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Review written by: Phillip Chertok ( Review posted on: 07/18/01 23:14:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Well I pretty much showed up only for Tool and they were well worth the wait. The setlist was virtually identical to the Ozzfest show they did in the UK The Grudge Stinkfist 46 & 2 Schism Sober Parabola Lateralus After Parabola Maynard was yelling into the mic "Lateralus, Latrualus..." I think he skipped Ĉnima....shame. The set was just under an hour...kinda short for a headliner but it was nonetheless mesmorizing. I deffinitley plan to see them again when they return here soon (I hope). The cold weather was worth it...very good show.

Review written by: Jeba ( Review posted on: 07/19/01 00:07:02 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Saw the show. yeah it was a short set but blame the orgamizers for that. Tool was amazing. Thats all you need to know. Favorite part for me was when maynard justin and adam stood in front of the unbelievable drumset of danny carey before a song. (lateralus i think). i would like to see tool come to t.o. during their arena tour.

Review written by: Matt P ( Review posted on: 07/19/01 01:05:48 ET

This was this reviewer's best Tool show

-A blunt, powerful performance from Tool- yeah, it was short, but its not their fault. Molson Park in Barrie has a really bloody awful curfew. I was out of there by 11:30 and Tool came on at 10 :( Still, good choices for songs. I traveled from PEI (Canada's slowest province) to Toronto to see this show and it was well worth it. I included what some of the on-screen visuals are cuz i have a good memory. *The Grudge - the oddest visuals: a human eye/clock. a dancing/screaming alien body. etc. *Stinkfist - included kind of a remix of the video. made the sand people dance to the music! *Forty-Six & 2 - visuals include naked green distorted swimmers (NO Prison Sex) *Schism - with video - my friend Greg saw it for the first time :) Hope you remembered it Greg. (NO Pushit!! Argh!!) (NO Disposition or Reflection, which would have been great to smoke some.. ahh you know) No Intermission *Sober - didn't show the video. white bodies twitching. very disturbing imagery. (NO Parabol) *Parabola - the trippiest visuals. green/pink/white swirls of acid induced hallucinations. (NO Aenema or Opiate) *sob sob* They both would have made my.. year.. and *Lateralus - a fine closer. *used the alien head with the red and yellow pill in his brain for 3-D visuals. Now I get it - "red and yellow then came to be, reaching out for me, LETS ME SEE". --------------------------- Wow, 7 songs? Hmm. Well, Maynard was really friendly with us Canadians. He wished us a happy Canada Day. He also said "We decided to drop by, make some popcorn, and watch some TV with you guys" and "I have a girl in (Michigan, I think) and I hear people down there complaining about the weather. Bunch of pansies!" He was great. There was a psychotic fan that was dancing around with sledgehammers in his hand (how the hell did he get those?) and security took him over the guardrail and beat him senseless in front of the 35,000 people at Edgefest. Bastards. Some security guards taunted the fans with water and erghh.. Anyways, enough anger. The fans were great. Singing along with everyone beside me was great. A musical orgasm. Don't you hate crowd surfers though? They're not listening to the music - they're enjoying their moment above the crowd. You always have to look back to make sure the heavy ones don't land on you. I missed out on precious moments of that Less than an Hour show that way. The only other exceptional band was the Tea Party - playing 2 NEW songs off 'Interzone Mantras', and sounding great. But why the hell were 3 Doors Down there? They're trailor trash! I nearly fell asleep. Still, Tool made this my best concert ever. Thanks to Greg for everything, thanks to that fat girl for the booze during 'Sober', and thanks to Tool for making meaningful music.

Review written by: JD ( Review posted on: 07/19/01 02:16:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Tool did the usual festival setlist, minus Opiate/Ĉnema before Lateralus. After Parabola, Maynard looked over to the edge of the stage and pointed to his wrist. Unfortunately, the aforementioned childish curfew left them time for only one more song, and you could overhear him say "Lateralus" to Danny. I hope this doesn't further their contempt for playing up here. Maynard wished everyone a happy Canada Day, said that he came to eat popcorn and watch TV with us, and then said that, "I guess most of you are from Canada. I grew up in Michigan, so for all those complaining about the weather: pansies." (It was a rather windy, chilly day.) Just before Lateralus, he thanked everyone for our "creative energy," and said they'd see us again soon. Other than the shortened set, the show was great, and Tool was as expected and then some. They made everyone else look as if from a planet light-years behind in skill and energy. Their stage presence was simply amazing. Maynard barely looked at the crowd as he was silhouetted like Nosferatu either side-on against the screen or facing it. I hope he's truthful about coming back soon... they're a band that's addictive and has you wanting more. Having seen them now live, the albums just aren't doing enough. Tool now good.

Review written by: Liz ( Review posted on: 07/19/01 03:59:52 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

i was there the entire day, and the harsh torture of that day almost outshined the tool experience at the end. alot of bad music, annoying people, raging patriotism (i'm not canadian), hellishly cold weather, and garbage everywhere sums up everything (minus the tool part). oh and did i forget the 300 pound white trash ignoramusus who like to jump on people's heads? other than that, there was a single hour of enjoyment this day, which was obviously tool. although even that was less than expected. maynard skipped an entire verse of parabola, while the band played on, there were other screwups (or intentional alterations who knows), and some very noticeable technical difficulties. however i thought the performance of lateralus was wonderful and i really lost myself to it. forced to watch from the back by a bunch of ruffians in the pit (never before had to walk out of a mosh pit) i took the opportunity to close my eyes and try to feel the music instead of ogling the musicians. and i even had room to move around a little and almost danced! i recomend this. the lady in front of me commented "creepy." i laughed out loud.

