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Review written by: Nik (
Review posted on: 06/17/01 09:32:35

They played 8 songs The set list was the same as other festivals: The Grudge Stinkfist 46 & 2 Schism Sober Parabola Aenima Lateralus Maynard was dressed differently from the other reviews I have read, a wonderful outfit, nothing but tight spandex underwear and heavy boots. He made several comments about his dress one was that he thought there was a costume party, the other that he wanted/had/will have sex. This turned into a proposition to the audience to have a Love Child with him in the last 15 mins of the show. This was all extremely tongue-in-cheek, I assume... He also made a few weird jokes about showing his butt as the receiver for his headphones was pulling the shorts down to reveal that there was nothing underneath. My opinion is that it was funny, weird and totally unexpected, classic Maynard. The other members of the band were in more normal gear and cranking out the music as good as ever. One thing of note was that Adam and Justin had a discussion after Stinkfist then pointed to Danny indicating 46 & 2. I wonder if they were considering playing Eulogy as in their last gig in Sweden. Personally I think 46 & 2 was the better choice but I have seen them play Eulogy before... Last thing, Maynard seemed unusually friendly compared to the last time I saw them play. As well as a "hello" and a Star Trek greeting at the very beginning he gave some advice to the crowd to take the expereince of the music at the festival and use it to do something positive. Shame some people in the mosh didn't take that advice sooner. Another excellent show. Tool is easily the best band in the world.

Review written by: Tané ( Review posted on: 06/17/01 10:39:23

Ok, I just got home from my trip to Provinssirock-festival and it was great. Tool played yesterday after Godsmack on the main stage (at first Tool were supposed to play on smaller stage but the organizers realized that it wouldn't be impossible for them to play there). After the Godsmack gig I moved almost to the frontline and started to wait the band to show up. When they brought Danny's drums to the stage, that was when I realized that the show was going to be unreal. That was the same time when I noticed the pressure of the crowd. I and the other fans have waited this moment so long and then it happened. TOOL hit the stage and the crowd started their maniac roar. They tested their equipment to make sure that everything was ok and then started "The Grudge". I lost my voice on second song 'cause I sang so loud. The whole show was so awesome , can't truly describe it. MJK had only little black panties and big boots on and he had some black make-up also. I wondered how cool Adam was to whole show, he was so calm and concentrated on playing like the whole band did. Danny proved me why he's one of the best drummers in the world. Justin's playing was also very professional, he feed us between songs with some funky bass stuff. Tool had also a big TV screen with them (unfortunately, it was still day-time so the visuals were very hard to see). Wes Borland from Limp Bizkit was watching the show also and when Maynard said something about them, The crowd started to yell: "FUCK LIMP BIZKIT". It was very funny! Also when there were 15 mins left MJK said that there was plenty of time to make baby. The person next to me yelled to Wes, before the whole Tool was even started, "WES SHOW ME YOUR TITS!" and he smiled. After the show I was totally blown away, I just went to my tent and started to listen Lateralus. They said that Tool will be back soon and "I CERTAINLY HOPE THEY WILL". AWESOME BAND, AWESOME SHOW!! THE SETLIST: THE GRUDGE STINKFIST 46 AND 2 SCHISM SOBER PARABOLA AENEMA LATERALUS There was also a short clip of "Useful Idiot" between some songs. ps.If someone recorded the show, please contact me at once!

Review written by: ~Elina ( Review posted on: 06/17/01 11:56:46

I waited for that moment so long... I don't know what made Tool to come to Finland, but I'm grateful that they did. And I hope they'll keep their word and come back soon. The whole gig was beautiful and powerful, I don't know what else to say, except: Thank you! ~E p.s. if anyone has good photos of the show or has recorded it, please e-mail me...

Review written by: Olé ( Review posted on: 06/17/01 13:22:03

The show was great, what an experience! This was my first time seeing Tool. I was in the front row only one person in front of me. The Grudge started and the whole crowd went nuts. Some, I mean a lot of assholes tried to push their way to the first row and it was really hard to concentrate on the show itself. It was really emotional and beautiful, I didn´t let anybody to ruin that experience. I started crying during Stinkfist and 46 & 2. I couldn´t see the visuals which was a pity.Tool played without mistakes and every song worked perfectly. I was able to take about 20 pictures, but I have to get them developed (hope they turn out good..). Thank you Maynard, Adam, Justin and Danny!

