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Review written by: Yep (
Review posted on: 07/25/01 11:02:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 5th Tool show

Christchurch was the best !!! Yep !!!

Review written by: I hate you more than you hate me ( Review posted on: 07/25/01 19:13:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Warning!! for tonight's show This is a prediction... the audience will consist of creeps, depressed fuckers, potential columbine mafia geeks with weapons in their shoes, and dumb fucks who will run home like good little fans and write a really sweet sissy review about the show and how much it made them nearly wet their fucking pants. Good little pansies...It's all bleeting, like farm animals they bah and bleet. Well who can blame them; remember most of these kids probably grow up on farms poking sheep for entertainment. I tell you this, if i had enough cash i would buy out the concert to piss off all the dickhead asslicking toolfans and to put a stop to any more brown nosing reviews. Tool Rock! on cd anyway. Another cheer for good criticism, I hate you more than you hate me.

Review written by: DumHed ( Review posted on: 07/26/01 01:43:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Yeah, It will be alright. Last night was quite adequate. Tool are better than other bands.

Review written by: Gracie Morgaine ( Review posted on: 07/26/01 03:27:54 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

For all of ewe who couldn't see it....Maynard was actually wandering around the audience at the Rod Laver Arena about an hour and a half before they actually came on stage...maybe you did see him...this is what he was wearing on his little stroll... very clean white sneakers, blue denim jeans and a black leather jacket, with a mobile phone handing out his back pocket...oh yeah to aid his disguise he had somehow grown another mohawk...go figure. Hey did i mention the devilish grin he had all over his face? maybe ewe did see him, but just didn't know it....oh the way the show kcked butt laterally, whoops spelt that wrong!

Review written by: Peter McCourt ( Review posted on: 07/26/01 13:31:48 ET

This was this reviewer's 7th Tool show

Much better than last night. The problems with the sound had been fixed. The setlist in my opinion was better as it contained a few different songs to the norm. Highlight for me was swamp song - it cranked. I just wish they would play more of the songs of undertow - I've seen tool 7 times and have only heard 4 songs of undertow played (swamp song, crawl away, + 2 singles) and I think they sound better live than the more recent songs (not they they sound bad though). Now to the set list as best I remember it. The Grudge (-)Ions Stinkfist Crawl Away Schism Pushit (The funky salival version) Disposition Reflection Lots of spinning images of the salival man (no schism video) Sober Parabola Eon Blue Apocalypse The Patient nema Opiate Lateralus Maynard was a lot more animated tonight and had a few things to say to the crowd - he even mentioned that Dave Bottrill was there as a special guest - but we never got to see him. The patient was great to hear - i'll give it the award of the second most enjoyable song of the night. Maynard said they will be back soon - just hope they don't play the big day out coz it sucks. Overall I'll tentatively rate it as the second best tool show I've seen - and the Best of the tour (melbourne second and Sydney concert one a distant 3rd).

Review written by: Chris Skelton ( Review posted on: 07/26/01 14:17:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Holy shit....word of the month...variety! totally different show to last night...equally as superb This correct in order Setlist was a real shock to everyone: The Grudge - (better than last night in sound quality) (-)Ions - (some 30 seconds) Stinkfist Swamp Song Schism Pushit (Salival Version!!!) Disposition Reflection Intermission - 10 minute Salival theme Sober Parabola Eon Blue Apocalypse (exclusive...rarely played) The Patient (once again...rare) nema ( played song) Opiate Lateralus Highlights: Maynard was in a very friendly mood talking plenty! (one occasion mentioning David Bottrill attending the night.) Maynard said "We will see you all soon"...??? Danny is not human....he was sensational Lots of variety from night before and Melbourne Downside: Nothing to sum up things Please come back soon ="]["=([])=([])=][_=

Review written by: dave ( Review posted on: 07/26/01 14:50:15 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