Review written by: anagrama ( Review posted on: 07/19/01 06:06:18 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I went to Edgefest for Tool, and possibly some shitty weather, bad traffic, expensive everything. The entire day was a pretty cool experience, I found out just how many hardcore Tool fans there were, like myself. they're seriously like a little cult, all the thousand of people walking around in $40 tool tshirts, which I opted not to buy, instead spendjng my cash on some mushrooms... as for the bands, well Big Wreck and the Tea Party especially were absolutly fucking horrible, Tea Party were an over- achieving, untalented, boring band... and needless to say we yelled for Tool to come on. As for TOOL, I had incredibly, annoyingly grand expectations for their performance, and the very short setlist was a damper on how good they actually were... The Grudge, Stinkfist and Parabola were all fucking amazing!! Stinkfist incited me to push into the moshpit and just sing do the ozzfest thing (how cheesy does that sound)... I usually hate moshpit... just watching everyone sing along with every lyric during that song was really amazing... umm, sober was really good... but the entire show I was anticipating hearing a few extra songs... at least one of these: the patient, eulogy, pushit, opiate... and they didnt play any of those, so I was quite sad about that... anyways, it was incredible, not my "dream" tool show, but I will wait for the fall, and hopefully a full 2 hour, 14-15 song, knock me on my ass show. btw... the geometric figures during the Parabola visuals were insane...and the spirals during Lateralus were also (enter very positive expression here)

Review written by: karl ( Review posted on: 07/19/01 13:07:39 ET

This was this reviewer's 17 Tool show

Both times I have seen tool in toronto I have been disapointed. In 97 and the show on july 1st. The band just didn't seem excited. It was good show but I have definately seen better.

Review written by: Jamie ( Review posted on: 07/19/01 16:52:38 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Well despite the weather, traffic and annoying people, it was an ok day, overall a fairly shitty edgefest, It was the coldest July day i have ever witnessed, and ofcourse i had to witness in Barrie in a tshirt, anyways after hypothermia set in and Tool finally came on, i managed to muster anough energy to make my way into the pit, and then just chill with good music, it was a short set, very short, and that bothered me a lot, i was sad not to hear many of the classics, but hey, it was still Tool and they sounded great, they themselves were fukkin good and i will go see them again if they get near Toronto, ...

Review written by: Andrew ( Review posted on: 07/19/01 18:00:17 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Hello. This review comes late, as the site had server issues. Firstly, the band kicked ass. All the songs they played were amazing. I felt not dissapointed, rather unfulfilled when their set ended after just beginning. Secondly, curfews suck and so do the people who organized the line-up on the main stage. What buffoons. To make matters worse I learned the folowing tidbit of info a few days after the show: Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anyone who reads this 'tidbit' and subsequently feels overcome with waves of nausea and dissapointment. A DJ on EDGE102 (the station the organized the concert) stated that Tool was supposed to have a screen that filled the rear section of the stage, instead of the small one behind Maynard. Also, the band had prepared a performance that was intended to last MORE THAN TWO HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How cheated did I feel, not by Tool, but by the station. I truly hope Tool comes to Toronto on their 'arena' tour. Cheers, Andrew

Review written by: koz ( Review posted on: 07/19/01 19:16:50 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

well i'll start out by saying my friends and i had a haul to get there. herkimer ny to barrie on is about 7 hours, but i think i would sell my soul to see tool, so it wasn't a problem. anyway, all the openers pretty much sucked, tea party wasn't bad, but i think they were just there to get all the women's vaginas wet, cause they were the only ones that seemed to care for them. i was right up front about 4 people back when they came on, and the rush for the stage was ungodly. when the came out maynard commented that he had come to watch some tv with us. and he stayed at the back of the stage with his back to the crowd for almost the entire show. maybe he was sick (or took a little too much before the show) who knows. the first three songs was just fighting to breathe. but the crowd just went absolutely insane when parabola started... it really surprised me how many tool fans were there, seeing that it was a festival. the proformance of lateralus made the show... it was amazing. i can't say i wasn't disappointed they had to cut out so soon, but it was a festival, and i WILL be there when they come back arround

Review written by: Rick ( Review posted on: 07/19/01 23:38:13 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Cold and bitter, like what the Ticks and Leeches did to Maynard's blood...vicious weather for Edgefest - this is the major annual Canadian festival. I was there 90% to see Tool and 10% to see The Tea Party (Canadian blues/rock/middle eastern/indian/industrial/electronic/prog- rock/melodic/orchestral act). I had seen The Tea Party six times previously though (if you don't own "Transmission" by TTP, you're missing out) July 1 was dedicated to Tool. Tool came on at 10:05pm (they were scheduled to appear at 9:55pm as a friend of mine had the official times for all the acts). The 10 minute delay was due to the set change. Barrie, Ontario (near Toronto) boots people off at 11:00pm - hence the very short set and excision of Aenima prior to Lateralus. That's right a 55 minute set! It's hard to give an objective review when your expectations are so high and the day is ruined by awful weather, technical problems, delays etc. Set list has already been posted. I would give their performance an 8. The temperature was approx 34 degrees (1 degree Celcius) with wind factor by late evening. I saw Adam Jones blowing on his hands between songs toward the later part of the set. It didn't seem like Maynard was really into it - perhaps half frozen. The fans packed together created their own windshield and heat - a bit of relief. Highlight: The wicked riff section in The Grudge at approx 3:51 - the crowd went nuts. Lady luck and Mother Nature weren't Tool fans that day... Somebody posted there was too much patriotism - it was Canada Day (134th anniversary of independence)