Review written by: matti p ( Review posted on: 06/18/01 03:47:50

awesome show, you people have the most important parts covered already though... but I think Maynard's comments were a bit different. I do not remember them all but these got stuck in my mind: at the beginning: "thank you for this pleasant greeting" - after the whole crowd roared thanking for the Grudge. in the latter half of the show: "we could turn this to a costume party, what do you say? or of course you can take all your clothes off and start making love... or both" - I don't think anyone did.. shame "you have about *looks at his watch* 15 minutes to make a baby" ...and may others... and by the way, their t-shirts are pretty good. I got the "Salival" one with TOOL on the front and the hands at the back for approx. US$22 (150 FIM). I was a bit worried if the print would wear off during washs but after the first one, it seems to be good. worth my buck. thanks nard, adam, justin and especially danny

Review written by: Pete ( Review posted on: 06/18/01 03:56:36

Well nothing much to say but a big thank you!! I missed the half of the first song, as I was coming from my tent and the area was so crowded, but I MADE my way thrugh and head infront of the stage.. They sounded much better live than I had ever expected.. I too have to complain some of the crowd, but what the hell!!? that's what it should be on a festival.. thank you and please DO COME BACK!!

Review written by: Ville ( Review posted on: 06/18/01 05:28:34

I paid 390 FIM for a three days ticket to Provinssirock festival. And all there was for me was this Tool's gig. AWESOME! Thank you TOOL, thank you audience, especially you people closest to me NOT singing along with Maynard. I hate one thing in live music, live concerts, that is to have hard time concentrating on the music because of moronic audience. This I didn't notice at all on Saturday. Perfect mixing, four unbeliavable musicians and a great feeling EASILY made this by far the best gig, finest musical experience I've been witnessing in my whole life. I hope I won't have to wait too long for the next time. If I'd ever get to meet the guys from the band.....

Review written by: völli ( Review posted on: 06/18/01 08:05:38

Setlist: The grudge; One of the best songs in Lateralus,great at live Stinkfist; One of Tool's best songs,blew up the audience!! 46&2; Not my favorite song, but In live it's grrreat!! Schism; Fantastic! But, maybe little boring at live!! Sober; The best "old" song, Better at live than in record!! Parabola; A great live song,but without parabol it's just good! Aenema; My favorite Tool song,Amazing at live,Highlight!! Lateralus; Great song, great ending....Spiral out, keep going! Tool is fucking amazing band at live!!! Maynard in his black boxers,Fucking great gitarrist "calm"Adam,Justin's bass riffs and best drummer of the world danny makes the show immemorial!!! Bad things was that it was so light that you wasn't able to see the effects that good!! And There was many stupid "limp bizkit" fans jumping around.... I'm going to see Tool again....I have to.....They have to come near Finland sometime.....I'll be there!!

Review written by: timbe ( Review posted on: 06/18/01 16:56:31

WARNING: this is not really a review, it's like my personal opinion about not only the Tool show (which was perfect!) but the whole Provinssirock Festival... I could deal with the fact that Tool played/had to play on the same festival as Limp Bizkit. It was irritating at first, but I got over that. Then I heard that they would play on the same day. I let that slide too, but what I will never understand is that the organizers let Limp Bizkit right after Tool! Those fucking morons! They can't put art as a support to a product!! It was so fucking embarrassing, the audience was mostly LB fans. So what I did was moshed during the entire show. I fucking loved it. Luckily, my friends were really concentrating on listening and seeing the performance... So anyway, the setlist was the usual. I won't post it. They music was so fucking perfect, and this was my first Tool live experience. The Finnish Tool fans that I saw there reminded me alot of rednecks. They didn't really understand what Maynard said during the breaks. Well, some did.. It was cool when Maynard told that he was surprised by our greeting. Hell, I was so fucking surprised they even wanted to come to Finland. Maybe Danny was interested in some Finnish mythology or something... I think Justin messed somewhere with the pedals or something, then he looked up at Danny and they sure knew how to cover the mistake. Now that's a pure sign of a true musician. I know that, because I'm one myself:) ...During the break before Aenema, Maynard said something like: "Be ready, Limp Bizkit is up next.." Then somebody next to me started to chant: "Fuck Limp Bizkit!" and then in a few seconds the front rows joined in. It was a mantra. Even some LB fans joined in, it was unbelievable. Poor souls... Then Maynard said: "I hope we'll get back here soon!". Then he throwed a water bottle in the audience, and a friend of mine, who I thought was in the back row, catched it! Now that was surprising to me! And I really hope with all my fucking heart and soul, mind and body that Tool will be back after their American tour. I know it sounds like I'm asking for too much, but if they do... that willbe the best thing that will ever happen to me... thank you for your time on reading this.. i hope the war between good music and bad music will be over soon... Cuz I'm tired of waiting I should play GOD ..and shoot Fred Durst myself!!! LOL.. peace, i'm out Spiral out, keep going...