the first sydney show was my first live tool experience, and i thought it was amazing, but nothing compares to tonight. even though the place was less than full the band seemed more into it than last night, and the sound and lighting were better as well. maynard was a lot more lively throughout, when last night he hardly moved before intermission. he had stripped off the black suit well before the break. amusing seeing him keeping time with one of danny's drumsticks conductor-style for adam and justin at the beginning of lateralus. the change of setlist was much appreciated by those of us who went to both shows. adding swamp song, eon blue blue apocalypse, the patient, and the extended version of pushit completely took me by surprise. the show was unbelievable, during the last part of Lateralus, i thought the place would explode!! still can't believe how incredible danny's playing is...sensational!!! some of maynard's quips throughout the night:- "we have a special guest here tonight...the person who makes our, mixer, producer david bottrill...he bakes a delicious apple pie and sucks a mean cock...only the mean ones, not the nice should've heard what he said about your country...he said you're the best suckers of mean cock on the globe..." "repeat after me: think for yourself, question authority...strive to be different, strive to be unique...never repeat what other people are saying...he he he...suckers" "art saves lives" before Eon Blue Apocalypse/The Patient "we don't play this next song very often...its about (realizing why you're in it??)...the vampires...fuck em..." after promising to "be back soon", all i can say is i can't wait!!! thankyou TOOL, you've spoiled us!!!!

Review written by: Danny's Lovechild ( Review posted on: 07/26/01 15:15:27 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I want to start by saying that tonight's show was a big improvement on last night's. I don't know if that's just because i was in seats on the first night and the crowd around us weren't really getting into it at all (i think most of them were half dead) or because the band was better - probably a bit of both. i'll post the setlist before i forget. i don't trust my memory 100% but here goes: the grudge (-) ions stinkfist swamp song schism pushit (extended) disposition reflection i can't remember if they played prison sex or not (it seems like that would be too many songs)! i remember they did on the first night, but if they did tonight, i don't remember the extra bit being there! intermission (with no schism video) sober parabola (no sign of parabol) eon blue apocalypse the patient aenema (the obvious crowd favorite! - everyone hates disfunctional, insecure actresses!) opiate lateralus the sound was near perfect tonight - there were a few problems on the first night, especially with adam, but all that was sorted out and i can't imagine any band being tighter and more focused than they were tonight. the highlight for me was pushit - they played the studio version last night but tonight it was pretty much identical to the salival version which gives it that something extra. the audience was totally hypnotised by the song (as they should have been!). it was also nice to hear the patient, since i gather they don't really ever play it. if i'd only gone tonight, i might have been pissed that they didn't play either 46 and 2 or eulogy, but they were both there last night so who cares! i would like to say how mesmerised i was by the visuals like everyone else at other concerts seems to have been but i have to confess that i spent the greater part of both nights with my eyes focused squarely on danny. i still can't believe what an incredible drummer that guy is. it's one thing to hear his stuff on cd but it's totally different to actually see him reproduce it. such economy of movement, such precision and speed! it really is quite mesmerising to watch. he doesn't even look like he's working up a sweat! i swear i could just watch danny drum by himself for 2 hours without the rest of the band. it really is a privilege to see him in action especially. justin and adam were both very solid - you don't tend to notice them as much since they hardly move but they're absolute pros. maynard's voice was spot on - especially during the opening lines of pushit. that really is a beautiful little section in that song which highlights what a great vocalist this guy is. i can't really remember what he said tonight - he did that 'non-conformist oath' thing which was pretty funny, he stripped down to his skimpy shorts before the interval which was different, and he said something about david botteril sucking a mean cock, as opposed to a nice cock (!?!?). anyway, it was a great show and i'm really glad i went to both since over the two nights i got to hear basically every song they ever play live except for third eye, but you can't really expect them to do that. easily worth the cash, truly a memorable, hypnotic experience. let's hope they can make the big day out! (and keep making great music). cheers.

Review written by: joanna ( Review posted on: 07/26/01 15:23:14 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

We'll have to ignore the severely un-funny jackasses that posted the first few attempts at wit (and failed miserably)... The show this evening was just unbelievable. The music and visuals engulfed me into this insane and incredible world of intensity. Each band member did an amazing job, as they did last night, but Maynard seemed somewhat more involved tonight. I can't quite remember the set list in order, but they played a fairly different set to last night. The Salival version of push- it went off, and was defiantely one of my highlights. It was f#$#@$% INCREDIBLE! We also got another special treat, they played The Patient, which Maynard mentioned is something they don't often do. They also played Swamp Song, which naturally went off. Instead of Eulogy the band played Opiate, doing a fantastic job as well.. But i'd have to say the highlights were most defiantely Reflection, Aenima, Lateralus and Push-it.. oh, and of course the Patient. The entire gig was just amazing. To complement the band jumping into a fantastic jam of Opiate, Maynard got the crowd to repeat a few phrases after him. He started off by saying, "Question Authority", followed by the crowd shouting out "Question Authority". "Think For Yourself", followed by the crowd.. "Strive to be Different", and then "Strive to be Unique", after which Mayanard blares "And don't repeat what other people say". Which was a lovely mean little trick :). After leaving us all feeling slightly amused/stupid, he added "Fuckers" in that sexy little American accent. It was very cute. Seems he was in a better mood than last night, a lot more talkative etc. About 45mins after the show, a few fans waited for the band to come out of the back exit of the Entertainment Centre.. Maynard was the first to come out. He kinda hurridly got into his van while a few of us screamed out our thank-yous. He waved though, which was nice. At least we got to thank him. PS, If anyone taped the show, I promise to be _extremely_ appreciative if you're kind enough to wanna share it with me :) Email me if you do.