Review written by: Sara ( Review posted on: 07/19/01 23:50:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

Well I have to say I'm dissapointed. There really isn't much of another way to put it. But, I guess I knew they were going to play the usual setlist. In my mind, I just kind of thought they wouldn't. But, they were still amazing and I was in awe still. I'm glad a lot of you first timers enjoyed it though :-)

Review written by: Dave (????) Review posted on: 07/20/01 02:39:08 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

First off, I want to say that Tool is the best band around right now and have been the best band for the past ten years. I went and saw the july 1st edgefest show(i'm from the toronto area) and Tool lived up to my expectations they were amazing, even though there show was cut short. And they ended the show on the perfect song Lateralus , which is the greatest display of pure musical genius in the year of 2001 can't wait until they come back to Canada

Review written by: Mike ( Review posted on: 07/20/01 02:53:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

for the love of god it was COLD.. outside festival I was freezing all day as the shit bands sludged through their sets.. had incredibly high expectations for Tool and overall it was a stunning set, notably for me were 46&2 as well as Stinkfist, where everyone was singing along.. the length of their set really sucked though other than that a stunning show.. praying that they come through on their arena tour this fall as that would be a show I wouldnt want to miss

Review written by: Shaun ( Review posted on: 07/20/01 05:34:36 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Hey Toolshed, I heard in early May that Tool was going to be within a smaller radius at a large venue, so I took the opportunity to score tickets to this show. I ended up driving a good 6 hours on the day of the concert to catch some of the earlier bands of the show (finger eleven esp.) and they were all pretty good, but none would compare to the enigma that is TOOL. They got on the stage at about 10:10 (15 minutes late) and they started with the Grudge, they went through all the songs flawlessly...I loved 46&2 especially. But the one thing that disappointed me the most is that they didn't play one of the two songs they'd been playing on every show of the tour...Opiate or AEnema. I was looking forward to seeing them play those songs. But, oh well. Anyway, the concert went great...Hopefully they'll be closer in the fall, so I can actually see them play more than 7 songs without driving more than an hour. BTW....It was way too cold...and Maynard called us all pansies for thinking that. Later dude.

Review written by: anagrama ( Review posted on: 07/20/01 10:04:20 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

The REAL depressing thing is to ponder at how fucking amazing the show would have been had we gotten the full 2 hours... imagine also seeing Pushit, or Eulogy, disposition/reflection, parabol/parabola...all those songs, maybe the patient or swamp song, maybe Opiate... :( FUCK!!! *sigh*..pushit, that song must be so disturbingly good live.

