Spring 1997 Tour Reviews

Date: February 14

From: cocula@ccmithenovs02.univ-lyon1.fr Hi. i'm the frenchie who need indulgence with his english... Thanx for your mail where i saw you 're an expert in french... so... je suis alleé voir TOOL à l'Elysée-Montmartre à Paris le 14/02. C'eétait génial, bonne ambiance, le show a duré 1 heure 30 avec 10 chansons: jerk-off, sober (avec un solo de batterie (drum solo) en introduction (what fuckin' hell)), 4 degrees, stinkfist, eulogy, H., 46 & 2, AEnema, third eye and prison sex. je ne sais pas quoi ajouter: shut up and enjoy...
[Kabir's note: I wrote back to him in French, so I ought to translate here. Pardon me if I suck :)] I went to see Tool at the Elysee Montmartre in Paris on February 14. It was great, nice, cool atmosphere [continue to insert adjectives], the show lasted 1 hour 30 minutes with 10 songs ...... I don't know what else to add: shut up and enjoy.

From: "Bob R. Kaimo" (slant6@MicroNet.fr) Subject: Bob's Review for the Feb 14th show in Paris, FR Fri Feb 14th, Elysee Montmartre, Paris, France The opening band was Lodestar, a British band, kinda Tooly, Rollins Band sounding, not half bad for and opening band, but not great. The lead singer looked like Robert Downey Jr. which was pretty funny. Tool came on promptly afterwards. They had really cool films running behind them like the burning square thing on the album cover. Maynard came out in blue paint with pink phosphorescent dots and boxers. The bassist, Justin, from Wales, as he Maynard informed us, had dots too, and a couple devil horns. Adam looked fairly casual wearing pigtails. The drummer was just shirtless and drumming, as usual. The set list is as follows, definite, because my friend Billy caught one of them as one of the roadies threw them off stage. Turd Eye Stinkfist Forty & 2 4 degrees - "This one is for Rollins." Eulogy Crawl Away - "This is a love song." H. - "This song is about choices." Sober - (big industrial intro with repeating digital delay guitar sounds) Opiate - "This is the last song... on our first album." AEnema - "Oh, you want us to play another song? ok." That's it. Yeah, I was sort of surprised at how little they played. But it was all great of course. I was expecting them to play Prison Sex and Hooker with a Penis, and I was waiting for the German chef to come out and do Die Eier Von Satan. I guess you can't have everything. Some French dork in the pit somewhere kept on screaming, "Jesus Christ, why don't you come save my life now," I think between every song. Maynard said to him at some point, "That's up the hill," referring to the Sacre Coeur, the big white church that's up the hill from the venue. It was an excellent show and I'm looking forward to seeing them again, hopefully in London. Thanks, Bob -- Bob R. Kaimo slant6@MicroNet.Fr