Review written by: Joe Joe Bloggs ( Review posted on: 07/26/01 23:07:01 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Just quietly, Sydney. July 26. 2nd show. .No comments here about setlists or stage set-up. You all know the drill. You all know it off by heart. However ,nothing prepares you for the absolutle pummeling, the controlled aggression, and power that these 4 guys launch from the stage. Quite rightly, Keenan stands in the shadows and weaves his spell.He lets his voice take the kudos. Chancellor : an average bassist lets the bass do the work for him - I can tell you this bass guitar was given a serious working over.I'm sure I saw the white flag of surrender at the end of the show.Concentration personified. Jones has the volume , the wail and driving riff down pat. His indifference to what he is doing only serves to heighten the contrast with the unabashed bowel-loosening racket that is being wrought from his Gibson. And Carey. Carey - what can you say... The man is an absolute free-form powerhouse behind the kit. Taking nothing away from the other 3, make no mistake THIS is the a guy doing the driving. He leads the band up, over, into and out of the landscapes of their songs. He is touring the world leaving shattered, lifeless husks of drumkits in his wake.I shudder to think of a day of reckoning when Mr Carey goes head to head with Dave Lombardo. This is a band on fire. A month into their tour and they are a finely tuned, well oiled machine. No filler, no mistakes, not a single second of misplaced energy in the 2 hour + show. A band in tune with it fans, changing their set for the 2nd show for the obvious return of the first nighters. Never, ever, in 15 years have I seen the collective dancefloor recoil as one in a glassy eyed stupor after the end of the first song, all of them knowing they are in for something they will recall for the rest of their lives. You will not see better. Joe Joe Bloggs

Review written by: Master Reviewer ( Review posted on: 07/26/01 23:23:28 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

I thought last nights show was better than wed nights show, mainly due to the fact that I was on the floor last night and in the stands for the other show. Highlights were Swamp Song which rocked, best song of the night was Eon Blue Apocalypse which maynard said that they don't usually play. Downside of the night: Stupid drunk fuckwits screaming 'play some heavy shit' during some off the quiter mood setting parts of the show, it was obvious that these fuck heads do not understand the music, but it was only a minority. Also some dickheads behind me snag along to the intro to pushit (salival) and I found it hard to hear the great man's voice over the top of their god aweful voices, other than that the show was really cool, the band was in a good mood and seemed to really get into the music. They played Opiate too, I was really glad because I payed $150 for the 2 tickets and I wanted to hear at least 1 song off opiate.

