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Review written by: JRod (
Review posted on: 08/09/01 13:58:32 ET

This was this reviewer's 1st Tool show

Fuji Rock Fest '01 29 Jul 01 Holy shit!! They were fucking great!! One hour before the show I stood right in front. Center stage and within spitting distance. They started clearing all the shit from the System of Down gig, then in it rolled, Danny's drum set. That's when it hit me. Everyone around me knew it hit me. Yelling, "Where's Danny....Danny!! One of the their stage hands, nice looking lady, looked toward the crowd and smiled. I was pumped. The Japanese crowd is really quite unless the music is playing. When there is pauses between songs, nothing....they are totally silent. Which gave me a chance to talk to the band once they paused between songs. Everyone could hear me, I know they did. Still they stayed with the script and never smiled or acknowledge what I was saying to them. Professionals, unmatched by anyone else who had the privilege to play on the same stage. Thirty more minutes....the crowd is starting to get ready. The cage is packed now, TOOL fans all around. I was stoked. Experiencing it with fellow TOOL fans is great, where ever you my be. I started to realize something, I've got to piss bad! It was taken out of my zone. I tried to ignore it. Not happening. One of my buddies had an empty water bottle, I grabbed it and without hesitation filled it. Back in the zone. And I had something to throw at security. Ten minutes....the stage was set and the sound checks were done. Behind the drum set was a huge screen, to Danny's right a small platform with a mic stand and another screen behind it. Maynard moved from it only once during the show, huddling around Danny's set with Justin and Adam right before the last song (Aenema). In front and a little right of Maynard, Adam. Justin was directly in front of Danny. It's time.....and I noticed now night had fallen. The stage was dark. First came Danny, Justin and Adam. They plugged in. Danny was further back than them and still easier to see. Then the moment... I turned to a friend, I wonder what Maynard will wear? Coming from the back. The blue man. Painted blue from head to toe. Wearing nothing but a Speedo. Unless you were close you could not see him. People later told me from further away it only looked like three on stage. I could see the whites in his eyes. The crowd started cheering. He removed the mic from the stand and set it off his platform. Not one word. Then he got in his wide stance, bent at the knees and waist while rocking back and forth watching Danny, waiting for the start of The Grudge. My rush. TOOL live!! Set list: The Grudge Stinkfist 46 & 2 Schism Disposition Reflection Sober Parabola Lateralus Aenema Moving in front of his screen showing all the graphics from their videos and more, feeling his message no doubt. Maynard stayed hidden. Not one single spot light on any of them. He said, "Thank you." twice during the show. He also said something in Japanese. Adam stood with head on cords and so did Justin. Danny was going off! Ending, Maynard comes to the front of the stage and throws two water bottles in the crowd. Exit stage right. Danny the last this time tossing the sticks. We didn't want to see the end. They always leave me wanting more. Thank you TOOL. JRod

Review written by: Rammy ( Review posted on: 08/10/01 16:32:44 ET

This was this reviewer's 2nd Tool show

TOOL RULES! Awesome! SET LIST: The Grudge Stinkfist 46 & 2 Schism Disposition Reflection Sober Parabola Aenema Lateralus Their last song in Japan was "Lateralus". not "Aenema".