Spring 1997 Tour Reviews

Date: February 11

From: Daniel van Os (os@cs.utwente.nl) Subject: The Gig in Paradiso (I've got one of Danny's Drumsticks!) On February 11 Tool played in Amsterdam, it was their first show on the European tour. Loadstar was opening, while Eleven Pictures played in another hall in the same venue after Tool. Tool started with 3rd-eye. I think it's a great song to start with, it's basicly a 6/8 measure so no one really knows how to jump/dance/thrash to it, so you get carried into the gig by the music and not by an audience that goes nuts. Maynard was wearing nothing but a short (with the Tool-tool thing on it) and he was painted blue, with orange spots. Adam was looking the most frightening of all, he looked like a devil that was on speed or something. Justin really looked like a devil and Danny was just Danny. The set was similar to what I heard of the show in the U.S. including the 'jam' before sober. There also was an extra bit in Prison Sex, just before 'I've come round...' Stinkfist was the second song and after it at least 5 people screamed Chickenweasel but there was no reaction whatsoever. Though later in the show Maynard said that because a lot of people had asked about the lyrics and not everyone can access the internet, Europeans could write down their versions of the lyrics and mail them to him so he could correct them (and probably laugh his ass off :) The regular set ended with Opiate and thenn Danny threw his sticks into the audience. I was able to grab a small bit of it but in the struggle that followed I could not hold on to it. Yet after the show a friend of mine came to me, with the stick. "You had it first right?" "Well, just a little bit" "Here, take it" "yeyeyeyeyeyeyyeyessssss" Thanks Raul! Thanks Thanks! Ah well, now it's waiting time again, I heard rumours about the Pinkpop and the Lowlands festival, and I'll be going to both so.... -- Groetzels, Daniel 'de Tovenaar' van Oz

From: "L. Stoop" (lstoop@worldonline.nl) 11 feb 1997 Amsterdam, Paradiso (The Netherlands) First of all the setlist: Third eye Stinkfist Forty six & 2 Swamp song Eulogy Prison sex Pushit Improvisation Sober Opiate Ænema Speechless, really intense, magical!! We were able to hear the soundcheck very good outside, heard: Forty six & 2, Stinkfist and the first part of Third eye(until the silent part). Stinkfist was played with different dynamics (this sounded great) Lodestar supported Tool in Holland but I don't know about the rest of the tour, they are a great band !! Some of the songs they played were: Salter's Duck, Wait a Minute, Another Day, Down in the Mud and Iliac Crest. Now onto TOOL!!! They played for about one hour and a halve. Maynard was painted blue, with red dots all over his body, Adam was painted kind of grey (red stuff on his face), Justin (drinking Heineken beer) was grey as well and Danny,of course, no paint. I think the projections Tool used were the same as usual. A few people were yelling Chickenweasel after Stinkfist. Stinkfist and Prison sex were played with the new parts(sounds great). Adam played with his lady shave during the jam that became Sober (this created a fucking great effect). Oh yeah, and Eulogy was played with an extended outro that kept on going: dheh dheh dheh dheh.Great! MJK talked quite a lot, he said things like: (no direct qoutes) It's the first show of the tour (or after a while) and it was nice to play in Amsterdam Danny turned 52 years old (last Monday??) Justin was from Wales After prison sex Maynard said:" that they don't put the lyrics in the album, (somebody yelled: they are on the internet) But if you don't have acces to the internet you can write me and I will send them to you." Just before Opiate the usual story about the "core ideas" And before Ænema: the story about Jung's theory, and he asked if we knew something about psychology, Ænema is a modern version of Jung's theory, he said Some people in the crowd were real assholes they were screaming stupid things when Maynard was telling something. All in all this didn't ruin the experience cause Tool was fuckin' brilliant!!!!! Of course this show was similar to the american shows so I hope I've pointed out some interesting things for you. .peter.