Review written by: Kefka-X ( Review posted on: 07/27/01 03:10:53 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Yesterday I had been woken early, around 7am, like everyday. I knew I would be tired all through the concert, but Iíve been tired all my life and Iím used to it now. I tried staying in bed until 12:30pm, but I knew I couldnít sleep with the sounds my family makes. So I got out, showered, dressed, went downstairs, made myself an oven pizza and had an Up & Go. My brother came down while I was in the kitchen, and told my mother about last night. Of course, when I asked him about it last night he just grunted and didnít give a proper reply. So I heard that the person he went with got robbed right before leaving. She was out of the house for 10 minutes, and in that time, some people kicked down the door and went through her stuff. But luckily they didnít find anything of value and I donít think anything was reported as stolen. But my brother still needed to wait an hour to talk to the police, which made them late. In the end, they made it on time, and managed to get to the second row of the GA section. Cosmic Psychos played, and of course, even sub- zero expectations were not met. Between the Cosmic Psychoís set and Toolís, people started filling up more quickly, and soon the GA was pretty tightly packed at the front. But then thereís always room for idiots it seems... Some guy in his 30ís, standing behind my brother, kept trying to worm his way into the front row, ALL through the show. Usually persistence is a good quality, but not in this situation. He could fit his arm around my brother, which was unfortunate because he probably wouldnít have bothered otherwise. So my brother kept getting felt up around his stomach and chest, and being pushed. My brother isnít the fighting type, and nor am I, but he says if he had seen that guy outside the concert (where thereís more room), he would have knocked him out. But soon enough he started to focus his efforts on trying to get around my brotherís friend. She appreciated it far less than my brother did, and wanted to go outside. The guy also yelled for Swamp Song, probably not a great yell, but right in someone elses ear it wouldíve been. All this made me rather glad I hadnít gone, I desperately wanted to go, but Iím too short to risk going in the GA section, and a GA ticket was all I had. Though my brotherís friend probably didnít appreciate it that much, having only recognised the songs off Lateralus, being robbed and being felt from someone behind her. After my brother had finished telling his story, I decided to just go upstairs and come down for my pizza when it was ready. I brought out nima, which I hadnít listened to for a while, and listened to that while reading earlier concert reviews at toolshed. That quickly took my mind of my pizzas, so after Stinkfist I rushed downstairs to find my burned pizza. I didnít want to spend time cooking another one, so I just took a fork and a sharp knife to cut it up and eat them like crunchy biscuits. The taste wasnít as bad as itís looks let on. I thoroughly enjoyed nima the whole way through, and it got me pumped for the concert. So after telling some people on the internet that I was going, I grabbed Opiate, OK Computer, Kid A and Pyramid Song to listen to in the car. Iím not sure why my brother dislikes Radiohead so much, but we listened to Opiate on the way there to get him pumped. I think he wanted me to bring Undertow or nima however, so he wasnít happy with me. He wanted something he could sing along to and annoy me the whole way there. But it was an hourís drive there and back so I didnít want that. Surprisingly, we didnít get lost, but the surprised noises my brother kept making when he discovered we were in the right place were a bit unnerving. So we made it into the Sydney Entertainment Centre carpark, and I believe we parked on the red level. Standing outside the SEC, we realised the time we had alotted to getting lost had yet to be spent. Neither of us being hungry, we went inside and decided we would just find our seat and wait. We found door 13 quite quickly, and were directed to our seats. I had an aisle seat, which was nice, because it meant I didnít have to sit next to someone like the guy my brother was next to last night. We talked about the show last night, and how they didnít play anything off Opiate, how they mostly played things from Lateralus, and I quietly hoped they would have a different setlist. I havenít heard Lateralus enough to tell what most of the songs are, just The Grudge, Schism, Parabol, Parabola, Ticks & Leeches and Lateralus. And Faaip De Oiad, but I donít think they would play that. I donít actually own Lateralus, but I would know all the songs if I did. I suddenly noticed a few old, overweight roadies are at the guitar, bass and drums, and I smile, it looks as though theyíre going to play us a song... Then they do. Ladies and gentlemen, you have just witnessed The Cosmic Psychos, remember to tell your friends. It was louder than I wouldíve liked for that sort of noise, but it wasnít repetitive or anything. Actually it was more like a long drone, like fridgebuzz. It couldnít have been repetitive because once the sound started, it didnít end until after they were finished. Every song was the same. For some reason I was glad that people didnít boo them off, or chant for Tool, but I probably would have if I didnít know that they were playing their last song. Thanks to Tool for having us, they say. I wouldíve expected them to thank us. But no, after their last song finished, they mooned us. And people laughed. Iím pretty sure they were laughing AT them though, so thatís ok. The lights are back on, and I try to look for the small sick feeling in my stomach that means Iím nervous or excited, but I canít find it. I look down at the people cramped down at the front of the GA and feel a little better. They were closer to The Cosmic Psychos than I was, afterall. At a few minutes past nine, the lights go off. And a big fiery circle is projected onto the screen. People cheer. Thought knowing most people they probably just cheered as a reaction to the lights turning off. Like the kids at school who would go ìoooohî when the teacher turned the lights off to show a video. I can make out a figure or two down on stage, and as I do, a rumbling bass sound makes my heart rattle in my chest. I was a bit scared to be honest, I had a bit of a fear of losing my hearing or getting my heartís beating patterns interrupted. Then The Grudge started, first song of the night. I kept my right leg shaking around rapidly, I donít think I couldíve stayed still if I tried. I just didnít want to thrash around and piss anyone off. On the big screen, a face with glowing yellow eyes kept expanding and contracting, like a frog, except it was the whole head. I couldnít watch the stage because there wasnít much to see from where I was. I couldnít see Maynard, but the screen was far more entertaining than the guys playing. The screen had lots of different images, too many to list them all, but after the face, it was that figureís body, lying down on the ground. The screen kept flying down to it and repeating, ending with the face shaking very rapidly until it was a blur. But there were two of the faces, and after they got to a fast enough speed, it looked as though it was one head with three eyes, before turning into the one head. When The Grudge ended, I had to clap as loud as I could, for an excuse to keep my hands busy. I felt like jumping around and shaking my body all over the place. I didnít have that excited feeling, but my body was probably more alive than itís ever been, and had I had the chance to dance around, Iím sure I wouldíve broken something. Then the electric zapping noises of (-) Ions began, which has always been a favourite of mine. Unfortunately there were no thunder sounds, but the bass shook everything, and it set the mood perfectly. I was then happy to hear the start of Stinkfist, as were the GA people it seems. Some people down there looked very active. But the same can be said for the people in RS. Down the end of my row and