetypes ruining it for everyone, which makes a change. And lateralis rocked.

Review written by: Kansas Lad ( Review posted on: 06/13/01 11:26:33

Well, this was my 3rd tool show in europe, 4th in tour (i was lucky enough to be at chicago in may). and this was remarkably the best night. i loved the setlist change after seeing the other songs before many times. the extraordinary part was getting to meet the band. before the gig i was able to hang out behind the venue where i got to meet the drummer from Cortizone (support band). he was very approachable and we talked for close to half an hour, several other fans gathered, most all from the states, and we just talked. during the show, i was at the front barricade, and at the end Danny threw a drumstick at me, but some idiot started getting all violent over it, and finally grabbed it from the bouncers hand and threw it, this disheartened me greatly to lose it over some peabrains notion of greed. at this point i would really like to thank the guy and girl in the cradle of filth shirts who were incredibly gracious in helping me try to get back the stick. they were true fans that i stood next to during the whole show. so there i am, end of the show, bleak over the stick, bouncers pushing me out of the venue, and i see one the assistants to the band, she recognized me from earlier i guess, and slipped me an aftershow party sticker. i became a zombie at this point and she pointed me to some stairs that went up to the bar. i got up there, and there was about 40 to fifty people all just hanging out, i saw Corizone again and talked to the drummer again, just a great guy. and Tool came in all very casual, nonchalant, drinking their red wine or something of that nature. adam was very polite, i got to tell him how much i appreciate all the work he does with the band, musically and artistically, he was wearing a very cool motorhead shirt. then i got to meet justin briefly, and got to speak to danny for a little bit, and as many previous fans have commented, he is probably the most cordial person. i tried to talk to maynard a little, but unfortunately i think i came on as kind of an ignorant fan, b/c when i turned around he was standing there, i just started spurting out all that lame kind of fan mumbo-jumbo, you know "thank you so much, you're the greatest", so on. there was so much i would have loved to talk to him about, everything from their relationship to Ramiro Rodriguez to how they became involved in the theories of Leary, and just a plethora of ideas, but all i could sputter was blah, blah, he thanked me, and shook my hand. after that i was to intimidated to approach him again, so if by some fluke of nature, anyone in the band reads this. i was the guy from kansas at the after party gig, and maynard, i apologize for my bewildering rendition of a thank you, and i wish we could have talked normally, but maybe next time. they played a phenomenal show that night, and all i can say is thank you to fans and band alike for making it so special. kansas lad

Review written by: Rob. ( Review posted on: 06/13/01 17:47:08

what can i say? Mind blowing, Mind opening?, inovative and so purely original, what else could we expect from tool! After seeing tool at the ozzfest i thought i would have been satisfied......not a prayer! i had to see them again, so me and a few mates decided to turn up on the day and hope to pick up some tickets. My mates pulled out 4 various reasons, there was no way anything was stoping me from going, so a quick phone call to a cousin, and she was with me, this also gave me a place to kip in london. we arrived in brixton with bout 60notes 4 a couple of tickets. My heart was in my mouth as the tout said.."2 tickets....140" i nearly fell over! found another tout who gave us 2 tickets 4 50! nice price which i considered more than reasonable! We eventualy got in, we were right at the front of the upper circle, perfect view! we sat through cortizone who weren't up 2 much, and when you have a room full of people waiting 4 the greatest band on the planet, people might get a little restless! 9pm arrived and so did tool! Blistering set which is listed above.My cousin who had never heard Tool before 2nite was amazed! She said.... "that song made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.." she was refering to eulogy. Words really cant describe my feelings of the night. It was inspiring stuff, and i hope they come back real soon and treat the british public once more to some of the most moving and fantastic music ever written. Cheers TOOL. dont be strangers to us british!!!! Rob.H...

Review written by: BENNET ( Review posted on: 06/14/01 06:54:37

I'm still recovering from 2 days ago.This concert was definately better than first night.I was drunk which meant i had the balls to get to the front and fuck it was worth it.I was 2nd row,centre.My girlfriend had to move back after intermission.You've all read that they played the patient and it really was special.You'd expect a few mistakes for a first performance,but it was perfect.Every emotion in that song came across.Maynard sounded so lonely,his voice almost asking the crowd to embrace him.(It really is hard trying to capture Tool)And the 'must keep reminding myself of this' bit was heartbreaking.Ohh,i just got a shiver.What can i say?Superb venue,fantastic sound.(by the way i saw Linkin Park here a weak ago and the sound was shithouse)Eulogy,swamp song,Patient!!!! We were very spoilt.I'll write a more detailed review soon.Take care.Bennet.