Review written by: Michael Filice ( Review posted on: 07/20/01 14:09:12 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Powerbush: Tool in Barrie By: Michael Filice In, out Up, down 1,0 This all relates trust me. These are all instructions sent from one place to another. Through various mediums including television radio, sound, motion and even in the general bump and grind of ordinary silence. I am supposed to review the Tool show but you can all read shit magazines and newspapers for traditional information fixes. Why I write this is not only to document what happened but also to present it from my perspective. Before we go off on our little journey. I would like to thank you for reading these words. Without you there would be no story. There would be no in, out; up, down; 1,0. TWO DAYS BEFORE THE SHOW I was thinking to myself. Sitting in my chair, somewhat clothed, relatively clean, possibly well fed. I was sitting in a chair thinking to myself, ³oh, shit itıs almost time.² I scurried around my room for a bit taken up by all the excitement of the moment. In a few minutes the feeling would pass and I would be onto something else. Later in the day I would be singing and dancing to Tool. How can you not dance to Tool? Itıs so liberating so natural like breathing and fucking. I donıt dance like Janet Jackson in ³Rhythm Nation.² I dance like Michael Filice in King City Ontario. I dance with every fibber of my being, every moment of history, every person past present and future. I make plenty of mistakes and donıt have enough variety in my movements. I will get better for I only have just begun. I remembered it was plenty hot the day before the concert. I remember being at home and mowing the grass and eating food and drinking plenty of fluids. I remember working at the job I do not like, selling products I do not like, to people I do not like. Still I remained calm, centred, accepting, welcoming. A big pile of warm and goey goodness slipping sometimes over the line between happiness and neurosis. Not all the way in mind you. I mocked the limit. I stuck out my tongue at it. I peed in the limits general direction. Thatıs the thing with limits. They are made to be crossed. Itıs fun to play with fire. Itıs fun to push the rusty Tempo as far as it can go. Watch the needle hover around 140 as the old metal rattles like a skeleton. 1 MONTH BEFORE I do not remember the exact day the tickets were released. I know I held off a bit cause I had already paid my Visa bill and my account was screaming uncle. I never thought I would have a Visa but it is nice to throw down the plastic when you are out with friends. With the Visa the threat of poverty is averted for the moment. Just for a moment, mind you, cause its not far off. As soon as you leave the restaurant it hits you like a baseball bat. ³Take your shots at me now fucker! It wonıt last long.² I say to myself. I am not that poor. I make it seem worse then it really is. I am twenty-four. I live with my parents. I donıt pay rent but my growth is not as rapid as it is meant to be. I have choices living with them. For the moment it seems like a good choice while I get certain things in order. I try to organize my life but after a few days the structure reveals itself to be false. The buzzer sounds in my head and I am sent back nearest to the actual destination. More like a celebration. Or cerebralation. (Now I am just inventing words) New language, old t-shirts. The strange looks you get from friends and relatives when you say your starting a theatre company in the basement. Even though you have not started a theatre company in the basement and have no desire to make theatre. I do not even like the word. Seems to elitist. Underneath tarnished silver, stories of servants with broken hands. FIVE YEARS AGO I was nineteen. I was at a record store. I had the freshly released Aenima in my hands. I tilted it back and forth watching the eyes dance around the cover. Drugs without drugs. I was about the same height back then. My hair was bigger and less neat. My clothing less neat. My writing was probably the only thing that was neat about me. (It is Œneatı to overuse a word) I was standing there right in front of the display with the cd player listening to ŒStinkfist,ı the first song off the album. I remember midway through hearing something that I liked. I put the cd case back in the display and walked out of the store. This was one of the many dumb little moments of my youth. I donıt have time to write all my dumb little moments. Perhaps later when I am in the mood. Not now. Not for this tale. There is a happy ending. I eventually purchased the cd on ³sale² and the rest is history. I did not take to it right away but something in it kept calling me back to the music. I believe it is the same specialness that is contained in all great art. The indefinable in the form of sound. The creative energy of four individuals that comprise the band, Tool, plus the people who influence them. There are so many other things that make people, people. I do not know the members of the band personally. I only know them through their music. Itıs a small thing but a wonderful thing. I right it down on the palm of my hand. I have a horrible short term memory. Forgive me. TODAY I am listening to Aenima as I type you this letter. I have misplaced Lateralus. I live in a black hole. Things of mine go missing for months at a time. I am only now finding my summer clothes. I am still missing my sketchbook. Perhaps both the cd and sketchbook are together. I think about the day of the show. I whisper to no one in particular and smile. ³Wow, what a fucking show,² I say. DAYO, DAY OF THE SHOW I woke up in the morning. Early. Not out of excitement but because of the pain in my neck. I still have the pain and the memories. I wish I did not have the pain. I woke up and brushed my teeth and turned on the stereo. The order is not necessary. Neither is killing that governments authorize. I wonıt talk much about the political system since it pulls me from this delightful feeling. In ways politics do relate to Tool but as a peripheral tension. The focus is on the individual and their relation to other individuals, the world and the universe at large. Big and small at the same time, just as I like. Throughout the day I would surround myself in sound. Listening to albums all the way through. Listening to some songs over and over again. Listening to other live Tool shows off the internet. I did not listen to Tool the whole day. I also worked on this swirly abstract drawing. It was partially influenced by the philosophies and music of Tool but of the ton of other stuff that finds its way in my work. I can truly say that my drawing is finally getting somewhere. In a month I will probably hate it and want it out of my sight. Thatıs just the way I am. Unsatisfied with my previous work and always in love with the task at hand. When I got sick of drawing I watched Blue Velvet. Very strange but very good film from the eighties. I got interested in the director of the film, David Lynch, after reading an interview with the band a while ago. I donıt remember anything else from that interview except for the mention of David Lynch. From that point I did a little research and got into the images. I like to look deeper. Itıs fun to dig even though most of the time you turn up empty. The treasures are why people do what they do. When I have it I keep it close. I worked to hard to find you but this does not mean I donıt want to share. This is what I am doing right now. Giving you a piece of me. After the movie I called a friend who was coming with me to the concert. I confirmed the time I would arrive. At this point I was overwhelmed with excitement. I quickly washed and dressed even had a little time left over for some spaghetti. There is always time for spaghetti. With keys in hand I was out of the house and into the car. The engine hummed to life. It seemed to be running more efficiently that night as if the car was wired into me. The air was cold. To cold for July. The sky looked upset. Would the sky be cued to the music? Would I sink or swim? The line repeats in my head, ³learn to swim.² Within minutes Iıve crossed from my side of the world to my friends. The street is Bathurst and there is this beautiful tree lined bend. Clouds moved along in the sky talking to each other in an advanced language. Sometimes being one, sometimes being many. They noticed me, below, but do not pay to much attention. I am sure they have seen much in their travels. There are other drivers on the road doing what drivers do. I continue on my way not thinking about who they are and why they are not going the same way. To each their path. So walk with me voodoo child Close your eyes and feel your way through Trust the earth beneath your feat Listen to the true meaning of the words when I speak to you Before I knew it I was at his house, pressing his doorbell. His mom answered the door and invited me in. I must have driven faster then I thought. This was the first time meeting his mom. I had been introduced to his dad at work. Good people. His mom had made a few short films in her youth. Her father had apparently turned down working for the late Stanley Kubrick on what was later to become 2001: A Space Odyssey. This happens to be one of my favourite films. We were soon on our way and down the Highway headed north to Barrie where Tool would be soon playing. The drive down was very quick. I bet it had been busy in the morning with the simultaneous rush of cottagers and concert goers. I didnıt want to go for the whole day since there were no other bands I was curious to see. Most were just filler acts to keep the beer tent crowd busy in between rounds. Skip Skip Skip ahead to the good part. Inside the park we talk about all the sex that is going on the bushes. If trees could talk what stories would they tell? ³Put on your fucking pants!