onto the next, there was some guy doing The Spasticated Thom Yorke Danceô. And let me just say he did it very well, I just feel sorry for the people behind him. I had to headbang a tiny bit, as well as thumping my legs on the floor. My brain was tired, but my body was very alive. When Swamp Song started, there was a massive cheer, some cheering contributed by me, but probably most from that guy that was pissing off my brother last night. My brother said heís probably some sort of aging unemployed cheapskate and only went to the first show. Iíd like to think thatís true - tonights show was probably too good for people like that. The screen showed an insect larvae of some sort, with a human face. I think it was a young boy. It kept writhing around like it was in pain, and it looked to me like it was sinking into quicksand. Suiting the lyrics well. Once it ended, there was a fairly long leadup to the next song. I still couldnít see Maynard, but then I noticed a figure by the small screen on stage. I noticed that from the angle I was at, I couldnít see Maynard because he was standing in front of the screen. If I had been looking straight from the other side of the room, I wouldíve seen him moving about in front of the screen. Then he took a few steps to his right, and I could see him. He had changed early tonight. I probably wouldíve if I could, I was feeling rather hot at that time, and it felt quite humid. Then Schism started. My mind was taken off from that thought and hovered around the room somewhere. A variation of the Schism video played on the screen, similar to the footage that played during Stinkfist. In that it was a variation of the actual video and other special footage to be played for the live shows. It seemed to sink in about this time, that Tool had played flawlessly. I was surprised I hadnít noticed one error, I expected perhaps at least a variation of the album versions, something to suggest I was actually hearing this music live, but Schism ended as it began - flawlessly. The crowd goes wild, and I wonder what theyíll play next. I keep hoping Eulogy will start, I would love to hear that live. But instead thereís a long leadup I canít place, I think it must be something off Lateralus, and Iíll recognise it when the chorus starts. I sway a tiny bit with the mood, and giggle when the people in GA start bringing out their lighters. It looked nice and seemed appropriate, but it still made me laugh. Iím reminded of when they had Tool on the J-Files, and they played the Salival version of Pushit. I just lay on my bed with my eyes closed, completely submerged in it. Maynard starts singing, but I donít really hear what heís saying. I just close my eyes and listen to the music. I love that I only ever have this kind of experience when listening to Tool. Theyíre not my favourite band, but theyíre different, and thatís what I want. Different is quite often better where music is concerned. I keep hearing the music, not paying so much attention to what the song is or what the words are, but then I hear ìI am somewhere I donít wanna be, put me somewhere I donít wanna be, push me somewhere I donít wanna beî and it clicks. I knew it was the Pushit version off Salival after he first started singing, but when I payed attention to what he was saying, I appreciated it much more. I donít know how often they play this, but it was probably the song I wanted to hear above all others. Once it ends I feel fulfilled somehow, and I am very glad I came. Another song begins, and I recognise it as being off Lateralus, but I donít know the name. I think itís either Disposition or Reflection. But when it gets to ìand watch the weather changeî I recognise it. Disposition. And it also sounds very good live. In my memory, it transitions seamlessly into Reflection, which seems to last a while. Itís funny how Tool songs can seem so long, but be over so quickly. Once Reflection ended, the man on the cover of Salival shows on the screen, and turns around. This loops whilst some repetitive noises play over and over. At some points, I canít tell if some squeaking, bubble-like sounds are coming from the people behind me (perhaps mimicking the sounds being played) or whether they were coming from the speakers and just seemed to be coming from right behind me. It was a good effect. Once it had been made clear this was the intermission, some people went outside to get something to eat or go to the toilet. But around 9 minutes into the intermission, and around half a minute before it ended, some people near me got up saying ìfuck thisî. Like they couldnít stand sitting there any longer and they needed to go outside. Iím glad the intermission ended so quickly after they left. The Salival man disappeared, and a new graphic appeared on the screen. A little red light flashed along the screen, and I sighed in annoyance. Almost scared that this idiot with the laser-light would continue all night. But after doing it twice, it stopped. I hope that he was caught, but stopping of his own free will would probably be better. Everyone recognised Sober, and I sung along to parts of it. It was somewhere around this time that images like the Lateralus circle of fire were cast along the crowd, which was nice to watch. They continued throughout the rest of the night. When Parabola started, I thought they did a quick version of Parabol to get into it, but I heard later it was just Parabola. I noticed during Parabola that my chest and my heart are still shaking with the heavy bass, itís still a weird feeling but I was a bit more used to it than I was at the start. Maynard then tells us ìWe donít usually play thisî. I start quickly pounding possibilities of what theyíre about to play. ìThis songís about remembering what youíre in it forî (someone near me yells out ìmoneyî, I groan), ìAbout not letting yourself be sucked by the vampires. Fuck ëem.î (crowd yells out ìYEAH!î) Then Eon Blue Apocalypse starts. I wish I had bought Lateralus and listened to it over and over, because I probably wouldíve appreciated it far more. Then came The Patient, which some people were very happy to hear. I felt (or hoped) that the night would go on for for hours longer, but I thought they may finish up soon. When The Patient had finished, there was a short wait. As soon as Maynard started the ìAih, aih, aih, aihî breathing at the beginning of nema, I knew it would make my night. I was so glad they were playing this, I didnít care about not getting to hear Eulogy or 46 & 2. It was during nema that I finally had the courage to scream out the words, nobody could hear me anyway. I screamed all the way through and it was great. Tool couldíve come out and played Pushit (Salival) and nema, and I would be content. Both were incredible. Now Iím sure when I hear these songs again I will feel my heart shaking and my legs pounding on the floor and my throat getting sore. Maynard talks once again, before he said something along the lines of ìWe have a special guest with us tonight, Dave Bottrill. Who is our engineer, mixer, producer and friend. He makes a mean apple pie, and sucks a mean cock... But only mean cocks, never the nice ones.î But this time he says to repeat after him in a non-conformist chant. ìRepeat after me: Think for yourself (think for yourself), question authority (question authority), strive to be different (strive to be different), strive to be unique (strive to be unique), never repeat what other people say. Heh heh. Suckers!î The crowd laughs as Opiate opens up. I think it was very fitting, as Opiate has the same message. I sing through a lot of it, thinking itís the last song. It was consequintly the last song I heard before getting out of the car at the carpark. Maynard speaks once again: ìRemember, art saves livesî. And the real last song begins, Lateralus. At one point, when yellow light was shining on the ceiling, you could see it all clearly and it looked cool. I see some people near me thrashing around in their seats, and the mosh pit bouncing around. Itís good to know everyone was enjoying themselves. Once itís over, he tells us heíll be back soon, but then heís been telling everyone that, hasnít he?

