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Review written by: y (
Review posted on: 06/21/01 18:13:28

just got home from concert, still can't believe it really happend. took years to get there, now it's real (is it?). setlist: see last reviews, this including '46&2' and 'the patient' can't find a clear thought, it's been too amazing after this being real, few things are there i like to say: there's so much musich out there nowadays. so many bands, music being everywhere. it's great to see there are people everywhere in the world being aware of really good music. music touching your soul, taking you away to see hell & heaven right inside yourself. i think that's the reason for tool being so appreciated from all this people. tool adds visual art to its music, but it wouldn't even be necessary. there's so much happening inside. are they really human? does anybody know?

Review written by: thomas gunter ( Review posted on: 06/21/01 18:23:20

Xcellent show, sound quality was great setlist The Grudge Stinkfist 46&2 Prison Sex Schism Pushit Disposition Reflection --------------- intermission - Mantra/Schism Video --------------- Sober Parabol Parabola Opiate Aenema Lateralus that's the setlist in order, although I'm not sure whether prison sex came first or schism the show was superb, i saw no errors in band's performance. i was much impressed by the sound quality at the venue, libro music hall. vocals were clear this time unlike what i heard from some reviews of other recent shows. i also read reviews telling about the disposition/reflection part that people found it a little long and somewhat boring, but i thought it was a great part. it was so trancy and erie. i'm so glad they chose those songs. killer show, i think i will have to see them in the states when i get back home if they will be doing that arena tour i heard about.

Review written by: thomas gunter ( Review posted on: 06/21/01 18:34:56

me again. sorry but i just read the review before mine stating that the setlist included 'the patient' but it didn't. just wanted to clear that up because this other information was wrong. seems odd and humurous that someone talks of tool like a god to them yet they don't even know what songs they heard, especially when this comes from a guy who seems to worship tool. and yes tool is excellent band but no i don't buy into them being imortal. but i do suggest seeing them live.

Review written by: Max ( Review posted on: 06/22/01 05:57:10

Setlist as posted above is accurate .. although we got a whole lot of intros .. including Ions as played in Warsaw. The concert was pretty cool, though it took me a while to find my 'comfortable space' since i somehow managed to drift into the moshing area during the first few songs.. which was pretty unpleasant because of this fucking bunch of americans who thought they needed to punch everybody who got in their way. Total assholes. Anyhow, the sound quality was really good. Vocals were totally clear. Maynard was talking, well not a lot .. but at least a little bit. At first he thanked the crowd for the warm reception, then he told us to take our clothes off. A little later he was talking about his ?father? who was seventy something years old (i couldnt really understand that part because someone was yelling in my ear), i think he talked about someone on the stage.. anyways, that guy - called Honk - only had one testicle .. but that one was really big. Then he told us to take off our clothes again. He was saying that and taking off his clothes.. Maynard in hot pants. Later a guy came on the stage to rearrange some microphone at the drums. Maynard said that it was a friend of his and that he worked like a robot or something of that nature .. and that he surprinsingly looked like a robot or so... anyhow .. he asked him to do 'the dance' .. and the guy made some robot moves which was pretty funny. Maynard later said that he hoped that they could be here again soon ... although we didnt take our clothes off. And that we should go and create something positve in the weeks to come out of the feeling we got right now. I think I heard some alterations from the album versions in every one of the songs. The most notable one - if I remember correctly - was during Reflection were they played pretty heavy guitar/bass on a part which is relatively calm on the album. Then there was this GIGANTIC scream in Opiate. The final 'rape you' .. was just unbelievable ... totally mind blowing... that man has such an incredible voice. Adam was a little scary. I think the only time he moved anything except for his arms was when he bent his body over a bit at the end of one song .. which somehow reminded me of a zombie. When Maynard left the stage during Reflection .. after he was done with his part .. people around me got totally nervous. "Is it over?" "Noooo.. can't be over now!" hehe.. The visuals were great too.. wheneverever i looked up at the screens i saw something cool. The part i like most was during Sober, when this arm or whatever it was was reaching for those two trembling bodies while he was singing 'i will find a center in you..'. That scene produced a most eery feeling in me. What really looked cool too was when that whale or fish or whatever seemed to swallow maynard. Anyhow, the absolute highlight of the show for me was Lateralus. No way to describe how i felt during that song.. warm, happy .. as if i was leaving. Well, i was leaving then cause it was over. Absolutely great. Only thing left to mention is that they had really expensive prices on the t-shirts and stuff. But oh yeah .. buy, buy, buy.

Review written by: Marinka and Igor ( Review posted on: 06/22/01 06:10:12

Just woke up, still speachless and its hard to think. Last night was something that words can't describe so everithing im gonna say is go to a concert, words in here r not enough. You gotta see it to believe it. p.s. i got a pick from Adam LOL

Review written by: Tatjana ( Review posted on: 06/22/01 06:29:22

It was the best show i have ever seen...i´m overwhelmed...just have this feeling right with me

Review written by: smine ( Review posted on: 06/22/01 10:30:20

And I've got a stick from Danny. hehe Definitely the best concert in my life. Reviewer before me said everything that seems important