² They would yell. My eyes were scanning the crowd. People looked as they should. There were a few Tool t-shirts floating around. Lots of those over-priced ones printed especially for the show. No way am I paying forty bucks for a t-shirt. Tool or no Tool. Besides I donıt like advertising. Due to the weather the pretty young things were hiding in jackets and sweaters. Fuck or lack thereof. We followed the noise and were brought to the main area of the park. A band was playing very loudly. I forgot their name but they seemed to keep the clump of people near the stage busy. One idiot was swinging the Canadian flag around. Amazing what beer commercials do to patriotism. Oh yeah, it was also Canada day. So I guess there is political poo-poo mixed in as well. My friend and I took a seat on top of a hill. The ground was thick with bottles, wrappers, pizza containers ect. I pushed the stuff away and took a seat. The girl beside us asked if we had weed. That would be the second time that evening. The first time was when we were asking for directions. There were people everywhere. Iıve been to Molson Park a few times before. The last time was to see Pearl Jam. That was in 99 and it was fucking hot then. Not sexy hot but weather hot. It was a fun time though but Pearl Jam is not Tool and then is not now. The memories are already changing. If I donıt scribble something down today then they might not be here tomorrow. These memories are all I have they float around like fireflies. It is best just to enjoy them free then try to capture one in a bottle. After the hair swishing, corporate rock act finished. A swarm of people moved out from the front towards the food and drink area. Long, long line ups for bad pizza and carbonated pop. Even longer line ups for beer. Line ups even to use the toilets. Luckily I had to line up for nothing. I came later in the day. My tummy was full, my bowels empty, my mind hopelessly bent beyond recognition. I had a kind of insane swagger like Denis Hopper in Blue Velvet. Most would just pass me like another piece of human furniture. The madness is mixed with excitement. I am in perfect equilibrium, for now. The next act to take the stage is the Tea Party. Before the concert I was neither here nor there with them. The whole Jim Morrison sound puts me off. It just has been done. The Tea Party played their heart out kicking out some familiar tunes and using some interesting instruments. One of the highlights of the show was when they played, ³paint it black² by the Stones, one of my favoritist songs. I was introduced to the original through the movie, ³Full Metal Jacket.² One of the best things about this song is that it does not age no matter how many times you hear it. Iıve heard the Tea Partyıs cover on the radio so I am sure the kiddies heard it as well. I wonder how many have heard the original or will ever hear it? The Tea Party really impressed me. I hope to see them again. The Tea Party were a nice opener to Tool especially since both bands have a definite eastern flavour that is not just reflected in the instruments used but in song structures and the vocals of the lead singers of both bands. I would argue that with Tool they are developed to a higher degree and are tied to the spiritual ideals of their music. During the Tea Party set I had my first joint. It didnıt do anything to me though. I imagined I would have this transcendental perceptual thing but it was this big let down. Maybe I just need something heavier. For curiosities sake I am glad I tried it . My friend Jesse and myself moved closer towards the stage as people exited from their original positions. We were still pretty far back about two or three hundred heads towards the stage on the left hand side. Luckily that is where the video screen was positioned. On the right hand side was Danny Careyıs gigantic drum set. We watched as the techs and roadies scurried around checking equipment. After what seemed like an eternity the stage light dimmed and through the darkness sprang four figures that took their places on the stage. Over the speakers could be heard this mystical throat music or monastic chanting. It was deep and very moody digging deep into my soul. The introduction set the tone of performance and washed over the audience like a wave. This was not to be another hair swishing, beer swilling experience. To fully enjoy the music of Tool you must be patient and open. As soon as the introduction started I was feeling stronger and healthier. All of a sudden the video screen started flashing an animated flame eye reminiscent of the Lateralus artwork and then with a sonic boom. A cosmic explosion , ³The Grudge² started. It is such a heavy, colourful song something that makes all the waiting, all the struggle that has gone on before that moment in time worth it. (Well at least to me) Maynardıs voice was in top form and seemed even better then when he was at the Warehouse this winter with his other incredible band, A Perfect Circle. Adam and Justinıs guitar added to the incredible sonic mixture. Everything existed in harmony while each part shined at various moments. Another wonderful thing about Tool is the balance. The music is not always centered around Maynardıs vocals but allow the other members of the band to rotate into the center where there contribution becomes even clearer. With the end of the ŒGrudge,ı Maynard addresses the crowd and says they have come to Canada to ³pop some pop corn and watch t.v.² Then he talks about the weather and says there are a lot of people complaining today and that they are all ³pansies.² Maynard then goes on to say how he grew up in Michigan. From where I was and the moody lighting that was used I could see there were people on the stage but I couldnıt see details. Maynard was dressed neck down in leather with a long dramatic coat. No womanıs wig, ladies underwear or body paint. For all I know he could have been wearing it underneath. Unfortunately there was no encouragement to get naked as with shows in Europe. Everybody was just to fucking cold. The next song was the godlike ³ 46 and 2.² One of my absolute favourite songs ever! Itıs my anthem for personal change and evolution. Even with my limited space. I was able to bust a move. So much better then dancing in my living room. I knew every beat, every rhythm every word. There was this very surreal video playing on the video screen of naked women fighting underwater. There was also this sausage figure with a human face. I hope the band releases the stuff in some form in the future so I can get a closer look at it. After 46 and 2 was the song ŒStinkfistı or was it ŒSchismı? The song ŒStinkfistı is my new favourite song after I recently discovered the verse, ³Iıll keep digging, til I feel something.² Again this relates with artistic and personal growth. Everyday I try to excavate through spiritual garbage to find the essence of myself . Some days are better then others and sometimes I make things worse but its all learning preparation for when I push my boundaries and go beyond the borderline. What was incredible about ŒStinkfistı besides the flawless musicianship and vocals was the rediting of the ŒStinkfistı video. Very cool new interpretation. Bravo to whoever was responsible. For Schism the video played right through. The spacey guitar riff in the center is such bliss when played live. Maynard took a break and spoke to the audience again this time thanking everyone for their ³support² and ³creative energy² Then Tool broke into the song ³Parabola², another one of my favourites, off the new album. One of the lines from the song that I would like to share and which means a lot to me is, ³we are eternal, all this pain is an illusion.² It puts everything into perspective. Sober was next and it was incredible. The whole song feels like a plea for sanity and still has resonance almost ten years after its release. Unfortunately Toolıs play list was reduced because they had to share the stage with mediocre acts but with their closer, ŒLateralusı, everyone was reduced to emotional rubble and filled with hope of renewal. Or at least I was. Maynard put everything he had into it. Even though I was relatively far away I could feel everything. I was scrapped raw by the previous songs and with ŒLateralusı I was filled up with the joy of being alive. The video screen complemented the song perfectly with a spiral spinning as Maynard encouraged us to ³spin out on the spiral.² The show closed as soon as it began. I was fucking high not from the pot but from this special Holy experience. I am so glad that I could share this with you.