Review written by: TheDog ( Review posted on: 07/27/01 03:30:15 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Interesting for me to see how far behind the U.S. and Europe Australia is culturally. Seriously. No offense. You'll catch on eventually.

Review written by: TheDog ( Review posted on: 07/27/01 03:31:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Interesting for me to see how far behind Australia is culturally. Seriously. No offense. You'll catch on eventually.

Review written by: TheDog ( Review posted on: 07/27/01 03:33:51 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

Interesting to see that Australia is so far behind the rest of the world culturally. This is evident by reading an abnormally large amount of negative posts. Nothing personal. For me this is fact. Do you like AC/DC? I do. Best thing that ever came out of down under. But what the fuck have you done since then? Nada. This band is not only good, this is a turning point for rock music. Listen again. Or perhaps just evolve a little (shop for your 2...)

Review written by: australian (meh!) Review posted on: 07/27/01 03:56:29 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st? Tool show

our culture is behind? is that what u call not having 250,000,000 rednecks to choose from to make good music...considering australias population we are well ahead of any other country...look at other countries with small populations, do u see any acdc's? your lucky to get anything...bleh bleh There is nothing wrong with critisism, lets face it no bands are perfect. True theyre are some wankers who post stupid insignificant comments...but what tool gig doesnt get any of them? posting reveiws is all bout the moment and all about posting ur opinions.. whether u like it or not u should just shut up and let everyone have there fun... and dont say where culturally behind..its just a sign of jealousy

Review written by: Chris ( Review posted on: 07/27/01 04:08:17 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Just adding to my review of this show earlier...i would like to express that tool played schism with their full video running with them...very well done...Camella (chick in charge of projections) did a great job in matching the end with their live performance of the song.