Review written by: Mario ( Review posted on: 06/22/01 13:40:12

So finally it is the day after... As I could see the setlists posted above were pretty much accurate, so it's left for me to share my own experience and thoughts about the concert. For those who cannot imagine what the location was like: it reminded me pretty much of Barrowlands, Glasgow, where Tool were performing last week - pics are at Somehow it was a big tent because there were black cloths all over the ceiling. The stage was not too big and we all got pretty much in touch with the boys. But anyway, before I start to write about Tool, I have to thank Cortizone ( for their gig. I really consider these three guys some cool musicians, who really really rock. I must admit that their sound setup was not too good though and you certainly could have got more out of their songs with a little less bass volume. But anyhow, they rocked and they were a worthy opener. But it was clear who the masses were waiting for and it was a bit unfair that the whole hall cheered when Cortizone announced their final song. Anyway then they came. There is this certain impression someone gets from reading about Tool gigs, so I'll leave that one out. Obviously they went wild, indeed it was a great show. It was pure and energetic - jumping around and a bit later standing there with opened arms. I loved to notice that this energy coming up when Tool started was all positive. Whenever someone fell down, all the others, though jumping wild, lifted him uo again and jumped with him. I liked that sense of community. There were a few great moments especially for me, when it all became very personal and intense. - while Maynard was singing Parabola, he turned his back towards us and looked straight into the canvas, where the pattern from Salival's backside (you know, the 10 circles connected) was shown. He spread his arms, and from my point of view he was in the middle of the pattern, with his hands seemingly touching the outer circles. God that was great. - after totally crazy jumping around, I found a place in the crowd, about 8 meters away from the stage, where I was totally free in my movement, because the next guys around were some feet away. That was the most personal moment I think (coming close to when I closed my eyes at 'swing on the spiral' etc) because I was jumping in regular motion not noticing anyone except the band. - at the end of Reflection, Maynard, Danny and Justin left the stage. The only one left was Adam, and he continued to play the five slow tunes from the end of Reflection for about three minutes. It was only him standing there in the dark, the music and thousands of fans standing still in astonishment, cheering from time to time. At this time I have to thank Adam for playing this incredible show and being so intensely focused on music for these two hours. - sometimes the audience, though fully rocking, didn't cheer but clap. It was applause like after a reading. I liked that so much because it showed how special this concert was - not only for me. - before Lateralus started, Maynard gave us an advice. "In the next weeks to come, create something positive from the feeling you have right now!" well, I don't need to comment this any farther... Finally, I like to thank the band for their care, like they thanked us for that "warm warm reception". After they stopped playing at the end of the concert Maynard threw a few bottles of water into the crowd, and so did Justin and Adam (Danny just threw his sticks, I think - lucky fools who have caught one ;). So finally there goes a big THANK YOU to Tool and all their supporters.

Review written by: Sebastjan Zupan - ZUBi ( Review posted on: 06/22/01 19:45:21

my first sentence after the show was - "I'M WITHOUT WORDS!" :) BTW: first Tool concert & I wait this for many many years ... just 1 complain: self repeating video sequences between song(s). Adam "stoned cold" Jones - I wanna the whole movie next time! :) price: 390 ATS place: hear that holds around 8000, but the concert was really not fullfilled (IMO around 4-5000; Austrians! please check that number in your local music papers) - I simply (!) managed to go in the 2nd row (in the line with Adam). & that was a GREAT VIEW! folks: mostly cool ones, some 2 3 4 (hehehe, before the show, Rammstein's "Links 2 3 4" was played very loud on speakers) jerks who made some unnecessary aggression in the front rows. But I really enjoyed every second. sound: wow, clean & LOUD! overall: 10 out of 10. :) P.S. BIG THANKS goes to Austrian guy Hans(i) from Leibnitz who drove Me & my friend Vasja to Vienna practically for free (we bough t-shirt for him; 350 ATS). also a big thanks to Kabir & THIS SITE who made this possible! greetings from sLOVEnia, Sebastjan Zupan.

Review written by: Nina ( Review posted on: 06/23/01 03:53:43

the show was the best ever.AMAZING! don't go rough on Adam he was sick.

Review written by: angie ( Review posted on: 06/23/01 05:50:36

That was mindblowing, unbelievable...there are no words. All I can say if you get the chance to see them don't miss it! My friends and me met Danny and Justin!!!!! Great guys!

Review written by: tool78 ( Review posted on: 06/23/01 17:43:16

a GREAT gig! nearly everyting else has already been told at the above postings. at the song "Ænima" the drums were kind of bombing --> incredible. I would have liked that the concert was never ending. hope they will come back soon. go there --> it's really worth it. greetings hRc

Review written by: tina pavlin ( Review posted on: 06/24/01 13:34:20

it was the best concert i have ever been to.they gave me the power to live on...i want to thank them for music,whic is part of my body and my soul...thank you for such a perfect performance...tina

Review written by: quazar ( Review posted on: 06/24/01 16:24:43

unbeliveable.that show was something amazing ,the best in my life...there r no words to describe it....simply perfect...starting from maynard(no comments needed)and finishing with danny (that drums r great!!! )....adam and justin? masterful :) hope they will come again soon

Review written by: kasunta ( Review posted on: 06/25/01 01:52:52

awesome...really hard to explain the feelin...they seemed so damn human, the show was so warm, could almost write poems while watchin them play...bout how great people they are... this feeling won't go away for years, if ever... thank you tool thank you the audience we made it happen...

Review written by: David ( Review posted on: 06/26/01 06:36:39

well. i've been waiting for more than six years for a tool gig. It turned out to be a great concert but the mysteria is gone now. Thanks. ps. for the !st half tool's sound was definitly not that good as others mentioned before. but after the intermission-part we all (conscious or unconscious) were listening an overwhelming band although Justin and Adam did a few mistakes. Maynard did very well and Danny failed AENEMA's drumroll but these mistakes are not the point - the point is that the concert was impressing. A really creative, innovative, inspiring and personal appearence of the TOOL ARMY.