Review written by: Satu ( Review posted on: 07/20/01 21:43:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Everyone was soaked and freezing by the end of the night... 35 000 people is too many.. -- Maynard said, "You are all complaining about the cold. I grew up in Michigan. You think this is cold? Pansies." and then we all cheered. The moon was high in the clear as hell sky, and the wind was blowing down on us. During Parabola I cried so hard and was falling apart-- that is definitely the best live track off the new album. The fireworks after they played were definitely a compliment to the spectacular show!

Review written by: Christine* ( Review posted on: 07/20/01 21:50:17 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Hi Everyone! I just have to say that if it wasn't for Tool being the headlining band...I would have definately left the festival! It was extremely cold and windy for a July 1st and many people were having a tough time making though the day. But after hours(and hours) of complaining and freezing my a** off......TOOL finally emerged on stage and I quickly forgot everything that had made my day so bad. They were undeniably phenominal and WELL worth every second of coldness, hunger and exhaust. And it seemed like the crowd agreed! I was in absolute awe and came away loving them even more! Can't wait till they come back so I can experince an entire show (instead of a small set) But I will wait as long as it takes! TOOL ARE THE GODS OF ROCK!!!!! p.s Thank you to Edge 102 for making it possible!

Review written by: 3rd Libra ( Review posted on: 07/21/01 00:46:07 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I wrote this down right after i got home from the show, unfortunately the site was down, so here it is now. I just got back from molson park. Tool was absolutely unbelievable. It was kind of a wierd billing. The whole day, everyone i talked to was just looking forward to tool, not caring about any of the other bands there. Finally Tool came on and The whole day built up to this huge explosion of music. Maynard was dressed in a black leather jacket with big boots and a megaphone as he walked in. The videos in the background were amazing, but the songs overshadowed everything. No Ĉnema, but that was alright. The show was absolutely amazing. Sober was nuts, I was singing so loud during ³why canıt we not be sober² that it hurt. And the topper was Lateralus, I embraced my desire to swing on a spiral of my divinity and still be a human. It was unbelievable, I was near tears, it was so beautiful. The only thing Maynard really said was ³We hear itıs Canada day, we just came to share some popcorn and watch some tv.² It was a great show, and one that I wonıt ever forget. Also, hi to any of the people who braved out the front of the pit, by the barrier around me. We talked for most of the other bands. The guy in the rage shirt, the one in front of me and the guy who pulled my pants up for me. (Don't ask)

Review written by: Matthew Breuls ( Review posted on: 07/21/01 01:51:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

A day not to be forgoten......As the drive from toronto seemed pleasent the weather wasn't.... i guess you can say "watch the weather change" . well when we got to barrie i couldnt wait till 10. i was dying to see tool. but the other bands helped the wait......... Finally 10 pm struck.... Justin and Adam came on stage..... soon followed by Danny and Maynard....... Opening song was The Grudge..... and god it was amazing, better than the cd version.. which i must say made me shit my pants cause it was so good,,, along with the rest of thier songs........but what made my night was when god(Danny Carey) did the 46 and 2 solo.......that guy is fucking insane on drums........ I would've been cool if they played Ticks and Leaches but i was happy with what i saw.... If you haven't seen Tool live have no idea what your missin.... You'll never seen a Freaks and genuiness play like that ever..Its too good to be true... something only thoughts..not words...can explain.. just picture heaven.... with tool playing in it.... haha........ I hope they come back soon cause I dying to see them again........ i Bet you are too.

