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Review written by: Javier (
Review posted on: 06/26/01 03:58:24

Hi: I am not a fan. Nevertheless, I (Antje and me), was the only one carrying an Isomat to Columbiahalle, to spend the night in Bannhof to catch the morning train back to Leipzig. Antje is deutsch, I am peruano, we ride the pendulum since our hearts fearlessly melted into this eye which we both see through; we know the pieces fit. Not counting the years, time is an illusion. Ah, the band, sorry, well, we went to experience the vortex, we went to feel that what flows through them. Spreading fibonaccis, the principle of generation at its best. Don't even own a t-shit, but I should. Gracias Tool, we felt your icaros, your power songs.

Review written by: weltenlaeufer ( Review posted on: 06/26/01 04:02:17

Two sides of the medal: first: this was the best concert i have ever seen. it moved me in a very strange mood/direction. there will NEVER be something else. i decided that this concert will be the FINAL. the last concert in my life. second: energetically it was very sucking (which has nothing to do with tool, but with masses of people in general). The last....the best.

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 06/26/01 04:19:56

Went to the show about four hours early and managed to get right up front and center. Cortizone wasn't too bad, and they knew not to play too long (maybe that's why I say they're not too bad). When Adam, Danny, Maynard and Justin came out, the place went crazy. Adam took his position right in front of us (and consequently didn't move the entire show - normal). Justin was on stage right the whole time, moved alot, got down with his bad self. Danny was a maniac up on the platform - his kit has gotten bigger since I last saw them at Red Rocks, Colorado in '98. Maynard was really intense and I swear I made eye contact with him a few times. Here's what songs I remember, in no particular order whatsoever - The Grudge (-) ions Stinkfist Prison Sex Pushit 46+2 Schism Disposition Reflection Sober Parabol Parabola Lateralus And there was of course the Schism video they played furing the little intermission - I suppose that gave Maynard some time to go peel off those tight black leather pants. Great show - just like the studio!

Review written by: wir alle ( Review posted on: 06/26/01 06:12:56

words cannot describe worte können das nicht!! AMAZING phuuuuuuuu........!

Review written by: regula (pü Review posted on: 06/26/01 06:18:14

AMAZING, mindblowing, brainblasting.... at least undescribable zum schluss hat referend maynard ein wenig weihwasser vesprüht.

Review written by: Patrick ( Review posted on: 06/27/01 10:53:56

What a perfect day that was... I have to start my story from the beginninng. After only 3 hours of sleeping in my car when the Hurricane Festival was finished and then going to Berlin directly i arrived at the Columbiahalle at 11.30 in the morning. As i didn´t have a ticket and knowing that it was sold out i spend all the day waiting there getting sunburnt and talking to a guy from Poland, Jamie from Australia and Leon from New Zealand who also didn´t have tickets. A guy there had a bunch of tickets and sold them for 80 DM each, but i didn´t want to pay that. Then one of the most unbelieveable things of my life happened. A friend of the band called Eddie got me in and in addition to that he gave me a pass for the after show party, just because i remembered him having been at the Hurricane Festival and telling him that i had come all the way without having a ticket for the sold out show. Thank you for that once again man. I watched Cortizone trying to believe what just had happened, and looking forward for what was to come. There can´t be a better way to enjoy a show, i think. Instead of words (i don´t want to write about what Maynard sais once again) Tool had a lot of improvisations between songs tonight. Even a kind of drum solo by Danny. Opiate was there again, as it was missing in Paris. As the size of the venue was quite small (ca. 2000) there was a lot of pushing between the stage and the soundboard, but it was a party thing without agression, and that was good because Tool really rocked the place. Brilliant, perfect. Getting to the catering area after the show there were 10 to 12 ladys and one guy besides me, and we were welcomed by Maynard, he shook my hand, asked for my name and how i was, then told me i was free to get a drink. I didn´t know much to say except for my name and that i was from Düsseldorf, that i felt fine and would like to get a Coke, that i had been to the Hurricane Festival the day before. But i enjoyed watching him talking to some of the girls, entertaining the party. After more than 2 hours of being onstage he made such a powerful impression. Just amazing. Knowing that i still had to go by car for more than 5 hours, i couldn´t stay at this bar,that we were invited to, for long, and had to say goodbye and so long for Düsseldorf, having in mind to join the party there again. What that was like i´m going to post soon. Thanks for reading. Patrick

Review written by: seelenjaeger ( Review posted on: 06/27/01 12:29:47

5 years of drowning - 5 years? eternity to me travelling through germany (munich - berlin) to get a glimpse of tool was a wonderful experience, and it´s worth travelling all over europe if you never had seen them before! my second tool concert (munich 96` (? or 95?) has been my first). as intense as ever. as soldout as ever. pushing, moving around, colours, sounds, music, TOOOL all around. exhaustion near when it´s over. but no collapsing, no hangover, no letdown, tool won´t let you down, the energy is far too concrete, far to powerful, far to valuable. REMEMBER THAT VERY FEELING YOU HAVE RIGHT NOW. I WAN YOU TO GO OUT THERE AGAIN AND USE THIS ENERGY TO CREATE SOMETHING NEW, POSITIVE ... reverend maynard (maybe not his exact words) i will. i promise. a piece of my heart will ever belong to tool for my whole life. tool has cured my soul for the second time in my life. i will never forget. seelenjaeger (SOULHUNTER)