Review written by: Charles E Brigden ( Review posted on: 06/14/01 08:05:49

Ok. Tuesday was mindblowing. Every song was perfect, and it'll forever life in my memory. I'm not going to do a long review cause i have a short lunch hour, so, main thoughts: -Opiate was mindfuckingly awesome. -Extra thanks to Justin who threw me a water bottle at the end and responded to my thumbs up -but what was with the 'fans' that were getting impatient and shouting during the fillers, especially during (-)Ions? Shouldn't they have expected this at a TOOL gig? -and the guy behind me that shouted that Maynard was a slave. If you are reading this, go and look at the lyrics of Hooker With A Penis (assuming you can read) and come back and tell me who is the real slave Otherwise, aweosme night. Maynard, Danny, Adam, Justin, thanks, you're awesome

Review written by: Charles E Brigden ( Review posted on: 06/14/01 08:05:52

Ok. Tuesday was mindblowing. Every song was perfect, and it'll forever life in my memory. I'm not going to do a long review cause i have a short lunch hour, so, main thoughts: -Opiate was mindfuckingly awesome. -Extra thanks to Justin who threw me a water bottle at the end and responded to my thumbs up -but what was with the 'fans' that were getting impatient and shouting during the fillers, especially during (-)Ions? Shouldn't they have expected this at a TOOL gig? -and the guy behind me that shouted that Maynard was a slave. If you are reading this, go and look at the lyrics of Hooker With A Penis (assuming you can read) and come back and tell me who is the real slave Otherwise, aweosme night. Maynard, Danny, Adam, Justin, thanks, you're awesome

Review written by: Veggie K ( Review posted on: 06/15/01 06:50:19

Hiya! It's me again... What's left to say? I really don't know. I saw Tool for the 3rd time. This was better than yesterday, the song list was different again. There was some 'fundamental differing' (hee hee hee). They didn't play one of the best songs ever, that is Aenima. I guess that's because yesterday some metallish dumb guys repatedly asked for Jerk-Off and/or Opiate. Well it was great anyway. I can't forget Danny Carey throwing his stuff to the fans... the broken... you know, the leather... where he beats the sticks... yeah, that one. Ok, I won't say anything else. Just go see them: 3 times is not too much. Believe me :-) P.S: TOOL is one of the best bands ever, that's for sure

Review written by: James ( Review posted on: 06/15/01 09:40:40

I was privalleged enoght to see Tool both nights and I also think Tuesday was better than Monday (allthough I would not have thought that possible on Monday night!). Everyone's heard of the set changes etc, so I won't mention that. All I can say is that these shows were the best I've evr seen. Having seen Tool in 97 I didn't think they could better themselves but they did. Maynards singing was excellent as was the music. My interesting story is that on both nights I stood by the sound desk area and got to watch the woman doing the visuals (who I'm sure is Adam's sister). She was really nice and spoke to me and my friend about how she did the visuals and let us see the set list on both nights. Anyway Tool are incredible and in my opinion, set the bench- mark for all other bands. If you get the chance, go see TOOL.

Review written by: Sam ( Review posted on: 06/15/01 13:27:35

no offence can all of u just shut the fuck up. Some people were not lucky enough to see both shows, soom like myself not even one of the,. the reason not that im not a die hard fan, but that of fucking exams. not only was i sat at home watching of all things fucking eastenders, but i did crap in my exams. to top it all off, you lucky bastards go on about hearing eulogy, probably the best song ever written, and then have the cheak to say i was so gutted its all over. some of us have been waiting for fucking ages to see tool headline and i end up missing both shows because i live in the shithole named cornwall. when r tool going to play the grandeur of the hall for cornwall eh? maybe the cornwall coliseum? even if they did it would no doubt be on the day of a relatives funeral. and finally on my rant of being severely gutted, WHY THE FUCK DO PEOPLE CROWD SURF AT A TOOL CONCERT? go and see papa roach you twats. if u feel the need to crowd surf, then sorry for being a purist, but u really do not get the point at all. any recordings, sound or visual of tonight i will pay for in the mass, I just have to see or hear eulogy.

Review written by: Sophie ( Review posted on: 06/16/01 13:49:43

My God, that was so fucking amazing. The amaount or excitement i felt before that show has been growing over the days and fucking hell i was blown away. I couldnt move while i was watching, the visuals were so good and i thought really added to the experience. I loved the way it started with the strange noise and the circle of flames, i knew that any moment they would be there and then there they were. I cant really explain the way i was feeling throughout the song but when i recognised the begning of Eulogy i couldnt believe what i was hearing. When it was the end of Lateralus i knew that was it and that the were finished. I was unbelieveibly lucky enough to get backstage and shake Maynareds hand. Strangely enough the woman that gave me the pass was under specific instructions to only hand the passes out to women?? whats with that? but yeh i really couldnt believe he was there standing in front of me. i just shake my head in disbelief when i think back to the whole evening it was so sureal but one of the best nights of my life! i think the only word that describes the whole thing is FUCK Snoogins xx

Review written by: Alexander Weiszhaupt ( Review posted on: 06/18/01 06:26:22

This show was much better than the monday show. After seeing three concerts with the same setlist it was nice to hear a couple of different ones. Specially "The Patient". Its notmy favorite song on the album, but it was a really good song live. Better sound this night. A great show.