Review written by: Christopher Meerdo ( Review posted on: 07/21/01 05:21:46 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Tool. Wow. I finally got to see the most respectable band in the world (how many years have I waited?). Lets see... $50 ticket (-), 7 hour drive (-), 2 extra getting lost (-), huge party of people there a day early (+), standing 9 hours in the same place smashed against a wall getting kicked to the head every 2 min. (-), being right in front (+), hoping 35,000 people behind you wont smush you (-), 8 hours of fucking annoying radio rock bands (-), finally getting to see Tool (++++++++++++++). It was too damn short but I understood. I didn't expect them to be artistically comfortable at a cheesy cross- marketing festival. Plus they had 29 half wit bands in front of them. Maynard didn't seem too excited to be there. He didn't interact with the crowd while singing at all. Actually most of the time he was turned around. I don't blame them one bit. I wish I could hear them play at a small place like the Shelter, and with the people watching just chilling there as captivated by their music as me. In complete awe. In such a trance that they can't look away, can't mosh, can't crowdsurf, can't do anything else except pay attention and absorb. That's the atmosphere I was hoping for. I guess Canada Day and Edegefest was the combination furthest from my hopes. Fuckers. I hope they will play Detroit on their upcoming U.S. tour. And they better play somewhere where them and I feel comfortable so we can connect.

Review written by: da goat ( Review posted on: 07/21/01 16:58:47 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Hey there fellow tool fans! It's been a while since the show, so i'll try to remember what i was going to say at the time. First off, to all Americans who are unfamiliar with Canadian's not always that damn cold in the middle of July! The week previous it was humid and hotter than a bastard! ...But of course because it's a day i've been waiting for ....for ever the weather goes to shit. Anyway, enough about the weather....THE SHOW!! Well i guess the only saving grace for the cold-ass weather was that tool put on a smoking show, albeit way to short for a band like them. Luckily i'd seen them twice before so it didn't bother me too much, but for other's (like the dude standing in front of me), it might have been a little dissapointing to only hear six-or-so songs. I haven't read the other reviews for this show yet so, i'll put the set-list that i remember.....this may not be the correct order! The grudge, Stinkfist, 46 & 2, Parabola, Sober, Lateralis......That's all i remember, i couldn't believe they got cut short, damn curfews!! Well in short, despite a shortened set and the lack of the common big video screen with the images (only the smaller one behind maynard, with the reverse images was present) it was awesome, they played amazing, everyone was right on, i was totally impressed!! Can't wait to see them when they come back up to Canada (probably the Warehouse in Toronto) but hopefully somewhere bigger!!

Review written by: Moe ( Review posted on: 07/21/01 19:07:15 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Allright I went to EDGEFEST primairly for TOOL! I Had the most amaising time of my life but the thing that PISSED the shit out of me was the fact that their time was CUT! I mean WTF was that?!?!?!?!?! The songs were AMAISING, the video in the background was kewl and the whole time you were onstage it was worth every minute!!! Hopefully you guys will come to Toronto to do a show.... IT'LL BE WORTH IT!!

Review written by: James ( Review posted on: 07/21/01 22:43:58 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

a lot of people have been complaining about the less then an an hour set. but i personally have no complaints with tool. it was amazing. maynard amazing, adam amazing. i like maynard am from michigan. and i have to say that it was well worth the 500 and some odd mile drive to barrie. and to top that off i went to the Extreme steel tour the night before tool. and dident get a wink of sleep. got home from the pantera show. which i might add was also good. showered and sat around waiting for my friends to get here to leave for edgefest. got there at around 2 drove around looking for the "liquor store".. got our booz slamed a couple beers.. left the hotel to walk to the venu which was only about a mile away. get there just before finger 11 hit the stage which was about 3 bands before tool dident really matter to us because we were only there for friends and i buy our souvenirs find the main stage push our way through the canooks to the front and chill taunting the other bands with "you fucking suck we want tool" and the middle finger.. then finally tool! i was more twards the left side of the stage about 10 feet from adam being a guitar player this was the PERFECT spot to be... of course any spot would have been perfect for tool but that was just even better. about 3 or 4 songs into the set i decided i was gonna go watch the show from further away because of the rediculas ammout of crowd surfers (YOU SUCK) and the rude security that found it necessary to pull every single one over my head. so i jump over the wall being sure not to kick the guy behind me in the face and some fucker stold my shoe... i was pretty pissed but it dident phase me much... headed off to the back to watch the rest of the show and smoke a well needed cigarette (canadian cigarettes also suck but not as much as crowd surfers).... show endes waited for a decent ammount of people to get out of the way went to look for my shoe where i was standing... dident find it.. but i did happen to find a white puma that fit my foot for the trek back to the hotel.. put it on walked back to the hotel with one black vans and one white puma.. got back to the hotel went to the pizza hut for dinner... came back to the hotel.. ordered porn and drank more beer... the weather dident really bother me all that much until i got back to the back because it was so hot with all them people and the fucking security guards were spraying us with water... but its ok because they were also supplying well needed drinks keeping me hydrated. really the only other complaint i have was that sevendust dident play the main stage..