Review written by: FOD ( Review posted on: 07/27/01 05:08:58 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

That just shows how arrogant you are by making such a blind comment. 'Behind culturally'. What the hell is that sposed to mean buddy. We'll catch on, fuck you man. If you can be so quick to judge a nation by the comments of a few people but a tool concert then you really have issues with your culture.

Review written by: marcus morley ( Review posted on: 07/27/01 06:32:42 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

I dont really think that there is anything i can say that hasnt already been said. I just want to say that this was a totally outstanding point in my life, and when tool come back soon (so Maynard says), if there is ANY way you can get to a show, do it, trust me. The only other thing i want to say is, Danny Carry is not human, no way. The speed, presion and power he put into that set are totally ridiculas. marcus P.S. The dudes sitting next to me, from the Blue Mountains, you are fuckin rad. Rock on dudes, send me an email.

Review written by: Emma ( Review posted on: 07/27/01 06:45:56 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Another fantastic show, thousands of fans completely consumed by Tool. I started at the barrier (again!), front and center no less, but had to be pulled out after Schism because of the macho fuckheads behind me (huge thankyou to the security team for looking after me tonight and last night :) After being pulled out I got behind the mixing desk to checkout the view, very nice indeed. Then straight back into the mosh pit for some concert fun! Tonights' show proved to all that Tool have become masters of their craft. Art at its finest. Tonight we were witness to The Patient, a song which Maynard introduced "we don't do this song very often". I'm sure the entire crowd appreciated the fact that they did!! Dannys' drumming was perfect and astounding (as always). Adams' visual work was, umm, creepy. Full of naked women and strange slugs but I guess that is to be expected. Justin. Mmmm, Justin. Pure inspiration. Maynard was alot more vocal with the crowd, commenting on being an individual and how art saves lives. Highlight/s of the night was The Patient and Prison Sex. Absolutely fucking amazing. And I bet there's 11,999 people out there willing to agree :) Hope that the rumours of an extended tour for early next year are true!! Looking forward to following Tool around Australia and New Zealand next time around ;)

Review written by: Emma ( Review posted on: 07/27/01 06:52:45 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

Another fantastic show, thousands of fans completely consumed by Tool. I started at the barrier (again!), front and center no less, but had to be pulled out after Schism because of the macho fuckheads behind me (huge thankyou to the security team for looking after me tonight and last night :) After being pulled out I got behind the mixing desk to checkout the view, very nice indeed. Then straight back into the mosh pit for some concert fun! Tonights' show proved to all that Tool have become masters of their craft. Art at its finest. Tonight we were witness to The Patient, a song which Maynard introduced "we don't do this song very often". I'm sure the entire crowd appreciated the fact that they did!! Dannys' drumming was perfect and astounding (as always). Adams' visual work was, umm, creepy. Full of naked women and strange slugs but I guess that is to be expected. Justin. Mmmm, Justin. Pure inspiration. Maynard was alot more vocal with the crowd, commenting on being an individual and how art saves lives. Highlight/s of the night was The Patient and Swamp Song. Absolutely fucking amazing. And I bet there's 11,999 people out there willing to agree :) Hope that the rumours of an extended tour for early next year are true!! Looking forward to following Tool around Australia and New Zealand next time around ;)

Review written by: cactoid (abuse@localhost) Review posted on: 07/27/01 09:42:37 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

"What everyone else said." My favourite for the night was probably Parabola. Once again most people failed to see the irony in what Maynard was getting them to repeat. I didn't go to Wednesday's show but the band really appeared to enjoy Thursday's -- big cheezy grin on Danny's face as he walked off the stage at the end of the show. The usual moron factor in the crowd but I did share one guy's wish to hear "Hooker with a Penis", one of my favourites from Aenima. Sucked in to the surfer that lost his shoes. Compared to the show I saw on their '97 tour, I thought this one was "less dark" and while there was plenty of eye candy, it somehow felt more "real" this time around. Awesome show, awesome band. Come back to Canberra next time; Sydney smells funny.

