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Review written by: Michael (
Review posted on: 06/26/01 13:39:26

Hello everybody, just preparing myself for my third TOOL show in one month. Just want to say that evrybody who is going to the Werchter show: be sure to check out Deftones. They will play one hour before TOOL, changes are very big that they will perform Passenger with Maynard as special quest...! (that would be nice...) see you at the show....

Review written by: sindra ( Review posted on: 06/30/01 10:02:12

(i'm from sweden, so please excuse my english.) well. the show WAS truly amazing. although i didn't get that until the day after. just an hour before the show, i found out that i have tonsilitis... ugh. i was so fucking devistated, cos it was the first real festivalday. and all i'd seen was deftones and i "saw" wyclef from the nurse room... so, there i was. i couldn't really believe it. the pressure outside the stalls was extreme and i stumbled around while running to the front. i got into a very bad spot, which i swapped later on... the most fabulous thing about the concert, was that it was totally concentrated on the music and not on the band. just the fact that maynard was in the left back on stage made that pretty clear. anyhow. the videos on the widescreens were like SOO amazing. but as i said, it wasn't until AFTER the concert, the day after, that i got that i truly have seen tool live... i don't even know the playlist. although i remember lateralis was the last one. that was the perfect ending of a perfect concert. +, in the danish newspaper, they got 6/6 stars for the concert!! man. some show. //sindra.

Review written by: Jamie ( Review posted on: 07/01/01 12:43:54

ok then; so its qbout ti,e I posted q reveiw but first I will sqy hello to patrick and paul baines if u r reqding. well qt the moment I qn using some free internet qt the belguił rock wercher festivql qbout to see plqcebo. So I saw Tool 14 times on this tour so I feel liberqted, reqlly I do. So I give qll the shows I went to qnd then reveiw roskilde. Please forgive the spelling the keys are in strange places Zurich, Rock am Ring, Rock an Park (from outside qfter lining up in the rain for 5 hours) Pink Pop, Paris, Glasgow, Manchester, both London shows, veina, southside, hurricane(just), berlin, dusseldorf and roskilde, Well so it was another typicalist setlist thqt we were given except for the fqct thqt they threw in reflection. definqtly the highlight of the day was when Maynard cqme out wit the deftones for pqssqnger, ok then I am going to end this because the que here is getting really pissed off so I post agiqn when I g