Review written by: Howie ( Review posted on: 07/22/01 18:24:33 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

The first thing I remember saying to my friend as we got off the bus at Molson park was "Damn, its Cold.." But the cold ended up benefiting us at the end as everyone piled up at the main stage for the last show of the evening which was TOOL. Although the fest was good, you could tell that everyone was there for TOOL. Foolishly my friend and I decided to take a rest during the Tea Party set which was before the TOOL set and had to fight our way back to the mosh pit. We didnt make it too far in, but we knew once the music started that we would make it to the front row. We did get close enough to watch the roadies spend a good 30-40 minites setting up everything, which in the end shortened the TOOL set because of the 11:00 curfew ( sometimes it sucks to be Canadian ). Finally the lights dropped, the crowd started chanting "TOOL, TOOL, TOOL!", in the darkness you could see the band members get into their posistions. Maynard casually strolled accross the stage, shaved head, leather 3/4 length jacket, took a drink from his water bottle, and assumed his position in front of the graphics screen where he would spend most of the concert. The first song was The Grudge and the first thing that came to my mind was how crisp and clear they sounded! The crowd exploded when Stinkfist came on and thats when I worked my way to the center of the pit and toughed it out. Thankfully afterwards it calmed down a bit, I think everyone exerted themselves too much. From then on I was happy, I was smack dab in the center and enjoyed the rest of the set watching Maynard belt out one of the best preformances I have had the pleasure to listen to. And even though he had his back to the crowd the whole night I still saw him sneak peeks at us over his shoulder to make sure we were enjoying the show. Would love to see them again, hoping they will come back to Toronto!

Review written by: Ben F ( Review posted on: 07/23/01 00:38:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

I came all the way from ND to see my first Tool show and I was truly worth it. All of the other bands, although good, were truly pale in comparison to Tool. I just wanted to post my thanks to the band. It was unreal.

Review written by: Matthew James Breusl again (pearl_drummer_1784) Review posted on: 07/23/01 05:35:35 ET

This was this reviewer's best Tool show

Have you ever heard a song and then just loved a band from that song and then gotten into the band? thats what happened with me and tool.....amazing band they are probably the best ever....I thank MJB forgetting me into TOOL........Well heres a big question.. ever seen or met god? Well at edgefest u had the chance to see god on drums...... Bass.....guitar..... and vocals..........maynard, justin, adam,..... and the great danny carey., all put on the show of my life..... The long car ride......the arguing in the car... the nice cold weather.... the getting lost from my best friend........ THE MOSH PITTING was all worth it to see TOOL... For all those hipgangester wannbess that like poppy gay music..... cahnge your ways......TOOL is going to change music.... sure they've been around since 1993. but they don't have a label, at least i don't label them as metal or alternative.... TOOL IS TOOL . THey have hard songs like H, Opiate and Jerk Off.... Songs showing pure heart pounding talent by all members......especialy on 46 and 2.... soft and soothing songs like Disposition and Pushit LIVE........over all they have amazing talent and are an amazing band..... back to EDGEFEST........ from downtown was a fucking shtiy ride... yellnig in the car to where the fuck molsen park was........ argueing if i should bring my fucknig camera.....WHICH I FUCKNIG DIDN'T ......but then finally we got there.......a new line up just began so that was sweet...... 20 min later we were in.....main gates haddnt opened but other newbie bands were on stage.....rubberman was pretty sweet. LIVE ON RELEASE WAS OK BUT WHO CARES there drumemr is hot......... 1 or more i didnt fucknig have a watch..... gates a bunch of bulls running ppl were running to get to the front........... i don't remember who was on first...... project qyze .... yea thats it...... all bands were great.........I FUCKNIG MISSED SEVENDUST BECAUSE OF FINGER 11 but hey you goto make sacrifices .....bands played i had fun moshing and getting lost..... and hurt...........but when tea party came on ......i knew time was coming soon........ i was shiting my pants waiting for tool to come on..... i've been dying to see danny carey idol he is............ Tea Party went off ......lights went dim.........the beautiful drum set of Danny Carey came on.........followed by justin and then the great adam..........fucking took a while to setup......but it was again......WORTH THE WAIT. by now i could no lnoger feel the cold surounded by about 35000 people........ pretty warm AND IT SMELT LIKE fuCKING Well Maynard came out and i was like "fuck yeah tool rules" not caring what other ppl thought of me....... DRUMS STARTED IT WAS the grudge SWEET SONG AMAZING LIVE........I WAS IN HEAVEN.... TOOL LIVE IS LIKE FUCKNIG INSANE THEY AMAZING ITS LIKE LISTENING TO THE CD WITH A THEM IN THE ROOM PLAYING ALONG....... ITS THAT GOOD........ NOW I AM A BIG TOOL FAN... I KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM AND ARE LOYAL.....BUT I WANTED THEM TO GET TO 46 AND 2 ... DRUMMER PARADISE SONG.........FINALY AFTER SOBER....DANNY RIDE CYMBAL GOT GOING.....i was already air drumming .... with ppl around me thinking i was on some fucknig cheap weed........ song went through..."IVE BEEN PICKING.....MY .....SCABS......AG.......AIN........AND I KNEW IT WAS 34 SECONDS AWAY FROM COMPLETE HEAVEN..... solo went and soon over i wanted to hear it again.....but hey i got to hear stinkfist........sober........parabola......lateralus.......and wahtever else .............a drummers heaven with all songs.........i hope tool comes back.....even maybe to downtown toronto....MUCH MUSIC EVEN BETTER SHOW ALL THOSE FUCKNIG POPPY LIKING ASSES WHAT REAL TALENT IS..... I will never forget that day.....i thank edge 102 for letting me go AND CANT FORGET MY MAN kibir with out you...... i wouldn't know ha;f the stuff i know about TOOL......... From a isane tool fan in love with Maynard, Adam, Justin and God (Danny Edwin Carey)