Review written by: Sentire De God ( Review posted on: 06/19/01 05:56:25

Hey you! Read reviews already posted for your show to see if somebody already posted the setlist. If nobody has, you ought to. The less duplicated info, the easier it is for everyone to read these. Especially your mom. I've been a Tool fan for a good while now... This was my secondary time seeing them. My first time I saw Tool was Hultsfred Festval in Sweden. There is a screen hanging over the center of the stage and where Maynard stood for a majority of the show. I wait 1 hour for the band. This is how the setup went. screen -------- Maynard Danny Adam Justin ------------------------------ Set list (pretty sure it1s right) The Grudge Stinkfist 46 & 2 Schism Sober Parabola Aenima Lateralus thanks tool...

Review written by: wonka ( Review posted on: 06/19/01 21:34:59

if anyone took photos and has scanned them please give us a look !! send em too -

Review written by: P.J.H. ( Review posted on: 06/20/01 17:13:07

Wow! A truly amazing show by Tool. All that I could have expected, and more. My first Tool concert but certainly not the last. From the first time I read from t.d.n. tour page that Tool would make a stop in Finland in their European tour, I knew nothing could stop me from seeing This Show. I had my doubts about the concert beeing just a festival show, and not Tool's own headline show. Would there be enough Tool fans there? It's going to be in broad daylight: the sun hardly sets here in the summer. I allways thought that a Tool show had to be seen in the dark, you know, for added atmosphere... And in the preliminary timetable they had only 60 minutes of playing time! I sent the Provinssirock organization some e-mail and asked them to give Tool some extra time. And apparently I wasn't the only one: in the updated timetable they got ten extra minutes. Yay! There were a lot of Tool fans at the festival or at least they were the most rabid :) Good thing the organizers realised this and moved the band from the second stage to the bigger main stage. The festivals t-shirt stand had a lot of requests for Tool t-shirts but unfortunately they had trouble finding the shipment, and kept sayin "were trying to find them, they'll be on sale any minute now." Same story the whole day. I was getting desperate. Tool was on at 6:45 pm but the damn shirts weren't found by 5:30 so I left the festival area for the last time before the concert thinking "maybe the shirts will come just before the show..." 6:00 pm. I return 45 minutes before Tool is supposed to perform on the main stage. There's a crowd gathering around the t-shirt stand and I go check it out... YES! A batch of Tool t-shirts has arrived! Only Salival shirts though, no tour shirts. Me and a friend of mine grab our shirts and we head to the front of the stage. Lucky us, later I heard that the shirts were sold out before Tool ended their set! Danny's drumset is already in place when my friend and I get to the front on the stage. We're in approx. fifth row and the wait in the burning sun (literally, I got sunburnt) begins. A few minutes before Tool hits the stage the pressure in front is really starting to grow and I take my (unfortunately) only picture at the show, a shot of the crowd behind me. No big screen, only the smaller one. Mayby they couldn't fit the bigger screen behind all that lightning prop. Shame. Finally the band walks casually on stage. They take their places and Maynard greets the screaming audience with a Vulcan "live long and prosper" gesture. Roaring crowd greets him back. They test their equipment. Everything is set. The banch launches into The Grudge. I really can't describe how I felt, it was truly mesmerizing. Nothing could distract you from the music. This hypnotized feeling would last for the whole show, and beyond. Stinkfist really got the whole crowd going. I mean everybody just went freakin' nuts! :) A real crowd pleaser. It was great to look around and see a crowd of thousands jumping up and down to Tools powerful music. When Ænima came out in 1996 I didn't think 46&2 was anything special, but about a year ago something just "clicked" about it and now it's one of my favourite Tool songs. So you can imagine I wasn't too disapointed when Justin starts groovin the opening riff :) 46&2 is such an unbelievably great song live. And Danny's drumming in the end ...words are not enough... During those first three songs the pressure in the front was at it's peak, things weren't so bad towards the end of the show. After Schism, they played Sober, the song that originally got me listenig to Tool. Now, if you know anything about Finnish drinkin habits it's really amusing to hear and see thousands of people scream their lungs out: "why can't we not be sober?" ;) Parabola was next, and what can you expect? 4/4 gets the crowd going, guaranteed. Really rocked the place, but was in my opinion nothing special compared to what was still to come. Maybe it needs parabol played in front for full effect... Next came Ænema. This song is Sooo much better live than on the album. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the album version, it's just so much more enhanced live. Danny drilling into your subconsciousness, visuals on the screen, Maynard doing his "movements", and the crowd going absolutely crazy for this song. Stinkfist and Ænema were the songs that really got the crowd going insane! Sometimes I just closed my eyes and listen to Maynards hypnotic voice: "Mom's gonna fix it all soon. Mom's comin' round to put it back the way it ought to beeeee." Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Before Lateralus, the bang gathered around Danny's drumset, started the song and walked to their places on the stage. Lateralus is the perfect song to finish a concert. It's the perfect song for any occasion. Hell, it just is a perfect song. Again I just let myself go to be taken away by the music. And away it took me... It so easy to lose yourself to the effusive playing of these four truly amazing musicians. It's beautiful and powerful at the same time. After the concert I felt emotionally and physically drained. Me and my friend, who normally discuss and analyzy Tool's music to full extent, were dumbfounded. In the first hour after the show, I just couldn't find the right words to describe what I had experienced. It was so intense. Well, perhaps I should wrap it up here, thanks for reading so far. If you have any question feel free to e-mail me. (or if you happened to record this show ;))

