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Review written by: [solid] (
Review posted on: 06/20/01 17:09:19

with shaking,sticky&wet from sweat hands i am typing the review of the greatest music experience ever happened to me. the show ended about an hour ago, and it was FUCKIN INCREDIBLE! first the setlist(i don't think i am capable of remebering the accurate positions, but who cares:): the grudge stinkfist swamp song schizm pushit disposition reflection (intermission-schizm video) sober parabol parabola opiate aenima lateralis. the support(cortizone) was, well kinda smelly kinda funny. a good beginning. after thir performance we waited about an hour for what we realy wanted to see: TOOL. what was REALLY cool in cortiznoe, was that they had this drum set which seemed to us somewh at little...when they walked out of the stage, they started uncovering tool's drumset which was WHOA, so big in comparison.when tool played, the people standing on the floor became absolutely crazy, dancing screaming, singing and all. the audience sitting on the benches also seemed to be very into the show, most of them later came to jump,dance and sing in front of the scene. what can i say about the performance? absolutely briliant. unbdescriptable. even better than on the cd's, imho. especially the long er and enchanted opiate. the only bad thing was the sound, which on hala wisly is never perfect- maynards voice was sometimes hardly audible..damn..a'propos maynard- he didn't talk much(goodevening,pray for rain, this is our last one for tonight) and in th e end of the concert had only pants on. seems to me he was enjoying the polish public. yay:) concluding- the best that could happen to a human being. also it was really great that the drinks they were selling after it finished were really cold, the shirts although quite expensive are great and people were fantastic. hope to see the best band in the world again.. [solid]

Review written by: merlin of xaos ( Review posted on: 06/20/01 18:55:21

The concert was great. People were awful. But it's quite common in Poland. When well-known band comes once a few years, lots of thirsty fans gather. And the more people, the worst the concert. As far as my opinion is concerned (which, if i know correctly goes along with Tool itself) They like to play in small clubs, to make people listen to the music. Not to make them jump around, kick everyone and scream stupid words. At least, that's what I came for. To see Tool for the first time ever, as it was second (after warsaw one day earlier) Tool concert in Poland. Instead we got a place, that could barely hold us all. I got small children with M.Manson t-shirts who could only shout "fuck you" and show childish anger in their eyes, and bunch of idiots trying to clap their hands along with the band. Last thing was extremely funny as they couldn't get Tool's specific rhythm :D. Anyway moving to the band itself...I enjoyed two tele- beams, showing different animations along with music. It did help imagination to work. I also had great time watching band's onstage equipment :) Drums are mentioned in previous review. Beside this, they had lloooots of effects for guitars :) I also enjoyed Maynard playing "headless guitar" :D. It was also nice to see Maynard wearing nothing but pants ^_^ But the best thing was atmosphere they were able to create ..just as one could expect. They are great indeed!

Review written by: comankh ( Review posted on: 06/21/01 02:08:30

This show was much better IMHO than one in Warsaw, day before. Less people (2000?), better sound, more fresh air :), different lighting (Hala Wisly has glass roof). Even Cortizone had better applause (we had a little chat - believe it or not - they said polish audience was the best in Europe). Anyway there were some techical problems between first songs, and hey - telebeams weren't working continously like day before. Maynard (I think not for a first time) gave me feeling that we are nothing but sheeps - he said 'Good evening' and everyone went crazy :). Setlist was a bit different, but everyone :) missed 'H.'. As the day before 'Opiate' was the sign of upcoming end. Two songs more and the band dissapears in glory. thanks must go to the band for such a great show, and all my friends that show up (without you i'm nothing)

Review written by: nobody ( Review posted on: 06/21/01 07:53:58

"With my feet upon the ground I move myself between the sounds and open wide to suck it in. I feel it move across my skin...". colors sounds and silence too (which many didn't seem to admire). it was just great. they cast a spell from the stage and we, their victims, just follow the magic rhythm. i'd like to be mesmerized again... no 'prison sex', no encore - a friend of mine complained. well, you cannot satisfy everybody... "it's been an absolute pleasure" - said maynard. damn right!

Review written by: Stink ( Review posted on: 06/21/01 09:48:23

First the whole and correct setlist: The Grudge Stinkfist [this time without Ions intro] Eulogy (!!!) Swamp Song (!!!!!) Schism Pushit Disposition Reflection --------------schism video-------------- Sober Parabol / Parabola Opiate Aenema Lateralus It was my second show, just th next day after my first time experiencing Tool live in Warsaw. This time, in Krakow, the venue was much better, not ideal but better, especialy when it comes to comfort and safety. There was also some fresh air coming on so thankfully I could forget about hell from night in Hala Mery. And it helped a lot, because people could fight ;) under the stage for the whole show wihout worrying about their lives. The band came out relaxed, i guess the overwhelmingly warm audience in Warsaw helped here a lot. They were smiling and it was obvious that they are having fun during all Krakow show. Maynard was so generous that even where people start sreaming Sober, Sober he didn't took on with his opion about being jukebox but sweetly calmed the audience with a ilttle "shhhhhhh" :) and then started the Sober :) [of course other thing was that it was a time for sober in the setlist ;) ]. For me it was a great pleasure to hear some changes in the setlist. Comparing to the Warsaw show, there was amazing version of Eulogy instead of 46&2 and powerful Swamp Song taking place of Warsaw's Prison Sex. Thank you Tool for these two tunes :) Because it was my second show i could concentrate more on visuals and of course on Danny's drumming and i tell you both are incredible and they are worth every piece of money we paid for the ticket :) I got into the train about 2 am in the morning and went to bed with this sweet echo coming thru my head: keep going , keep going... THANK YOU AGAIN TOOL And we all hope you enjoyed Poland and we will see you sometime somewhere in our country :) Big hello to friends form #tool on IrcNet and [undertow-ml]. Thank you Aska for your companionship before and after the concert :) Hope you got safely home as I did :) -Stink

Review written by: Karol Hosiawa ( Review posted on: 06/21/01 12:48:14

The show was amazing, It made people hypnotized. I think it was those visuals that focused most people's attention. I especially remember that one during "Reflection". Two pictures hanging on the wall and camera moving, then worms and that creature at the toilet bowl. "Reflection" ended like time slowing down, everything slowed down and on the stage was only Adam playing hypnotizing ending of this song. Next visual that stuck in my memory was the vibrating spine made of people sitting at computers during as far as I recollect "Aenima" and the beating heart from inside. When I saw that spine I thought it was a metaphor to people working in computer business are the spine of the whole system, there were a lot more metaphores in those visuals but to see them all you have to be in a state if "open-minded,chaotic,confused vulnerability"It was stunning and there was a guy standing next to me who looked like one of the three freaks from X-Files the one with long hair who said then: "This is essence !!!". Several days ago I was looking at the page and I learned that drummer Danny is a great Skinny Puppy fan. On this concert in Krakow he was wearing a Skinny Puppy T- Shirt. The show made us all speechless for some time, The best show I've ever been to.

Review written by: [solid] ( Review posted on: 06/21/01 14:52:32

i am really sorry for frogetting euology! i like thios song very much, but, well i was so excited...

Review written by: raTTkin (Sebastian Zarzycki) ( Review posted on: 06/22/01 12:11:55

GASH! This concert war absolutely outstanding. Place was really good. I was shocked about this amazing videos, especially in Grudge and Swamp Song. Didn't remember all the setlist but they for sure played whole Lateralus (without Ticks), Eulogy, Stinkfist, Pushit, Opiate , Swamp Song. Maynard of course was almost naked :) but didn't talk with us. Just said Good evening and thanks . Hope they will return soon with new album :)