Review written by: Chris ( Review posted on: 07/28/01 00:46:07 ET

This was this reviewer's 2st? Tool show

Thanks to tool Thanks to KAbir Thanks to everyone there that night. The show was excellent much better than the last nights show... they changed the set I met the girl (hi wendy) who was lucky enough to snag the set list for the night and there was no eon blue apocalypse on there. It had all the other stuff and also how many bars each member had to play during the extended version of pushit. The best song was lateralus although i absolutly loved opiate !!! every thing was soooo good. As written above there were some dickheads shouting "play some heavy shit" during disposition and i also had a guy next to me moshing through both disposition and reflection (idiot). Any way i got lucky and snuck a camera in there so to see the live tool pics from Sydney go to this site :::: and follow the links... just give me 3 days to get it up and running. I think it right to share these pics with the rest of you who were there and the people unlucky enough not to go. One last thing.. i work at a ticketek and was told last night (friday) that they had FREE FLOOR TICKETS which they were giving away through the afternoon due to unwon competition tickets!!

Review written by: Gandalf ( Review posted on: 07/28/01 02:24:21 ET

This was this reviewer's 3rd Tool show

Yeah I'm a freak.....I went to both tool concerts here in Sydney, and it was absolutely superb, beautiful, scary, evil and delicious, the highlight on the first night was Eulogy, it was simply brilliant with an extended ending with a small drum solo from the master himself Danny Carey, whos one of the best progressive(ugly word) drummers in the world today, even when his drums were unveiled the crowd roared, suprisingly schism wasn't as well executed live as I anticipated, in fact in general the older material on this first night ruled, 46 & 2, prison sex, sober, aniema, push it were played with blinding passion they started both nights with the grudge (which even though this is one of my favourites from 'laterulus' it suffered from the mixer trying to find his feet, and the band warming up syndrome) and both nights ended with laterulus - second night I had a perfect view of my drumming hero danny, and if it is at all possible tool were even tighter this night, and maynard was in very good spirits, even playing a clever joke on the crowd, very cool, this night the new songs were the highlight, we were very lucky in that we got an amazing rendition of 'the patient' which even maynard said they don't normally play, maybe it was because David Bottril (producer) was there, but for what ever reason it was brilliant, we also got the salival version of pushit, which cast a different shadow on an epic song i was extemely pleased they played 'opiate' which was a killer and swamp song kick serious ass, both nights disposition/reflection were un surpassed, although we didn't get the passionate ending with adam just playing that riff for about ten minutes by him self on night two, which was kind of odd, because it resolves the song well? so ? danny is a machine very talented and tool as a whole are an extremely talented band who derserve all this sucess and more, very inspiring, very loud and very fabulous - these concerts are a must for all tool fans (p.s visuals were very cool a little overbearing at times) go and see this band now! I'll see you other otherside.............xx ciao

Review written by: Harvey O'Sullivan ( Review posted on: 07/28/01 07:12:07 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

The following is a review I wrote for my sister to submit as an article in a magazine she had to put together for school: (btw: if anyone has any pictures from this show please email me some!) ---------- TOOL 26.7.2001 Maynard James Keenan stood like some Da Vinci drawing, when not still he was moving in the manner of a reptile, no ordinary metal singer, Maynard has the most interesting stage persona of any act in modern day rock n roll. Spending the majority of the 2 hour concert in front of a LCD screen showing videos, he didnít feel compelled to lower himself to the usual rock star antics, jumping up and down, strutting around with puffed chest, descending down onto the audience, his trip was one not of ego but of sharing, he said at one stage ìHow nice it is to see you againî and ìThank you for giving into the feelingsî. His voice often reached devastating levels of emotional intensity and generosity before crashing you down with pure violence: Remember I will always love you As I claw your fucking throat away (Pushit) In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Maynard bemoaned the fact that Toolís sense of humour often gets overlooked, and it was in between songs that we got to see that side of the band, at one stage quoting Timothy Leary and getting the crowd to respond after him: Think for yourself, question authority Think for yourself, question authortiy Strive to be different Strive to be different Strive to be unique Strive to be unique Never repeat things other people say Never repeatÖ. While Maynardís power was mental, the bandís was physical. Every beat from Danny Careyís drum would hit like a nuclear wind, punching straight through your chest, Justin Chancellorís bass moving your hair like an electric current and Adam Jones, guitar playing was nothing short of ear shattering. Their precision was near-psychic, bass moving into guitar moving into drums. The vibe was one of personal growth. Maynard offered a rare insight to one of his songs, introducing The Patient by saying ìStay away from vampires, the bloodsuckers, fuck ëemî, referring to the bands recent legal troubles with former record label, Zoo. Inspirational.