Review written by: Antonio Rudolphos ( Review posted on: 06/21/01 09:31:42

Provinssirock, Törnävänsaari, Seinäjoki, Finland 06/16/2001 (6.45pm) - the Grudge - Ions (-) - Stinkfist - 46&2 - Schism - Sober - Parabola - AEnema - Lateralus ************************************************* ********************************* - set: When they entered the stage (after Godsmack) all four looked very happy ,so did the crowd, maybe 15000 people... Adam and Justin started to tune their stuff with kinky sounds. Maynard stood in the back like Adolf Hitler, dead eyes, one hand up, BUT unlike Hitler, he had his fingers crossed like UFOs. Danny licked his fingers like a cat and was ready to start the show. Some guys from Limp Bizkit were on side of the stage watching and waiting... (they played after Tool) . * the Grudge * Amazing opener. It was the first time I saw Tool play live, I´ve seen some live-video-clips and thought I knew what to expect, but no no, I tell you this... MJK was really weard on stage, he was like in some trance or something, shaking, spinning, very serious, getting ´kicks´ all the time... unbelievable. (I think) He made a mistake and sang wrong line in the middle of the song , but it was ok. Last minute of this song was something I´ve dreamed to see live since the Lateralus came out...and oh yes! it was just crazy, so intense. * Stinkfist * Crowd was very cheerful when Adam slammed the first notes of the "Stinkfist". It was played the same way as on the album, except Adam made those very high sounds at parts. * 46&2 * ...umm ummm ummmm! This was the song I really wanted to hear. Danny "the God" Carey is like octopussy, YES, the man has about 26 hands during this song, so incredible... If you haven´t seen Tool live and your going to see them, praise your Lord and beg for this one. * Schism * MJK had a little groovy black guitar in this one (which he by the way was kissing before the song ). Justin keeps the song rolling so fine, and he is the one who makes those special sounds with his bass on the"cold silence has..." - part. Very tricky. * Sober * This legend is so great live. I´m not big fan of this song, but it must have been one of the best moments of the gig. Danny made "super special stop and go kickbass thinggie" in the middle of this one, it surprised Justin and he started to laugh and turned towards him. * Parabola * Happy - Tool - Song. Adam Jones = Perfection. * Aenema * Fabulous. Visuals were great: women swimming under water etc.... Slipknot (and Slipknot lovers) should go see Tool play "Aenema" live... and after that judge which band is the "hardest rock band" on Earth. * Lateralus * Thank you Tool. It was a surprise! This song was definitely one of my favourites before this night... but KABOOM! "Lateralus" went to another level. Can´t explain with words... you have to see it yourself. So hard and beautiful, building up towards the monster ending... Maynard spinning ´round and ´round, collapsing to the floor... Adam hulkin´ those huge riffs... Justin hard as hell... and Danny doing "non album" drum solo in the end. huh huh. Spiral out. 10/10 ************************************************* ********************************* - clothing: Maynard- those little black swimthings. Justin- very classical black jeans and shirt, long wavy hair, looked like a gigolo. Adam- white shirt, black eye shading (..or he hadn´t slept for week) Danny- very sporty, ready to whip those tribals, white teeth, a jolly fellow. - some of the MJK comments/action (not the exact words): ...after Stinkfist -"...we must be in wrong place. We thought this was a costume party" ...before Parabola "...with this experience, I hope you can create something positive within next few weeks..." ...after Parabola "...ooooor. You all can just get naked and start having sex..." ...before "Lateralus" he was kidding with his friends in side of the stage and pulled he´s pants down. - visuals: Only one little screen on stage (right behind Maynard). Sun was still shining... so the visuals were pretty much invisible. Worms, water, women, blood, fire, paranoia, horror, graphics, eyes picked with sticks. I loved the stuff. Pure art. ************************************************* ********************************* - I think everybody who reads these reviews knows how brilliant Tool is, so I don´t have say anything about their music in general. But I must say that if you like Tool, you have to see them play live, you just have to, there is no other choise. ...and thank you Ozo for lending me all of those albums back in ´97, I won´t forget you. AR.

Review written by: Elaine ( Review posted on: 06/21/01 11:54:55

aivan uskomaton keikka aivan uskomaton keikka...voin hokea tota samaa...mun kaveri sai dannyn toisen rumpu kapulan aah vaikka ei ole mikään tool fani... paidat kerkes loppua 10minuutissa..oli kuulemma 100kpl ja kaikki meni...noh...