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Review written by: Lance (
Review posted on: 06/25/01 03:59:58

It was pretty strange to see tool playing in the daylight. I am glad that they did because we would not have all fit into the tent. Tool decieded to play the main stage because everlast cancelled and the overwhelming amount of fans they have accumulated on the european tour. At least that is what the website for southside says. They also said it was something that few bands would do, and they gave them much respect. Set list was as far as I can remember Grudge Stinkfist 46&2 Schism Sober Parab... Aenima Lateral(i)us So we missed out on the light show and all that, got only the 1 hour festival dosage of tool, but Maynard did tell us that he would have shit in his pants for a week if he were to do the bungee thing. Justin is not as skilled in Soccer as one would assume a brit would be. Remember to "take the feeling that you are having today, all that positive stuff, take it home with you and do something positive, something creative, because the bad guys are winning." According to the reverend. Any one know who the tall guy with the mohawk is? the one that thinks he is really cool, standing next to the stacks, signing along, pointing at the crowd? He is really not that cool.

Review written by: rock-im-park-drum-stick-catcher ( Review posted on: 06/26/01 07:39:22

Notice to festival guys: Tool is a big festival spoiler. It's hardly possible to listen to any other hard band after Tool was on stage. The problem is that after Tool you get kind of super sensitive, so when Iggy Pop started shouting and his drummer sort of tried to play drums, i felt like someone puts salt on fresh wounds. So, please, put them at the end of the festival day all the time. Thanks! Notice to friends: Dear All, i really hate giving any comments about 'how did you the gig?' or 'you don't look too much happy...' immediately after the show. Please give me some time too catch my breath next time. Ok, no more complaints... back to the show... The posted setlist is correct. Some more comments by Maynard (as i heard them): After 46&2: 'hello... we are called tool... thanks for warm welcome' (when he was singing 'my shadow...' at the same moment sun came out of the clouds and we saw his shadow on the screen behind him. That was so amazing!) About bungee stuff: 'it looks like a bad idea... the bungee can go around your neck... and something bad can happen...' than Maynard pointed to it again, showing to Adam, Adam nodded, Maynard goes on: 'i wouldn't wash shit out of my pants for weeks...' Traditional pre-Lateralis: 'i want you to take this feeling with you and create something positive, cause we need more creative people out there, doing positive things...' As my name tells i've already seen Tool this year on Rock im Park. I waited for that show for too long, and thought too much about it, so, i really kind of burnt myself before it started. As for this show i didn't know i would go there two days before festival started. That was the time when i realized that if i don't go now i might not see Tool for ages. So i didn't have time to get a lot of expectations for the show, so the impressions i got did not have to be compared to expectations. That's what i really liked about the gig. Another thing i liked more this time is that it was on daylight/fresh air so they did not use any visuals at all. i don't mean i don't like them but i play instruments and i'm amazed so much by Danny's crazy polyrhythms, Justin's effects (before the gig i didn't know that this 'wow' sounds in schism is played on bass). So i wanted at the same time see them all playing, Maynard dancing/staring and dance myself (which means my head being below ass level most of the time). There were visuals on Rock-im-Park, as a result i get informational overflow, so i've got only this trembling/speechless effect on my body, nothing mental. On opposite, here i sponged as much as it was possible to me. Thank you for being so talented and creative at the same time. You've got a great bunch of new fans here in Germany, but you headlined only 2 shows which were on weekdays. So you've got to come again! Why don't you visit Russia, by the way? Ask Mr. Rollins, it's fun!!! :)